Feb. 7th, 2013

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Telly stopped deserting me! That was quite good. And apparently there is a NEW COMMUNITY EPISODE now or soon which is EXTRA LOVELY. And there will be LOVELY SPARTACUS and DOCTOR WHO and GAME OF THRONES in the Eastertimes, so really that is Quite A Lot of Catering To Meeeeee, so I am well pleased.

Mostly I've been watching Elementary which I don't think I'm fannish about in the way I consider myself fannish, by which I mean I don't want to read or write fic. I do want to draw platonic hearts of perfect love around Joan and Sherlock though. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love pretty much everything about them. I love their expressions, I love their banter, I love the way they look at each other. I love how calm and practical and in control Joan is. I love how her medical expertise is often VITAL and IMPORTANT to the plots that I'm not really paying attention to cause wtf, plot? getting in the way of AMUSING CHARACTER INTERACTION, but she does doctor things Quite Frequently and I do love that. And her unflusterability and reactions in the face of ridic provocations. And that she basically wants to be a detective and has a mother who knows her very well and HER CLOTHES. And Johnny Lee Miller is QUITE MAGIC as Sherlock. His Sherlock makes me happy with the way his not playing well with others manifests without him being a complete dick but really quite lovely and charming and funny a lot. AND THE WAY HE MOVES. He is not a Sherlock who can really be appreciated in photos. He needs to be moving.

Basically together they light up my telly with charisma and joy and I love them like the best of all possible toffee popcorn.

Despite their loveliness, I don't ship them. I've never shipped any Holmes/Watson pairing, something about their dynamic in every incarnation I've seen just doesn't say "ship em!" to me. I am shipping Sherlock/Irene like woah though, cause I always ship them and NO SHE'S NOT DEAD NOT IN MY HEAD NOT EVEN IF THERE'S A BODY ONSCREEN. FACT. I also loled at Sebastian Moran being Vinnie Jones.

The other telly I'm watching like a wee hawk is The Following. I HAVE NO GOOD EXCUSES. All I can say is that James Purefoy is in it and I'm spending most of my time going lalalalalalala. Partly because he's a serial killer and I'm trying to ignore that. Partly because he's a serial killer who idolises the works of Edgar Allan Poe and I'm REALLY REALLY trying to ignore that. I like Poe, I do. I appreciate The Fall of the House of Usher and The Masque of Red Death and that he wrote some of the earliest detective fiction (Dupin being a proto-Sherlock Holmes...though I recall Sherlock doesn't appreciate the comparison) and, yes, I do like The Raven. But if you're going to idolise the man's work and start writing "EVERMORE!" at the scenes of your victims, and go on and on and on about the death of beautiful women, I feel that during your incarceration you should be made to write out a few lines of James Russell Lowell's for a couple of hours every day: "There comes Poe, with his Raven, like Barnaby Rudge/ Three fifths of him genius and two fifths sheer fudge."

There's also a lot of utterly charming violence against women graphically shown which I'm sure is just to be 'gritty' and 'realistic' and not at all sexist in its origin.

It's not awful telly though, just not terribly good, and really not my sort of thing. But shallowness prevails, so I'm watching it.


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