Mar. 8th, 2013

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Obviously I don't ACTUALLY CARE about [ profile] f_march_madness apart from gifs and things and will NOT GET EVEN THE SLIGHTEST JOY out of my favourites winning any bits of it, but I did flail a tiny bit to see Britta is currently two votes behind the leader, Abed, in the Community bracket. I LOVE BRITTA SHE IS PERFECT. Awful, but perfect. And then I made a face because the Miranda bracket was Very Wrong: Miranda is going to win because she's the only one people are voting for but clearly PENNY IS BEST.

Tried to remember who Freema Agyeman played in The Carrie Diaries...I may have voted wrongly there. And I HAD AN OPINION ON AVATAR, which was a new experience for me (I voted Katara, she is lovely and a very decent sort of EveryHero that I enjoy following around having adventures and stuff.) And she is Almost Winning too, hurrah! ...I THREW AWAY my vote on Harry Potter (Lucius Malfoy, shutup) and Katniss is going to win Hunger Games.

Starbuck will win BSG BOO, and my favourite (who is Roslin) is second AGAIN but by more two hundred than two votes, whatevs.

Martha is winning Doctor Who wtf, omg?! THAT IS A BIT GREAT. Olivia winning Fringe obv; ANNOYINGLY Sansa is winning GOT (annoying cause she won last year and CHANGE IS GOOD, also Dany is my favourite, I do love Sansa though.)

Joan is going to win Elementary, ra! And, um, I'm unreasonably judgey at House of Cards (US). Mostly I'm glaring at it for being WRONG and THE THE REAL THING.

In conclusion, as you can see my lack of caring is just epic and I'm sort of hrrrm at the amount of shows that I don't merely not care about but that I have absolutely no idea what they are. WHY SO MUCH, TELLY?


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