Mar. 18th, 2013

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I am TRYING to catch up with Community but omg the Halloween ep is causing Mild Difficulties. First Annie was dressed as Samara and SHE DID THE ACTUAL FREAKIN RING MOVEMENT THINGIE. I did not shriek, but I did dive away from seeing the telly screen. And then I was distracted for a bit by Jeff's lovely outfit and Jeff & Britta lolariousness and Britta dressed as a GIANT HAM. But now they are doing an homage to The Haunting - not the shit one, the proper one - and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT IT'S REALLY SCARY. All they need now is bloody Watership Down to complete a trifecta of HORRID TERRORS when I started watching very much with the expectation of Delightful Lols.

FMM went by very fast. I voted at least once, I think. Probably. I managed to miss Martha vs. Joan (NOT DELIBERATELY) but I would have voted Martha due to One True Fandom loyalty even though I wanted Joan to win AND SHE DID. That was quite great. The only thing I judge is Britta losing to Hermione. Clearly Britta is better. Would Hermione ever dress up as a Giant Ham? I think not.

Also there was a trailer for Doctor Who and it was almost entirely great except for the feckin elephant fart music. IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE INCEPTION, CAN WE STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE NOW PLS? The Cybermen still look shit, but, I admit, slightly less shit. The split-second glimpse of the Martian though? Shiny good. PLS DO NOT BE MESSING THAT UP LOVELY SHOW.

ETA: Oh, good, LJ have moved the Delete Entry button to right where one instinctively clicks for okaying something. That's not going to end badly.
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So that episode of Community set at a Doctor Who Inspector Space-Time Convention? Conflicted feelings. On the one hand, Britta was BRILLIANT and actually properly brilliant too in a lovely and supportive and adorable way, and Jeff & Annie have never annoyed me less even though they were still really annoying. And Britta loved the female Inspector Space-Time, of course she did.

But shouldn't it have been, kind of, a bit...funnier? It was nice and pleasant and watchable, but I'm sure Community used to be least I think it was. I'm sort of unsure about how much is Less Funny and how much is me projecting cause I know Dan Harmon left, and this sort of confusion and doubt is why no-one should ever pay any attention to stuff behind the scenes.

I do like that Jeff is getting to take his shirt off every ep though. Yay, telly pandering to me.


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