Apr. 7th, 2013

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If you read my Who episode reviews, you probably know I prefer Moffat Who to RTD Who and when writing up an ep will often make comparisons between the two, generally speaking in Moffat's favour cause, heh, I think it's better. I also prefer Williams to Hinchcliffe and Lambert to Wiles. And while I don't tend to name classic producer eras (except when hating on Hinchliffe, mostly done re new toy releases, though no-one complains about that), I will compare stuff in New Who favourably or unfavourably to stuff in classic. I did in RTD Who time too (and I don't remember anyone saying "stop comparing Doctor Who eras!" then either. Maybe they did and I missed it.)

If this is a problem for you, or harshing your squee or whatever, maybe skip the review? We are two and a half years into Moffat Who, and I've written something about every episode. It's not exactly a surprise I think in pretty much every respect Moffat is making better Who, and I ain't going to stop saying so.

ETA: And the stuff I talk about is relevant, because it's the first changeover of companions in Mofftiem and of course I, and other people, are going to be comparing it to the collossal fuck-up of what happened last time. It is not bashing to talk about what I don't like in a telly series I love, and yes, on the whole I do love RTD Who.

Please bear in mind that I am not going into anyone's journal telling them what to watch or how they are wrong or how to be a fan. I'm not having a go at anyone personally, either producers or fans in my posts. I'm not even talking about Who in a community. I am talking about my opinion of a television show in my journal. So I'd appreciate not being told what I should or shouldn't say in my own bloody space. Thanks.

ETA2: Just to respond to something specific that I can't now as it was deleted: many people may bemoan fans still watching the show despite not liking it any more while they criticise aspects of the show under the previous showrunner as they squee about new episodes but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. So I don't see why this is aimed at me. Go right ahead and keep watching Who and hating it online! I don't care! It happens in every fandom, and it's something I particularly associate with Doctor Who since, heh, we've been hating on the show we love longer than most. So, please, take the complaint of double-standards to someone who's actually engaging in them.

ETA3: I mean, is it just RTD and Moffat that some would prefer I don't compare? Can I still have a go at Hinchcliffe (Hinchcliffe, who I say I hate btw, never said that about RTD)? Can I compare the writers and say I like Chibnall better than Gatiss? Can I explain why I think Evelyn is the worst companion ever? Why I hate Talons? Why Curse of Black Spot is cack? Is negativity permitted or is it just one must never express a strong pref re RTD and Moffat? ENQUIRING MINDS.

ETA4: I really am quite annoyed. I should go have some nice healthy pasta and pesto.


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