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OH DOCTOR WHO WAS ON. And I did not write a post. SHOCKING. Anyway, just to add to the shock, I loved it. I know, it's astonishing, there is Matt Smith on the telly being the Doctor and I am aflail with glee. HOW TERRIBLY UNEXPECTED.

  • Monk! Oh, I would make a Time Meddler joke but I can't think of one. Rest assured than in my head there was totaly SHENANIGANS going on with history as well as emo painting time. I won't admit how long it took me to realise what the bells of St John actually were but I will note it was definitely BEFORE, um....yeah, alright shusht, it was when the telephone started which, yes, SHUSHT. Quantum Leap is full of MIND-BOGGLING TWISTS TO ME.

  • I didn't spot Amy's name on the book either the first time. In my defence I was watching it with like 500 people, there were intermittent technical difficulties and I had had a wee drink or two. BUT EXCELLENT MOMENT. It's just a really lovely shout-out to the former companions without being anything that diminishes the new one. Also, was being a children's author in canon somewhere? Cause when I think of that, I think of [ profile] lizbee's fic first. I would like to be able to pretend they nicked it.

  • THE CHEMISTRY. It is not as good as last time cause she's not Scottish, but I very much like. I still like Snowmen!Clara better cause I did love her whole way of life and the commentary on the class system and stuff, but this new one WILL DO.

  • I still think it's hilarious how much is a deconstruction of Everything RTD Did Wrong re companions. Eleven might be emo, but he does it to either friends who understand and are willing to look after/tolerate it and have their own lives and support systems so no dependence on his for getting home and all that (Vastra, Jenny, Strax) or in his own bloody time. Which, yes, excellent. GOOD CHOICE. He never does it at the New Companion except as a rather weak initial brush-off. And I don't imagine tomorrow's ep is going to make me want to smack him with a custard pie when he tells Clara that of course Amy would know.

  • It all looks rather modern. The palette seemed v blue and grey to me. I give points to the director. There was a new vibe to it, in a sort of mini-pilot kind of way, like a real marking that this is a new era. Actually, it most reminded me of The War Machines. Another firm break in Who eras that isn't a change of Doctor, also set in London, modern day (indeed the v first Who story that's properly set in the modern day), also featuring a shiny new London landmark and with a deliberately contemporary feel to it.

  • I did like the villain rather a lot. I'll have to look the actress up, but she made me think of an evil!JudiDench!M. Unexpected Great Intelligence! That was quite a nice moment. Though I do love REG had a cameo, the problem with having the Great Intelligence as your Big Bad is that the main reason I like the Great Intelligence is that they spread havoc with robots disguised as adorable cuddly yeti. And creepy as the wi-fi thing was, there was a distinct lack of yeti.

  • The people being trapped in screens, whatever, was fucking scary. And it's just occurred there were people trapped in screens in Idiot's Lantern too...and that really, really wasn't scary. What a diff a decent script and/or director makes.

  • So, yes, a good, solid opener. Not omg amazing, but fun, enjoyable, a little bit scary, a satisfying bit of telly. Next week, by which I mean tomorrow, there appears to be sppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! I like space.
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