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Not liking a telly show is one thing, hating on a telly show is another, virulently hating on a telly show and despising everything about it and writing about what you hate at length is another and, heh, some of these things may not be fun for ppl who like the show and come across the hate, but they are legit...

...suggesting that Moffat is a paedophile because he has the Doctor meeting a companion as a child is so far over the fucking line of fucked-up shit I don't know what to say other than you are a sick fuck and seriously need to fuck off and take a long, hard look at what the hell is wrong with you.
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So that episode of Community set at a Doctor Who Inspector Space-Time Convention? Conflicted feelings. On the one hand, Britta was BRILLIANT and actually properly brilliant too in a lovely and supportive and adorable way, and Jeff & Annie have never annoyed me less even though they were still really annoying. And Britta loved the female Inspector Space-Time, of course she did.

But shouldn't it have been, kind of, a bit...funnier? It was nice and pleasant and watchable, but I'm sure Community used to be least I think it was. I'm sort of unsure about how much is Less Funny and how much is me projecting cause I know Dan Harmon left, and this sort of confusion and doubt is why no-one should ever pay any attention to stuff behind the scenes.

I do like that Jeff is getting to take his shirt off every ep though. Yay, telly pandering to me.
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I am TRYING to catch up with Community but omg the Halloween ep is causing Mild Difficulties. First Annie was dressed as Samara and SHE DID THE ACTUAL FREAKIN RING MOVEMENT THINGIE. I did not shriek, but I did dive away from seeing the telly screen. And then I was distracted for a bit by Jeff's lovely outfit and Jeff & Britta lolariousness and Britta dressed as a GIANT HAM. But now they are doing an homage to The Haunting - not the shit one, the proper one - and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT IT'S REALLY SCARY. All they need now is bloody Watership Down to complete a trifecta of HORRID TERRORS when I started watching very much with the expectation of Delightful Lols.

FMM went by very fast. I voted at least once, I think. Probably. I managed to miss Martha vs. Joan (NOT DELIBERATELY) but I would have voted Martha due to One True Fandom loyalty even though I wanted Joan to win AND SHE DID. That was quite great. The only thing I judge is Britta losing to Hermione. Clearly Britta is better. Would Hermione ever dress up as a Giant Ham? I think not.

Also there was a trailer for Doctor Who and it was almost entirely great except for the feckin elephant fart music. IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE INCEPTION, CAN WE STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE NOW PLS? The Cybermen still look shit, but, I admit, slightly less shit. The split-second glimpse of the Martian though? Shiny good. PLS DO NOT BE MESSING THAT UP LOVELY SHOW.

ETA: Oh, good, LJ have moved the Delete Entry button to right where one instinctively clicks for okaying something. That's not going to end badly.
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There are an Unsurprising Number of historical inaccuracies in Spartacus and mostly I don't give a toss (though it has taken a bit to get used to Julius Casear looking, and acting IMO, more like Alexander the Great) but argh there was just one of my HISTORY BUTTONS DAMMIT and now I'm unreasonably annoyed. Some dude just said to a widowed Roman woman "why you want to stay here anyway, you're a woman, no better than a slave to the Romans." Which, no. QUITE A LOT OF NO. Portraying women as worse of in history than they actually were pisses me off LIKE WOAH, cause it's all a bit "oh, why are you complaining about the wage gap, look how bad things were for women *insert any time in history*" because obv women never had any power or legal rights or did anything ever before the twentieth century.

When, in fact, if you were a woman at this time in Rome, best thing to be was a widow in terms of freedom and rights. And also rich, that always helps.
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Obviously I don't ACTUALLY CARE about [ profile] f_march_madness apart from gifs and things and will NOT GET EVEN THE SLIGHTEST JOY out of my favourites winning any bits of it, but I did flail a tiny bit to see Britta is currently two votes behind the leader, Abed, in the Community bracket. I LOVE BRITTA SHE IS PERFECT. Awful, but perfect. And then I made a face because the Miranda bracket was Very Wrong: Miranda is going to win because she's the only one people are voting for but clearly PENNY IS BEST.

Tried to remember who Freema Agyeman played in The Carrie Diaries...I may have voted wrongly there. And I HAD AN OPINION ON AVATAR, which was a new experience for me (I voted Katara, she is lovely and a very decent sort of EveryHero that I enjoy following around having adventures and stuff.) And she is Almost Winning too, hurrah! ...I THREW AWAY my vote on Harry Potter (Lucius Malfoy, shutup) and Katniss is going to win Hunger Games.

Starbuck will win BSG BOO, and my favourite (who is Roslin) is second AGAIN but by more two hundred than two votes, whatevs.

Martha is winning Doctor Who wtf, omg?! THAT IS A BIT GREAT. Olivia winning Fringe obv; ANNOYINGLY Sansa is winning GOT (annoying cause she won last year and CHANGE IS GOOD, also Dany is my favourite, I do love Sansa though.)

Joan is going to win Elementary, ra! And, um, I'm unreasonably judgey at House of Cards (US). Mostly I'm glaring at it for being WRONG and THE THE REAL THING.

In conclusion, as you can see my lack of caring is just epic and I'm sort of hrrrm at the amount of shows that I don't merely not care about but that I have absolutely no idea what they are. WHY SO MUCH, TELLY?
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Not dead. Though unable to speak in the morning until I've had some tea, THANKS AMERICAN COLD GERMS.

Still watching The Following which has gone WEIRD in that I think it might actually have been, sort of not entirely awful the past two episodes? I mean, I watch it for James Purefoy and he was only in a handful of scenes and I didn't really notice cause I was ALL INVOLVED IN THE DRRRRAAMAAA.

spoilers, 'case anyone is actually watching this quality telly )

Spartacus has gone a bit weird too. After three years of "lols, violence, lolarious violence, too much blood to take any of this seriously" they've gone and made violence horrible and awful and a bad thing. WHAT'S THAT ABOUT?

There's one excellent new female character. She's the aedile's wife of the city they end up capturing, and she gets introduced with a baker or such asking her to intercede on his behalf with her husband. Which is the sort of thing I love: this extremely not historically accurate show all about manly men fighting each other, is really pretty decent at showing the influence could and did wield in a part of history where they were generally denied offical power. And, okay, her intercession is of limited effect, but once the city's taken, she becomes unoffical leader of the Roman survivors, and no-one questions it. It's nowhere near Lucretia or Illythia awesome, but it's pretty good.

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Telly stopped deserting me! That was quite good. And apparently there is a NEW COMMUNITY EPISODE now or soon which is EXTRA LOVELY. And there will be LOVELY SPARTACUS and DOCTOR WHO and GAME OF THRONES in the Eastertimes, so really that is Quite A Lot of Catering To Meeeeee, so I am well pleased.

Mostly I've been watching Elementary which I don't think I'm fannish about in the way I consider myself fannish, by which I mean I don't want to read or write fic. I do want to draw platonic hearts of perfect love around Joan and Sherlock though. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love pretty much everything about them. I love their expressions, I love their banter, I love the way they look at each other. I love how calm and practical and in control Joan is. I love how her medical expertise is often VITAL and IMPORTANT to the plots that I'm not really paying attention to cause wtf, plot? getting in the way of AMUSING CHARACTER INTERACTION, but she does doctor things Quite Frequently and I do love that. And her unflusterability and reactions in the face of ridic provocations. And that she basically wants to be a detective and has a mother who knows her very well and HER CLOTHES. And Johnny Lee Miller is QUITE MAGIC as Sherlock. His Sherlock makes me happy with the way his not playing well with others manifests without him being a complete dick but really quite lovely and charming and funny a lot. AND THE WAY HE MOVES. He is not a Sherlock who can really be appreciated in photos. He needs to be moving.

Basically together they light up my telly with charisma and joy and I love them like the best of all possible toffee popcorn.

Despite their loveliness, I don't ship them. I've never shipped any Holmes/Watson pairing, something about their dynamic in every incarnation I've seen just doesn't say "ship em!" to me. I am shipping Sherlock/Irene like woah though, cause I always ship them and NO SHE'S NOT DEAD NOT IN MY HEAD NOT EVEN IF THERE'S A BODY ONSCREEN. FACT. I also loled at Sebastian Moran being Vinnie Jones.

The other telly I'm watching like a wee hawk is The Following. I HAVE NO GOOD EXCUSES. All I can say is that James Purefoy is in it and I'm spending most of my time going lalalalalalala. Partly because he's a serial killer and I'm trying to ignore that. Partly because he's a serial killer who idolises the works of Edgar Allan Poe and I'm REALLY REALLY trying to ignore that. I like Poe, I do. I appreciate The Fall of the House of Usher and The Masque of Red Death and that he wrote some of the earliest detective fiction (Dupin being a proto-Sherlock Holmes...though I recall Sherlock doesn't appreciate the comparison) and, yes, I do like The Raven. But if you're going to idolise the man's work and start writing "EVERMORE!" at the scenes of your victims, and go on and on and on about the death of beautiful women, I feel that during your incarceration you should be made to write out a few lines of James Russell Lowell's for a couple of hours every day: "There comes Poe, with his Raven, like Barnaby Rudge/ Three fifths of him genius and two fifths sheer fudge."

There's also a lot of utterly charming violence against women graphically shown which I'm sure is just to be 'gritty' and 'realistic' and not at all sexist in its origin.

It's not awful telly though, just not terribly good, and really not my sort of thing. But shallowness prevails, so I'm watching it.
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Oh, hello, LJ, you still exist, WELL DONE THERE.

So far this year I've (1) been ill and (2) eaten a lot of chocolate. Obv these two things are NOT CONNECTED.

I am absolutely tots going to set up on Dreamwidth properly. That is my new fannish goal. I missed not being able to read a flist thing. Tumblr was not a proper substitute at all. opens for reg this month. I'm going to that. OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD TOO. And also make vids for it that cater to my interests, by which I mean Doctor Who. ALL THE DOCTOR WHO VIDS. Kthxbi.
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OH HAI. So there was a Doctor Who Christmas Special on the telly and it was AMAZING and PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and I LOVED IT. And here are my thoughts on it I THINK THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM though many seem to come down to OMG I LOVED THAT. So, yes:

Doctor Who The Snowmen )
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More cheeringly, another prologue (NOT PREQUEL) to the Doctor Who Christmas Special:

My considered and mature reaction (I took, like, a minute to reflect before writing this, just to make sure I meant it): OMG OMG I LOVE THEM WHY HAVE THEY NOT GOT A SPIN-OFF YET WHERE IS THE GRAPHIC NOVEL AND AUDIO SERIES AND ACTION FIGURES FFS? WHERE ARE MY VASTRA AND JENNY ACTION FIGURES?"

So, yes, looking forward to the Christmas Special. There was a new trailer on the Beeb, and Ian McKellen's voice was CLEARLY AUDIBLE. (You might think, yes, and? But remember hearing Michael Sheen? NEITHER DO I.)
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On another topic: America, it's the guns. You have all those mass shootings because you are in a special class of your own when it comes to private gun ownership. No, you are not comparable to Finland or Switzerland. They, yes, do have very high private gun ownership compared to the rest of the world but not compared to you. You are unique, pejoratively.

This is, of course, self-evident to anyone who is not a complete fuckwit, and much to my horror those included here in the 'not a fuckwit' category are Piers Morgan. Basically, if you're saying it's not the guns, you are worse than Piers Morgan. Ye gods.

I bring this up because I'm not *entirely* thrilled with the mental illness and violent video game rhetoric I'm seeing where those two things are being touted as causes of gun violence. Both because of common sense and because, heh, I'm a mentally ill person who's been playing violent video games since I was three years old. Weirdly, I have no desire to shoot anyone. And even if I did, I couldn't. Why? Because we don't have fucking ridiculous amounts of guns in private ownership in the UK. (We have, actually, about one fiftieth of the gun violence you do, and, yes, that is taking into account our population difference.)

It's the guns that are killing people. Yes, guns kill people. There is, bizarrely, a reason gunpowder supplanted pointy metal sticks on the battlefield: guns kill more people, faster. America has more guns in private ownership than anywhere else in the world. Therefore more people will die of guns.

You want to decide, as a society, that owning your absurd amounts and varieties of guns is more important than your kids not dying of guns? Fine. Actually, it's not fine, it's disgusting. But it's your fucked-up choice. Stop lying about it though. Guns kill people. Not video games, not mental illness, not bad parenting, not any of the other desperate excuses I've been reading: it's the guns.
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So if Ian McKellen is voicing the Snowmen in this year's Christmas Special MAYBE he and Derek Jacobi could be at next year's Gally and just be on stage the whole time talking to each other. JUST AN IDEA.

I've changed my mind about what episode I want back most in the archives: it's currently The Abominable Snowmen, episode six. Cause it was the MOST MAGICAL END EVER to a Doctor Who story. The Yeti in the Himalayas have turned out to be robots controlled by the Great Intelligence - a standard Doctor Who plot thing where something mythical turns out to be ALIENS DID IT - but right at the very end the intrepid explorer dude who's come to the Himalayas to search for Yetis has found only DEATH AND ALIENS and had his belief in the Yeti CRUELLY DESTROYED. Except then he spots one, a real one. THERE IS MAGIC IN THE WORLD AFTER ALL.

I have been to the Americas and returned safely. I DID NOT get attacked by any Giant Weeping Angels, Statue of Liberty shaped or otherwise, in New York. DISAPPOINTING. I did get a bit of a headache in Times Square. DEATH BY NEON LIGHT, DUDES.
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Y'know, I'm not sure...not *entirely* sure...but I *think* someone just might be MOCKING FANDOM in the opener to this mini-episode:

"The Doctor has just said Amelia Pond, the woman who will never be replaced in his hearts," says Matt Smith.

*camera pulls back*

"Hi!" says Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Here it is, and even unequivocably legal! It's a BBC upload to Youtube:

my exciting reviewishness )

And then there was a trailer for the Christmas ep:

things I thought )
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New Doctor Who on Friday! Undoubtedly not very much, but it's nice to have. A prologue (NOT A PREQUEL, BBC SITE) to this year's Christmas Special, and a preview of the Special, or, as we generally call them, an advert. STILL. Looking forward QUITE A LOT to this Christmas Special, both for The Latest One and due to shiny, shiny guest stars.


There was also a thing about Neil Gaiman writing another episode and monster spoiler, but good luck not being spoiled before it's on )

I saw the trailer for the final season of Spartacus, WAR OF THE DAMNED, and it was awesome. It's just shot after shot of ridic OTT violence with ridic OTT blood. I'm relatively squeamish, but find the violence in Spartacus so cartoonish it never squicks me. BUT OH THE SPARTACUS DUDES I LOVE THEM. Even though they killed some of them and I DID NOT APPROVE. And they've taken away Lucretia and Ilithyia and their beautiful, perfect friendship of LIES AND BETRAYAL. But Crixus and Naevia are all alive and well and emotionally well-balanced I'm sure, and are going to have a heartwarming ending of happiness. Yes.
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There is a reason some DVDs are left in their cling-film plastic stuff. A VERY GOOD REASON. I couldn't sleep and I tried the "watch some boring stuff" method of dozing off which managed to COMPLETELY FAIL. I got about half an hour into Death to the Daleks before I had to turn it off for fear I would DIE OF BOREDOM. Man, it's cack. Really, supremely cack. (And yet still not the worst story of season 11 - one of its few redeeming features is it's only four episodes of near-fatal tedium.)

The first five minutes are really good though. The first five minutes are worth watching, and then just turn it off and make up your own adventure. VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU MAKE UP WILL BE BOTH BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING.

Those first five minutes though, practically modern in their pacing. Doctor and companion in the TARDIS, planning a nice holiday to some planet and other. BAD STUFF HAPPENS. The TARDIS is forced to land and all the lights go out. All the power's drained out of the TARDIS, even the torches don't work. They manage to get a few flickering seconds of the outside world on the scanner and see nought but fog. An oil lamp is found. That works, hurrah! To get out of the TARDIS they have to manually wind a thing on the door.

Outside it's dark, creepy and foggy. The Doctor wants to explore; Sarah wants to put warmer clothing on. "You won't wander off, will you?" she says and Sladen is magnifique there - she wants to be brave but she's bloody scared and we can hear it. Back to the TARDIS she goes, and winds shut the door. But since Our Heroes popped out SOMETHING has got IN. As the doors shut it lurches up to attack Sarah and she whacks it, and manages to escape outside again. Again, she's brave, but there's a desperation to her actions that makes her fear stark and compelling. *I'm* scared for her.

Outside, the Doctor's gone. Sarah's alone and trapped on a strange alien world with no-one and nowhere to turn.

And then it all goes cack. Team!Exposition turns up and exposits their way through tedious plodding exposition because this is Terry Nation writing and it would be UTTERLY REMISS OF HIM if he didn't make his regular attempt to KILL VIEWERS WITH PLODDINGNESS. There is a FORBIDDEN CITY. It has SACRIFICE and TRAPS and THOSE MONKEY SWINGS YOU USED TO GET IN PLAYGROUNDS BEFORE HEALTH AND SAFETY BANNED THEM.

Then Team!Dalek turn up. With their own comedy music. At the cliffhanger. Because it would be against the spirit of Doctor Who not to have the Daleks turn up at the first cliffhanger when they're mentioned in the title. I like the hatred radiating off Pertwee though. He really doesn't like them. And I like the future Earth history, with the big space empire that seems like something humans would really make and not pseudo-utopian actually military dictatorship a la the Federation or outright dystopia like Blake's 7. It's a bit crap, the Earth empire, but they get along all right. And there's a Scottish dude. I think. He's called Galloway anyway, which is somewhere in Scotland.

But it's a rotten story. And it didn't help me sleep. I therefore award it A BROKEN STAR cause those first five minutes were really properly creepy and cool.

Obama win!

Nov. 7th, 2012 04:40 am
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Hurrah! Obama still US President! Thanks, Americans.

V glad to see an all-time high for female Senators too, and the first openly gay Senator elected and those crazy men who think rape is A-OKAY defeated.

Going to bed now.

US Election

Nov. 7th, 2012 01:59 am
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I'm staying up to watch the US election. I have some wine. Currently, there's a very sensible American on the BBC live coverage saying "trickle down economics is bullshit". He didn't actually say bullshit, but that's what he meant.

I REALLY HOPE OBAMA WINS. He may be terribly right-wing but he doesn't seem to hate women, and the poor, and gay people.

No-one on the Beeb has yet said "Romney?! ROMNEY?! What the fuck?!" but they're totally thinking it. He would be regarded as a bit of crazy over here, to say the least.

"Everyone seems to be in a bar," says David Dimbleby. "We have editorial reasons for being in this place," says the reporter.

OH CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS. If you're Christian and hating on the poor, I know I'm not supposed to judge you but I do. QUITE A LOT. And apparently the economy is a moral issue.

As soon as Obama wins, I'm going to bed. I'm afraid I believe in America enough to think they don't hate themselves sufficiently to vote Romney in.
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As is traditional, I will now flail about my Yuletide assignment.


Or not. Even though I've got the fandom I put in cause I had to put in A Fourth Fandom (though, really, I feel like I cheated with the three - one of them was The Curse of Fatal Death, ahem) so I don't feel like I can sit down and write something straight off like I could with the others. BUT, I do get to rewatch the whole series guilt-free and it is a smashing series that I love. And there's a perfectly sensible Yuletide letter to go with it. ALWAYS A PLUS.

I've also written my own Yuletide letter where I resist the urge to say "ANYTHING WITH THESE CHARACTERS I LOVE THEM KTHXBAI" and try and be slightly more helpful.

For the rest of the day I plan to construct some manner of hot water bottle fort to hide out in.

Then, and yes I am ashamed, catch up on Revolution. IT'S SO BAD. Everyone is an idiot. SPLENDIDLY IDIOTIC. Plot points chosen from the Big Book of Plot Points! Characters copied from The Big Book of Character Types (Post-Apocalyptic Edition)!

And not only do the bad guys wear black, they're now burning the US flag. And shooting you for exercising your God-given right to own guns (that's right, this show knows what irony is and it isn't afraid to fashion it into a two by four and clobber you with it). The good guys have the US flag tattoed on their backs and want to "bring back the USA". What do they mean by that? Do they just want the name? Do they want to bring back NASA and make some quality HBO telly, or do they want unrelenting attacks on civil liberties and religious belief trumping science and common sense in public debate? Have they considered how recreating a country that didn't even exist until the middle of the Industrial Revolution might not exactly be tenable when you've only got medieval technology to work with? WHO KNOWS? They certainly don't. Substance is for LOSERS.

These patriotic heroes also have a worse grasp of military tactics than I do (and everything I know, I learned from Command and Conquer). "Oh, our base might be compromised since one of our dudes is missing after a battle... maybe we should presume he's been captured and get out of here before we're wiped out by our vastly better trained, better equipped enemies who outnumber us like woah," they don't say.

I assume they're all going to die horribly and dinosaur ghosts will inherit the Earth.
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This is the closest I've ever been to feeling fannish about Joss Whedon:

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So having now watched a couple of episodes of Elementary, in the exciting wank of Sherlock vs Elementary, I come down in the area of 'I'm going to be shot by both sides'.

Sherlock's keen, y'see. I like it a lot. I love it when it's proper good, and am prepared to handwave the boring bits, and try and ignore that cringingly racist episode. I think Cumberbatch is fantastic, and it's an interesting take on the character. Freeman is boring, as I generally find him, but works just splendidly in his scenes with Cumberbatch. It's not always as smart as it thinks it is, but it tends to feel like it is, and that's enough for me. It looks awesome, it's clearly written by fanboys (which I mean in a good way - the love for ACD's work does shine through), and it's got Rupert Graves, easily the best of all possible Lestrades.

And Elementary? Well, I think Elementary's more fun. Less intense. Miller's as good an actor as Cumberbatch, and he's got a gentler take on the character. He's oblivious to the social niceties at times, he can behave like a jerk, but it never feels cruel (well, overtly cruel...he does want to check if someone's in a coma by stabbing them with a needle...I can see the other Sherlock trying that). He's messed up too, but that doesn't manifest in the level of unpleasantness Sherlock's Sherlock sometimes displayed. (I imagine someone could write quite an interesting post contrasting the psychologies of these two modern Holmeses.) Liu easily wins out over Freeman what with possessing charisma and her usual awesome screen presence; but Graves is clearly better than the Gregson dude whose actor name escapes me.

And Watson has classic manpain, but she's a woman, which is quite nice.

As for the Holmes/Watson relationships, both delight me. Sherlock's is more sharply written, Elementary is trying but I don't think the writers are as good as Moffat & co when Moffat & co are on their game. The second episode does pick it up a bit, lots of nice wee character moments - there's a delightful response from Holmes when Watson suggests he play the violin. Miller's delivery of "Hacking is such an ugly word" followed by Watson's muttered "remember to swing from the left" made me glee.

The show's also managed to address two crits I recall seeing more than once after the trailer - first, Watson's reaction to dead bodies. "Why d'you keep pretending you've never seen dead bodies before?" asks Holmes when she yargs at another murder victim. "Remember all those cadavers at medical school?" And Watson quite rightly points out that there's a bit of a difference between a cadaver donated by someone for medical study and someone who's just died of murderous murder.

The other thing was a crit of her going from the dizzy heights of a surgeon down to a mere companion for recovering addicts. Which her high-flying ex-lawyer (I think?) boyfriend is like, dude, what's that all about. And she says she's good at it; she's doing it because she likes it, because she's getting job satisfaction, so quit being so judgey. Which I liked a lot.

Also, I find Miller a heck of a lot more attractive than Cumberbatch. (Though neither is as delightful as Rupert Graves.)

So, yeah, I like both shows quite a bit. OH NOES.


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