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This was supposed to be done by now, but I am rub, OH WELL.

More exciting words about Doctor Who!

Days 7-12 )
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I've nicked this from [ profile] dqbunny (and I'm nicking 'do it in 5 days' too cause there's clearly no way I'll remember to update every day for a month and I don't want anyone to be TREMENDOUSLY SAD cause they miss out on me expounding on the brilliance of The Time Monster yet again). Also, it's VERY PROBABLE I've done it before, but there has just been a whole new season so maybe my FASCINATING ANSWERS have changed. Also, it's write this or watch the X-Factor USA because that's how awesome my Saturday nights are.

30 Days of Who 1-6 )

Should probably end on a non-wishing-character-death note. Here's a picture of a baby ocelot.
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I checked and I just don't want to admit how long this "30 days" had gone on for. BUT ANYWAY. I would quite like to do another thirty days of SOMETHING and it feels wrong to start a new one having failed at the last one, therefore here will be all the rest of the 30 days, yes. Good. Onwards!

Day 01 - Your Favourite Quote

"There's nothing you can do to prevent the catharsis of spurious morality!"

- The Valeyard, The Ultimate Foe, part two (or ToaTL, part fourteen, whatevs)

For it cracks me up every time. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Who knows? OR DARES TO DREAM? Whatever Pip n Jane say it will be a disappointment probably. Extra lols for it being delivered by Micheal Jayston who's like a A Pretty Good Actor (and, incidentally, my favourite Mr Rochester.)

Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

This! It is a lovely picture that was linked to by [ profile] elisi and is Eleventy as The Cat in the Hat and Amy and Rory as Thing One and Thing Two. OH LOVELY DR SEUSS.

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Contrary to the name of this meme, it's now taken me over FOUR MONTHS. Clearly I'm caught in some kind of stretchy-timey thing of stretchiness. Yes. It's not that I forget things. Ahrrm.

Anyway, onwards with today's exciting entry, and I may even try to do them in order from now on (er, not counting today, as I just noticed I haven't actually done Day 1 yet, OH WELL):

Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

This calls for an Amusing Photo, surely?

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I am rubbish at keeping up with this so here is two at once:

Day 25 – Favorite Who Actor

An easy one, hurrah! That would be this dude:

Not only is Peter Cushing my favourite Who actor, he is my favourite of all actors. I think he's bloody brilliant and endlessly watchable and utterly compelling onscreen. When he's good, he glows with warmth; when he's evil, he's terrifying. Nothing is not better with Cushing; he manages to raise the awesomeness of every single thing he's ever been in - and he's been in some right shit, but always manages to make his scenes shine. From his iconic roles as Van Helsing and Frankenstein to playing it straight in the most ridiculous get-up in Space: 1999 to having a quick cameo as a sea captain to add yet another spoonful of win in Dr Phibes Rises Again, the honesty and intensity and believability he brings to a part just makes me ridiculously happy. His Winston Smith in the Beeb's 1984 is just sublime in his humanity and the climax to Dracula (or The Horror of Dracula, should you be in the US) where he runs across the great banquet table, tears down the curtains to let the sunlight in before grabbing a pair of candlesticks to make a cross* as Dracula makes one last attempt to kill him before he crumbles into dust, oh, it is just brilliant.

And there was that time when he played the Doctor, yay.

*just like Rory in The Vampires of Venice, hence my fanon that Rory is a Hammer fan.

Day 26 – Favorite Who Actress

There are a ridiculous amount of actresses in New Who that I think are awesome (in classic, there're plenty that I think are pretty nifty in the show but I don't know much of their work outside Who, save Jean Marsh and Louise Jamieson); Lindsay Duncan's my favourite, thanks to her marvellous performance in Rome.

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I've almost finished a A Clash of Kings and foolishly just went and ordered the other two/three books of GRRM's monster so probably I am going to FAIL HORRIBLY at fifty books this year. Again. It's not my fault. If only author people would write nice SHORT BOOKS that are not vast doorstop series that end up being ridiculously more-ish which is great, cause there's loads of it, and bloody awful because THERE'S LOADS OF IT. Mostly I like Daenerys and Tyrion and Arya is growing on me a lot and I love how GRRM left the dull-looking bildungsroman well alone so we could follow the more interesting dudes instead, yay. And I do love how if I get bored, it'll jump to another part of the story in only a couple of pages.

If I just stuck to Target novelistations, I'd sound like such a quickety-quick reader.

I'm trying to write fic about Doctor Who being A LOVELY FAIRY TALE. Mostly it seems to be OMG I LOVE TBB THIS IS HOW MUCH.

St Trinians 2 is on the telly. I don't know. Some of it makes me laugh and then I feel guilty cause it is appalling really. Um. Oh, I take it back, Colin Firth is flailing around incompetently with a sword; this is clearly brilliant.

The Doctor Who Days Meme:

Day 17 – A Piece of Who-Related FanArt

by [ profile] jigglykat


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Day 11 – Your Favorite Season (Classic or New)

Oh, with New Who it's season five by a lot. I've enjoyed every single episode immensely, yah, even the Dalek one, and I'm shocked and appalled at how brilliant Matt Smith is.

Classic is far tricksier. Probably it is cheating to say the first eight years (but even that makes me feel like I'm neglecting beloved later seasons). Um. Season six: it has The Trought and Jamie and Zoe, a fantastic team whose dynamics are utterly glee, and three of my favourite stories in The Mind Robber, Invasion and War Games.

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Day 14 – The Villain Who Scared You the Most

so scary I cut, omg )

KANE'S MELTY DRAGONFIRE FACE. How is that a PG, I ask you? HOW? I was A BIT TRAUMATISED when I was a wee bairn. (In the photo, he has not actually started to melt. They melted A REAL HEAD y'know...or possibly a wax duplicate.)

Other things I've found a a bit scary are Weeping Angels, the Dalek massacre in Genesis, all the other MELTY FACES in Resurrection, that shouty computer in The Face of Evil, and the first part of Chimes of Midnight.

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Day 05 – Your Favourite Companion

OH SO TRICKY. When it comes down to it, if I really, really have to pick just the one, it's Romana. I love her confidence and her cleverness and her wit; I love how she snarks and smiles and solves the impossible with level-headed practicality. I love her relationship with the Doctor, how they start as pupil and mentor and she has no respect for him whatsoever and vice-versa and then they save the universe together and run around Paris and punt down the Cam and then it all falls apart and she's off to look after a universe of her own, but that they do meet afterwards and there's that ease of understanding and trust and their goodbye in Zagreus just is a BIT PERFECT, I LOVE IT SO. (And no, the EDAs don't exist lalala.) And then there's Leela, and Narvin and even her relationship with Braxiatel sort of started to get interesting after I listened to some Benny.

Also, her clothes are smashing.

Other companions what I love ridiculously are Babs, Polly, Jamie, Zoe, Liz Shaw, Harry, Erimem, Martha, Amy and NewSkool!Sarah. And River. River counts now, right?

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Hello! I am awake. It's very sad because it's a bit early in the morning and I quite want to be asleep. Unfortunately, I'm not tired. Also I spent a lot of today lying down in a dark room because my head was trying to kill me with pain. THAT WAS FUN. I don't suffer from migraines or anything but that was one seriously horrid headache. It seems to have been vanquished, hurrah. I blame dehydration or lack of coffee or POLLEN. Pollen is to blame for QUITE A LOT.

Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor

Oh, look, there is a surprise, it is The Trought. He is the best of all possible Doctors. It is sad for other Doctors trying to be as good as him because it is just not going to happen. Mostly he flails and runs and clings to Jamie. Sometimes Zoe rolls her eyes. Then The Trought makes you think he is confused when he is actually six steps ahead of you and your nefarious ill-advised scheme to conquer the cosmos and then he smiles beautifully and looks awfully pleased with himself when you fail due to his clevery ways. Once he put Jamie's face back wrong and saved the Earth by writing fanfic because that's how awesome he is.

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