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Jun. 8th, 2009 09:31 pm
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::FLAILS:: spoilers, obv )
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My head hurts. I haven't watched new A2A yet but I managed finally to see last week's and it was v good and there was much love and I enjoyed it sufficiently that NOT EVEN ONCE did I make a sadface at the loss of The Perm. Also the arc-y bit was quite, quite cool and made me think just incase it are spoilery )

I have not been keeping up with much else modern for which I can blame ITV4 and its weirdly temperamental scheduling of UFO and Space 1999. Sometimes one is on, sometimes both, sometimes neither. IT ARE MADNESS. But I've been watching them. UFO makes a lot more sense now than it did when I was a wee lass. Possibly because lots of it went over my head back then. IT IS ACTUALLY HORRID. I do not mean a horrid show, but the stories, man, the people! The commander dude is DEAD INSIDE and it is not really portrayed as heroic but sort of awful but neccessary and Someone Has To Do It but you will never get better and nothing good will ever happen to you and nobody will love you and then you will die and someone else will have to do your horrid thankless job (Oh, British!sciffy, ilu). The opening titles are still awesome. Typewriters! In Space!

Space 1999, on the other hand, was always tediously dull, but now it's rather not. Because before I'd missed out on the genius that is The Second Season. Where most of the time you wish Captain Chekov and Barbara Bain would sod off and let Maya and the security dude run things. Maya is awesome. It seemed they realised Bain was deadly dull and what they really needed was a great female character so they decided that an alien scientific genius who could metamorphise into anything and whose father was Brian Blessed was A Good Plan. And they were right. Well done Space 1999.

Now I shall go and read more Raffles for Holmes!pastiche books have still failed to arrive, woes. (Many a Raffles and Holmes crossover has been written, right? RIGHT?)
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Reading Sherlock Holmes canon. Is great. I used to hate it rather a lot, but I was clearly a young and foolish idiot. Gallingly, I seem to read a lot faster online than I do on paper. Three books in two days is rather a lot more than what I normally read. Am product of horrid information age, woes.

New Who trailer is awesomesauce. Not just because they look like they landed on Arrakis even though that is clearly a Perfectly Good And Valid Reason for preemptively loving telly. Actually it does look a wee bit more spoilery trailer stuff, yo )

I do not know what happened in the Ashes To Ashes trailer. I may have done flailing and zong!yaying because there was Alex and Gene and they looked v shiny and soon they will be on telly again, omg! I do love A2A something rotten.

The K-9 trailer, on the other hand. I, um, don't know what to say about that. How SJA could have gone incredibly wrong? How not to do an English accent? Why dog clothes should never ever include pseudo-Flash Gordon Emperor Ming style robes? In its favour, I think I saw Eric Johnson for a split-second, but that might just have been OT wishful thinking.


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