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1. Doctor Who toymakers, WHAT IS THIS?! I don't know what to think about it. On one hand, there is goo and goo is awesome, on the other there's a wee "collect all the parts!" sign where "all the parts" is the decapitated head and disembodied limbs of the Doctor.

2. [ profile] jigglykat made awesome fanart of Madame Vastra and Jenny. I am going to PESSIMISTICALLY ASSUME they do not yet have their spin-off series. Forshame.

3. People are being Kind Of Scary about the Doctor Who scheduling change or whatever it is, which actually seems to know, cause there appears to be Very Little info. (But that doesn't mean you don't know exactly what those BBC execs are thinking! Of course you do, random Internet person, of course you do.) I saw a tweet from Lizo offa Newsround and then I went to look for more info and ended up in BAD PLACES where I wanted to either hide under my desk or hit my head on it. Here is a clue: the BBC does not work like an American network. Also I sometimes watch Who on iPlayer instead of the telly; this apparently means I'm not a real viewer or something.

5. When the Doctor Who on the telly stopped I really, really wanted more shiny new Who which meant Big Finish. So I listened to some. Which was fine. Except now Erimem has gone and I HATE BIG FINISH. They took the Best of Their Companions from me and I am sad. Though it was quite nice that though I stopped listening cause the stories were getting worryingly consistent in their mehness, this last run, from Son of the Dragon through to the HORRID DEPARTURE OF BELOVED ERIMEM were almost all pretty good. Even the one with bloody Evelyn in it. Bit amused when I thought "gosh, she's really not been very annoying this ep" and it turned out she'd been replaced by an evil shapechanger, heh. Ahem.

Anyway, once I get over my bitterness there, if anyone has any post-The Bride of Peladon recs, that'd be dead nifty.

6. Why is all the telly gone? Doctor Who, The Borgias, and Camelot are finished for the year (omg, Camelot - HOW AWESOME WERE YOU?), Camelot possibly forever, or I've heard no news of a renewal anyway, boooo. And Game of Thrones only has one ep left. Woes.
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  • I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I did, however, read this article which did a smashing job of easing my spoiler craving whilst only revealing the most minor of things. Also the picture at the top makes me RIDIC HAPPY. HELLO TEAM!AWESOME.

    from the article linked above, not actually spoilery )

  • Tom Baker is doing Big Finish. One season of Leela-ness and one of Romana-ness. Guess which Romana. Am Quite Excited about Moar Four and Romana-ness but it does pale rather a lot compared to OMG IS IT 23RD APRIL YET?

  • I've now seen the first episodes of Camelot and The Borgias and the first fifteen minutes of Game of Thrones. Not that it's a competition for, ideally, I'd want all these shows on the telly for years to come, but Camelot is winning. The Borgias and Game of Thrones both look gorgeous, really spectacularly gorgeous, and Borgias has much wit and fun about it with Jeremy Irons thieving All The Scenes. (I can't say much about GoT really, Sean Bean's in it! He's always good! Arya made me yay for her thirty seconds!) But Camelot has one of my favourite actresses playing a character type I adore, thus I shall be well bitter when it gets cancelled first for American telly Never Goes My Way, woes.

  • During LJ outage, I procrastinated via Dragon Age 2. I tried to be villainous, I really did. And then I was horrible to Merrill and it was just awful, so I've stopped that now. DOOMED TO BE HEROIC IN FICTIONAL WORLDS. Alas.
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Big Finish are having a Stuff for a Fiver sale, or a fiver for the CDs but £8.99 for the download on some of them. Is it okay to find that bizarre? I find it bizarre.

Anyway, a sale! Thus I take the opportunity to rec stuff at you. There's much of the spin-off lines in there. I've no idea what the Dalek or Cybermen series are like, but the Benny stuff I find none too shabby and Gallifrey's smashing. Or, at least, consistently entertaining if tending to vary wildly in quality and often be rubbish, but entertaining rubbish, and that's the most important thing. For there is Romana and Leela and Narvin and they are amazing. Sometimes there is Braxiatel, and some people like him, but they are wrong. And you could just go and buy it all and then be all ready of the fourth series in March where they are undoubtedly going to RUIN IT for spoilery reasons. And then you can join in with the bitching, hurrah! (I assume ruinination so if it's at least half-decent, I'll be all pleased, yes.)

And then there's the best spin-off series of them all, the Unbounds, all of which are worth listening to and are the things that got me into BF in the first place. Many, many recs at Deadline and Sympathy of the Devil in particular for they are awesome. Deadline is a bit twisted and awfully witty and a shiny, shiny love letter to the series and Derek Jacobi is the Doctor, sort of. Sympathy is a story of what could've happened if the Doctor had been dumped on Earth in 1997 by the Time Lords, instead of the seventies, and is pretty much a remix of The Mind of Evil. There is Gatiss!Master and Lethbridge-Stewart and Brimmecombe-Woode who I used to love but then he got slightly ruined because some years after this story was made the guy playing Brimmecombe-Woode got cast as the Doctor so now I don't hear Brimmecombe-Woode, I hear bloody David Tennant swearing a lot very Scottishly. Alas.

I was going to say that the stuff from the regular line was a whole lot of banal mediocrities, at best, but then I spotted that there's one smashing one in there: The Council of Nicea. That has the very best of the BF companion teams, Peri and Erimem, and tis a beautifully written historical with a particularly wonderful portrait of the Emperor Constantine, played by the excellent David Bamber.

In conclusion, subscribers get more with Big Finish. So I've been told.
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Big Finish are having a whacking great sale tomorrow with the first fifty audios all reduced to £5. Which is great, apart from the fact that I stopped buying Every Single One somewhere in the fifties so, um, yes. Boo. Nevertheless, I shall use my complete knowledge of these first fifty for the powers of good! Like so:

So of these fifty audios, what would you suggest for the BF newbie?

006 The Marian Conspiracy (Six, Evelyn) A smashing historical adventure in Tudor times with a sympathetic, well-rounded portrait of Mary Tudor and the Sixth Doctor being calmer and kinder and all those things that make people say "gosh, he was rubbish on telly but he's awfully good on audio" (which I judge a bit cause he was awesome on telly, but y'know). Introduces Evelyn, who is merely Mildly Annoying at this point (probably should point out most listeners do not share my view of Evelyn as Most Consistently Irritating Companion Ever.)

009 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (Six, Evelyn, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) Basically an excuse for the Brig and the Sixth Doctor to have an adventure together, yay fanwank! But it is a jolly good adventure all the same. There are moors! It feels a bit like a Terror of the Zygons remix, set in Cornwall instead of Scotland, and with added awesome from the Brigadier. Evelyn is only A Bit Annoying.

011 The Apocalypse Element (Six, Evelyn, Romana) Er, you may be noticing a pattern here. Yes, it's another Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story, OH WELL. This one also has Romana and Daleks though. It's all exciting and action-y and Lalla Ward is rather marvellous in the first episode especially. More fanwank plottery as the Daleks invade Gallifrey, but it's a bit epic and there is Romana, yay. Evelyn is Bloody Annoying.

014 The Holy Terror (Six, Frobisher) Yes, other Doctors do have stories, they just don't seem as good as Baker's at this point. SORRY OTHER DOCTORS. Anyway, this one is brilliant. It's got Frobisher, the shape-shifting talking penguin companion, and a ridiculous amount of wit and charm and lolarious cynicism and all feels rather wonderfully Gormenghasty. With a bit of an I, Claudius parody. The Doctor and Frobisher are messengers from Heaven in the midst of a tricksy fight for who gets to be the next God of Everything. You could call it a BF classic, if you're inclined to do that sort of thing. "All hail the big talking bird!"

020 Loups-Garoux (Five, Turlough) Werewolves! Not the Sixth Doctor! Oh, this was my favourite BF for years and years and I still love it madly. It's the fifth Doctor and Turlough in South America getting involved in a power struggle between werewolves and the Doctor manages to get himself engaged to Eleanor Bron, who is a bit amazing, and mostly this story makes me Ridiculously Happy. There is Lovely Interaction between the Doctor and Turlough which manages to be simultaneously Quite Slashy and Quite Shippy for the Doctor and virtually all the women he's travelled with.

024 The Eye of the Scorpion (Five, Peri, Erimem) OH I LOVE THIS. I love it like delicious cherry pie. This is one that I think everyone should buy and listen to and love because it is the start of my VERY FAVOURITE BF THING: Team!Peri&Erimem. A lot of listeners talk about how BF redeemed Six and/or Mel for them and made them awesomes, but I thought them both awesome already and lo they continue to be so in audio form, but Peri, Peri was meh. She was...just there, like Dodo, minus the lovely hats. But combine her with Erimem and you get the very best of Big Finish companion teams, and one of the very best companion teams of all. It begins here, in ancient Egypt, where Erimem is pharoh and there be Exciting Political Shenanigans afoot.

029 The Chimes of Midnight (Eight, Charley) A deliciously spooky haunted house tale set in an Edwardian mansion. People are being killed in absurd, macabre ways; people are reacting in absurd, macabre ways. The first episode is practically perfect, and the rest are rather smashing as well. It's claustrophobic, creepy and terribly funny.

030 Seasons of Fear (Eight, Charley) My favourite Eight & Charley adventure. Charley and the Doc are having a perfectly nice time in Singapore when this dude called Grayle pops up to gloat at the Doctor about how he's killed him. Cause when he kills him he doesn't have the chance to gloat and, darn it, if you manage to kill the Doctor, you should totally get to gloat at him first. Then Charley and the Doctor have an Exciting Adventure through assorted historical locations with smashing banter and Charley having to drag around a whacking great sword and there are Romans and Edith of Wessex (Edward the Confessor's queen) being a bit annoyed about the Doctor because he left her at the altar. Also, Nimons. Gloriously good fun. You see why I love, yes?

038 The Church and the Crown (Five, Peri, Erimem) My favourite BF team in 17th century France with political sneakiness, plenty of swordfighting and a ridiculous amount of Three Musketeers jokes; how could that possibly go wrong? It couldn't, obviously. This is my second favourite of all Big Finishes and it is deliriously good as well as brimming with Stuff What I'm Easy For. It draws fantastic portraits of Louis, Anne and Richelieu, and is especially marvellous in its portrayal of Erimem, to whom the 17th century is a fantastic futuristic world. She gets to blows stuff up, unite disparate factions of French soldiers and lead them to defend Paris against the English. Case that's how awesome she is.

039 Bang-Bang-A-Boom! (Seven, Mel) I like season 24, and this is very, very season 24, in the best possible way. It's a great big parody of the Eurovision song contest with the contestants gettings murdered and the Doctor and Mel investigating and it is as camp and absurd and a wee bit cleverer than it sounds. Mostly it makes me happy.

040 Jubilee (Six, Evelyn) Or That One Dalek Was Based On. But while Dalek was a fairly straight up action/adventure, Jubilee is a twisted look at society and the cruelty of people through the glass of an alternate twentieth century where England got hold of Dalek technology in WWI and conquered the world. I've a very vivid memory of listening to this for the first time and, at one of the cliffhangers, thinking, "that's too obvious, it can't be *spoiler* so that means it has to be *spoiler* way, he wouldn't...omg, it is!" (Yes, I think in acronyms, shusht.) It's terribly good.

048 Davros (Six) A marvellous character piece with some nice dicussion on morality and some immensely good scenes between the Doctor and Davros. Save Genesis of the Daleks, Big Finish have managed to do a lot more with Davros, a lot better and in a lot more interesting ways than anything on the telly.

033-050-052 Neverland-Zagreus-Scherzo (Eight, Charley, Romana, Leela, K-9) Okay, so this is really three audios and one of them isn't in the sale, and probably the trilogy really needs you to have heard Storm Warning, or at least be aware of what happened there, and it's obvously more effective if you've grown somewhat fond of Eight & Charley, or at least followed their adventures for a bit, and it's a ridiculously ambitious story and the alternate universe arc was pretty consistently dull and didn't go anywhere and then it it couldn't, since they brought back the telly show but, but I still think this stories are pretty darn awesome. These are three plays that are very closely interlinked and incredibly different. They highlight just how flexible the Doctor Who format is, how absurd it can get, how epic, how grand, how intimate and quiet. They play with stories: a children's nursery rhyme creates a monster, a companion outgrows her role as Wendy but refuses to go home, music is used to create life and Gallifreyan legends are reborn.

It also sets up that rather awesome spin-off, Gallifrey.

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I totally suck at this meme. I will not say when I did the last day, but what happened with this meme is exactly the sort of thing that happens with All Important Things too. To conclude, I am not good at timing. It's lucky I'm not a comedian.

Anyway, Day 3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Can I just pretend that this refers to a strange American concept and I don't have a clue what it means and just pick something shiny and new to me?


I'm trying to find something that's new that isn't Strike Okay, Strike Back is a terrible, terrible show. It is about a Manly Man who goes and saves the world with Explosions and Guns. Sometimes he takes off his shirt. Sometimes he is horribly injured and makes faces of pain. Sometimes Alexander Siddig turns up. There are women in this show, but they are just there to die, have gratuitous sex with the Manly Hero and realise how wrong they were about Judging the Manly Hero for his Manly Angst.

I judge myself massively, yes, but Richard Armitage is v pretty.

So, yes, if you are as APPALLED by that answer as I am or just want to rec me a show that is new and shiny because you are LOVELY, you should do that, yes.

the days of the meme )

On a completely different topic there was a horrible accident with Dragon Age. And by horrible accident, I mean that I accidently found some more Awesome Dragon Age fic and it was a WIP so instead of a nice satisfying ending I thought, gosh, I haven't played Dragon Age for a while, I should do that. And started a new game. As f!Cousland. Again. But, to be fair, I've not yet played her through and had her master all the ways of the sword and shield, so, um, yeah.

One day I will totally finish a game as a dwarf.

some rambling about DA )

In lovely news, Big Finish have had their license extended to 2012. And there be an audio coming up with Brigadier Bambera in it, which I am terribly excited about and will certainly not judge entirely on the basis of whether or not it decides to pseudo-canonically joss the Epic Love of Bambera/Ancelyn.
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I am watching The Myth Makers right now. I say watching, but not proper telly because it was burned by foolish fools but SOMETIMES IT MOVES. It is v exciting! I've never seen this recon before, I think I maybe only have the BBC Radio release? Anyway, it is still brilliant and lolarious. (And not just because episode three is called Small Prophet Quick Return.) Achilles thinks the Doctor's Zeus and, naturally, being the Doctor, he's going along with that one. Then Achilles says, thank goodness you didn't appear to me in your true form or I would be dead from the SHEER AWESOME. And the Doctor is like that is very nice of you, thanks. Then Achilles says, lucky for me you chose to appear as an old beggar man instead. And the Doctor would probably have hit him with a walking stick except Vicki nicked it cause she fucked up her ankle last story.

Sometimes I forget that the Hartnell era is not entirely about how awesome Babs is. I can't believe Steven is going to lose Vicki soon. HE WILL BE SO SAD. And she may patronise him but at least she would never win against him in a fight. Sara Kingdom wins in fights. All the fights. Apart from the one against TIME ITSELF. Which makes her dusty instead.

And Jean Marsh was in the latest BF what I have heard. It was Quite Good and then Rubbish. I don't mind the three episodes plus one episode thing in theory but so far all two of them I've listened to have had really stonkingly cack one episode stories. Twas The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box. And, omg, I forgot that I can actually quite enjoy Paul Magrs writing when it does not involve bloody Iris*. Also, I'm dead easy for anything that riffs offa twisted fairy-tales

*The only Iris I don't hate massively is Valeyard!Iris (or Wormery!Iris, or whatever the character is actually called, I forget), who is awesome and I wish she'd killed real Iris and we'd got her adventures instead.
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Wtf? Two for two? I feel rather betrayed, dammit. ILU BF. Stop bringing me Teh Bad Things. [ profile] livii, am v much hoping Hex is to me even just a smidgen of what he is to you, cause The Harvest is next up and I am totally going to have some sort of petulant tantrum if it's three in a row that I'm left flailing at.

But, yes, Arrangements For War, managing to steer a steady path on the decent river - rather good when Gabriel Woolf is on - until the last five minutes which I am going to pretend Do Not Exist, cause I liked the rest of it. I shall make up my own ending where, instead of spoilers, obv )

ETA: HEX IS SCOUSE. I did not know this. He is also a bit adorable. Well done him.
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Excitingly, have discovered a Brand New Low for Big Finish, omg. Suppose it had to happen at some point, but my most beloved BF TARDIS team have got themselves not just a bad story but quite possibly the worst one I've heard in the entire BF canon. Achievement! As well as the other thing.

But, yes, Axis of Insanty, OH DEAR GOD, what was that? What was that? A serviceable plot idea hammered into the most plodding, predictable tedious sorry excuse for a story. Peri, dear Peri, who I thinks done v well in Big Finish, is made even more excruciating than whenever you think she's worst on the telly. MY BELOVED ERIMEM IS BLAND. whine, whine, whine )

However, I still hate it less than Master, which, I suppose, is something.
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I have a new favourite BF, and it is beautiful and fabulous and I recall reminding myself to get it about a billion times over the past five years and now I've finally listened to it and OH IT IS SHINY SO VERY SHINY. Farewell, Loups-Garoux, you had pride of place for quite a while really, but apparently 17th century France trumps werewolves, who'd have thought it?

(It's absurd really the ones I end up loving, cause Eight and Six are the best audio Doctors, one for the voice!sex and the other cause his voice is just so rich and expressive and that's much to one's advantage, obv, in the audio medium (you, dearest reader, can choose which is which) but it's Davison's stuff that I end up with the OMG!Fannish!love for.

Take the audio!companions: I haven't actually heard Hex yet, but I think I'm one of three people who listens to BF who sort of, er, really doesn't like Evelyn (shusht, I know), Charley I'm terribly fond off but it's Erimem I am utterly in love with. And, oh, her interaction with Peri and just those brief moments at the beginning of the audio when they're giggling together: awesomesauce, dudes.)

But, yes, The Church and the Crown, how many ways do I love thee? Probably about a dozen. Firstly, it's a historical, hurrah! And it's a period I adore ridiculously thanks to someone foisting an abridged version of The Three Musketeers on me when I was wee. Louis, Anne and most especially Richelieu are beautifully drawn characters and the dialogue is just delicious throughout. Contrast the politics and dramas with the more lightweight humourous stuff from the musketeers (complete with Dumas in-jokes, dudes! There was squee, so there was!) and a rather nifty soundtrack and it is fabulous liken cherry pie. For the ears.

Also, swordfights. Obv, I can't actually see them, but the thought is totally there and that's the important bit... I should really check who wrote it actually...Cavan Scott and Mark Wright... have they done any more? I don't recognise the names.

Oh, and Erimem I love her, I love how she's able to cope with the situation because this is more-or-less the sort of environment she's been raised in, but it is so very different cause, heh, centuries later, but she's quick and clever and adapts her knowledge to get them an in and the way she relates to the King, Cardinal and Queen is just sheer awesome win, and I could totally listen to this for another couple of episodes. Moar padding pls.

Basically, not a huge amount happens in it, it's mostly a domestic dispute that just so happens to affect the fate of a country, and has people standing around and talking rather a lot, often rather wittily, and it's quite perfectly marvellous.


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