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So due to appalling sleeping patterns, I'm currently v v awake and Boston Legal season four is on the telly and it's episodes I've never seen because it all went a bit rubbish season three and I didn't care anymore but OH IT IS A LITTLE GLEE. It is not very good, alas, but Denny and Alan fired paint guns at each other because they discussed politics and they HUGGED BEAUTIFULLY.

I read a lovely fic today: dancing with old gods by [ profile] wishfulaces. I am dead keen on fic what deals with with Gallifreyan gods - an awesome concept from the extended canon that is utilised, at best, in a fairly dull way. (At worst, it's bloody Master but let's not talk about that, lalala.) Here, it is beautiful, with a spiffy use of dance and clothes and dialogue that is swish enough to make me conveniently forget all my issues with the NAs for a little while.

Also, thanks to [ profile] halfamoon, I discovered my very favourite BSG vid had been remastered. Cathedrals by [ profile] chaila43 is basically how I saw BSG for most of its run; this is the place I saw it reaching for (though not often being able to get there). It's a haunting, beautiful exploration of what it could have been about, before it went a little kablooey.

Catching up on SPN and last week's episode reminded me why I keep watching this show: I am dead cheap for its comedy. Arg. It makes me laugh, dammit. I feel all chipper and cheerful at Sam's ridiculous comedy faces! This is not something to be thrown away lightly, obv.

I switched off the week before's episode several times as it cunningly started with a recap of ALL THE THINGS THAT MADE ME ANGRY last time. And now I see a character what I love is in this week's ep and I am Afraid that it will just be all incredibly awful again. OH GOODIE IT IS. spn spoilers )


Jan. 12th, 2006 08:47 pm
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So I finished BSG today and woe was I for though I started, um, getting torrents I would not find out the exciting resolution to Kobol's Last Gleaming for hours. P'haps days! Disaster! Then noticed that Scattered was being repeated on Sky Two, for they have just started showing the second series and the good telly continues, hurrah!

Am, however, distressed at the difficulty in finding Lee/Roslin fic. Forshame.

Then I was entertained by Blake's 7 and DW at Webnoodles. Sort of:

Disturbingness )

Cheeringness )
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So I'm back at university, hurrah. The fridge is empty, the flat is freezing and, best of all, the phoneline is disconnected. Woe. So I'm in the (even more freezing) Microlabs attempting to look at fannish stuff on the Internets and hoping no-one notices.

I am too cold and have too little caffeine in the bloodstream to write proper entry. So list, yes. Lists are good.

  • Christmas cards! Thank you to all who sent them for I had a pile when I got back and it was lovely and cheered me up immensely, yes.
  • People should not call Harry useless. Harry is great. Everyone should go watch Genesis of the Daleks and see how great he is in that. In the first five minutes alone he manages to save the Doctor from a landmine. Because the Dcotor is a bit of a twat who, despite knowing he is walking through a minefield doesn't notice a Whacking Great Landmine in front of him and trods on it. Harry saves him, with his Steady Hands. For Harry is a surgeon and Harry works well under pressure and Harry is great. Dude.
  • Lack of Internetness meant I watched the Battlestar Galactica mini-series. Am disturbed to find that I like it an awful lot more than when last I saw it. Though how I long for a Steadycam. Still, it is great. I am a bit in love with most of the characters right now, though suspect this may change through series. Am hating on Adama a bit and, sadly, look forward to the last episode so I can cheer. I am sorry about this. But not much.
  • The mini-series finished and I was Still Not Tired so I stuck on the first episode. I found it a bit funny and laughed in places I wasn't supposed to because the Sheer Drama was cutting off the oxygen. Or something. Anyway, suspect if the number of Long Dramatic Pauses continues at this level I will have to seek fanfic where they all magically get transported to Earth and are stuck for money and so must put on a pantomime for the Great British Public.
  • But despite the OMG Serious Drama, it is about five billion times better than the awfulness of the other BSG show. Which was awful and wrong. Said wrongness can be demonstrated by fact that I fancy New Starbuck more than Old Starbuck despite the fact that I am straight.
  • Am a bit afeared Jen is going to hate and meybe kill me for the above bulletpoint, hrrm.
  • The best thing about today is going to be the exciting shopping in Tesco's what I will do.
  • I must stop looking at jobs and things, is bad plan, makes worry, yes.
  • It is still cold.


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