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So this is what I wrote for Yuletide:

Title: Mist
Fandom: Camelot
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Morgan, Merlin, Sybil, Guinevere, Kay

Summary: After Arthur and Leontes fall at the Battle of Bardon Pass, Morgan takes the Crown.

Twas written for [ profile] netgirl_y2k, who I suspect may see the show somewhat similarly to how I do, in that it's actually The Morgan Pendragon Show, and her prompt had the nifty suggestion of an AU where Morgan gets to be queen (which is what, every week, I REALLY HOPED would happen, because clearly she would be quite good) so that is what I wrote and it was much fun and I think it's the best Yuletide story I've managed to write, despite the flail and deadline panic and last minute editing on Christmas Eve.
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Song: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
Artist: Muse
Fandom: Not Doctor Who, omg! Camelot
Characters: Morgan Pendragon
Warnings:: Little violence, but quite a bit of blood.

Summary: "How much do you want the Crown?"

Download: MU (40 MB)
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I've marginally improved my rather irritatingly slow Interwebs by making there be less walls between the computer and the hub - all fear the powers of my computer-y genius - but it's still being less than instant and shiny in the way to which I am accustomed. Hrmph.

Elsewise, TV hates me. Camelot is cancelled. WOE UNTO ALL THE THINGS. This means I'm being Exceptionally Bitter at every Torchwood trailer I see. I don't care if I'll probably end up enjoying it, I'd gladly sacrifice the whole damn show for another half-series of LOVELY CAMELOT. (I'm sorry Gwen, you are the best of them, but you ain't no Morgan.) There's also extra bitter on top of bitter cause bloody Spartacus has a second series and a prequel series and it's just INCREDIBLY BAD TELLY in ALL THE WAYS, and yet it's Camelot that Starz cancel. Which was only bad in SOME WAYS and had EPIC REDEEMING FEATURES.

More nicely, here is something smashing. It's tPO/tBB River Song, alas not as Cleopatra but ALMOST AS GOOD. I want this action figure. It is a beautiful thing.

And though my views on Charlie Brown are pretty much summed up as "" Doctor Who dudes in the style of Charlie Brown cartoons is rather lovely. Most adorable Silurian ever, rah.

Today is the 63rd anniversary of the NHS, best of the things what Britain has made.
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Camelot is STRANGE AND WONDERFUL mostly cause somehow there was an episode with spoiler ) Also due to ma shipping prefs I'm totally choosing to believe that Merlin spoiler ) And there was an Adorable Kid, of the type that I normally want to end up dead but never does because he's the Adorable Kid, spoiler ).

Also, again, there be Bechdel passing and the women getting far more interesting stuff to do than the men, whose entire plot consisted of Manly Hunting and Sitting Round A Campfire.

In other fandoms, a Torchwood trailer! With, like, clips of actual scenes and lines and stuff blowing up! Again, Gwen wins everything. I am not looking forward to this show, obv, that would be ridic.

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Omg, Camelot. I'm catching up on the last couple of episodes and it just keeps making me Ridiculously Happy. Mostly this is cause of Morgan, sometimes Merlin, but really this is the Morgan I have ALWAYS WANTED and telly and film have failed to give me.

three episodes of catching upness )

In conclusion, if I had to vote between Morgan and River Song, I'd have to run away and hide. THAT IS HOW I LOVE HER.
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Since there is no Camelot this week, I'm inflicting an Exciting and Informative Pictorial Recap on you all. In no way is this a SUBTLE ENCOURAGEMENT for more people to watch lovely Camelot.

Here we are, in Ye Olde Medieval Times...

lovely pikshurs and spoilers for the first ep; warning for mention of rape )
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Some things, lovely things:

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I'm now living in a Bubble of Fear at being spoilered for Doctor Who. Don't do it. I'll cry. And weep. And flail. It's be awfully embarrassing for everyone.

That said I'm not adverse to ye olde Minor Spoilers like the trailers or whatnot, or this article (ETA: which may be rather more spoilery if you're familiar with X-men comics) which is a lovely report of DWlinecon or those screenings of the first two eps in New York, whichever. Anyway a bit of it said that the show had this is really a very minor spoiler thing, I think ) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of ALL THE THINGS that most terrified me in childhood, there is Watership Down and there is the movie under the cut. OH GOODIE.


I don't mean that properly sarcastically. I am just a bit "flail, arg" cause that film really does freak me out something rotten. Not as much as those rabbits, but still.

In other news, there was another episode of Camelot this weekend and it still has Two Thumbs Up. Admittedly this is pretty much entirely down to Eva Green. Actually, I'm trying to imagine it without her,'s really not that good. It's still better than Spartacus: Blood and Sand, but, yeah... anyway, Morgan's awesome and entirely worth watching the show for. There were scenes with her and Merlin and they were AMAZING. Not properly amazing, probably, (I don't know, it's not like my critical faculties are brilliant at Telly With Swords) but they were amazing for me for they were pitched at exactly the level of antagonism I like between my heroes and villains. Even though Morgan isn't really a villain, at least not in my head. And Merlin was getting plenty of grey shadings, actually. Oh, it does make me happy how much Arthur wants to Help Morgan and Make Things Right and it's impossible and he tries anyway and she's obviously got ulterior motives for Having A Lovely Dinner with her half-brother and yet you're left with the feeling that a part of her wishes she was being genuine in her friendliness.

Also, there was Unexpected!ChipoChung, which was smashing.
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  • I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I did, however, read this article which did a smashing job of easing my spoiler craving whilst only revealing the most minor of things. Also the picture at the top makes me RIDIC HAPPY. HELLO TEAM!AWESOME.

    from the article linked above, not actually spoilery )

  • Tom Baker is doing Big Finish. One season of Leela-ness and one of Romana-ness. Guess which Romana. Am Quite Excited about Moar Four and Romana-ness but it does pale rather a lot compared to OMG IS IT 23RD APRIL YET?

  • I've now seen the first episodes of Camelot and The Borgias and the first fifteen minutes of Game of Thrones. Not that it's a competition for, ideally, I'd want all these shows on the telly for years to come, but Camelot is winning. The Borgias and Game of Thrones both look gorgeous, really spectacularly gorgeous, and Borgias has much wit and fun about it with Jeremy Irons thieving All The Scenes. (I can't say much about GoT really, Sean Bean's in it! He's always good! Arya made me yay for her thirty seconds!) But Camelot has one of my favourite actresses playing a character type I adore, thus I shall be well bitter when it gets cancelled first for American telly Never Goes My Way, woes.

  • During LJ outage, I procrastinated via Dragon Age 2. I tried to be villainous, I really did. And then I was horrible to Merrill and it was just awful, so I've stopped that now. DOOMED TO BE HEROIC IN FICTIONAL WORLDS. Alas.
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Camelot! Not terrible! Hurrah! Even some of the things I thought from the promos I'd hate, I didn't, and Eva Green's Morgan was everything I expected and wished and there were many scenes where my main thought was, "Why are we having this instead of another scene with Morgan? Boo, lesser characters, boo."

After vast disappointment with Merlin's Morgana last year, Morgan's characterisation was delightful: ambitious and confident and clever; dangerous but not Eeeevil. Ruthless but not brutal. Always in control. And no dragons laughing and saying, "Well, she's not really powerful, but she is Eeevil! Eviller than a child-murdering despot, don't cha know. Not for anything she's actually done, but because I Say So."* No, here she's set up implicitly as Merlin's equal: the only magic we see in the first two episodes is shape-changing, done once by Morgan and once by Merlin.

Then there's her relationship with Arthur, which I can't quite pinpoint what about it makes me so happy. I think it's the lack of absolutes. Morgan doesn't hate Arthur but he is in the way; Arthur wants a reconciliation with her and reaches out several times. The first time Morgan verbally slaps him back, seeing him as a manipulated and foolish child, the second she speaks to him more as an equal but is just as unyielding. There's a mutual respect too, by the end. I like that sort of thing between enemies.

Also, I fully expected to hate Arthur, based on promos, and didn't. I blame the actor. His one major failing was An Awful Lot of Mouth-Breathing, which Really Annoyed Me at some points. YOU DON'T LOOK SRS BSNS WITH YOUR MOUTH GAPING OPEN, ONCE AND FUTURE KING. Joseph Fiennes' Merlin was Magnificently Interesting, James Purefoy was hot, and there was Unexpected!SeanPertwee and thus I found Sir Ector the least bit interesting for the first time ever. That was nice.

And Lucy Cohu aka Alice Carter in Children of Earth was in it for a bit, thus I can SEAMLESSLY segue into mentioning this:

Ah, Torchwood, how I haven't missed you. And yet am looking forward to this new series. (No, really: there are great writers, actors I like, and the sort of trad sciffy concept that appeals to me - I think it'll be pretty decent, at least. Also, Gwen is love.)

*If you're detecting a hint of bitterness at Merlin here...
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Anyone who mentioned My Little Pony anywhere where I could read about it during the last couple of months is now on The List. I may have watched some, or lots, and, um, well, yes. I couldn't sleep; it was accidently found on teh YouTubes. It's quite good. Or really good. And funny. And ridic adorable. There're wee educational bits that make me awfully happy, like what manticores and gryphons are. Also, there was a bunny stampede of stampeding bunnies.

Real telly keeps spoiling me for Fringe. Curse you, real telly. Am now on episode four of season two. Episode three made me flail with ickness, it was a very brief ickness and only lasted a second before it exploded, but still. It's been like a dozen episodes since it did that, my tolerance is low. Interwebs tell me there is going to be a fourth season; this is pleasing.

Also pleasing tellywise is April, omg, April, with ALL THE TELLY IN THE WORLD. Not only is beloved Doctor Who back on and after the amazingness of season five I'm more excited about New Who than I've been about it ever. For at the start of New Who, there was Teh Fear that it would be terrible, and there was also Teh Fear at the start of season five that Eleventy would fail somehow, but after last year being the best of New Who and one of the best seasons of them all (I mean, Victory of the Daleks was the cackest and I can still say it's better than Pyramids of Mars with a straight face*.) Here's a publicity still I hadn't seen before. HELLO HAT THING. Here's a confession: I didn't know what a Stetson was until that trailer.

I fear I've rambled - not only is Doctor Who back on but there is The Borgias, Camelot, and Game of Thrones starting this month. Any one of which I would be gleeful about and now there are three! Three historical/fantasy type thingies! The Borgias pilot may have leaked and I may have seen that and I may have thought it superb, even if the gits did spoiler ). Camelot has Eva Green, who I love, as Morgana Morgan and hopefully there'll will not be a right fuck-up there a la Merlin (still haven't seen the end of series three, due to disillusionment with what they'd done to my favourite character), however it's a Starz series and Chris Chibnall is writing for it, so my expectations are not vast, but I'm Exceptionally Cheap for that sort of thing, so. (I watched the whole of Spartacus Blood and Sand - I even enjoyed most of it. QUIT JUDGING ME.) And Game of Thrones! Looks smashing, I loved the first book and Lena Headey will probably repair some of the awfulness of what happened to Cersei's character in A Feast for Crows and make her shiny again.

*that was A Lie. It's not, and I can't. I just tried and I got this mental image of Sutekh glaring at me.


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