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So that episode of Community set at a Doctor Who Inspector Space-Time Convention? Conflicted feelings. On the one hand, Britta was BRILLIANT and actually properly brilliant too in a lovely and supportive and adorable way, and Jeff & Annie have never annoyed me less even though they were still really annoying. And Britta loved the female Inspector Space-Time, of course she did.

But shouldn't it have been, kind of, a bit...funnier? It was nice and pleasant and watchable, but I'm sure Community used to be least I think it was. I'm sort of unsure about how much is Less Funny and how much is me projecting cause I know Dan Harmon left, and this sort of confusion and doubt is why no-one should ever pay any attention to stuff behind the scenes.

I do like that Jeff is getting to take his shirt off every ep though. Yay, telly pandering to me.
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I am TRYING to catch up with Community but omg the Halloween ep is causing Mild Difficulties. First Annie was dressed as Samara and SHE DID THE ACTUAL FREAKIN RING MOVEMENT THINGIE. I did not shriek, but I did dive away from seeing the telly screen. And then I was distracted for a bit by Jeff's lovely outfit and Jeff & Britta lolariousness and Britta dressed as a GIANT HAM. But now they are doing an homage to The Haunting - not the shit one, the proper one - and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT IT'S REALLY SCARY. All they need now is bloody Watership Down to complete a trifecta of HORRID TERRORS when I started watching very much with the expectation of Delightful Lols.

FMM went by very fast. I voted at least once, I think. Probably. I managed to miss Martha vs. Joan (NOT DELIBERATELY) but I would have voted Martha due to One True Fandom loyalty even though I wanted Joan to win AND SHE DID. That was quite great. The only thing I judge is Britta losing to Hermione. Clearly Britta is better. Would Hermione ever dress up as a Giant Ham? I think not.

Also there was a trailer for Doctor Who and it was almost entirely great except for the feckin elephant fart music. IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE INCEPTION, CAN WE STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE NOW PLS? The Cybermen still look shit, but, I admit, slightly less shit. The split-second glimpse of the Martian though? Shiny good. PLS DO NOT BE MESSING THAT UP LOVELY SHOW.

ETA: Oh, good, LJ have moved the Delete Entry button to right where one instinctively clicks for okaying something. That's not going to end badly.
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I was doing SO WELL at updating for at least five minutes. And now I haven't updated for a week and I don't even know what I've been doing for the last week. It is like time gobbled it up and all I can remember is a lot of feeling V SORRY FOR SELF at not being able to sleep properly.

I did finish Portal 2 though. That was awesome. Everyone should play it and then wear t-shirts with quotes from it on them and then when I see you I will know you are an awesome person. I keep looking at all the merchandise on Thinkgeek and coveting and am just about to give up and get the turret plushie. Though what I reall want is a GLaDOS potato plushie that yells abuse at birds. They haven't made one of those. YET.

Saw ALL OF COMMUNITY a wee bit ago and failed to say anthing about that SHOCKINGLY. Especially as it was Just Lovely and Made Me Happy. There was Britta & Jeff being Jerkfaces, there was Jeff being Ultra-Jerkface WHILST SHIRTLESS which was very pandering to my interests, Shirley got A PROPER STORYLINE OF GOODNESS and wanting a business and having a business and doing business things and quite a lack of being offputtingly judgemental AND THAT WAS GREAT, and Pierce seemed to make like the tiniest step towards not being a fuckwit and that was well done, and Troy and Abed and Annie I draw wee hearts around them in all their domestic fantasticness.

I LOVE BRITTA. She got to be Not The Worst at psychology and that was QUITE LOVELY. But mostly I love her being The Worst (even though she clearly isn't).

Also there was an episode that I can only assume was stolen from my brain and then rewritten to make it proper good and stuff. I SPEAK OF THE COMPUTER GAME EPISODE. As soon as it was clear that, yes, there was going to be a single half-assed set and then THE WHOLE EPISODE WAS WATCHING PEOPLE PLAY A FICTIONAL COMPUTER GAME I may have made little Fists Of Joy like a wee toddler clutching their favourite toy. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. The graphics and gameplay and humour and MUSIC OH THE MUSIC. The nostalgia was great and I maybe reinstalled my DOS box in some vague ambition to play Commander Keen.


Another promo pic of the Doctor and The Latest One. My impressions: omg that is a lot of tweed; I hope the Doctor has taken up origami, I'm going to pretend that's true for now and some Alien Menace is foiled by the application of an origami water balloon (which I was banned from making as Wee Child; it was art, dammit! Art!)

Cadfael is smashing but it really is less smashing when Sean Pertwee isn't playing Beringar.
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I'm Excessively Proud of Myself for the most trivial of reasons: I've managed to give up Walking Dead. Episode three of season two, about twenty minutes in, part of my brain yelled, "Are you enjoying this? ARE YOU?" which has happened before but the usual excuse of BUT AWESOME ZOMBIE ACTION wasn't working since there had failed to be awesome zombie action for quite some time, and all I'd been watching was spoilers for a very boring show )

It's not like it wasn't boring before, but this was the breaking point. And it only took a very short season and a bit to get there. Which is a massive improvement on how long it took me to admit I wasn't enjoying Supernatural anymore and the chances of it getting any better ever were not super. So hurrah!

By the same logic (and by having a comedy I'm loving to compare it to) I think I've managed to stop watching The Office as well. SORRY JAMES SPADER. But the difference between that and Community is KIND OF EPIC, so I'll just have that twenty minutes back too and use it to make a cup of tea or something. A really, really well-brewed cup of tea.

But it is not all bad news tellywise, for after three episodes I'm a little bit in love with Once Upon A Time. Jennifer Morrison is still tots awesome and I'm happy every time she's onscreen, and the Evil Queen is quite good, but I really love her most in her Evil Mayor guise. And her sheer PETTINESS in episode two made me glee spoilers, yo )

And then episode three decided that Snow should no longer be Kinda Dull (barring the sword at the wedding and Charming's swordfight, both characters were meh to me) and did a a smashing job of making me Really Care Quite A Lot about them spoilerish )

In conclusion, I'd quite like moar Robert Carlyle but all the Emma and Regina and Snow White stuff = winning.
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DISASTER! I've run out of Community. It's not my fault, if it wasn't so good I wouldn't have been consuming it like cheap but delicious toffee popcorn all week and it got SO GOOD. To all the people who were like "don't judge it on the early episodes, they are rub" I totally see your point now, but think you're wrong. Those early eps are none too shabby but there are so many later on that are just KIND OF AMAZING that the early ones pale in comparison.

Here are some things that I think about Community:

  • ALL THE DUDES. Even Pierce, annoyingly. I do love how the show did an episode that was all about how the show group needed Pierce and so I thought FINE SHOW, YOU KNOW BEST. PROBABLY. Also, there was the second paintball ep where he managed not to be a total villain.

  • Jeff is my favourite, shusht, he is a jerk and hot and sometimes he takes his shirt off and he makes sarky remarks a lot and that is great. And I love Team!Jerkface aka Jeff and Britta, and their TEAM JERKINESS and also their bickering and whining and any time they are forced to act as any sort of parental figures. Oh, Britta and her HELPING PEOPLE abilities.

  • Troy and Abed, well, obviously. At first I did not understand the love: they were there, they were fine, but my favourites were Britta, Jeff and Shirley. Then Batman happened and then Abed said someone was Goldblumming and from there the pop culture refs just made me REALLY HAPPY. Also Abed dressed Troy up as a Christmas tree and they did the Han/Leia bit from Star Wars and EVIL TROY AND ABED WITH GOATEES. Basically now I love them every time they are just doing anything at all.

  • There is not NEARLY ENOUGH OF THIS, but I love Team!Troy&Abed&Annie. When they broke into lawyer guy's office and chloroformed a dude? AWESOME. When they did Star Wars paintball? EVEN MORE AWESOME. I think in the last ep Abed asked Annie to move in with them? I HOPE HE MEANT IT.

  • SHIRLEY WAS SO LOVELY AT THE START. She is less lovely now, which is sad. I do like how everyone is getting a slightly crazy side but preachyness annoys me kind of a lot, so some of the time the humour there isn't working so well for me, and all my favourite Shirley stuff tends to be in s1. OH her husband, I like that he turned out to be genuinely sorry and accepting responsibility and determined not to be a git anymore. Their scenes together are lovely. And she was CLEARLY GLINDA. And I was KIND OF JUDGEY at everyone thinking she was Miss Piggy. And the badass cop stuff with Annie was awesome.

  • Professor Duncan Whatshisname with the not fake-sounding not actually fake English accent really got less annoying really quite a lot and I kind of love him now though he is awful. Same with Chang.

  • Whhhhhyyyy are there like over a dozen male regular/recurring roles outside the study group and only (if I'm being generous) three women? It's ridic and annoying.


  • There are an absurdly high number of episodes where my main reaction is just to flail my hands at how much I love them: the Mafia one, Modern Warfare, the pool one, the pottery one, the lawyers' party one, Troy's birthday, Abed's surprise Pulp Fiction party, ALL THE HALLOWEENS, (though I don't know whether zombies or scary stories would win, probs zombies), CLAYMATION, the six AUs, the conspiracy theory class, the spaceship one, the D&D one, MORE PAINTBALL, and the best clip show ever, omg I hate actual clips show so much.

  • My least favourite episode was the Jack Black one. I don't have any particular dislike of Jack Black, I just coincidently hate everything that he's ever been in because he's so incredibly annoying when he acts.

  • Annie was amazingly cool in the Western paintball one and WEIRDLY I much preferred that homage to the Star Wars one despite hatred of Westerns and love of SW. (Yes, I know SW is a Western in space, this is not me being daft but proof space makes EVERYTHING COOLER.)


Ooh, saved! I haven't seen the very latest episode yet. Probably that will last forever and I'll never be deprived of new Community ever again. Smashing.
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Have just watched Modern Warfare and now everything is Community and nothing hurts.
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  • I'm watching Community instead of The Walking Dead. I think this is an excellent choice because I really like Community and tWD is TERRIBLE and I'm Constantly Appalled at how many people think it's amazing. IT'S NOT, DUDES, IT'S A TERRIBLE BORING SHOW. They have somehow managed to make a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden land BORING AS FUCK. It's quite an achievement, but it's not one we should be celebrating.

  • Eventually I'll watch Walking Dead because the bits with actual zombies I do kind of love. The problem is All In The Writing as in The Characters Are just Tedious and Tediouser. Have loved the main actors in Other Things (Sarah Wayne Callis in Prison Break and Andrew Lincoln in Teachers and probs other random British things), thus I tend not to blame them.

  • Sometimes Community makes me laugh unintentionally but it is still lovely. In the Mexican Halloween episode where everyone thinks Shirley is Urkle, I'm amused because OBV she is Harry Potter and I've no clue who Urkle is.

  • In other telly, I managed three episodes of Dinosaurworld but it too suffers from that SLIGHT PROBLEM of having Mind-Numbingly Dull Characters. I hate them all and wish they'd get eaten and it was just like an episode of Planet Dinosaur instead. Planet Dinosaur is awesome. Am well jealous of Argentina for getting to have the BIGGEST DINOSAUR EVER named after it. I wish there was a Scotlandosaurus. It would probably be rubbish and basically try to be awesome and then die at the first moment where it looks like it could succeed. And then deep fat fry its corpse.

  • To be fair about Dinosaurworld, there was a clear warning I was going to hate it in the first five minutes: in the almost!apocalpyse future Our Hero brings a terribly rare and exotic food item back to his family and they all coo over how awesome it is, and we are ASTONISHED for to us in our cosy, non-apocalyptic present, it is but a mere orange. I think that technique may have been A BIT DATED in the fifities.

  • By Dinosaurworld, I mean Terra Nova. And calling it Dinosaurworld does give it a bit too much credit, cause there are nowhere near enough dinosaurs.

  • Also, if you're going to just mention allosaurus, and then not have it attack hapless humans in an orgy of violence and mayhem, I'm totally judging you.

  • Here is a way you can instantly improve your life: listen to William Shatner's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. You're welcome.

  • If you happen to get replies to Really Old Comments this weekend, that's because I'm trying to clean out my inbox by replying to things instead of just going arg! and deleting everything.

  • It is an arg of fear, not of like hate or something.

  • Apparently Urkle is spelt Urkel.
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Sometimes technology is AMAZING and I love it. For, cunningly, I forgot most desktops don't have a wireless card with em. So I ordered a wee thing that said it would fix that and when it arrived I plugged it into a USB slot and the computer said, "Internets have arrived!" and I typed in the password and voila! Online! Like magic! Well impressed.

Another impressive thing: The Hunger Games. Ended up buying it at LAX after Gally cause it was about the only book I could find in their very small selection of books that I'd heard of and didn't hate on some half-assed principle or other. Didn't read on flight as managed to sleep, hurrah. Decided some days ago to read to See What The Fuss Was About for it has had a great deal of hype and also people on ye olde flist like it and then I couldn't find the blasted thing. Laptop broke, thus much time for reading, so did determined search and found the book and stayed awake until I'd finished it. (Admittedly, this was partly was because it was short enough that I could finish it without it being seven in the morning or something, for am not a quick reader.) It was great! Ridic readable, and exciting and compelling and other smashing things. Also, found ending both marvellous and deeply irritating. A complete story, and yet left at the exact point where I was Really Quite Desperate to find out what happened next. It was very cruel, I turned the page and saw there were three paragraphs left and flailed rather a lot.

Also, Abed was Batman in Community, and somehow, despite clearly being NOT ADAM WEST BATMAN, made me love him.

New Eleventy this week! A whole eight minutes! Or something! Here is a minute preview thingie:

And now, I must find some manner of wallpaper that is not horrid. Windows 7 is great, right? Everyone loves it and nothing ever goes wrong, yes?


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