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So I went to Gallifrey 2012 and it was awesome. Here are some lovely things about Gally arranged in a list, in some manner of con report type thing:

  • WILLIAM RUSSELL. I cannot emphasise just how magical William Russell is. I could've happily sat watching his Q and A type things for hours, and they kept being OVER and that was annoying. First guest where I've gone to All Their Panels, and there weren't nearly enough. (Okay, he's like almost ninety so possibly putting him onstage for six or seven hours at a stretch MIGHT not be entirely feasible.) But, yes, amazing, with his charisma and stage presence and energy and MAGIC, and I loved him. The best convention guest I've seen and (it wasn't just me doing this REALLY) when he was on with other guests or at the closing/opening ceremonies there was careful listening to confirm that, out of all the dudes, he got the most cheers, and that was terribly lovely. BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING.

  • Best William Russell moment: the interviewer telling him about Babs n Ian's getting together and being eternally youthful fate from SJA. HIS FACE. It was LOLS AND BEAUTIFUL.

  • Maureen O'Brien. I had no expectations of her at all, for I knew nothing at all about her, but she was Amazing. She's smart, articulate, and just charmingly matter-of-fact and forthright. During the Sixties panel, Russell and Hussein were (barely) trying to be diplomatic about Hartnell's massive racism and O'Brien was "oh, he was a massive racist" and talking about how awful he could be and Hussein's face was a delightful mixture of nodding along and lols at her bluntness.

  • Most lovely was her knowing sod all about Doctor Who, so when Hussein was talking about it all starting up with three outsiders running it: Sydney Newman, a Canadian; Verity Lambert, the youngest producer and the only women producing in BBC drama at that time and being subjected to charming innuendo of how she'd got the job in the first place, and himself, a British-Indian man who was the youngest director in the BBC and had got the job directing Who because, as the most junior director, he was the only one who couldn't say no to it, and they'd had been put in the crappest studio available and expected to fail, O'Brien was "omg, I knew none of that...if I'd know I'd have felt differently about the job" in that she'd have been more committed (though how that'd translate onscreen, I don't know - I think she does a bloody fantastic job with Vicki) and cared more cause it was very much young, non-The Establishment people fighting to make a success of their show that The Establishment were trying to kill, and she was very much That's Not On at that.

  • Waris Hussein - still awesome. Still looks about fifty. The panel he was on with O'Brien and Russell was the best of the con. And could've gone on so much longer. I don't think I've ever been quite so annoyed at having a panel cut off cause, omg, the were in no way running out of steam. It was fascinating stuff, and thank goodness no daft audience questions taking away precious times.

  • The Masquerade was full of lovely costumes but most notable for Daphne Ashbrook's singing which was accompanied by some backing singers in the form of Charlie Ross, Yee Jee Tso and Paul McGann. I really, really hope someone's got it up on the YouTubes.

  • Very Important Info, possibly the Most Important Info learned all weekend: you know that bit in Let's Kill Hitler, y'know, that bit with the Doctor covering his crotch cause he's just had River rubbing up against him? NOT AN ACCIDENT. Thank you, whatsyername Mr Director dude...looked it up: Richard Senior. Obv he's my favourite director now.

  • Caitlin Blackwood is adorable and deadpan and was asked in her interview: "Where would you most like to go in the TARDIS?" "Mars." "Why?" "I like Mars bars."

  • I don't normally go get autographs of any sort, partly because once I had some I didn't really know what to do with them. I mean, I quite like them, but I don't feel the need to collect them. Mostly though, it's to avoid mumbling "ireaeamph mhaaalpm hmmm" in front of people who play characters I love on the telly box. Cause that can be a mite embarassing. However, this convention was different for there was WILLIAM RUSSELL. Thus I braved the queue and got his autograph and managed not to be too inarticulate at him, probably. (By "braved the queue" what I mean is [ profile] elrina753 dragged me into it and talked like a sensible person, and I resisted the urge to hide behind her and mumble. BUT STILL.) William Russell's autograph! And it's beautiful! Delighted.

  • The cosplay, AMAZINGLY, manages to get better and better every year. This year saw an Aztecs Barbara that was just gorgeous and, for me, kind of wins all of cosplay; a stunning Morbius monsters plus Sisters of Karn; Scaroth! which was double exciting since when a friend went over to get a pic with him, he was merely in Count Scarlionie's suit, but then he pulled out the Jagaroth mask, hurrah! There was a bloody marvellous Ergon in one queue that really was better than the actual thing, and I'm terribly proud that I resisted tackle-hugging the Giant Adipose. Oh, and the wee Doctors, including one wee kid who had tiny wee versions of All The Doctor's Costumes. Dude.

  • There was Actual Proper TEA one afternoon, courtesy of the London bid for the 2014 Worldcon. Also shortbread, which I got all slightly homesick about - SHORTBREAD TASTES OF SCOTLAND, OKAY? And Mr Kipling cakes and it was great and delicious and all conventions should make proper tea and give it to meeeeeee. Yes.

  • I pulled on the brake on the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS console and according to the HIGHLY ACCURATE INSTRUMENTS, stopped at Calufrax.

  • It was quite busy, like really quite scary busy at times. It was lovely on Wed (yes, I know, but two days before the con, turns out Lobbycon is amazingly chilled and awesome) and Thurs and a bit on Friday, but the corridors downstairs on Saturday were giving me arg. I didn't like it at all: too many people, not enough space. Understandable, given attendance jumped by 1000 people since last year, but not fun.

  • MANY SHINY PEOPLE THOUGH. You were all great. Apart from the dude who called a kilt a skirt... but, no, even you were great. So glad I saw you all and chatted and flailed and all the jazz even if it wasn't for nearly long enough in some cases and I'm not going to dare try and list names cause obv I'll forget someone and that would be TERRIBLE.

  • In conclusion, omg WILLIAM RUSSELL.
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So I had an absolutely smashing time at Gally and even managed to avoid any sort of concrud, hurrah, then got back to the UK, had a lovely night's sleep in London and then a little way into the train ride back to Scotland started to feel distinctly unwell.

Four hours on a train when you've got food poisoning is No Fun At All.

Happily, am feeling much better now, and body is able to accept food for more than half an hour before deciding, no, food is rubbish, and getting rid of it. (My Internet Diagnosis is thus staphylococcus aureus, cause obv I like to know what to call my horrid poisoning, and I've had it before.)

Do, however, feel like some sort of poor misused cloth that has been in the washing machine and then someone has wrung out rather a lot.
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Tis Gallifrey this weekend! V exciting except that I'm going to London tomorrow and then flying out on Wednesday (I tried Being American about it last year and getting to London and flying on the same day: MISTAKE) and I have not packed and I hate packing and I should really pack things instead of whinging about packing on the Interwebs, I SUPPOSE.

There is going to be Apocryphal Canonical Crossoverness between Doctor Who and TNG. My feelings are partly lols and partly Don't Cross The Streams! But mostly imagining Picard is just out of shot in that picture and HUGELY UNIMPRESSED at Eleventy nicking his chair.

And it's prompted [ profile] such_heights to to propose some manner of crossover fest. Which sounds like a smashing idea. And people should go and encourage and prompt and all that. Yes.
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Just realised that I hadn't written anything in LJ since I got back from Chicago, which is mostly the fault of concrud (almost gone, hurrah! I can speak again! Eating no longer painful!) so here is something that bears the vaguest of resemblance to a con report:

1 - OMG ACTION FIGURES. I've gotten a bit terrible at them lately as I've gone all completisty. Generally I buy all the classic ones (though there's a couple of rather important ones still missing, mostly due to HUBRIS and HINCHCLIFFE HATE and my refusal to buy bloody Magnus Greel and Mr Sin except now I'd really like to finish the K-1 and have ALL THE FIGURES but it's like £30 now, goodness sake. Anyway - ) but am more selective with New Who because exploded Cassandra and Faceless Granny exist. Except there were a whole load of figures for just $5 each in the ChicagoTARDIS dealers' room so there was a small accident and I now have a lot more bewildering figures. Including Faceless Granny but that's okay cause she's played by Margaret John who was Megan Jones in Fury from the Deep and therefore awesome. Mmm, justifications.

The Krillitane look great though. Rubbish CGI villains on the telly, but excellent action figures.

2 - I had turtle soup. Only a little bit, but still. Twas a new and exciting thing to me. It was at an awesome New Orleans-y (I think? I get confused about America) restaurant and I was told that it was a snapping turtle raised on a turtle farm and that it'd totally take my fingers off and so it was okay to eat it cause EVIL FINGER STEALING TURTLE. Except all I could think of were all those nature documentaries of the wee baby turtles trying to make it to the sea before they were eaten by scary birds and I WAS THE SCARY BIRD. It was delicious though, but I don't think I could eat it again.

3 - Totally managed to get to A Whole Panel. It was Mark Sheppard's and he was great. Fun, entertaining, dead good at playing to the audience - basically everything you want from a con guest at a panel. I had a bit of a chat with him at one point and I still don't know exactly what to say about it. He is amazing though. But he is not getting to fix Scotland.

4 - COSTUMES. Oh, I love costumes, and the people who make them and the people who wear them and it's a kind of joy I don't get from anything else fannish cause I've no desire to either make a costume or wear one but I'm SO GLAD the costuming people exist, whether they're wearing a breathtakingly spectacular Idris dress or drawing tally marks on their faces. (I LOVED THAT. It's like putting a fez on your head, except better.) Also there were Occupy Gallifrey signs and quite a few River in the US people but A SAD LACK of Amy Ponds. Or possibly that's just in comparison to the vast flocks of Amys at Gally. Mostly I think there should be more costuming at ChicagoTARDIS, yes. Because there were WHOLE MINUTES in the lobby on Saturday night where not a single costumed person walked by. Forshame.

5 - The people were quite good. Especially you. Unless you weren't there, in which case, you were less good. Alas.
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Went to ChicagoTARDIS, flying home shortly, and Terribly Annoyed cause for the first time ever Chicago has given me concrud. Darn you, Chicago! I always thought the cold temperatures kept all bacteria and virus things dormant! You have stolen my half-assed, not very scientific beliefs from me. Alas.

Also I ate a turtle, but was assured by the waiter that it was an evil turtle so eating it was totally okay.

And there's a strike on at Heathrow with UK Border Agency people which may cause Long Queues at passport control but am sort of hoping that since my passport is one of the shiny new ones that doesn't need to be checked by Real People everything will be Just Fine and I won't miss my train and be stuck in London forever.

Pecan pie > the other things. I was practically ATTACKED by a pumpkin pie at one point, and by attacked I mean someone ate some in my vicinity and I could smell it and woe it smelt of pumpkiness and that was of the bad.

I will exchange anyone three shiny magic beans for a matter transporter. Thank you.
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So my flight to Chicago for my, um, fifth? I think it's fifth, bloody hell, ChicagoTARDIS is all booked and I've taken the VERY WISE step of not arriving back in London at like HALF SIX IN THE MORNING this time (although, tbf, much easier to do when all the incoming flights are the same price rather than An Inconvenient Hour being so temptingly cheap and then you get stuck in Euston for like four hours, FUN TIMES.) And am now applying for my ESTA which I am SO JUDGEY about because the first time I did it it was free and then it was like five dollars or something and now it is FOURTEEN and for extra judgieness, I ALREADY PAID FOR IT THIS YEAR. Unfortunately my passport also expired in May so I now have to reapply.)

New passport is LIKE MAGIC, apparently, and I can now use the line in Heathrow where there is practically NO QUEUE cause I no longer have to talk to a person to get back into the country, and by talk to, I mean have a tired looking Londoner stare at me for two seconds before giving a gruff nod. BUT STILL. I don't know if the passport photo is worse or better. Don't actually despise it, so that's quite good.

And, having informed the US form thingie once again that, no, I was not involved with Nazi war crimes, I'm now authorised for travel to the US, hurrah!
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- It's a very sad moment when you just have to accept that Hartnell popping out of a Dalek is not going to work for your vid.

- I have FLU. I am in the Getting Better bit now where I can once again Interact with the world around me.

- I was at Gally. That was lovely. Mostly if I were going to write a con report it would be about the costume peoples. THEY WERE AMAZING. To be fair they are amazing every year but I think they're getting better AND BIGGER. Please do not let this trend reverse. Also there were Amys this year; they were SWARMS of Amys. It was both brilliant and frightening. I love Amy, but I do not fathom what's created such a passion for dressing as her. I talked to one very nice girl who had six different Amy costumes with her. THIS WAS AS NOTHING, said she, for her friend had twelve. TWELVE. There were also many Rivers, some had the smashing shoes of Time of Angels. And a healthy smattering of Davison companions. All this was very pleasing.

- And there was a completely different fem!Six costume as well as the spectacular dress fem!Six costume and really I just wanted a big panel of fem Doctors for them all to talk about how they design and transform and create and any other things that go into the thoughts required to make those costumes. In my head it is like VIDDING but with CLOTH.

- I was at Redemption BRIEFLY. It was going to be lovely except then there were all the charming flu symptoms and I had to go home. I was awfully pleased, as you can imagine. Please be imagining my OH-SO-PLEASED face now. It is an expression with much irritation etched in it, yes.

- Goodnight Dune exists.

- Oh, Outcasts, you had what was almost an actual good episode! But it is too late, for you are now on Sunday nights where nobody can see you. It's very sad. It wasn't that bad. It just desperately needed someone to rewrite all the words, a lot. (Even Sunday's ep, where the plot was managing to make me Really Properly Want To See What Happened Next kept having line after line of "did anyone read this outloud *before* they got on set?")

- In contrast, I'm almost embarrassed at how much I'm enjoying Mad Dogs. It's everything I hate about telly! Except it has good actors and a fun script and, apparently, those things can count for more than spaceships. On occasion. A very rare occasion. Hrrm.
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I think I'm packed. I have all the important things anyway. I can definitely get there and back, surely that is all that is really required?

Have to leave the house at five tomorrow morning. I am, naturally, thrilled. It's my own awesome plan of awesome and surely I'll be able to deal Just Fine with not getting to see a bed again until it's eleven the following morning. Which I won't be doing anyway since my plane lands seven-ish in the evening, local time, and it would be quite nice to See People and not just collapse, yes. I assume I'll sleep on the plane and will be tots sharp and aware of stuff by landing time. It's not a Mad Idea, I can sleep on planes pretty easily, it just doesn't tend to be sleep of the most excellent quality. At some point I imagine large quantities of coffee will be involved.

So, yes, Gally! Hurrah!
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Have finally actually book Gally flights, hurrah! Am going by, uh, Air New Zealand - I've never flown with them before, please don't let them be awful - for they were Really Quite A Lot Cheaper than Virgin and, best of all, they depart late enough on in the afternoon that I can totally get a train down to London on the same day as the flight (if I get up at, ooh, half four), thus avoiding the expense and time-consumingness of having to stay overnight at Heathrow. (And totally meaning I can afford a first class train ticket for the horrid jetlagged trip back home, woot.)

So, yes, Gally is sorted! Some of you are going to that, that will be lovely, yes.
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I went to Chicago! I returned! None of me died of frostbite and I was not really properly stuck anywhere despite massive amounts of inclement weather.* Here is a sort of con report like thing:

  • I have an Amy Pond doll! [ profile] taraljc made it with her Scary Doll-Making Skills of Awesome. Previously I would've left off the Scary but I've now seen her flat. It is the home of a lot of headless dolls. (On the other hand, the finished ones are smashing; it's a bit like sausages, customised doll-making.) Anyway the important thing is Amy and Martha are now sitting together on a shelf, cheerfully ignoring Ten as he fights a clockwork robot.

  • Other than being gifted with the Shiny Amy, time at Tara's was spent being introduced to Gargoyles (love!), Lost Girl (quite like) and Odyssey 5 (omg!awesomes). Also read Blue Box Boy, Matthew Waterhouse's autobiography, and TOTALLY RECCOMEND. Provided you don't have much of a second-hand embarrassment thing going on because OMG. (It is terrible, really, really terrible, but entertainingly terrible, so that's okay.)

  • Arrived at con hotel on Thursday evening and had Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner which, this year, included melted marshmallows on sweet potatoes. I was horrified. But not quite as horrified as when I discovered this was not merely A Mad Plan of the hotel's but an ACTUAL NORMAL THANKSGIVING FOODSTUFF. However, it tasted alright, so my judginess was slightly mitigated.

  • I did, in fact, manage some panels, hurrah! There was Terrance Dicks who must be the easiest guy to interview ever: ask him a question and he'll go off on a series of well worn but entertaining anecdotes for at least twenty minutes. I'd be v judgey at what he says about companions - they're just there to be rescued and ask the Doctor questions - but it doesn't actually translate to what we got onscreen. I mean, offhand, the only Jo story where she gets anywhere near 'useless' is Claws of Axos and even there you've got her classic approach to Dealing With Sexist Twits where she smiles and agrees then goes off and does exactly what she was going to do anyway.

  • I remember being entertained by the Gareth and Kai panel. Sort of. They were very keen to stress Ianto is dead.

  • Which did nought to put off the Save Ianto Jones folk: there were postcards, badges and, best of all chocolate, all available free to support poor dead coffee boy. I gotta say, after not caring about Ianto, hating Ianto, finding Ianto vaguely amusing, and then not giving a toss that he died and being generally eyerolly at the resulting wank, there was a wee smidgen of respect at the fact there was Save Ianto Jones chocolate. Chocolate is awesome, dudes.

  • Favourite guest was, however, Ian McNeice, who was Winston Churchill in this year's Who, but turns up in a ridiculous amount of Telly What I Love and gets many shiny points for his awesome Baron Harkonnen in the mini-series and his role in one of the best telly shows of all time, Edge of Darkness. And now I really, really want to see him in theatre, for he has a fantastic stage presence and his panels were witty, entertaining, informative and full of engaging anecdotes. And he's at Gally too, hurrah!

  • Moths Ate My Doctor Scarf was, again, excellent and touchingly hilarious. Though I get a wee smidgen of guilt at the point it makes that people aren't "born post-modern," for there's a good bit of Doctor Who that I love for the daftness and fun and charmingly ridiculous and, lo, that includes my favourite story, but every time I see Moths it does remind me that the reason I loved the show first and the reason I love the vast majority of it, is because it's bloody good.

  • I did very well in the Not Buying Crap stakes. Very, very well. Until I casually mentioned on Sunday afternoon that maybe I should pop to the dealers' room and maybe if I did that and there was still a Delgado!Master there, it was a sign from our great capitalist overlords that I was meant to make him hold hands with my little plastic Three. Then someone, who shall remain nameless (mostly because I can't remember who it was), said there was a sale on at one of the vendors, so off I shot and ended up, um, with one or two select collectibles.**

  • At some point, a wee drinkie may have been consumed.

  • [ profile] rarelylynne taught many people the ASL sign for 'squee.' It is now the one thing in the world I know how to sign. Fear my awesome vocab.

  • Costumes! There were Not Enough Costumes, by which I mean there were Lots but I wanted more! Shiny things this year included a tBB River Song and a Masque of Mandragora Sarah Jane, but winners were two truly awesome dresses, one inspired by a Dalek, the other by a TARDIS. There were also A Ridiculous Number of Fezes, which was very nice, yes.

  • After contime was spent investigating Navy Pier, which was rather nice and had an awesome garden thingie - the Crystal Gardens, I think? - with all sort of exotic plants and shiny fountains that made arches of water that, being a tiny bit childish, I wished to poke but I was TOO SHORT. Darnations. Also, there was bookshopping, and thankfully I didn't try to actually take them home as that would've been a bally disaster, so Tara is current custodian of all the precious Cheap and Lovely Sci-Fi I picked up at Myopic, second-hand bookstore of awesome.

  • I saw MANY PEOPLE. They were all very shiny and brought much cheer and joy. Especially you. Yes, YOU.

  • What I'm not thrilled about is how I never seem to get any better at handling the jetlag. Yuck. Luckily, I've got to get up at a normal time tomorrow for an Exciting Hospital Appointment, hurrahs. (Nothing serious, so don't worry, if you were inclined to do so, yo.)

*By British standards, anyway.
**And one of them's a Dalek, ffs. I PROMISED MYSELF NO MORE DALEKS. But it was an Ironside Dalek and, lo, it lacked a tea tray, but still.
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I am very organised. I wasn't, but then there was today and I did organisey things, so I can now successfully get to London on Monday, hurrah. That's quite important since on Tuesday I'll be flying off to the Americas for what is now an annual visit to the place of [ profile] taraljc and then on to Chicago TARDIS. I know some of you lovely people are going, yes, and shall hopefully see you there!

Thought there was going to be a Doctor Who clip on Children in Need tonight. THERE WAS NOT. Twas a trailer, which is all fine and well, but, y'know, not so shiny, I think. More lovely and rather adorable was Matt Smith and Karen Gillan having tea and lemonade and cakes and biscuits with a couple of kids in the TARDIS. ("What's this bit?" asks Matt, showing off the TARDIS console to the young uns. "A pinball machine!" says Karen. "No, it's the navigational controls," says Matt. "It's a pinball machine," insists Karen and plays pinball.)

Yes, anyway, trailer looked smashing and Christmassy. There was snow. I like snow.
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So I went to Australia, an Exciting New Thing, and then I came back. I didn't die. Which I'm awfully pleased about cause ever since I read Bill Bryson's Down Under, I've always assumed that given the number of Deadly Creatures inhabiting that island, if I ever went there one of them would get me. But they didn't, so hurrah! And I'm so very glad I went, because Australia, (or the wee bit I saw of it at least - possibly the rest is just appalling and full of the terrifying Snakes and Spiders of Death) is pretty damn awesome.

Also, there was Worldcon, or Aussiecon 4, which was awfully exciting being the con where they Give Out The Hugos and, since I first read Dune, all I've ever wanted is a Hugo. (I know it won the Nebula too, but they never seemed quite so magical to me as the Hugo; I have no idea why.) Obviously I was not getting one, but I did get to hold several and was very good and did not actually try to thieve any. Every year, the base has a new design and some are marvellous and some you wonder what the heck the dude was thinking; this year, there was a platypus on it, I found this very pleasing.

Anyway, this is a sort of con report, with various and sundry bits and pieces of what I remember, as well as my Being A Tourist. (Given how I gleed over the kangaroo warning signs on the road, I am going to try very very hard never to make fun of any tourist who glees over European castles ever again, and one of those things is a lot less silly than the other, I feel.)

cut for length and some pikshurs )
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Went to Australia, where there was Worldcon. And people. And books. OH AUSTRALIA AND YOUR BIZARRE BOOK PRICES.

Came back. Have jetlag. HORRID JETLAG. The grogginess is not ending.

There will be a lovely post about Stuff I Did. There may even be pictures. Of koalas. I will get over how ridiculous awesome ridicsome Australian wildlife is at some point. I ASSUME. It is quite great though. (It's not like I didn't know, but, y'know, actually seeing them, being all wild and, yes. Ho hum.)
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Possibly this was my favourite of all conventions, in no small part because I cunningly managed not a hint of illness until Monday night, when I caught a bit of a sniffle (and since it was Monday and the con was over, that totally doesn't count as being ill at the con, yes. Good.) Also, thanks to someone sniffling all through breakfast, I know who to blame for my sneezes. Rest assured, my revenge will be apathetic.

Anyway, yes, Gallifrey! Awesomeness! After a very fine first day in California spent at Universal Studios (new Simpsons ride, w00t! Ridiculously fun VR swooshiness), there was the con over the weekend where I think I managed a grand total of four panels and spent the rest of the time in the bar or lobby chatting to a ridiculous amount of shiny people. (By Sunday, being me, I was rather peopled out, cause much as I do like being around folks, I'm terribly introverted and need quiet time to recharge and such.) I don't dare actually try and name even the LJ dudes, as I'll totally forget someone, but it was fantastic to catch up with so many of you.

And the cosplay this year was just stunning. There's been cosplay at Gally every year I've been, and it's been great, but this year it seemed to reach a whole new level. There were some utterly glorious stuff there, but the trend for doing female versions of the Doctor's costumes is utter glee. There was a flapper Two costume, a nifty Eleven, several Five's and an insanely fabulous Sixth Doctor dress, with the umbrella as a parasol and the cat badge as a purse and probably there are pictures out there and you should find them and go OMG because it was amazing.

So now I'm home with jetlag and a blasted cold. Boo. Still, a mere forty-nine and a bit weeks till next Gally, hurrah!
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Watching the first two episodes of Frontier in Space for the first time in like a decade. Usually I just skip to the good shit, but I feel like I should bask in the glow of all its restored glory or something. Anyway, mostly what I remembered was them being pretty dull. Not Monster of Peladon dull, more the non-Doctor/Master bits of EoT dull, and, damn, my opinion's changed. It's great! I mean, it's not brilliant or anything and it's basically an hour of sod all happening but it's fun sod all that is pretty much a fanfic titled Five Times the Doctor And Jo Were Locked Up (While Interstellar Plottings Were Going On In The Background). And they bother to make a token effort at Diversity In The Future with a black newsreader and an Indian political prisoner and fail at killing either of them off.

Really like the world-building here too since tis cunningly neither an idealised nor dystopic future but one where the President of the Empire is elected and accountable to the people and will do everything she can to prevent another war, whilst shunting off awkward political prisoners to rot on the Moon without prospect of trial or parole. Where Earth holds an imperialistic attitude towards its colonies but will respect their legal rights; where there are decent politicans, corrupt governors and people who start wars realise that they made a right fuck-up and are rather sorry about it in the end. It's really all rather nifty and epic and stuff, even if you *can* see the wires when the Doctor's 'floating' around in space. What a flippin' shame the next six episodes are bloody Planet of the Daleks.

Elsewise I'm all booked for Gallifrey, yay. Quite a few of you lovely people are going this year, I know, which is most excellent. My only wish is For The Love Of Everything Please No Food Poisoning. That was the third least fun I've ever had.
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Am flying off to the Americas tomorrow morning for Hurricane Who, after having one of those horridly cliched days navigating the British rail network. Mostly I love trains. Mostly I am terribly happy with British trains, though I wish the network reached a little closer to where I live. Mostly idiots do not wonder onto the line, halt trains, which then makes them somehow unable to actually go to the stations they're meant to go to. So that was fun.

What is fun, in the totally non-sarcastic manner, however, is the fact that I'm in my room, with ma wee netbook and on the Internets liken magics! It's a whole new thing to me, this ultraportable computermijig and actually getting to make use of all the shiny free broadband what hotels these days are v big on. New and shiny!

See some of you dudes rather soon!


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