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So [ profile] ds9_rewatch had its second episode this week, reminding me that I'd sort of intended to Write Stuff about Deep Space Nine as the rewatch goes along, because I love DS9 and it was off the air before I stopped lurking in fandom. Also, it gets a special fannish place in my heart for being how I found out about certain fannish stuff, like mailing lists that weren't on...the thing RADW's on, was on, back in the day. (Yeah, I'm awfully articulate and clearly know precisely what I'm talking about.) The thing before Yahoo groups, was it egroups maybe? Something like that. And slash! The first slash I ever read was DS9 and I was fifteen and felt tremendously guilty about it because it said I shouldn't click if I was under eighteen for that was wrong and illegal. (Course, when I turned sixteen, it was absolutely fine, because if I could legally have sex, get married, and sign up to die for my country, then I could damn well read about fictional people fucking.)

Anyway, these are some things I think about Trek for context, or something:

  • Like Doctor Who, I was brought up on Trek. I don't remember a time when I didn't know what it was. I do remember a time when I hadn't seen The Voyage Home, cause my Dad was insisting that of course I'd seen it, everyone has seen it, it's The One With The Whales. Which, okay, fine, if you like sci-fi and are a grown-up, possibly you may have a point, but I was three, so, y'know.

  • DS9 is my favourite, and I'm immensely fond of TOS and TNG. I wish Voyager was better than it is, but it's not like I don't enjoy it when I watch it, and I would be meh at ENT except for T'Pol and the Andorians and season 4.

  • I like all the films that aren't bloody Nemesis. I hate Nemesis. It is the one Trek thing I have a proper hate for. The new Trek movie is yayful though I don't prefer any of the new people to the proper people. I was awfully surprised that they managed to get me to like almost all of them, which is nice. (The exceptions are Sarek, because he's not Mark Lenard, and Chekov, because he annoys me.)

  • My favourite episodes for the series' are The Enterpise Incident (TOS), The Best of Both Worlds (TNG), In the Pale Moonlight (DS9), Counterpoint (Voyager) and Through A Mirror Darkly (Ent) and my favourite film is The Undiscovered Country.

  • I love Romulans. I have no idea why. Probably it's because TOS made them so incredibly awesome. TNG also does smashing Romulans, most especially in season three, and DS9 gets some shiny ones on occasion. It is possible that the complete fuck-up regarding the Romulans is one of the major reasons I despise Nemesis. (I know there are other, gooderer reasons too.)

  • Andorians are also winning, so winning I have a wee Andorian plushie sitting on my desk. It's the only bit of Trek merchandise I'll admit to.
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Want, take, have.

1-18 Doctor Who (First Doctor era, Romana II, Jaqueline Hill, Eleventy era [spoilers for s6 trailer])
19-48 Deep Space Nine (all from The Emissary)

Whoniverse )

Deep Space Nine )
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  • I have Meglos aka The One Where The Villain is a Talking Cactus (no, really). There's a wee ten minute documentary about Jaqueline Hill in the extras and it is lovely and she is marvellous and there are pretty pictures. Like so:

  • Anne Hathaway is going to be Catwoman. CURSE YOU NOLAN. That is the ONE THING that would've got me to watch the third move. Not Anna Hathaway specifically, but Catwoman, played by anyone even halfway decent. I BET SHE DIES HORRIBLY. (I hate those movies, btw, I hate them more than the crap ones because at least the crap ones had some women in them who didn't get murdered also I am a bit suspicious of any Batman who isn't Adam West, plus relentless darkness masquerading as depth bores me silly.)

  • [ profile] ds9_rewatch A DS9 rewatch, hurrah! People will talk about DS9 and there will be shiny joy and I will try very hard to conceal my crazy love of Weyoun, yay. So you should join that. I mean you specifically. Yes, you.

  • Outcasts trailer!

    So excited! Omg, BBC making PROPER SCI-FI* that is not a HORRID REMAKE of something they did splendidly thirty years ago, yay. V V EXCITED.

    *Doctor Who is not Proper Sci-fi. It is in its own special category of magical shiny thing.
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For Trek Day of Not!Classic; a random mix from the other telly shows.

Want, take, have.

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