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Peter Capaldi is great. I don't know if I mentioned that here, but he is. Thank feck they finally cast a sexy actor as the Doctor, right? RIGHT??
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Oh, hello, I'm NOT DEAD. I'm just wasting me time in other, less meaningful way than LJing.

Peter Capaldi is btw BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HIM. And I am very much looking forward to getting to join in in this whole "fancying the Doctor" thing that's been going on since 2005 1996 1982 whenever. And, yay, a Scottish Doctor Who Can Do Anger!
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I've seen this in a couple of reviews on ye olde flist so, as I am just too lazy to copy and paste the same comment, Crimson Horror question )
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The Crimson Horror )

Incidently, female marriages were an accepted thing in Victorian Britain. History ain't a constant march upwards to ever more progressive times: the recognised gay marriages of the 19th century were anathema through much of the 20th.
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I thought Hide was smashing, and possibly that Neil Cross had delivered his script and said "look guys, I'm REALLY SORRY, but I kind of forgot we're making Doctor Who in the twenty-first century and wrote a top-notch seventies adventure featuring UNIT instead. THAT'S OKAY, RIGHT?" and Moffat said, "Yes, of course, I shall make one or two adjustments and everything will be great." And it was.

Hide )

Onwards! To the marvellously titled Who of last week, yes:

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS )
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I was A BIT NERVOUS about this ep not meeting my e'er so slight expectations what with some actors I think are great (Liam Cunningham and Tobias Menzies), a SUBMARINE, and beautiful old skool monsters.

Cold War )
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If you read my Who episode reviews, you probably know I prefer Moffat Who to RTD Who and when writing up an ep will often make comparisons between the two, generally speaking in Moffat's favour cause, heh, I think it's better. I also prefer Williams to Hinchcliffe and Lambert to Wiles. And while I don't tend to name classic producer eras (except when hating on Hinchliffe, mostly done re new toy releases, though no-one complains about that), I will compare stuff in New Who favourably or unfavourably to stuff in classic. I did in RTD Who time too (and I don't remember anyone saying "stop comparing Doctor Who eras!" then either. Maybe they did and I missed it.)

If this is a problem for you, or harshing your squee or whatever, maybe skip the review? We are two and a half years into Moffat Who, and I've written something about every episode. It's not exactly a surprise I think in pretty much every respect Moffat is making better Who, and I ain't going to stop saying so.

ETA: And the stuff I talk about is relevant, because it's the first changeover of companions in Mofftiem and of course I, and other people, are going to be comparing it to the collossal fuck-up of what happened last time. It is not bashing to talk about what I don't like in a telly series I love, and yes, on the whole I do love RTD Who.

Please bear in mind that I am not going into anyone's journal telling them what to watch or how they are wrong or how to be a fan. I'm not having a go at anyone personally, either producers or fans in my posts. I'm not even talking about Who in a community. I am talking about my opinion of a television show in my journal. So I'd appreciate not being told what I should or shouldn't say in my own bloody space. Thanks.

ETA2: Just to respond to something specific that I can't now as it was deleted: many people may bemoan fans still watching the show despite not liking it any more while they criticise aspects of the show under the previous showrunner as they squee about new episodes but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. So I don't see why this is aimed at me. Go right ahead and keep watching Who and hating it online! I don't care! It happens in every fandom, and it's something I particularly associate with Doctor Who since, heh, we've been hating on the show we love longer than most. So, please, take the complaint of double-standards to someone who's actually engaging in them.

ETA3: I mean, is it just RTD and Moffat that some would prefer I don't compare? Can I still have a go at Hinchcliffe (Hinchcliffe, who I say I hate btw, never said that about RTD)? Can I compare the writers and say I like Chibnall better than Gatiss? Can I explain why I think Evelyn is the worst companion ever? Why I hate Talons? Why Curse of Black Spot is cack? Is negativity permitted or is it just one must never express a strong pref re RTD and Moffat? ENQUIRING MINDS.

ETA4: I really am quite annoyed. I should go have some nice healthy pasta and pesto.
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I bloody loved this, and I've the horrid desire to write meta about it.

The Rings of Akhenaten )
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OH DOCTOR WHO WAS ON. And I did not write a post. SHOCKING. Anyway, just to add to the shock, I loved it. I know, it's astonishing, there is Matt Smith on the telly being the Doctor and I am aflail with glee. HOW TERRIBLY UNEXPECTED.

The Bells of St John )
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I am TRYING to catch up with Community but omg the Halloween ep is causing Mild Difficulties. First Annie was dressed as Samara and SHE DID THE ACTUAL FREAKIN RING MOVEMENT THINGIE. I did not shriek, but I did dive away from seeing the telly screen. And then I was distracted for a bit by Jeff's lovely outfit and Jeff & Britta lolariousness and Britta dressed as a GIANT HAM. But now they are doing an homage to The Haunting - not the shit one, the proper one - and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT IT'S REALLY SCARY. All they need now is bloody Watership Down to complete a trifecta of HORRID TERRORS when I started watching very much with the expectation of Delightful Lols.

FMM went by very fast. I voted at least once, I think. Probably. I managed to miss Martha vs. Joan (NOT DELIBERATELY) but I would have voted Martha due to One True Fandom loyalty even though I wanted Joan to win AND SHE DID. That was quite great. The only thing I judge is Britta losing to Hermione. Clearly Britta is better. Would Hermione ever dress up as a Giant Ham? I think not.

Also there was a trailer for Doctor Who and it was almost entirely great except for the feckin elephant fart music. IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE INCEPTION, CAN WE STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE NOW PLS? The Cybermen still look shit, but, I admit, slightly less shit. The split-second glimpse of the Martian though? Shiny good. PLS DO NOT BE MESSING THAT UP LOVELY SHOW.

ETA: Oh, good, LJ have moved the Delete Entry button to right where one instinctively clicks for okaying something. That's not going to end badly.
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OH HAI. So there was a Doctor Who Christmas Special on the telly and it was AMAZING and PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and I LOVED IT. And here are my thoughts on it I THINK THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM though many seem to come down to OMG I LOVED THAT. So, yes:

Doctor Who The Snowmen )
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More cheeringly, another prologue (NOT PREQUEL) to the Doctor Who Christmas Special:

My considered and mature reaction (I took, like, a minute to reflect before writing this, just to make sure I meant it): OMG OMG I LOVE THEM WHY HAVE THEY NOT GOT A SPIN-OFF YET WHERE IS THE GRAPHIC NOVEL AND AUDIO SERIES AND ACTION FIGURES FFS? WHERE ARE MY VASTRA AND JENNY ACTION FIGURES?"

So, yes, looking forward to the Christmas Special. There was a new trailer on the Beeb, and Ian McKellen's voice was CLEARLY AUDIBLE. (You might think, yes, and? But remember hearing Michael Sheen? NEITHER DO I.)
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So if Ian McKellen is voicing the Snowmen in this year's Christmas Special MAYBE he and Derek Jacobi could be at next year's Gally and just be on stage the whole time talking to each other. JUST AN IDEA.

I've changed my mind about what episode I want back most in the archives: it's currently The Abominable Snowmen, episode six. Cause it was the MOST MAGICAL END EVER to a Doctor Who story. The Yeti in the Himalayas have turned out to be robots controlled by the Great Intelligence - a standard Doctor Who plot thing where something mythical turns out to be ALIENS DID IT - but right at the very end the intrepid explorer dude who's come to the Himalayas to search for Yetis has found only DEATH AND ALIENS and had his belief in the Yeti CRUELLY DESTROYED. Except then he spots one, a real one. THERE IS MAGIC IN THE WORLD AFTER ALL.

I have been to the Americas and returned safely. I DID NOT get attacked by any Giant Weeping Angels, Statue of Liberty shaped or otherwise, in New York. DISAPPOINTING. I did get a bit of a headache in Times Square. DEATH BY NEON LIGHT, DUDES.
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Y'know, I'm not sure...not *entirely* sure...but I *think* someone just might be MOCKING FANDOM in the opener to this mini-episode:

"The Doctor has just said Amelia Pond, the woman who will never be replaced in his hearts," says Matt Smith.

*camera pulls back*

"Hi!" says Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Here it is, and even unequivocably legal! It's a BBC upload to Youtube:

my exciting reviewishness )

And then there was a trailer for the Christmas ep:

things I thought )
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New Doctor Who on Friday! Undoubtedly not very much, but it's nice to have. A prologue (NOT A PREQUEL, BBC SITE) to this year's Christmas Special, and a preview of the Special, or, as we generally call them, an advert. STILL. Looking forward QUITE A LOT to this Christmas Special, both for The Latest One and due to shiny, shiny guest stars.


There was also a thing about Neil Gaiman writing another episode and monster spoiler, but good luck not being spoiled before it's on )

I saw the trailer for the final season of Spartacus, WAR OF THE DAMNED, and it was awesome. It's just shot after shot of ridic OTT violence with ridic OTT blood. I'm relatively squeamish, but find the violence in Spartacus so cartoonish it never squicks me. BUT OH THE SPARTACUS DUDES I LOVE THEM. Even though they killed some of them and I DID NOT APPROVE. And they've taken away Lucretia and Ilithyia and their beautiful, perfect friendship of LIES AND BETRAYAL. But Crixus and Naevia are all alive and well and emotionally well-balanced I'm sure, and are going to have a heartwarming ending of happiness. Yes.
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There is a reason some DVDs are left in their cling-film plastic stuff. A VERY GOOD REASON. I couldn't sleep and I tried the "watch some boring stuff" method of dozing off which managed to COMPLETELY FAIL. I got about half an hour into Death to the Daleks before I had to turn it off for fear I would DIE OF BOREDOM. Man, it's cack. Really, supremely cack. (And yet still not the worst story of season 11 - one of its few redeeming features is it's only four episodes of near-fatal tedium.)

The first five minutes are really good though. The first five minutes are worth watching, and then just turn it off and make up your own adventure. VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU MAKE UP WILL BE BOTH BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING.

Those first five minutes though, practically modern in their pacing. Doctor and companion in the TARDIS, planning a nice holiday to some planet and other. BAD STUFF HAPPENS. The TARDIS is forced to land and all the lights go out. All the power's drained out of the TARDIS, even the torches don't work. They manage to get a few flickering seconds of the outside world on the scanner and see nought but fog. An oil lamp is found. That works, hurrah! To get out of the TARDIS they have to manually wind a thing on the door.

Outside it's dark, creepy and foggy. The Doctor wants to explore; Sarah wants to put warmer clothing on. "You won't wander off, will you?" she says and Sladen is magnifique there - she wants to be brave but she's bloody scared and we can hear it. Back to the TARDIS she goes, and winds shut the door. But since Our Heroes popped out SOMETHING has got IN. As the doors shut it lurches up to attack Sarah and she whacks it, and manages to escape outside again. Again, she's brave, but there's a desperation to her actions that makes her fear stark and compelling. *I'm* scared for her.

Outside, the Doctor's gone. Sarah's alone and trapped on a strange alien world with no-one and nowhere to turn.

And then it all goes cack. Team!Exposition turns up and exposits their way through tedious plodding exposition because this is Terry Nation writing and it would be UTTERLY REMISS OF HIM if he didn't make his regular attempt to KILL VIEWERS WITH PLODDINGNESS. There is a FORBIDDEN CITY. It has SACRIFICE and TRAPS and THOSE MONKEY SWINGS YOU USED TO GET IN PLAYGROUNDS BEFORE HEALTH AND SAFETY BANNED THEM.

Then Team!Dalek turn up. With their own comedy music. At the cliffhanger. Because it would be against the spirit of Doctor Who not to have the Daleks turn up at the first cliffhanger when they're mentioned in the title. I like the hatred radiating off Pertwee though. He really doesn't like them. And I like the future Earth history, with the big space empire that seems like something humans would really make and not pseudo-utopian actually military dictatorship a la the Federation or outright dystopia like Blake's 7. It's a bit crap, the Earth empire, but they get along all right. And there's a Scottish dude. I think. He's called Galloway anyway, which is somewhere in Scotland.

But it's a rotten story. And it didn't help me sleep. I therefore award it A BROKEN STAR cause those first five minutes were really properly creepy and cool.
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So, what this actually means for the Ponds is that cut for spoilers )
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Right. Well. This is it. I'm scared. Scared, people. I don't want to cry too much. I mean, *of course* I'm not going to cry, but y'know.

The Angels Take Manhattan )

In a word: magnifique.

Ooh, a Christmas trailer!
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This is the most excited I've been about a Doctor Who toy for at least a year. I AM AFLAIL. Witness:


HOW GREAT IS THAT? My only disappointment is that the Gel Guard's claw does not light up nor does it have "wibble wobble" sound-effects. But still, GEL GUARD. Only this time last year I was complaining about Omega lacking Gel Guards and that was A BIT MEAN. And now they exist!

Marvellous. (Also, yes, v excited about Another Companion and also The Brig. But mostly the Gel Guard. QUIT JUDGING ME.)

Course, the real question is why whinging on the Internet hasn't worked for getting a Giant Clam.

(There's also a Sutekh coming out, which I might not be able to actually buy due to fear. Um. Yeah. And Rory Williams in two different outfits. Which I will be able to cause Rory does not scare me and I have surplus Amy Ponds who are not holding anyone's hand right now.)
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In a determined attempt to make there be less tabs open in my browser, I'm blogging about All The Stuff that's currently open as a result of "ooh, I should blog about that." Obviously, it's all brilliant, fascinating stuff:

  • The Thick of It is back on the telly! Having two whole British programmes on that I love is a novelty of delight. Also, there's lots and lots of Peter Mannion and the Opposition, who are now in fact part of the Coalition Government, but I keep forgetting to call them that. Whole episodes with neither Nicola Murray or Malcolm Tucker! And yet they are still wonderful. Here is a lovely clip where Malcolm uses Star Wars as a metaphor:

  • Dragon Age III is confirmed! Not very many details but enough to make me think there's going to be lots of armour for companions and more than three bloody dungeon maps. Not that I minded much at the time, but then I played Skyrim and understood the problem better. Which reminds me, I still haven't played ME3. Mostly cause I need my Perfect Game on a computer that still works for ME2. I have my Perfect Game in DA: I get to be Queen. Which means that ficwise, fandom tends to pander to me a lot. Which is nice. Still don't know what my Perfect Game in DA2 is. Mostly because one character lost his sense of humour and became a right crazy dude between appearances.

  • Scientists can take pictures that can discern between different types of atomic bonds which is pretty damned amazing.

  • This is not my drinks cabinet. I wish it was.

  • Here is a beautiful thing on Tumblr, and by beautiful I mean a crossover comic page between Doctor Who and Portal.

  • Nick Clegg apologised about fucking students over re tuition fees. And by apologised, I don't mean he apologised about breaking his party's promise not to raise tuition fees in England and Wales, but he apologised for making the fucking promise. Because our deputy Prime Minister is a twit. Then someone made a song out of it (it's currently at no 65 in the singles chart; Clegg has okayed it and requested profits got to charity). Which was on the national news. Here it is:

    Bet that's brightened yer afternoon. And, yes, he always looks that sad. I like to think it's cause he knows he's kind of destroyed his party. (Witness their collapsed vote in the Scottish and local elections, though I suppose the real test to most people's minds is the next General Election.)

  • There are some gorgeous pictures here of space, for they are the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012.

  • Daleks! A fantastic selection of Daleks that you can buy for only £3000 a pop! I especially like the incredibly stringent terms and conditions down the bottom of the page that basically say "stick it in your living room and talk about it, but do anything else with it and we'll sue you." Cheering.


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