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In a determined attempt to make there be less tabs open in my browser, I'm blogging about All The Stuff that's currently open as a result of "ooh, I should blog about that." Obviously, it's all brilliant, fascinating stuff:

  • The Thick of It is back on the telly! Having two whole British programmes on that I love is a novelty of delight. Also, there's lots and lots of Peter Mannion and the Opposition, who are now in fact part of the Coalition Government, but I keep forgetting to call them that. Whole episodes with neither Nicola Murray or Malcolm Tucker! And yet they are still wonderful. Here is a lovely clip where Malcolm uses Star Wars as a metaphor:

  • Dragon Age III is confirmed! Not very many details but enough to make me think there's going to be lots of armour for companions and more than three bloody dungeon maps. Not that I minded much at the time, but then I played Skyrim and understood the problem better. Which reminds me, I still haven't played ME3. Mostly cause I need my Perfect Game on a computer that still works for ME2. I have my Perfect Game in DA: I get to be Queen. Which means that ficwise, fandom tends to pander to me a lot. Which is nice. Still don't know what my Perfect Game in DA2 is. Mostly because one character lost his sense of humour and became a right crazy dude between appearances.

  • Scientists can take pictures that can discern between different types of atomic bonds which is pretty damned amazing.

  • This is not my drinks cabinet. I wish it was.

  • Here is a beautiful thing on Tumblr, and by beautiful I mean a crossover comic page between Doctor Who and Portal.

  • Nick Clegg apologised about fucking students over re tuition fees. And by apologised, I don't mean he apologised about breaking his party's promise not to raise tuition fees in England and Wales, but he apologised for making the fucking promise. Because our deputy Prime Minister is a twit. Then someone made a song out of it (it's currently at no 65 in the singles chart; Clegg has okayed it and requested profits got to charity). Which was on the national news. Here it is:

    Bet that's brightened yer afternoon. And, yes, he always looks that sad. I like to think it's cause he knows he's kind of destroyed his party. (Witness their collapsed vote in the Scottish and local elections, though I suppose the real test to most people's minds is the next General Election.)

  • There are some gorgeous pictures here of space, for they are the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012.

  • Daleks! A fantastic selection of Daleks that you can buy for only £3000 a pop! I especially like the incredibly stringent terms and conditions down the bottom of the page that basically say "stick it in your living room and talk about it, but do anything else with it and we'll sue you." Cheering.
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I finished another playthrough of DA2 and, I want some closure. I mean, I know it's setting up from DA3, but that's forever away and DA2 just ENDS and we don't know what happens to anyone and there are failing to be vast numbers of epic, beautifully plotted novel length fics with Hawkes and Wardens that are the Hawke and Warden I played resolving Thedas' fate, FOR SOME REASON. (Though I did find this fic which I thought a lovely epilogue.)

DA2 spoilers )

Also, Bioware have released the next DLC for the game and it's an items pack. Which is exactly like being Made of Evil, or something, apparently. I went to the forums and it was Quite Incredible. BIOWARE ARE MAKING YOU BUY THE EXTRA CONTENT YOU KNOW. They have guns that they are pointing at your head and they're TAKING YOUR MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR SOME CRAPPY ARMOUR. Yeesh. I like the DLC, cause I like having shiny new clothes to put on computer game characters. But no-one made me buy the sodding thing, I managed that All By Myself.

Best of all was one thread where a dude was pretty much demanding free stuff since the game wasn't good enough for him. It was special. Very special. Because, obviously, when you go to the cinema and end up hating a movie, the sensible thing to do is demand the studio make you a short film to your liking. Or you should go demand authors send you free short stories because you didn't think their last novel was good enough and they MADE YOU BUY IT, DAMMIT. MADE YOU.

And, of course, if you're that worried about spending money on something you may not enjoy, what you absolutely must not do is be patient and wait for reviews to come out from sources you trust so you can make a more informed call. That would be silly.

Much lovelier, this comic. Spoilers for Act III, and makes no sense unless you've played the game, but lols if you have. Probably. I loled, anyway.
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  • I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I did, however, read this article which did a smashing job of easing my spoiler craving whilst only revealing the most minor of things. Also the picture at the top makes me RIDIC HAPPY. HELLO TEAM!AWESOME.

    from the article linked above, not actually spoilery )

  • Tom Baker is doing Big Finish. One season of Leela-ness and one of Romana-ness. Guess which Romana. Am Quite Excited about Moar Four and Romana-ness but it does pale rather a lot compared to OMG IS IT 23RD APRIL YET?

  • I've now seen the first episodes of Camelot and The Borgias and the first fifteen minutes of Game of Thrones. Not that it's a competition for, ideally, I'd want all these shows on the telly for years to come, but Camelot is winning. The Borgias and Game of Thrones both look gorgeous, really spectacularly gorgeous, and Borgias has much wit and fun about it with Jeremy Irons thieving All The Scenes. (I can't say much about GoT really, Sean Bean's in it! He's always good! Arya made me yay for her thirty seconds!) But Camelot has one of my favourite actresses playing a character type I adore, thus I shall be well bitter when it gets cancelled first for American telly Never Goes My Way, woes.

  • During LJ outage, I procrastinated via Dragon Age 2. I tried to be villainous, I really did. And then I was horrible to Merrill and it was just awful, so I've stopped that now. DOOMED TO BE HEROIC IN FICTIONAL WORLDS. Alas.
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  • Re Star Wars poll: it's Return of the Jedi, obviously. But I was thrown into a pit of DOUBT and TERROR regarding this last week as I came across several instances of people saying something along the lines of "and this is why this thing is the worst, like Empire Strikes Back is obv the worst (original) SW movie." And there was no disagreement expressed. It happened three times, in three entirely different fannish places, thus I was distraught and confused and wondering if I had woken up in the wrong universe or if the UNIVERSE HAD LIED TO ME. Everyone knows RotJ is the worst one*, it's like rain is wet and bananas are yellow**, and then my only evidence for this that I could come up with was Scream, and probably it's not brilliant to base any knowledge on Scream, so I had to check. By LJ poll. Ahrrm.

  • These are things I think about Star Wars: Han shot first; Lando was in An Impossible Situation and trying to protect the thousands of people in the city rather than His Rebel Buddy was not thrillingly heroic but a sensibly pragmatic decision that I can't be judgey about; KotOR is best.

  • I do not know what to think about these. Doctor Who costume t-shirts. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS TAT? Why is there rubbish like this when I still have no Genesis Giant Clam playset, darnit. It's terrifying. I want one, and yet I know I'd never wear it, just look at it sometimes and be perplexed at its existence.

  • One more reason to love Bioware.

  • So, I feel I should be Incredibly Judgey at the new Three Musketeers movie after this, um, interesting trailer. And yet, no, I'm leaning towards magnificently absurd, and Milady is swordfighting. Also after that last Robin Hood movie, I remember saying I wanted to see Matthew MacFadyen (who, normally, I can't stand) do more comedy and his deadpan here made me lol even though it was A Well Cheap Joke. And Ray Stevenson's Porthos! That's smashing, that is.

    *I know not actually everyone, but it's a pretty solid majority opinion. According to the skience of my LJ poll, anyway, and what greater skience is there than that?

    **or green or brown or black, whatevs.
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Have just finshed Dragon Age 2. I am VERY HAPPY. I have MANY THINGS TO SAY that, if you bother to read them, possibly would only make any sort of sense to about three of you. NEVER MIND.

The most important thing is the DA2 is smashing, and the sort of sequel that The Sith Lords should have been to KotOR.

here are some other things I thought, probably has spoilers )

I get to watch new Eleventy now, hurrah!
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There is new Doctor Who that I haven't seen. I'm not even trying to fix that because I quite like having new Eleventy to watch and if I do watch it then it will be gone and I will be sad at the ENDLESS WAITING of a whole month before season six.

It has nothing at all to do with all my free time being eaten up by Dragon Age 2. Of which the most important thing is that Eve Myles is in it. I knew they'd changed the Dalish elf voices to Welsh accents but stopped reading spoilers before I found out Eve Myles is one of the dudes what follows you around for the adventure. And she has a scene where she's talking to Kate Mulgrew's character. This sort of thing makes me very happy. Also, EveMyles!elf is ridic adorable.

Suspect I haven't finished the game as at some point I felt the need to restart it due to things going BADLY. Not like death badly but making story choices that seemed amusing at the time but ended up having CONSEQUENCES. Curses to this nonsense where there's no right or wrong answer and whatever you do something bad happens.

On an excellent note, have still failed to meet a character even half as annoying as Arl Eamon.

My computer clock was off by two hours, and it took me three days to notice, whilst being the clock I was working off. I am so aware of stuff, yes.

Also, the Other Show that I was a bit interested in after FMM was Veronica Mars. I've never even seen an episode of it, but all its fans were dead enthused about the first season and there were many gifs. Is it worth watching? Should I stop after a season? For there were some comments about later on and it sounded a bit Do Not Want.
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Though the year is not over yet! I have ten days left and I will get to fifty books this year. If I have to, I'm bloody well reading Target novelisations.

Anyway, the year...I hope I can remember anything at all:

Fannish Year In Review )
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  • "A very annoying idea has grown up that Hammer films were always made tongue-in-cheek, that they almost defined camp, in fact the opposite is the case, in the early days at least," says Mark Gatiss. QUITE. Ahem.

    Very much enjoyed the first episode of A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss, which focuses on Universal, its iconic monsters, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney, and there's a lovely section on James Whale, plus stuff right through to the end of the forties that was all shiny and new to me, but the second episode just makes me GIDDY WITH DELIGHT for lo, it's moved on to my most beloved of film eras, the Hammer horror films of the fifties and sixties - with a couple of detours to Roger Corman's work and Amicus - and mostly it is a (not uncritical) love letter to these splendid movies: the writing, the music, the cinematography, the glorious colour and gratuitous gore, the actors, and, naturally, this means lots of loveliness about that sublime chap, Peter Cushing. There's a clip of Cushing and Vincent Prince being interviewed together that is most happy-making, and a gorgeous, gorgeous bit with Gatiss detailing why Cushing's his favourite Hammer actor which put an utterly ridiculous grin on my face. Tis marvellous stuff.

  • Have preordered Dragon Age 2 in order to save money, because I know I will be buying every stupid add-on there is and at the moment there's an Exciting Offer on for preorders. Curse Bioware and its shiny gaming ways. Still saving the last DLC for Dragon Age because otherwise the Warden story will be OVER and there will be NOTHING NEW unless I really wanted to romance Zevran, which I don't.

  • The current Government is evil, and thanks to it I'm not allowing myself to watch the news at the moment because I generally end up having what one could probably accurately describe as "a tantrum." One of the many ways in which they are evil is their atrocious plans to deprive the BBC of monies. I love the BBC. It is one of the very few things that make me feel vaguely patriotic in a British way. (The other biggie is the NHS.) Here is a lovely, lovely song about how lovely the BBC is. How lovely is it? Very fucking lovely.
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I totally suck at this meme. I will not say when I did the last day, but what happened with this meme is exactly the sort of thing that happens with All Important Things too. To conclude, I am not good at timing. It's lucky I'm not a comedian.

Anyway, Day 3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Can I just pretend that this refers to a strange American concept and I don't have a clue what it means and just pick something shiny and new to me?


I'm trying to find something that's new that isn't Strike Okay, Strike Back is a terrible, terrible show. It is about a Manly Man who goes and saves the world with Explosions and Guns. Sometimes he takes off his shirt. Sometimes he is horribly injured and makes faces of pain. Sometimes Alexander Siddig turns up. There are women in this show, but they are just there to die, have gratuitous sex with the Manly Hero and realise how wrong they were about Judging the Manly Hero for his Manly Angst.

I judge myself massively, yes, but Richard Armitage is v pretty.

So, yes, if you are as APPALLED by that answer as I am or just want to rec me a show that is new and shiny because you are LOVELY, you should do that, yes.

the days of the meme )

On a completely different topic there was a horrible accident with Dragon Age. And by horrible accident, I mean that I accidently found some more Awesome Dragon Age fic and it was a WIP so instead of a nice satisfying ending I thought, gosh, I haven't played Dragon Age for a while, I should do that. And started a new game. As f!Cousland. Again. But, to be fair, I've not yet played her through and had her master all the ways of the sword and shield, so, um, yeah.

One day I will totally finish a game as a dwarf.

some rambling about DA )

In lovely news, Big Finish have had their license extended to 2012. And there be an audio coming up with Brigadier Bambera in it, which I am terribly excited about and will certainly not judge entirely on the basis of whether or not it decides to pseudo-canonically joss the Epic Love of Bambera/Ancelyn.


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