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Sometimes I do things I really shouldn't, and one of those things is go read journals of people that I know perfectly well I disagree with.

It's been said a million times before, but... )

Anyway, the actual thing I wanted to talk about (and anything daft I might say can be blamed on the fact that, no, I haven't slept) was why, though I prefer series two to series one overall, I much prefer Rose's relationship to the Doctor in series one. Mainly, I think, this is because I see her relationship with Nine as being a far, far healthier one than her relationship with Ten.

Because the main problem that I have with series two is Rose's almost worshipful attitude towards the Doctor: she seems to imitate his attitudes, she doesn't question him any more, and she has complete faith that the Doctor will Find A Way. And that's a bit creepy, and unusual, because most every other companion that the Doctor has had will challenge him when they feel that he's done something stupid/gone too far/missing the point, no matter how good and comfortable their relationship with him has become. I assume the fact that Rose doesn't do this is meant to signal their relationship Developing, but to me, it's gone from a relationship of equals (um, sort of) to one of hero worship and the Doctor really keen to protect his worshipper from harm.

There is, however, one particular old skool companion who, I feel, does have a very similar relationship to the Doctor (though it doesn't Concern Me half so much): Jo Grant who, incidently, has one of the best (albeit, I imagine, not intentional) character arcs in the old series. She comes in inexperienced, naive and incompetant, managing to get herself caught and hypnotised into trying to blow up the Doctor within her first episode, but we see her gain confidence over her three years in the show, and some sense. We see her frightened first steps on an alien world develop into her traipsing about the universe with the Doctor without a word of complaint. And her skills? Lock-picking and being able to untie ropes when the plot calls for it. And that's it. But she is very lovable. (Though she did save the universe once [on purpose], and the Earth once [accidently])

But Jo starts out a bit useless, and ends up a bit less useless. Rose starts out as an independant, determined, questioning young woman and ends up following the Doctor's lead on everything, more or less. And that's why one character arc, I'm okay with, and the other, I'm not so much.

And there's a lot of similarities between Jo and Rose: Jo pretty much goes along with whatever the Doctor says and has complete faith that he's right and that he knows what he's doing. The few times Rose does challenge the Doctor in series two, it's regarding his rudeness, and the only times Jo challenges the Doctor is to point out when he's been abrupt or dismissive of others (both directly, and more subtly - she takes over when she feels he's getting nowhere asking questions of difficult people.) Rose makes the decision to stay in the real world, cutting herself off from her family, so she can stay with the Doctor, and Jo makes a similiar choice when she says she wants to stay with the Doctor, trapped in an antimatter universe, rather than go back home to Earth. The Doctor actually has to think about whether he'd rather save the Earth and maybe have Rose die, than forget about the Earth and, still, Rose probably dies (or, he doesn't want to be the one responsible for her death) and the Doctor, faced with Universal Armageddon or Having to Kill Jo, picks the former and it's up to Jo to try and kill herself and thus save the universe.

And Jo gets some of the shippiest old skool stuff from the Doctor, with him offering her all the time and space in the world, cause, yeah, if that'd been in the new show, there's no way it wouldn't be seen as an Incredibly Shippy moment, and Jo turning him down to go marry a man who reminds her of a younger Doctor.

So, yes, Rose, to me, is like Jo with a Tragic Ending (Jo grows and learns from her experiences, Rose seems to at first and then it becomes less about The Universe and more about The Doctor - this, btw, is why I think the Doctor asked her how long she was going to stay with him, and because she said "forever" he knew he was going to have to leave her for her own good.) And given that Jo was, kinda deliberately, meant to be rubbish after the brilliant and competent Liz, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Rose having the qualities the Production Team want us to think she had. Because I'm pretty sure the writers weren't setting out to make her seem kinda useless, but she does get locked up/get her face eaten/get taken over/get rescued by someone else kind of often. And her Specialness doesn't come across objectively, but from people around her not acknowledging that She's A Bit Useless and, instead, declaring how much they love her. Jo was loved in much the same way, but her incompetence was also pointed out (frequently).

Yes, right, so what I'm saying is, out of the old skool companions, the one I think is most like series 2 Rose is Jo Grant. Which I find a bit strange really.

Thing is, none of this is meant as a condemnation of Rose. I like her (like Jo too), she's a good character, but I'm finding the notorious She Are So Special arguments becoming ever less convincing the more I think about this. (Not that I ever thought they were convincing, but now I'm finding them just plain daft.)

In conclusion, Jo is great and I should have an icon of her.

And in other parts of the Whoniverse, [ profile] dwicons has just gone over 1000 members. Dude. That's scary.
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I loved that. I did.

And here is my Oh-So-Exciting Penultimate Bullet Point Thing of the Series:

Spoilers, Dude )

ETA: Ah havnae seen next week's trailer TELL ME NOTHING. Thank you. :)
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Cut due to spoilers. And by spoilers, I mean predictions I am making based on nothing save What I Think, The Series So Far and The Trailer That's Been On. And That Spoiler. I don't know about anything else, as have cunningly avoided spoilers, yes.

Mad Predictions )
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So, yes, was watching The Time Monster today and there's this line in episode six heh, I spoiler cut, yay )

I quite want to write Doctor/TARDIS stuff now, cause, yes, dude.
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Despite my instincts against such a thing, I've had to concede that since the contents of my flat have to fit in here by Wednesday something has got to go and the choice is pretty much between books, Doctor Who stuff and furniture. Since I know what will happen if I suggest the latter to parent, it's books. So far I've excised old statutes, parts of fantasy trilogies that I picked up in charity shops that I thought "oh, right, yes, of course I'll get the next/previous part" and I'm pretty sure that since it's now several years later that ain't gonna happen, and my somewhat excessive collection of art books. Mostly Impressionism stuff, since I'm pretty sure I'm never going to have much enthusiasm for it ever again.

And I've still got three boxes of books sitting on the floor and about another hundred or so sitting along the walls and really, really I can't get rid of anything else. That's 'can't' as in 'won't,' in the petty and stubborn sense.

And then there's stuff like piles of old DWMs and Galaxies that I quite like, but they do just sit there and I haven't read them for years. And dozens of atrocious DVDs I've accumulated because I happened to like the actors in them. And my Hammer movies (WHY DID THEY MAKE SO MANY?) and *flails*. I should have spent more money on getting drunk at uni and less being a bloody magpie.

Also Ilya is fixed, hurrah! I get him and all his shiny back tomorrow. I am going to miss Word though. I forgot how much I love it over Works.

Had a strange moment wandering about the Beeb DW site earlier as was looking for a new background for this computer (ancient gallfrey now; shiny, shiny drawing done by someone for the Lungbarrow e-book). Cut for That Spoiler )

Ah, and I found a half-eaten Easter egg in a box. Chocolate does not go out of date does it?
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Inferno, I am informed, was out today, so I feel a wee bit smug that my copy arrived from on Friday. I haven't actually watched it or anything, but I have admired the eye-patched Brigadier on the cover, oh yes.

And it looks like there are Even More Shiny DVDs coming out.

Apparently, there's The Sontaran Experiment out in October (a two-part release, hurrah! And an extra cheap price tag, cause of that); The Invasion in November (DUDE! TWO AND JAMIE AT THEIR MOST CLINGY!) and I love this story more every time and I see it and can't wait to see what the Restoration Team have done with the picture. First time I saw this, I admit I was disappointed, but that's because I so associated it with the iconic image of the Cybermen coming out of the London sewers and so my expectations concerning the scariness and involvement of the Cybermen were way out with that the story was actually about. Which is Two and Jamie. And their clinging and sandwich stealing, heh.

But perhaps best of all is the Return of the Master boxset out in January! Keeper of Traken (which should include the commentary that's got Ainley on it, yay), Logopolis and Castrovalva! In one shiny box!

Right, so I've some videos that I completely forget I was supposed to send to people. Now, yes, this was ages ago, and my apologies for my absent-mindedness. I plead Final Year of Uni and Dissertation, yes.

So, anyway, what I have is [ profile] sharps is to be sent The Green Death and [ profile] hathy_col is to be sent The Unearthly Child and Edge of Destruction. So, yes, if that's still right, good. If not, let me know.

And if anyone wants either City of Death (second VHS release) or Inferno (double-video) then just leave a comment and e-mail me your address and I shall give away. First come, first served, yes. These are VHS releases, so are playable in UK VCRs, and some foreign ones, but you should probably check if you didn't get your player in the UK. yes.
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In which I refuse to engage any critical faculties that may or may not exist and say stuff about tonight's episode of Doctor Who. Which I liked, big surprise there, I know.

Love & Monsters )

I wonder what the more hardcore shipper will say...for now, off to the OG, yes.
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It is late. I may be having thoughts. Or, really, I've had these thoughts for a while but now am putting them into writing form because the notion of sleep is currently a wee bit terrifying. Yes. Cause that's what I need. A fear of sleep.

Anyway, yes, this is mainly thoughts of mine own after reading [ profile] nostalgia_lj's words about Companions and Hierarchy. In way of summary, I sort of agree, but not really. (I think that's a good indication of how well-structured this ramble's going to be, oh yes.)

Companion Heirarchy )

On another note, I had a horrible, horrible thought about the Doctor and how he is Stalin. Because he is very keen on Rose Not Dying, and sometimes thinks of her before the world/universe/other large group of faceless people. Because one death is a tragedy and a million is a statistic. I hate myself for that.

(I have to stop using this icon, but I am currently loving it far too much and can't really stop because it makes me very happy even though it scares me a bit, yes.)
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So, after a lovely big nice number of responses, I now present LISTS! Lists of the hotness of companions!

Top Ten of HOTNESS! )

Top Ten Women of HOTNESS! )

Top Ten Men of HOTNESS! )

Top Ten Apocrypha of HOTNESS! )

Bottom Ten of HOTNESS! )

The poll can be found for perusal here.

So, some random commentary:

  • Jack/Romana II is now the hottest pairing in DW fandom. It should be written immediately, yes.
  • Why was Adric not in the bottom ten, why?
  • Too many people voted for K-9. Far too many people.
  • Go Jamie! Dude! He got one teeny wee mention in the New Series and hasn't had the same exposure in fandom as Romana and yet he still gets to fourth place despite his character being forty years old and teh burnings. Go him! Yays!
  • The rest in the Top 5 a bit more expected. Though Rose being so low, p'haps a bit surprising, maybe?
  • Ace, though, what? What is that about? I do not understand. EXPLAIN. Thank you.
  • Apocrypha people do badly, yes, and the more stories a character has burned, the worse they seem to have done, sort of. Ben & Polly fer instance are Quite Ignored despite being decent characters and rather pretty. Also Steven, Steven is great despite being Peter Purves.
  • Sara Kingdom is love, and is nice that despite three quarters of her single story being burned and that one story being forty-two years old, she still gets quite a respectable score. This makes me happy.

In conclusion, SKIENCE!
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Oh, well, ah...I didn't dislike it, persay, but it wasn't particularly great, no.

Review Type List Thing )

And so we're well over halfway through the series. How is that possible? It was just starting yesterday, was it not?

[Poll #737580]


May. 24th, 2006 08:01 pm
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Following on from the Highly Skientific Results in this poll in which it was discovered Ten/Romana II was the hottest pairing of all and that there are several highly disturbing people reading this who clicked on decaying!Master, the monkeys in the lab are ready for shiny new data. And so I present a poll that may not be wholly accurate cause I'm a bit iffy with the books and haven't a clue about the comics. But the principle is sound. Oh yes. Skience!

Also note the brand new option at the very bottom of the poll. I now horribly regret not having that for the last one. Cause, yeah, it would have been useful.

*vague flailing at Who Qualifies As Companion Arguments* Meh. I put UNIT people in though they are not usually regarded as companions, 'cept maybe sort of the Brigadier. Who is Special in many ways, yes.

[Poll #735446]

And was or was not DT channelling Two all through that last scene in Rise o the Cybermen? I present this evidence:
The Evidence )
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So, yes, regeneration, that is pretty much the reason that Doctor Who has managed to last this long. Lead actor bored? Ill? Dying? Wanting tons more cash stuff? Change him and have a shiny new renewal of series where you Get To Keep Your Main Character. Dude! So, yes, there was that risk each time and at the end it apparently went a bit wrong and people did not like the Shiny New Doctors, but since 1966, it has been one of the big sticks in the stick tower of Doctor Who, yes.

And when they came up with the (totally arbitary) twelve regenerations, and thus thirteen lives, I bet they never thought they'd actually get that far. And now it's, y'know, kind of almost there, they seem to be quietly forgetting that they ever said anything of the sort (so suggests the Beeb website). New series, in fact, implies that there is no limit to regeneration what with the "I don't die; I regenerate" thing and the "it's a way we have of chaeating death," without any sort of mention of "yeah, but only for so long, then Death gets pissed off and says ENOUGH YOU WEE CHEATERS" and drags them off to Hades, yes.

Time Lords and Regeneration )

And this thing about Romana )

Those are my thoughts. Such as they are.
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Ra! It is under the cut. Comment things. That could be interpeted as some sort of review type whatsit.


Cybermen, HO! )

So, in conclusion, much love (heh, that's five for five, unsurprisingly) and desperately looking forward to next week. Ra!
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So that last entry, bit of a lie. I am, in fact, unable to prioritise. What d'you know? Also DOCTOR WHO, YAY.

In summary: I am in love with this episode. It's right up there with School Reunion for me.

Comments What May Be A Review-ish Type Thing )

Right. I want the telly back so I can watch that again.
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So this is the episode where I realise just how fabulous Ten is. And, indeed, David Tennant. He was wonderful before, but in this episode he was just magic.

And this is my favourite episode of the New Series.

And, yes, it did break me a little bit. I need to watch it again. When I'm not bursting into tears every five minutes.

Ma Wee Review-y Type List Thing )

Did I mention how much I love Sarah Jane? Did I?
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Oh, so tired. But rather gleeful. For, y'see, I had rather a lot of photocopying from Old College and No Idea what to do with it due to the fact I just had a wee bag with self. So I Accidently Stumbled into Forbidden Planet (very, very easy in Edinburgh, tis just opposite the Law School, heh) and I Accidently Stumbled towards Toys and I Accidently Bought a Wee David Tennat in Coat with Sonic Screwdriver Accessory. And a plastic bag. For the photocopying. Yes. It was a Great Plan.

And, because, at heart, I am a ten-year-old, I present:

Doctor Who Loses His TARDIS
An Exciting Adventure in Time And Space
(not at all dial-up friendly)

Part One of One )
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Well, that was rather magnificent, I thought. Random things what I thought under the cut:

Tooth and Claw )

And now it's only One Week til School Reunion kills me dead, oh noes!
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So I find all this darkness with Ten, hrrm, I don't know. I don't really agree with it. So far it's mostly fanon, and there have only been two stories and even if we do know pretty much where they're going with it... It feels a bit like we're watching series 25/26 Seven and then creating NA!Seven based on that. And telly!Seven is Quite Good Really, while NA!Seven is an utter bastard that I mostly pretend doesn't ever exist.

Actually what I think is that Nine and Ten seem like throwbacks to the earliest Doctors, to Hartnell and Troughton, rather than later years. Oh, there's stuff that's more later!Doctor: Three onwards were generally concerned about their companions first, saving the universe second (random examples: Doctor pretty much willing to sacrifice universe in The Time Monster because he can't bring himself to kill Jo; Doctor gives up all his future!knowledge about the Daleks to Davros to stop him hurting Sarah and Harry in Genesis). But those first two were a wee bit different. And I don't really think there was any real consideration of the Doctor's 'darker' side after Two until Six.

But Hartnell played really a very dark character to begin with, only really caring for Susan and wanting to get away from danger rather than trying to help. And, yes, he mellowed, but really, what about Two? He's a nice chap, isn't he?

He's the nice chap, who in The Evil of the Daleks managed to almost destroy Jamie's trust in him: "Anyone would think it's a little game, and it's not. People have died. The Daleks are all over, fit to murder the lot of us, and all you can say is that you've had a good night's work. Well, I'm telling you this; we're finished. You're just too callous for me. Anything goes by the board, anything at all. You don't give that much for a living soul except yourself. Just whose side are you on?"

He's also the nice chap who, in The Wheel in Space, was willing to sacrifice his companions lives in order to stop the Cybermen. He was the one who declared that he was going to go out and fight those evil things in the universe because it had to be done. So, um, yeah, what I'm saying is the Doctor has always, in some degree had that darkness there, even my beloved Two. It's not really a new thing and just, hmm, it just seems to be all that's being seen at the moment. OMG! HE IS NICE TOO!

Oh, and now Totally Doctor Who is on. There were some lovely cartoon figures at the beginning. Oooh, David Tennant is on it, yay! Though it is doing that thing I no like - there's some sort of 'companion academy' with kids competing to prove they would be The Best Companion, which is, um, fine, I suppose. But add this to "I only take the best" and the Attack of the Graske "prove you're good enough to travel with me" thing and I really, just, no, don't like the message there. THE DOCTOR DOESN'T CHOOSE THE COMPANY HE KEEPS. Hmph.

And while I was looking for the Evil of the Daleks quote, I found this one, which reminded me of why I love Sarah. Cause I do:

The Doctor: Listen, there are no measurements in infinity. You humans have got such limited little minds. I don't know why I like you so much.
Sarah: Because you have such good taste.
The Doctor: That's true. That's very true.

OMG! OMG! Clips of Tooth and Claw and OMG!!! WHY IS IT NOT SATURDAY?
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BBC you are forgiven! Monk is BACK! Yo! JOYOUS!

In other news I find the whole Ten/Rose versus Nine/Rose strangely perplexing. This is my own fault for being born far too late to have a proper Doctor all of my very own - and having The Five Doctors be the first story I ever saw, making self very, very confused - thus forcing self to adopt a Doctor that was around twenty years before I was born. Because of his incredibly confusing hotness! See how I no longer have to strike that out? That's proper acceptance right there. No denial for me, oh noes. Or, really, it is because he is fabulous and brilliant and there's this bit in The Space Pirates where Jamie and Zoe are unconscious and he wakes up and he calls "Jamie!" and reaches over Zoe to check that he's alive thus proving their love forever.

Or at least until everyone starts with the Two/Romana which would be great. Yes.

But, yes, it's different, it's changed, the dynamic thing between the Doctor and Rose. And much as I rather liked it between Nine and Rose, it was, to me, the sort of thing that definitely had a sort of use-by date on it. Because he was broken and needy and a bit obsessed by Rose and that's all fine and well and makes for good telly for a bit, and, yes, they could maybe have got another year out of it but if it went on any longer, just, no, I don't think that would have done anything except make people throw things. And Nine was a bit broken, and Time Lords get fixed by regenerating.

And everyone - not actually everyone, but it does seem to be that most unreliable and terrifying of things: Fandom Opinion - is that Sarah was fine with Three, but was great with Four. Though how much of that is Actual Greatness and how much is that crazed love for the Hinchcliffe era, I have no idea. I loved her most when she was with Harry. Because that's my TARDIS team: Four, Sarah and Harry, they could win against anything. Also, they started the Time War, yay. Course, she is now going to be canon with Ten too. And they will go off together to have crazy adventures. Is it just me that loves the fact they are not just confirming Old Skool canon here, but Old Skool spin-off canon? Again, admittedly, after 1983, but still, me likes that lots.

There was a point, there was. Something about dynamics. And fixing people being Quite Good Really. And different dynamics. Being a good thing too. I really want Jack back so much, because I loved that dynamic. With the three of them. That's the sort of number I like to see aboard the TARDIS, three. Good number that. Sacred, according to the Minbari anyway, and I'm sure they knew what they were talking about.

Oh, yes, and the whole absence of any sort of actual feeling I have about regeneration. Cried like a Roman during Parting of the Ways, but the actual regeneration thing was great. Shiny. Lots better than having Sylvestor dress up like Colin, cause, dude, that was a bit messed up.

Really what I'm saying is that it all went downhill once we started getting colour television.

Or, no, I remember now. I seem to be somewhat shallower than I expected and feel a lot more comfortable with Ten/Rose than Nine/Rose, and not just because Godlike Arrogance seems a tad less messed up than guilt/post traumatic stress disorder/having some issues with genocide, again. But, no, it's because of the age difference in actors. Which has nothing to do with the fictional universe and just, hrrm, I don't like the fact that I seem to have that issue. Tut.

But the whole shipper vs. shipper thing is a tad bizarre, though I'm still ridiculously delighted by the knock-on effect to the old series that all the shipping in the new has had. So while I may think of it all as a wee bit silly, I would totally be arguing for Two/Romana over Six/Romana and really that's pretty much the same thing.

Incidentally, was it really that obvious there were Tennant fangirls at that Ready, Steady, Cook? I admit nothing, just askin' is all. Also every time someone refers to it as RSC, I think Royal Shakespeare Company and just, bad acronym, bad. Yes.

I've had a cup of coffee. This was clearly An Error at this time of night. Should investigate how long it takes caffeininineieie to get out of my precious blood, yarg.


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