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I like sci-fi films with spaceships in them. If there's a decent spaceship in a movie, it's pretty hard to get me to dislike it. You have to be fucking 2001 or something. And Prometheus is no 2001 (I feel there may be many people who'd agree with this sentiment in NOT THE WAY I INTEND IT). But, yes, spaceship, alien planet, and the thing I was slightly concerned about: this is an Alien prequel but would it be TRUE TO THE 'VERSE and give me a everywoman hero as the star? Yes, yes it would. And she is called Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. Which I completely fairly gave extra points for.

Prometheus spoilers, yo )

So, yeah, not too shabby and I wouldn't half mind a sequel.
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So last week I went on an Exciting Adventure, a Quest if you will, to consume toffee popcorn and watch The Avengers.

In brief: not a great movie, but a fantastically fun and entertaining one.

stuff I thought about The Avengers )
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Spartacus has departed from the telly. It's very sad, but it was beautiful and sort of perfect while it was here. And I'm pretty sure I read that it'd been renewed for another year, so it's not gone forever.

Spartacus finale spoilers )

Have also been watching Julian Fellowes' Titanic series cause The New Companion is in it. And she's good. Even very good. She can certainly act and she has a fair bit of charisma. Sadly the same cannot be said of the script which is made of bland blandness. Fellowes is terribly interested in class, but has nothing interesting to say about it. And while I did appreciate the acknowledgment of what was going on in Ireland at the time, it was a bit "oooh, scary Catholics want to bomb us" with no mention of the militancy on the Protestant side. That said, the two best characters are Irish, though I suspect that's less to do with the scipt and more to do with the fact they're played by Maria Doyle Kennedy and Toby Jones. Lols, Catherine of Aragon and the Dream Lord are married...yeah, best thing about Titanic? Actor spotting. The cast is pretty nifty and most of them have been in some genre show or other that I've watched, or listened to: Braxiatel's in it, identifiable by his epic moustache. Alas, he's drowned toast, since he's playing whathisname Astor, the richest dude on the ship.

And I watched a lovely film at the weekend. It was called Ironclad and was not, thank goodness, about early steamships with bits of metal stuck on them (spaceships good, sailing ships bad). I assume the title's a reference to chainmail. Anyway, IT WAS AMAZING. Firstly, the cast: James Purefoy, Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox and Charles Dance were in it. And Mackenzie Crook. And Guy Siner, for about two minutes before he got trebucheted to death. TREBUCHETS. GODS AMONG SIEGE ENGINES. They were brilliant.

(Women? WHAT WOMEN? This was set in the 13th century, and as I know from all good male medieval-inspired fantasy authors, all woman did in the middle ages was be oppressed.

apparently I had a lot to say about this film )
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It is FEBRUARY which seems awful but I'm not minding that much since that brings us CLOSER TO SPRING and Spring means Less Cold and I am Ridic In Favour of Less Cold.

Here are some things that have been making me go yay a bit:

  • Layer Cake. Not actual layer cake - though, being cake, I also approve of that - but the film Layer Cake. IT IS AMAZING. And has lots of things I normally hate in films (like being about The Criminal Underground and only having women as love interests, and guns and gangsters and stuff like that) but it also has Colm Meaney making BRILLIANT facial expressions at Daniel Craig cause he's a bit sheepish about not telling Craig earlier that he shot the guy he's looking for and popped him in his freezer. And there is A TEAM. And people are often HILARIOUSLY INCOMPETENT and Daniel Craig pretends he is James Bond (this is well before actually being cast as James Bond - thus EXTRA CLEVER META...or amusing coincidence, whatevs) and Colm Meaney. Who is lolarious, and thus should be mentioned twice. It is a very good film and everyone should see it and not hate on it. Yes. Good. Also, it does actually have layer cake in it at one point and cake is awesome.

  • AMAZING CASTING FOR UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. I knew Alex Kingston was going to be in the new series, but now there's also Emilia Fox. And Keeley Hawes was in it already, and basically it just looks brilliant and beautiful and I LOVE THIS SHOW. Even if they did cruelly and horridly say Richard was dead, lalalalla, lies.

  • Here is a lovely very early interview with JK Rowling. (In The Elephant House in Edinburgh. I've been there; it's alright.) Her book sold 30 000 copies, y'know! And it might be a movie one day.

  • Sometimes my country is makes me very happy - all the leaders of the political parties at Holyrood have united in supporting gay marriage in Scotland.

    Currently, you can have a civil union (which confers the same legal rights as marriage, though there's some consultation thingie going on which I think means same-sex civil marriage in the UK will be legal before the 2015 General Election if no-one fucks it up [as I understand it, the differences between civil union and civil marriage are in the technicalities of how it's performed and who it can be performed by]) but you can't get married in a church. The Kirk is divided on the matter (though last year, they became the first major Presbyterian Church to allow openly gay ministers, although they've had one in Aberdeen since 2009, Scott Rennie, and they've sort of said okay to gay clergy but it's not properly official and they're having another chat about the whole thing next's a bit confusing) with thousands threatening to leave if they support gay marriage, and thousands threatening to leave if they don't. But with such unified political support (and public support - the latest poll I can find puts it at 61% for with just 19% against) behind a change in the law, I'm hopeful they'll get on with it.

  • A twenty-year-old Jonathan Ross interview with Blake's 7 dudes He! I LOVE THEM. Gareth Thomas is BEAUTIFUL even though he has a very silly beard. And there's a topical political comment on the poll tax, heh. STOP LOOKING SO HAPPY ABOUT BLAKE DYING, GARETH THOMAS. It was HORRIBLE and Probably Didn't Happen.

  • In the world of Doctor Who action figures, I knew this was inevitable, but I still want to go OH FFS rather a lot. It's a Seeds of Doom set. The "oh ffs" is because that Krynoid figure is exactly the same as the Axon figure released a year or two ago. And I can't even be PROPERLY ANNOYED because of course they're not going to make a new figure when they could just use a mould they've already got. And WHY can they get away with that here? Because the bloody Krynoids were the Axon costumes repainted green. I don't say it often, because I almost never care, but CURSE YOUR CHEAPNESS, DOCTOR WHO. I really, really don't want to buy Yet Another Tom Baker with an alien that is THE SAME BLOODY ALIEN I already have. Also, curse my completist tendences, for they are strong.

    You do get a sword though. That's something.
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So this week's Torchwood (this week's for me being last week's in the UK...episode 7, there that's less convoluted) was a pleasant surprise and by pleasant surprise I mean not unrelentingly shit, merely not very good. spoilers, dudes )

I also watched some good telly, which was Page Eight, a low key British spy film. Like Spooks with all the overblown high octane explosiveness, guns, and violence removed. Which I mean in a good way (generally I like Spooks very much, but there are many occasions when the NAIL-BITING TENSION is more lolarious than anything else and I am in no way shocked that yet another of Our Heroes ends up dead and/or a traitor.)

It's got a fantastic cast, starring two of my favourite actors Billy Nighy and Rachel Weisz, with my favourite actress, Alice Krige, in a supporting role. And Micheal Gambon is KIND OF BRILLIANT in it, possibly because he has all the best lines and knows it.

Also, after Connie Willis' Hugo win I asked on Twitter for recs for her work, cause I hadn't read any (SHUSHT) and Remake arrived yesterday, which was kindly recced by several people. If I'd spent five seconds looking up WHAT IT WAS ABOUT, I'd never have bought it. A satire on Hollywood is so very much Not My Sort Of Thing, even if it is sci-fi. And that would have been a mistake, for the writing is Most Yayful, that kind of easy elegance where you sort of forget you're actually reading a book at all, so despite my misgivings I ended up really enjoying it and am looking forward to whatever book of hers deigns to turn up next. (Second-hand Amazon book buying, not the most reliable of services, yo.)

And when I finished it I may have spent an excessive amount of time on YouTube watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing.
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5 sequels (or continuations) you thought were better than the original.

1) The Revenge of Frankestein. As you may or may not know, dear flist, I love Peter Cushing e'er so slightly and am a bit of a fan of ye olde Hammer horror movies. One of my favourites is The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer's first colour movie, made in 1957, a massive global success and a brilliant movie. They followed it up the next year with Revenge and, amazingly, made it even better. Somehow Cushing is even more compelling, and the movie has an excitement and confidence to it that makes it a joy to watch. (I'd also say the fifth one, Frankestein Must Be Destroyed is better than the original; it's a much darker, crueller take on the good doctor.)

2) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I don't hate the first movie, I find it sort of...nice when it's on in the background and you're not really paying attention? But, omg, the second. There is nothing about it that does not fill me with glee: middle-aged superheroes, McCoy's birthday present, any scene with Saavik, the Kobayashi Maru, any scene with Khan, the submarine nebula fight, Chekov all "omg! Botany Bay", Scotty all emo over his dude that stayed at his post, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!", Kirk and Spock in engineering omg teh emo...not the eel creature thingies though. Those totally freaked me out as a kid, and I still can't watch those scenes.

3) The First Law Trilogy. A fantasy trilogy by Joe Abercrombie that I read earlier this year and was very "well, it's quite good, and I am enjoying it and do like the funny bits an awful lot" at the first book, and Abercrombie's first novel, The Blade Itself. And then it just got better and better, with much in the way of Exciting Plot Developments that were ridic fun to read, and many a character that it was a delight to spend time fictional people on the page. I wouldn't actually want to meet any of Abercrombie's characters, they are mostly awful. By the end, my only major complaint was a sad lack of female characters in prominient roles (the first book was particularly bad in this respect, but he got a bit better) and then he followed the trilogy with Best Served Cold, set in the same world, which turned out to be both my favourite of his novels so far and has a perfectly respectable number of women in it.

4) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Ah, Monkey Island, almighty king of the point 'n' click adventure game, how I love you, filled with wit and fun and trying puzzles of puzzleyness, and convincing me that when I grew up I wanted to be Governor Elaine Marley. Again, this is one where I loved the original like woah, and then the sequel just upped the plot, the puzzles, the, um, graphics (256 colours! amazings!), the funny and, omg, THE TERROR. When I was wee and LeChuck kept zapping me at the end I became half-convinced I really was being zapped through the mouse and my hand was in pain. Mostly though, while MI was an exciting and fun adventure game, MI2 was exciting and fun and EPIC. The puzzles intersecting and overlapping each other when you're searching for the map pieces remains one of my favourite bits of gaming of all time. Also nailing Stan in the coffin. Heh.

Okay, this is really annoying, cause now I've started to think about it, there are rather a few sequels I think are better. I shall just make a quick list or they'll be bouncing around in my head: Batman Returns, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead are both better than Night of the Living Dead probably cause Romero got even more pissed off at the world, The Four Musketeers mostly cause it's the second half of the novel and thus has all the pay-off, The Bride of Frankenstein, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Superman II, Terminator II...but the winner of the sequels, from this lot anyway is:

5) Aliens. Just better in ALL THE WAYS. Omg, Ripley, ilu. I also love Hicks, and Newt and Vasquez and that it generally bothers to let us get to know all the characters only to CRUELLY KILL THEM. And there are shiny explosions and scary, scary xenomorphs and tension of the pleasantly frightening variety. I like the SE best for it has the sentry guns scene.
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  • Re Star Wars poll: it's Return of the Jedi, obviously. But I was thrown into a pit of DOUBT and TERROR regarding this last week as I came across several instances of people saying something along the lines of "and this is why this thing is the worst, like Empire Strikes Back is obv the worst (original) SW movie." And there was no disagreement expressed. It happened three times, in three entirely different fannish places, thus I was distraught and confused and wondering if I had woken up in the wrong universe or if the UNIVERSE HAD LIED TO ME. Everyone knows RotJ is the worst one*, it's like rain is wet and bananas are yellow**, and then my only evidence for this that I could come up with was Scream, and probably it's not brilliant to base any knowledge on Scream, so I had to check. By LJ poll. Ahrrm.

  • These are things I think about Star Wars: Han shot first; Lando was in An Impossible Situation and trying to protect the thousands of people in the city rather than His Rebel Buddy was not thrillingly heroic but a sensibly pragmatic decision that I can't be judgey about; KotOR is best.

  • I do not know what to think about these. Doctor Who costume t-shirts. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS TAT? Why is there rubbish like this when I still have no Genesis Giant Clam playset, darnit. It's terrifying. I want one, and yet I know I'd never wear it, just look at it sometimes and be perplexed at its existence.

  • One more reason to love Bioware.

  • So, I feel I should be Incredibly Judgey at the new Three Musketeers movie after this, um, interesting trailer. And yet, no, I'm leaning towards magnificently absurd, and Milady is swordfighting. Also after that last Robin Hood movie, I remember saying I wanted to see Matthew MacFadyen (who, normally, I can't stand) do more comedy and his deadpan here made me lol even though it was A Well Cheap Joke. And Ray Stevenson's Porthos! That's smashing, that is.

    *I know not actually everyone, but it's a pretty solid majority opinion. According to the skience of my LJ poll, anyway, and what greater skience is there than that?

    **or green or brown or black, whatevs.
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So, in my head, I'm not that keen on the autumn months. It's cold and wet with no possibility of snow, and I'm under the impression that I hate that, which I do, if I have to go outside, but somehow I completely managed to forget how much I love it when there's a stormy wind and splattering of rain and the sky is ominously grey and I can sit inside, curled up with with a blanket and hot chocolate and a book. Which is what I did Friday afternoon and it was marvellous.

Then I bitched at the telly for showing a bunch of horror movies that were either Too Scary or Too Gross for me and actually said outloud "What, is it Halloween or something?" Unfortunately, I wasn't alone, thus, mocking. It's not my fault, dates are very tricky and fast swimming. I tried Saw IV, but no, when I'm occasionally glancing at the screen rather than occasionally glancing away, then it's clearly not My Sort of Horror. Eventually found Scream 3, which I hadn't seen before, and since I really enjoyed the first two - scary without freaking me out and v funny - I watched. Loads of love. May have loled at Carrie Fisher's cameo.

And now it's Halloween Proper and I'm HIDING. Sort of. I'm thinking that I'm hiding and may perhaps duck under a cushion should someone actually ring the blasted doorbell. Which is basically the same thing.

There was Merlin last night! Half I loved and half I spent bitching in my head about how, though I'm quite alright with where the characters are now and no longer thinking of Merlin as "that bloody idiot," I remain frustrated with the jerky nonsensical journey to this point, some spoilers, yo )
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Have just seen that new Robin Hood movie and fear I actually quite like it, and not even entirely because Eleanor of Aquitaine gets a decent supporting role (and it's Eileen Atkins too - she's pretty damn nifty). It looks a bit fantastic, some really gorgeous sets and costume, and Crowe's accent isn't as distracting as Costner's, and, obv, Alan Rickman fails to be the sheriff in it, but Matthew Macfadyen has few brief scenes in the part, and, when he's not being a right git, they're pretty lolarious. I mean that in a nice way; the humour's intentional.

Then there's Cate Blanchett, who's being Kind of Amazing. I love her Marian. I love how she snaps and curtsies and ploughs and shoots flaming arrows at looters. I can't think of a Marian I actually dislike (yah, not even the Beeb's) but she is probably my favourite of them all.

Liberties are taken with history, as you do, but generally I didn't mind (Isabella of Angouleme ain't twelve years old here, Philip II nicked off with great chunks of the Angevin Empire but never actually invaded England, the Magna Carta being negotiated at the beginning of John's reign rather than the end) though I did twitch a wee bit when the Magna Carta was referred to as a 'bill of rights'. On the bright side, the text was kinda judgey at Richard and how he thought it was an awesome plan to spend all his country's money on a war and then sod off to fight it for ten years. Cause that's good government.

And I failed to make any jokes about King John being an shapeshifting android. Very proud of self.
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Today I VERY ACCIDENTLY saw bits of the Ianto Jones Sherlock Holmes film. It wasn't my fault: Syfy AMBUSHED ME. (Also, Sci-fi changed to SyFy here too and oh it makes me sad, also less likely to watch their telly since I can't stand the horrid y-ness in the corner of the screen.) Anyway, to my surprise and horror, Ianto didn't appall me. I mean, he wasn't good, but he did manage to be rather amusingly awful. OMG THE HOLMES. Holmes was bad. Painfully, my poor eyes, no matter how many lols I might get out of this I really can't keep watching bad. It was very sad. I never found out how they saved the world, or even IF they saved the world; perhaps it had a cunning apocalyptic twist born of how STUPENDOUSLY AWFUL Holmes was. I did keep watching long enough to see poor Malcolm Reed dressed up as a Cyberman though. Oh, for the days when you were just taking orders from the least impressive captain Starfleet ever had the misfortune to commission.

I should go to bed but I just spotted that Film4 is showing The Vault of Horror in an hour. Yay, Amicus movies. It's got Tom Baker and Terry-Thomas in a lift to HELL.

Here are some lovely things fandom has made what I love:

Lullaby for a Stormy Night by [ profile] such_heights OMG GUYS. Beautiful, beautiful vid about wee Amelia.

Set My World In Motion by [ profile] beccatoria - River Song is cool. How cool? This vid will explain in awesome detail.

Irregulars by [ profile] lizbee - I am normally pretty meh at Martha/Mickey, but this was tots charming and huggable fic and I love it like, oh, my canon nao pie.

will you stay with me, will you be my love by [ profile] loneraven River/Doctor and sexy sex. Lots of sexy sex. It is most yayful and marvellously written.
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So, The Stonehenge Apocalpyse.

I watched this on the basis that after Doctor Who, more Stonehenge sci-fi shenanigans seemed like a good idea. And since the cast included Misha Collins, Torri Higginson and Peter Wingfield, obviously nothing could possibly go wrong.

Yes, well. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE. You will either be ridiculously gleeful and glad you listened and/or SHARE THE AWESOME PAIN. Features British Columbia Salisbury Plains and Genuine Fake English Accents!

A handy plot summary:
The Stonehenge Apocalypse! )

*movie does not contain Actual Dialogue from Stonehenge.
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Here are some lovely things:

  • What is the best idea for Jamie and Amy fanart that you can possibly think of? If you said swapping clothes you are correct. Also it is here and it is marvellous.

  • The One Facial Expression of Amy Pond. Obviously it is an ironic title because one of the best things about season five is the ridiculous amoung of awesome facial expressions that Amy has. It is a beautiful project of lolarious faces.

  • The Lion in Winter.

  • Eleventy Doctors! I am caught between Useless Annoyance that they bring out so many variations of the Doctors, charge ridic prices for some of them and now if you want an Eighth Doctor you have to buy the whole stupid big box of Doctors you already have but don't worry because Three's got another costume change, and OMG YAY ALL THE DOCTORS IN A BOX.
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So I saw Terminator Salvation and it wasn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. It wasn't good but it never reached the Oh Dear Me depths of T3. And lots of stuff blew up, in really cool ways, thus I was moderately entertained a lot of the time. The main problem was that it was all a bit pointless really. spoilers, yo )


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