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- I HAVE SEEN THE END OF FRINGE SEASON 2. It was awesome. I'm now Very Glad I'm so far behind because it is bringing me the MM DELICIOUS SCI-FI joy that is so horribly lacking in telly at the moment. The finale was just such lovely telly, and OH Leonard Nimoy finally gets like ACTUAL SCENES, that was great. I had been waiting for that for AGES. And if fandom does not have Olivia/Olivia fic I WILL CRY. Also, many, many points for Peter, which might've been my favourite episode of the year. It's so cool that despite knowing what happened and pretty much how it happened, actually seeing it play out is still compelling telly. Best moment: Nina losing her arm. You can see what's about to happen and know it's inevitable and it's still so aaarg, no, Nina! You're gonna lose an arm! And then she does.

Before the Awesome Season Finale, I got a bit bored though. SHOCKINGLY. First was the film noir ep which did have a couple of excellent Boyles and Astrid scenes, but I just don't enjoy the genre much, so taking away my LOVELY SCI-FI to give me a film noir pastiche is just getting no points. Unless it's TNG. Picard playing Dixon Hill is special somehow. Probably it's Patrick Stewart's fault.

The other ep was the one that was All About Peter, that had Peter in it all the time and mostly no-one else (though the cop was good, she can come back). Because I don't care about Peter. I mean he's perfectly fine as a part of them team and I just about remember not to think of him as Pacey anymore but OH a whole episode devoted to his ISSUES, whatevs.

In conclusion Olivia is amazing and would so be on My Team for any post-apocalyptic catastrophe.

- SFX is doing a Vry Srs Quiz Thingie to create The Fantasy Utimate Doctor Who Episode...shouldn't that be The Ultimate Fantasy Doctor Who Episode? Or doesn't it matter? Or does Ultimate Fantasy just make too many people think of sex and probably that's not what they had in mind... though really if we're doing an fantasy episode where we can bring people back from the dead, why can't we up the rating a bit while we're at it? And, having clicked through the thing, why can't I have Pip 'n' Jane write the script? They wouldn't blow the fictional budget, dammit.

Anyway, my actual point here, such as it is, is there isn't any option that says "well, basically, The Five Doctors." Cause that's the answer, right? I mean you'd probably want to adjust couple of things, get Hartnell in it, since they're letting you raise the dead (or have a time machine, that seems nice, but if I had a time machine, then I wouldn't be wasting time signing on deceased actors when I could be doing something really important, like recording Troughton eps), have Jamie with the Brig and Two, give them enough money for the Auton battle in the ruins rather than have Sarah sliding down a shallow incline, actually sign up Tom Baker...or maybe you'd want to swap out Doctors and companions and add in your own favourites, but, basically, it's The Five Doctors.

- I totally give them points for having Alpha Centauri as an option though.

- Oh, they've lost them: "What villain would it feature?" "Zodin the Terrible." The Terrible Zodin would like a word with your editor.

- On a completely different topic, you'll note that in the SFX poll, the Brig and River come under Recurring Characters, NOT COMPANIONS. Now, I'm not saying who's wrong and who's right, but when a magazine that thinks it's hilarious to mess with its front cover graphics month after month so it looks like they're called SEX says they're not companions, I think that's pretty authoritative.
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Apparently I haven't posted since last Saturday, thus I'm writing this post to make it look like I talk about things that AREN'T DOCTOR WHO. It is a lie, obviously. But I shall try to make it convincing.

- Eomer is played by Karl Urban. You may have known that. I found out yesterday and it is MAKING ME ARG mostly because WHAT?! AOS!McCoy is EOMER. DO NOT BE RIDIC. HAVE YOU SEEN EOMER'S SILLY HAIR?! My brain is stuck on that even though I'm familiar with both the concept of wigs and actors playing different parts.

- Fringe is back on the telly. I assume because TELLY HATES ME and wants to spoiler me EVEN MOAR. I'm still in the middle of season two, but have come to conclusion that though I like it very much, I'm not fannish about it. Also, still have trouble believing Pacey is like thirty or whatever.

- What I have been watching this week is, um, Andromeda. GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA. It took LESS THAN A SECOND to remember why I'm not Terribly Keen on this show, for at the beginning of each episode there is a quote from some book or philosopher or great leader in the Andromeda verse. Here's the first one:

"If the Commonwealth's High Guard had a weakness, it was this: its officers were too competent, too caring and too brave."

YOU SEE? Doesn't that just make you want the Commonwealth to DIE A HORRID DEATH? Well, it does. Hurrah! Unfortunately the most competent, most caring, most brave of its officers gets frozen in time with his AWESOME SHIP and then wakes up three hundred years later in the middle of an interstellar Dark Ages (which wins over Asimov's purely because, heh, women exist!) and decides to REBUILD THE United Federation of Planets COMMONWEALTH, and teach his new crew of MISFITS how to be BETTER, KINDER, BRAVER, MORE CARING PEOPLE. This is just as annoying as it sounds. On the bright side, I did think I'd hate everyone but turns out I only want two of the main cast to actually go jump out an airlock.

Possibly this raises the questions of why I'm watching it? I did catch a few episodes BACK IN THE DAY, but I've never seen it properly and THERE IS A SPACESHIP. IT FLIES THROUGH SPACE. Sometimes there are SPACE BATTLES. A half-decent spaceship will overcome QUITE A LOT OF PROBLEMS for me, and there is a DISTINCT LACK of telly at the moment that has spaceships.
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Anyone who mentioned My Little Pony anywhere where I could read about it during the last couple of months is now on The List. I may have watched some, or lots, and, um, well, yes. I couldn't sleep; it was accidently found on teh YouTubes. It's quite good. Or really good. And funny. And ridic adorable. There're wee educational bits that make me awfully happy, like what manticores and gryphons are. Also, there was a bunny stampede of stampeding bunnies.

Real telly keeps spoiling me for Fringe. Curse you, real telly. Am now on episode four of season two. Episode three made me flail with ickness, it was a very brief ickness and only lasted a second before it exploded, but still. It's been like a dozen episodes since it did that, my tolerance is low. Interwebs tell me there is going to be a fourth season; this is pleasing.

Also pleasing tellywise is April, omg, April, with ALL THE TELLY IN THE WORLD. Not only is beloved Doctor Who back on and after the amazingness of season five I'm more excited about New Who than I've been about it ever. For at the start of New Who, there was Teh Fear that it would be terrible, and there was also Teh Fear at the start of season five that Eleventy would fail somehow, but after last year being the best of New Who and one of the best seasons of them all (I mean, Victory of the Daleks was the cackest and I can still say it's better than Pyramids of Mars with a straight face*.) Here's a publicity still I hadn't seen before. HELLO HAT THING. Here's a confession: I didn't know what a Stetson was until that trailer.

I fear I've rambled - not only is Doctor Who back on but there is The Borgias, Camelot, and Game of Thrones starting this month. Any one of which I would be gleeful about and now there are three! Three historical/fantasy type thingies! The Borgias pilot may have leaked and I may have seen that and I may have thought it superb, even if the gits did spoiler ). Camelot has Eva Green, who I love, as Morgana Morgan and hopefully there'll will not be a right fuck-up there a la Merlin (still haven't seen the end of series three, due to disillusionment with what they'd done to my favourite character), however it's a Starz series and Chris Chibnall is writing for it, so my expectations are not vast, but I'm Exceptionally Cheap for that sort of thing, so. (I watched the whole of Spartacus Blood and Sand - I even enjoyed most of it. QUIT JUDGING ME.) And Game of Thrones! Looks smashing, I loved the first book and Lena Headey will probably repair some of the awfulness of what happened to Cersei's character in A Feast for Crows and make her shiny again.

*that was A Lie. It's not, and I can't. I just tried and I got this mental image of Sutekh glaring at me.
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There is NEW FRINGE on the telly and people are TALKING ABOUT FRINGE which I am going to do too, but mine is several years old alas:

blatherings and spoilers through to the end of season one )

Well, that's gotta be one of the best first seasons of a thing I've seen. So many good shows need a first year to settle properly before they get to the Proper Good, but this was all dead shiny and confident and awesome right out. Apart from the gore, am glad they stopped with that.


Jan. 12th, 2011 11:56 am
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I have a Fringe icon accidently. It is a LOLARIOUS JOKE, yay.

So, in the continuing Fringewatch:

- Fringe has decided to keep on with the being spiffy and, MARVELLOUSLY, lay off the gore. Should you not be watching due to the ridic gratuitous ickiness, it's managed to cut it out a lot from episode eight. Since then I haven't had to look away from the screen once. And last episode I watched had a Perfect Opportunity to go with gross stuff due to melty brains, but instead they stuck with Implying and Making It Look Like They'd Had A Really Big Sneeze And No Hanky. Which was nice.

some things about fringe, spoilers maybe through 112 )

fringe, yay

Jan. 9th, 2011 09:47 pm
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I have been watching Fringe. It is GREAT. I am a bit appalled I haven't watched it till now, but, on the other hand, that does mean I can just cheerfully watch ALL THE EPISODES IN THE WORLD for ages and ages.

This is what I don't like about Fringe:

a very short list, may be spoilers up to episode 107 )

This is what I do like about Fringe:

this is a longer list, may be spoilers up to 107 )

I would go look for LOVELY OLIVIA ICONS, but have Teh Fear of spoilers, woes.
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1. OMG THE EVENT. I love it very much. I quite liked it and was settling into quite liking it, especially since they seemed to have decided they should JUST STOP giving Blair Underwood and Laura Innes any scenes together, whatevs, but then it decided, no, no, you should LOVE THIS PROPERLY. Mostly what happened was they decided that characters who looked not entirely unlike caricatures should, in fact, be more like people. It was not omg!brilliant. It was nice. And pleasant and isn't it amazing how some telly can have plot and character at the same time and other telly is The Walking Dead? cut cause this goes on for a bit )

2. [ profile] rarelylynne and [ profile] taraoshea say LOVELY THINGS about Eleventy as part of a thing Tor is doing about all the Doctors.

3. Craig Ferguson's Doctor Who cold opening unbanned! Thus it can be seen on his latest show what has EXCITING ALEX KINGSTON GOODNESS.

4. I have watched FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of Fringe. So far my main reaction is to be QUITE GROSSED OUT.

5. The most exciting thing I learned today is that three dates make one of fruit and/or veg five-a-day. I thought it might be trick. Dates, you see, are pure deliciousness. They are sweeties, basically. Sweeties with all the properties of fruit, APPARENTLY. I find this Highly Suspicious.


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