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This week's episode made me SO HAPPY. For DEEP and MEANINGFUL reasons:

The Ghost of Harrenhal )
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All caught up on Game of Thrones, spoilers for first four episodes under the cut, and capslock and flail and all that sort of stuff:

more swordfighting pls )
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Today is MADE OF SUMMER. Mostly I've been outside reading (and working, hurrah, fixed laptop!) and lamenting the lack of Pimms in my vicinity.

OH HELLO NEW DOCTOR WHO ILU. I spy a Ben Browder and a Mr Weasley and LOVELY PONDS. I am determined not to be bitter re PONDS. We've had them longer than anyone else in New Who and most companions in Classic, BUT I REALLY LOVE THEM.

I don't love Westerns though. But I do quite like it when sciffy shows do Westerns - The Gunfighters, A Fistful of Datas, that episode of Red Dwarf that the Beeb have played so often the tape disintegrated, all good stuff.

Probably it's wrong to base my entire opinion of Elementary on Lucy Lui and her coat (ie the coat that the article's *not* about) but I really, really love that coat. And Lucy Lui. Also, I'm *pretty* sure Universal did that whole "set Sherlock Holmes in modern times" back in the forties. Where, yes, he fought Nazis. Though it is quite a similar costume. I suppose.

No, hang on, almost everything in the post made me think Elementary sounded pretty keen as well. Hurrah! My taste in telly is about more than nice coats!

There is only one Spartacus left this season. It's like the worst thing to ever happen in television ever. Last week was AMAZING. Some episodes I think, no, I am not ever going to love Illythia more, that is absurd, and then episodes like last week's happen and it's just OMG YES I AM ACTUALLY. spoilers for bloodiness )

But I think this is appearing on the telly instead, like it is trying to make me feel better by giving me another show with swords and stuff:

This is the best trailer. Cause it has Natalie Dormer in it. I know I said I love Lannisters best and I do, and Margaery is clearly far too competent and sane to get to be Queen anyway, but she's also Natalie Dormer so suddenly and magically She Is The Best Of Them.

And here is a picture of the whole universe. It's very beautful.
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I think all of these things are lovely:

1 - Lara Pulver has been cast as Irene Adler in Sherlock which is Most Awfully Pleasing. I love her. And that is based ENTIRELY on Robin Hood, the rubbish BBC tv series. She was the single really good thing about season three, and I also see she's going to be in the next season of Spooks, so it is a DOUBLE WIN.

2 - I keep being EVER MORE APPALLED at my fangirlishness at Nicolaj Coster-Waldau. I mean look at him being all lovely and enthusiastic and funny and stuff. I also feel like I'm cheating somehow because I care very little about Jaime in the books but I really don't want Bad Things to happen to him on the telly. And not just cause I can actually see how pretty he is. REALLY NOT JUST CAUSE OF THAT. There is a humour and charisma on the screen that is tots lacking in the prose for me. (And it's the other way round for Jon - book!Jon is my favourite dude and on the telly he is just too emoface and ho hum.)

3 - I am now going to talk about Thundercats a TINY BIT. They have rebooted my second most beloved cartoon* and naturally I was HORRIFIED for clearly this was all about Ruining My Childhood even more than those horrid He-man remakes, but no! As it turns out, despite the lack of the Greatest Of All Theme Tunes, it's pretty good. And they seem to have decided their core audience is, in fact, those people with fond childhood memories of a cartoon designed to sell toys.

cut for pilot spoilers )
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I finally finished A Dance With Dragons yesterday, which took about ages as around page 700 I realised that there were about 200 hundred pages to go and not really a lot had happened and, probably, since not a lot had happened in the first 700 pages, not a lot was going to happen in the last 200. So I had a quick peak at reviews online and, lo, yes, the main complaint seems to be Not A Lot Happens and that kind of killed my enthusiasm for finishing it.

I liked it, just was disappointed that it was a lot closer to AFFC than the first three. I can imagine being a heck of a lot more disappointed if I'd been waiting eleven years to see these dudes again, rather than just the one.

some spoilery type things what I thought )
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- Barbara Wright wears sensible shoes.

- Here are some words that I would be VERY HAPPY not to read again for a very, very long time: "russet" especially when applied to clothing, "fluted" especially when applied to architecture, and "hunkered down" when applied to anything at all. THESE ARE NOT INVISIBLE WORDS. If you're going to use them a lot in your book, they will be noticed, and they may become Extremely Irritating.

- I expect A Dance with Dragons in the post tomorrow. I have avoided ALL SPOILERS, yay. Have become e'er so slightly more fannish about it since I found out Natalie Dormer has been cast as Margaery Tyrell. SUDDENLY MARGAERY TYRELL IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE. I was a bit ho hum before just cause there were So Many Characters and I was most attached to the ones that had been there all along and bad things tended to happen to everyone so I wasn't going to be attaching myself to any of the new dudes for their inevitable suffering. But, unfortunately, Natalie Dormer is awesome, so, yeah.

- I have to Renew My Passport, which means I've got a Brand New Passport Photo. OH THE PAIN. Suddenly the one I've hated for the past ten years looks AWESOME.

- Have been watching lots of MUNCLE. SEASON ONE YOU ARE THE BEST OF THEM. And it has the shiniest of openings, with someone shooting at Napoleon and the glass cracking. I am a bit rubbish at even the best of episodes though, and spend a lot of time going "why is Illya not in this scene? You know what would make this scene better? Illya." Though I love the pilot and it has no Illya at all. It is quite winning cause though MUNCLE is not exactly the most progressive of telly (besides the American/Russian thing obv, yo) it does tend to try occasionally, and the pilot (made in '64) is basically having a go at the 1950s notion of what The Perfect American Woman should be (as I understand it from The Feminine Mystique, anyway), with a wife and mother getting pulled into An Exciting Spy Escapade and having an awesome time, realising she wants more than being a wife and mother and when she's captured and thinks she's going to die the thing she's most scared about is that her family won't ever be able to see her as a person outside of the wife and mother role.

- Robert Vaughn has a truly appalling French accent. But Napoleon did call Illya pussycat. And pulled a gun on a bunch of French policemen, before holding a woman hostage. "In no way do I represent American foreign policy," he says before racing away in the police car he's nicked. OH MUNCLE.
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So I caught up with Game of Thrones, and last week's definitely my favourite episode so far, mostly because it wasn't making me confused as to why Dany is my favourite character.

what I think of the telly show so far )
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  • I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I will not read spoilers. I did, however, read this article which did a smashing job of easing my spoiler craving whilst only revealing the most minor of things. Also the picture at the top makes me RIDIC HAPPY. HELLO TEAM!AWESOME.

    from the article linked above, not actually spoilery )

  • Tom Baker is doing Big Finish. One season of Leela-ness and one of Romana-ness. Guess which Romana. Am Quite Excited about Moar Four and Romana-ness but it does pale rather a lot compared to OMG IS IT 23RD APRIL YET?

  • I've now seen the first episodes of Camelot and The Borgias and the first fifteen minutes of Game of Thrones. Not that it's a competition for, ideally, I'd want all these shows on the telly for years to come, but Camelot is winning. The Borgias and Game of Thrones both look gorgeous, really spectacularly gorgeous, and Borgias has much wit and fun about it with Jeremy Irons thieving All The Scenes. (I can't say much about GoT really, Sean Bean's in it! He's always good! Arya made me yay for her thirty seconds!) But Camelot has one of my favourite actresses playing a character type I adore, thus I shall be well bitter when it gets cancelled first for American telly Never Goes My Way, woes.

  • During LJ outage, I procrastinated via Dragon Age 2. I tried to be villainous, I really did. And then I was horrible to Merrill and it was just awful, so I've stopped that now. DOOMED TO BE HEROIC IN FICTIONAL WORLDS. Alas.
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Anyone who mentioned My Little Pony anywhere where I could read about it during the last couple of months is now on The List. I may have watched some, or lots, and, um, well, yes. I couldn't sleep; it was accidently found on teh YouTubes. It's quite good. Or really good. And funny. And ridic adorable. There're wee educational bits that make me awfully happy, like what manticores and gryphons are. Also, there was a bunny stampede of stampeding bunnies.

Real telly keeps spoiling me for Fringe. Curse you, real telly. Am now on episode four of season two. Episode three made me flail with ickness, it was a very brief ickness and only lasted a second before it exploded, but still. It's been like a dozen episodes since it did that, my tolerance is low. Interwebs tell me there is going to be a fourth season; this is pleasing.

Also pleasing tellywise is April, omg, April, with ALL THE TELLY IN THE WORLD. Not only is beloved Doctor Who back on and after the amazingness of season five I'm more excited about New Who than I've been about it ever. For at the start of New Who, there was Teh Fear that it would be terrible, and there was also Teh Fear at the start of season five that Eleventy would fail somehow, but after last year being the best of New Who and one of the best seasons of them all (I mean, Victory of the Daleks was the cackest and I can still say it's better than Pyramids of Mars with a straight face*.) Here's a publicity still I hadn't seen before. HELLO HAT THING. Here's a confession: I didn't know what a Stetson was until that trailer.

I fear I've rambled - not only is Doctor Who back on but there is The Borgias, Camelot, and Game of Thrones starting this month. Any one of which I would be gleeful about and now there are three! Three historical/fantasy type thingies! The Borgias pilot may have leaked and I may have seen that and I may have thought it superb, even if the gits did spoiler ). Camelot has Eva Green, who I love, as Morgana Morgan and hopefully there'll will not be a right fuck-up there a la Merlin (still haven't seen the end of series three, due to disillusionment with what they'd done to my favourite character), however it's a Starz series and Chris Chibnall is writing for it, so my expectations are not vast, but I'm Exceptionally Cheap for that sort of thing, so. (I watched the whole of Spartacus Blood and Sand - I even enjoyed most of it. QUIT JUDGING ME.) And Game of Thrones! Looks smashing, I loved the first book and Lena Headey will probably repair some of the awfulness of what happened to Cersei's character in A Feast for Crows and make her shiny again.

*that was A Lie. It's not, and I can't. I just tried and I got this mental image of Sutekh glaring at me.


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