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- [ profile] festivids approaches! I'm quite excited cause I'm a bit keen on talking myself into signing up. I think I've done pretty well with vids this year. Eight of em! And I only actually hate one. And I feel I can say with Some Confidence that they've improved a bit since 2006. (I still use WMM though - cause while I like to pretend they'd clearly be So Much Better on any other program, everything else gives me headache with the computer getting all tetchy at tech stuff and I can't just dump any old avi file in and cut it up. And since my aims are restricted to Fun and Not Making Viewers Curse At The Three Minutes Or So They've Just Lost, WMM works out just fine. I ASSUME. I've had some v odd comments on YouTube though.)

- Gamingwise, I'm filled with both DREAD and OMG for there is now a release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic that one dark, insomniac-y night I may have preordered. Tis an MMORPG. And a sequel of sorts to KOTOR (beloved, KOTOR, that I adore and is perfect and Revan is a woman ffs) and KOTOR II (WTF? What kind of people think it is TOTALLY FINE to release a game when you haven't even FINISHED MAKING IT?!) Mostly I will probably get absurdly emo over any mention the new game has of KOTOR characters (it's set three hundred years after KOTOR and several thousand before the original movies, IIRC) because THEY'RE ALL DEAD, and I'm a bit scared it'll be really good, cause I don't do well with really good MMORPGs. By which I mean I forget about sleep and food and the non-pixellated world. Which is why slightly dull MMORPGs are best.

- The other game thing that would be awesome, were it not rubbish, is a Mass Effect movie. If you're going to make a ME movie, obviously it should be about femShep, for she is amazing. NOBODY wants to see a movie about maleShep* aka Yet Another Dude Saves The Universe. Dullnesses. Also although I'm told people do play maleShep in the game, I pretend not to believe it because I tried that once and lasted twenty minutes before I was bored of him. Partly that's because Male Space Captain is just not as interesting as Female Space Captain, and partly because Jennifer Hale's voiceover work is brilliant, whereas Mark Meer's is not.

*this may not be factually accurate.

- DOCTOR WHO. Would like to start an urban fannish myth that Moff was stuck for what to write about in the finale, put Inferno on and decided that the whole episode should be based on Nicholas Courtney's "and they were all wearing eyepatches" anecdote.

- Am very unbothered at the cancellation of Confidential (though I will miss the behind-the-scenes shenanigans gifs). And while I sympathise with people who did watch and enjoy it (there was a lovely anecdote in [ profile] doctoreleven about one person who watched it with their kid afterwards, so that they wouldn't be scared of the monsters), some of the vitriol directed at the BBC because of its cancellation is a bit disturbing. PERSPECTIVE, DAMMIT. I mean, a good chunk of The Doctor's Wife one was spent telling us about what people were having for lunch. WHAT? There is no way to spin that as quality programming.

- Anyone remember Totally Doctor Who? No? Me neither.

- All BBC cuts should be blamed on the Tories. They're the ones freezing the licence fee (which is effectively a cut, since it's being kept at the same level while inflation rises.) The lesson is, don't vote for Tories: they trample on nice things, like the Beeb and NHS and affordable university education.

- Telly shows me Merlin is coming back on tomorrow. I'm not watching it partly cause I still haven't seen the end of the last season but mostly cause I suspect I'll get really annoyed and I'd quite like to be in a good mood for LOVELY DOCTOR WHO. Yes. Good.

-The Office came back too. And I'm watching it again cause James Spader has joined that cast and I'm easy like that. He isn't even attractive in it and yet my reaction is still "yay, James Spader!" Must work on making shallowness more shallow.
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5 sequels (or continuations) you thought were better than the original.

1) The Revenge of Frankestein. As you may or may not know, dear flist, I love Peter Cushing e'er so slightly and am a bit of a fan of ye olde Hammer horror movies. One of my favourites is The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer's first colour movie, made in 1957, a massive global success and a brilliant movie. They followed it up the next year with Revenge and, amazingly, made it even better. Somehow Cushing is even more compelling, and the movie has an excitement and confidence to it that makes it a joy to watch. (I'd also say the fifth one, Frankestein Must Be Destroyed is better than the original; it's a much darker, crueller take on the good doctor.)

2) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I don't hate the first movie, I find it sort of...nice when it's on in the background and you're not really paying attention? But, omg, the second. There is nothing about it that does not fill me with glee: middle-aged superheroes, McCoy's birthday present, any scene with Saavik, the Kobayashi Maru, any scene with Khan, the submarine nebula fight, Chekov all "omg! Botany Bay", Scotty all emo over his dude that stayed at his post, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!", Kirk and Spock in engineering omg teh emo...not the eel creature thingies though. Those totally freaked me out as a kid, and I still can't watch those scenes.

3) The First Law Trilogy. A fantasy trilogy by Joe Abercrombie that I read earlier this year and was very "well, it's quite good, and I am enjoying it and do like the funny bits an awful lot" at the first book, and Abercrombie's first novel, The Blade Itself. And then it just got better and better, with much in the way of Exciting Plot Developments that were ridic fun to read, and many a character that it was a delight to spend time fictional people on the page. I wouldn't actually want to meet any of Abercrombie's characters, they are mostly awful. By the end, my only major complaint was a sad lack of female characters in prominient roles (the first book was particularly bad in this respect, but he got a bit better) and then he followed the trilogy with Best Served Cold, set in the same world, which turned out to be both my favourite of his novels so far and has a perfectly respectable number of women in it.

4) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Ah, Monkey Island, almighty king of the point 'n' click adventure game, how I love you, filled with wit and fun and trying puzzles of puzzleyness, and convincing me that when I grew up I wanted to be Governor Elaine Marley. Again, this is one where I loved the original like woah, and then the sequel just upped the plot, the puzzles, the, um, graphics (256 colours! amazings!), the funny and, omg, THE TERROR. When I was wee and LeChuck kept zapping me at the end I became half-convinced I really was being zapped through the mouse and my hand was in pain. Mostly though, while MI was an exciting and fun adventure game, MI2 was exciting and fun and EPIC. The puzzles intersecting and overlapping each other when you're searching for the map pieces remains one of my favourite bits of gaming of all time. Also nailing Stan in the coffin. Heh.

Okay, this is really annoying, cause now I've started to think about it, there are rather a few sequels I think are better. I shall just make a quick list or they'll be bouncing around in my head: Batman Returns, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead are both better than Night of the Living Dead probably cause Romero got even more pissed off at the world, The Four Musketeers mostly cause it's the second half of the novel and thus has all the pay-off, The Bride of Frankenstein, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Superman II, Terminator II...but the winner of the sequels, from this lot anyway is:

5) Aliens. Just better in ALL THE WAYS. Omg, Ripley, ilu. I also love Hicks, and Newt and Vasquez and that it generally bothers to let us get to know all the characters only to CRUELLY KILL THEM. And there are shiny explosions and scary, scary xenomorphs and tension of the pleasantly frightening variety. I like the SE best for it has the sentry guns scene.
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Post-nuclear war RPG games are SO MUCH LESS FUN after you've seen Threads. I tried REALLY HARD - well, thirty minutes - to play Fallout 3 but while a little bit of me was all "tralalaa, post-apocalyptic adventuring, trallalaa, ooh, Liam Neeson is my Dad?" there was a much louder bit going "NUCLEAR WAR ISN'T FUN. STOP TRYING TO HAVE FUN. NUCLEAR WAR. NUCLEAR WAR. NUCLEAR WAR." Yeah. Nice. Thanks, Threads. Again.

Here is a meme:

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

THIS GIF. Which I've nicked offa [ profile] jigglykat:

All morning when I have felt WOE, WOE UNTO ALL THE THINGS, I've flicked to it and, lo, it is still Ridic Cheering. Yes. Good.

Now if Character Options could just release a wee pirate!Amy to stand next to my wee Barbossa, that would be rocking. I love Barbossa, basically that is why I'm going to see The Next One.

AND THEN I got horribly spoilered for Doctor Who via Twitter and I WAS SAD. It is Highly Unlikely I'd've made it to next week's Doctor Who spoiler free (this being, y'know, the UK, where Doctor Who spoilers can be national news) but OH if I had, it would surely have been Quite Exciting like that time SPOILER managed to stop the SPOILER from SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. If you go to the official website said spoiler is there. With pikshurs and stuff.
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I'm not sure how many hours of the last three days I've spent playing Mass Effect 2, but it's a bad, bad number.

It was my sister's fault. I was being very good and saving ME2 for an appropriate long weekend where I could happily waste entire days playing the game without any need for feeling guilty about the fact I was neglecting silly things like food and sleep, but then she visited and somehow conversation touched on how she had finished ME2 and then proceeded to tell me how her game ended and there was hand-flapping from self at such spoilery talk. As well as feeling slightly appalled that somehow she'd managed to finish such a vast RPG when her reaction to Dragon Age was giving up because she got lost in a tower.

(I thought at first it was the Tower of Ishal, so at least she'd given the game a decent shot, but no, it was the Mage's Tower, when she was playing a mage. And when there was a map in the corner of the screen, showing exactly where you were. Unlike ME2 which seems to think maps are for LOSERS so it merely has a pointy arrow sometimes, which I found a bit hrrm, anyway...)

So, yes, Mass Effect 2. It was quite good. Micheal Sheen was in it. Which was weird. (Not as weird as that time he was a Soul Hunter in Babylon 5, but, y'know.) Also, there were NO LIFTS. Oh, how hated those lifts and their stupid music and they got rid of the HORRID MICROMACHINE thing that you kept landing in too.

Instead there was SCANNING and MINING. Because obviously when you're trying to save the galaxy from vast and cold alien intelligences what you really want to spend time doing is scanning planets for minerals so you can mine them and then expand the number of mining probes your ship can hold so you can do even MOAR MINING. That is so much more fun than shooting bad guys with cool looking guns.

On the bright side, there was a truly epic mission that I loved, as it cunningly managed to evoke Alien-like terror as you and your team wander around a deserted vessel and very obviously Something Is Wrong but you're not entirely sure what and tension is BEAUTIFULLY MANAGED so it's all very exciting build-up to when you're actually going to be attacked rather than being bored at walking around empty corridors.

spoilerisher stuff )

Oh, and there was a Scottish Engineer. He was great. There was Obligatory Mention of Haggis. But he did not mention the laws of physics, so I judge mildly. Also, much approval of alien dudes filking Gilbert and Sullivan.

Now there's all this extra content and shiny new missions, which obv are going to be left well alone and I'm going to have a nice proper meal and a good night's sleep and some fruit, like a proper person, yes. Good.
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- Have maybe been playing Mass Effect a ridiculous amount this week, and now Mass Effect 2 has arrived and I can't open it because I know how rubbish I am and "oh, just an hour's break" will turn into a six hour marathon. ME spoilers, yo )

- Am a bit ridiculously looking forward to this week's Who. The clips are a bit flaily. ELEVENTY MADE A NOISE THAT WAS BRILLIANT.

- There is awesome casting news for next season's SJA, as possibly everyone who cares knows Quite A Lot by now. I really should finish watching the third series. I saved it cause I expected EoT to be rub and wanted to end Ten!tiem with a non-rubbish Ten adventure, yes.

- though I admit my first though re Casting Spoiler was SJA casting spoiler )

- re same casting spoiler )

- I've got hayfever. I've not got antihistamines. This situation is Most Horrid. Sneezing fits are not of the good.

- [ profile] fan_eunice has been reviewing Eleventy episodes in vid form. They are great and Most Cheering.


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