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- It's a very sad moment when you just have to accept that Hartnell popping out of a Dalek is not going to work for your vid.

- I have FLU. I am in the Getting Better bit now where I can once again Interact with the world around me.

- I was at Gally. That was lovely. Mostly if I were going to write a con report it would be about the costume peoples. THEY WERE AMAZING. To be fair they are amazing every year but I think they're getting better AND BIGGER. Please do not let this trend reverse. Also there were Amys this year; they were SWARMS of Amys. It was both brilliant and frightening. I love Amy, but I do not fathom what's created such a passion for dressing as her. I talked to one very nice girl who had six different Amy costumes with her. THIS WAS AS NOTHING, said she, for her friend had twelve. TWELVE. There were also many Rivers, some had the smashing shoes of Time of Angels. And a healthy smattering of Davison companions. All this was very pleasing.

- And there was a completely different fem!Six costume as well as the spectacular dress fem!Six costume and really I just wanted a big panel of fem Doctors for them all to talk about how they design and transform and create and any other things that go into the thoughts required to make those costumes. In my head it is like VIDDING but with CLOTH.

- I was at Redemption BRIEFLY. It was going to be lovely except then there were all the charming flu symptoms and I had to go home. I was awfully pleased, as you can imagine. Please be imagining my OH-SO-PLEASED face now. It is an expression with much irritation etched in it, yes.

- Goodnight Dune exists.

- Oh, Outcasts, you had what was almost an actual good episode! But it is too late, for you are now on Sunday nights where nobody can see you. It's very sad. It wasn't that bad. It just desperately needed someone to rewrite all the words, a lot. (Even Sunday's ep, where the plot was managing to make me Really Properly Want To See What Happened Next kept having line after line of "did anyone read this outloud *before* they got on set?")

- In contrast, I'm almost embarrassed at how much I'm enjoying Mad Dogs. It's everything I hate about telly! Except it has good actors and a fun script and, apparently, those things can count for more than spaceships. On occasion. A very rare occasion. Hrrm.
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The BBC have made new sci-fi and put it on the telly. Episode one of Outcasts is on the iPlayer here, UK only, obv.

I enjoyed it muchly, despite it not being very good. Here are some things I thought:

spoilers, yo )
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  • I have Meglos aka The One Where The Villain is a Talking Cactus (no, really). There's a wee ten minute documentary about Jaqueline Hill in the extras and it is lovely and she is marvellous and there are pretty pictures. Like so:

  • Anne Hathaway is going to be Catwoman. CURSE YOU NOLAN. That is the ONE THING that would've got me to watch the third move. Not Anna Hathaway specifically, but Catwoman, played by anyone even halfway decent. I BET SHE DIES HORRIBLY. (I hate those movies, btw, I hate them more than the crap ones because at least the crap ones had some women in them who didn't get murdered also I am a bit suspicious of any Batman who isn't Adam West, plus relentless darkness masquerading as depth bores me silly.)

  • [ profile] ds9_rewatch A DS9 rewatch, hurrah! People will talk about DS9 and there will be shiny joy and I will try very hard to conceal my crazy love of Weyoun, yay. So you should join that. I mean you specifically. Yes, you.

  • Outcasts trailer!

    So excited! Omg, BBC making PROPER SCI-FI* that is not a HORRID REMAKE of something they did splendidly thirty years ago, yay. V V EXCITED.

    *Doctor Who is not Proper Sci-fi. It is in its own special category of magical shiny thing.


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