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5 sequels (or continuations) you thought were better than the original.

1) The Revenge of Frankestein. As you may or may not know, dear flist, I love Peter Cushing e'er so slightly and am a bit of a fan of ye olde Hammer horror movies. One of my favourites is The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer's first colour movie, made in 1957, a massive global success and a brilliant movie. They followed it up the next year with Revenge and, amazingly, made it even better. Somehow Cushing is even more compelling, and the movie has an excitement and confidence to it that makes it a joy to watch. (I'd also say the fifth one, Frankestein Must Be Destroyed is better than the original; it's a much darker, crueller take on the good doctor.)

2) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I don't hate the first movie, I find it sort of...nice when it's on in the background and you're not really paying attention? But, omg, the second. There is nothing about it that does not fill me with glee: middle-aged superheroes, McCoy's birthday present, any scene with Saavik, the Kobayashi Maru, any scene with Khan, the submarine nebula fight, Chekov all "omg! Botany Bay", Scotty all emo over his dude that stayed at his post, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!", Kirk and Spock in engineering omg teh emo...not the eel creature thingies though. Those totally freaked me out as a kid, and I still can't watch those scenes.

3) The First Law Trilogy. A fantasy trilogy by Joe Abercrombie that I read earlier this year and was very "well, it's quite good, and I am enjoying it and do like the funny bits an awful lot" at the first book, and Abercrombie's first novel, The Blade Itself. And then it just got better and better, with much in the way of Exciting Plot Developments that were ridic fun to read, and many a character that it was a delight to spend time fictional people on the page. I wouldn't actually want to meet any of Abercrombie's characters, they are mostly awful. By the end, my only major complaint was a sad lack of female characters in prominient roles (the first book was particularly bad in this respect, but he got a bit better) and then he followed the trilogy with Best Served Cold, set in the same world, which turned out to be both my favourite of his novels so far and has a perfectly respectable number of women in it.

4) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Ah, Monkey Island, almighty king of the point 'n' click adventure game, how I love you, filled with wit and fun and trying puzzles of puzzleyness, and convincing me that when I grew up I wanted to be Governor Elaine Marley. Again, this is one where I loved the original like woah, and then the sequel just upped the plot, the puzzles, the, um, graphics (256 colours! amazings!), the funny and, omg, THE TERROR. When I was wee and LeChuck kept zapping me at the end I became half-convinced I really was being zapped through the mouse and my hand was in pain. Mostly though, while MI was an exciting and fun adventure game, MI2 was exciting and fun and EPIC. The puzzles intersecting and overlapping each other when you're searching for the map pieces remains one of my favourite bits of gaming of all time. Also nailing Stan in the coffin. Heh.

Okay, this is really annoying, cause now I've started to think about it, there are rather a few sequels I think are better. I shall just make a quick list or they'll be bouncing around in my head: Batman Returns, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead are both better than Night of the Living Dead probably cause Romero got even more pissed off at the world, The Four Musketeers mostly cause it's the second half of the novel and thus has all the pay-off, The Bride of Frankenstein, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Superman II, Terminator II...but the winner of the sequels, from this lot anyway is:

5) Aliens. Just better in ALL THE WAYS. Omg, Ripley, ilu. I also love Hicks, and Newt and Vasquez and that it generally bothers to let us get to know all the characters only to CRUELLY KILL THEM. And there are shiny explosions and scary, scary xenomorphs and tension of the pleasantly frightening variety. I like the SE best for it has the sentry guns scene.
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I have been doing this meme SO WELL. That is how FULL OF JOY I am, anyway:

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

Due to skipping of like a week, here be more than one thing:

1 - PETER CUSHING'S HEAD. Omg. Someone has made Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin's head and it's so TERRIFYINGLY EERIE I kinda wonder if they built a time-machine instead, popped back and lopped it off. Except that's gross and surely if you had a time-machine the first thing you'd do is go back and rescue sixties Doctor Who? And I still haven't seen Marco Polo so that's UNPOSSIBLE.

2 - Anyone on teh flist who's posted about the new X-men movie as y'all seem to share my priorities, and there's only been GOOD THINGS SAID on the Magneto/Xavier front, so hurrah.

3 - PIRATES. I am going to see Pirates tonight and as My Expectations are basically the presence of Geoffrey Rush, and I know FOR A FACT he's in it, it'll probably be Not Too Shabby.

4 - This is a lovely post about all the things I like about The Almost People. Also there are pictures, LOVELY PICTURE GRAPHIC THINGIES, including a smashing one of my Very Favourite Thing about the episode.

6 - Doctor/TARDIS vid, omg, it are beautiful.

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  • "A very annoying idea has grown up that Hammer films were always made tongue-in-cheek, that they almost defined camp, in fact the opposite is the case, in the early days at least," says Mark Gatiss. QUITE. Ahem.

    Very much enjoyed the first episode of A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss, which focuses on Universal, its iconic monsters, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney, and there's a lovely section on James Whale, plus stuff right through to the end of the forties that was all shiny and new to me, but the second episode just makes me GIDDY WITH DELIGHT for lo, it's moved on to my most beloved of film eras, the Hammer horror films of the fifties and sixties - with a couple of detours to Roger Corman's work and Amicus - and mostly it is a (not uncritical) love letter to these splendid movies: the writing, the music, the cinematography, the glorious colour and gratuitous gore, the actors, and, naturally, this means lots of loveliness about that sublime chap, Peter Cushing. There's a clip of Cushing and Vincent Prince being interviewed together that is most happy-making, and a gorgeous, gorgeous bit with Gatiss detailing why Cushing's his favourite Hammer actor which put an utterly ridiculous grin on my face. Tis marvellous stuff.

  • Have preordered Dragon Age 2 in order to save money, because I know I will be buying every stupid add-on there is and at the moment there's an Exciting Offer on for preorders. Curse Bioware and its shiny gaming ways. Still saving the last DLC for Dragon Age because otherwise the Warden story will be OVER and there will be NOTHING NEW unless I really wanted to romance Zevran, which I don't.

  • The current Government is evil, and thanks to it I'm not allowing myself to watch the news at the moment because I generally end up having what one could probably accurately describe as "a tantrum." One of the many ways in which they are evil is their atrocious plans to deprive the BBC of monies. I love the BBC. It is one of the very few things that make me feel vaguely patriotic in a British way. (The other biggie is the NHS.) Here is a lovely, lovely song about how lovely the BBC is. How lovely is it? Very fucking lovely.
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I am rubbish at keeping up with this so here is two at once:

Day 25 – Favorite Who Actor

An easy one, hurrah! That would be this dude:

Not only is Peter Cushing my favourite Who actor, he is my favourite of all actors. I think he's bloody brilliant and endlessly watchable and utterly compelling onscreen. When he's good, he glows with warmth; when he's evil, he's terrifying. Nothing is not better with Cushing; he manages to raise the awesomeness of every single thing he's ever been in - and he's been in some right shit, but always manages to make his scenes shine. From his iconic roles as Van Helsing and Frankenstein to playing it straight in the most ridiculous get-up in Space: 1999 to having a quick cameo as a sea captain to add yet another spoonful of win in Dr Phibes Rises Again, the honesty and intensity and believability he brings to a part just makes me ridiculously happy. His Winston Smith in the Beeb's 1984 is just sublime in his humanity and the climax to Dracula (or The Horror of Dracula, should you be in the US) where he runs across the great banquet table, tears down the curtains to let the sunlight in before grabbing a pair of candlesticks to make a cross* as Dracula makes one last attempt to kill him before he crumbles into dust, oh, it is just brilliant.

And there was that time when he played the Doctor, yay.

*just like Rory in The Vampires of Venice, hence my fanon that Rory is a Hammer fan.

Day 26 – Favorite Who Actress

There are a ridiculous amount of actresses in New Who that I think are awesome (in classic, there're plenty that I think are pretty nifty in the show but I don't know much of their work outside Who, save Jean Marsh and Louise Jamieson); Lindsay Duncan's my favourite, thanks to her marvellous performance in Rome.

the other days of Who )
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1) Am currently watching Peter Cushing in Space 1999. He is in silver paint and a daft hat and yet still looks tots dignified.

2) My ankle. OH MY BLOODY ANKLE (disclamer: not actually covered in blood). I really don't see why eight-ish hours of not walking on it shouldn't fix it. Which it has had every day for like a week. I'm hobbling ffs. It's ridiculous. I can't see it as a Proper Injury so I feel a bit like Oh Look How Injured I Am Poor Wee Me with all the hobbling. But it hurts darnit. (And at one point I managed to convince myself I was tots making up that it was really hurting so tried running and, um, yes, that was stupid and there was falling. Common sense: not one of my stronger qualities. Ahem.)

3) Hobbling aside, it's the Not Being Able To Run just after I was actually managing to do it regularly that's really frustrating. Boo.

4) Have you voted in Home Team 2009 Matches? Contrary to much of me flist, I found it Ridic Easy to vote for all of them, save one. Scully vs Cuddy. I mean, it's Scully, obv, but I haven't watch X-Files regularly for ages and voting against Cuddy just seemed strange and wrong and there were Whole Seconds of Indecision there.

5) Mostly I'm appalled that CJ's currently losing to Bones and Wendy Watson's not winning hers. LOVE WENDY MOAR FANDOM.

6) If you haven't read [ profile] rawles's essay, about the importance of Uhura and Spock's relationship in STXI and representation of black women in the media, Uhura Is Not A White Girl, then you should go do that now.

7) Fic rec: [ profile] selenak's Clean-Up Operations - Johnson and Alice post-COE. Characterlicious like yummy yummy pie.

8) I was quite "okay, that's nice" about new Four audio stuff. But seeing this is definitely causing Teh Squee. I think it's the pic at the bottom. HELLO TOM BAKER!


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