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...I'm a bit in love with this programme (people pitch to multi-millionaire business people for investment in their business, much snarking and such happens). My sister's fault, she makes me watch reality telly and then I get sucked into it. And these idiot women who are asking for a £150 000 investment mucked up their maths in their presentation and then made the flippant remark, "Well, we are women." I shouted at the telly, but there was no need, hurrah! Debra Eden gave them a Look of Death and one of the guys ripped them to pieces for it. HAPPY FEELINGS.

In other exciting news, I have cunningly worked out the reason my CD ROM drive was pretending there was no disc was that it was a teeny wee bit dirty in there. Cleaning kit arrived and it now recognises that there are discs, hurrah! Still v hit and miss over whether it will actually play the bloody things though.

Anyways, Mark of the Rani arrived yesterday, v exciting, OT3 Time Lord goodness, yes. Sadly, I shouldn't have listened to the commentary track for, woe, it was bad (I think CB era people are so defensive about their two years that they tend to take it a bit too seriously, which is saddening. ) Colin, oh Colin, why do you say sentences which hurt my love for you? WHY? "Pip and Jane write very good words." Oh. OH DEAR ME.

Some Words of Pip and Jane

  • "A megabyte modem!"
  • "The tree won't hurt you!"
  • "I've had enough of this drivel." (or that line from Time and the Rani that some fans consider worryingly self-aware.)
  • "There's nothing you can do to prevent the catharis of spurious morality!"*
  • "Never mind the Sidney Carton heroics."
  • "How utterly evil!"
  • "Whoever's been dumped in there has been pulverised into fragments and sent floating into space, and in my book that's murder."

Also have put up some pics from the DVD in me Scrapbook here. (The other stuff in there is a couple of caps from City of Death and some Doctor/Romana wallpapers of various incarnations, which are all useable if ye wants or such.) There are some smashing Peri/Six pics which I have nae seen on the web and they are all decent quality, yes.

I love this pic muchly, yes )

* to be fair, I love that line, but not because it's good.
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So [ profile] dw_anon has maked it to Fandom Wank*.

I'm pretty much half-n-half with the meme, cause I've been trying to keep up with it and, heh, there are bits that are funny and nice and entertaining (no, for reals, there are), but there's some stuff that vicious enough to make me really uncomfortable reading it, as ye'd expect.

And someone 'outed' [ profile] teh_commune a place where a bunch of people sat about and chatted, got betas and wasted their time. Which was sad, cause now it is gone. And then the conspiracy mice were out in force. Clearly they were bored and/or really paranoid and completely wrong in everything they said.

Of course, that last sentence was A LIE. It was also a private comm, so, naturally, was Rife With Shady Intrigue. As the anon meme will inform you, we were the Sekrit Cabal of LJ Who Fandom and spent our days engaged in such activities as Plotting, Plottin' and Spinning the Big Whirly Wheel Thing to Decide What Was In and What Was Out In Fandom. We had plans, oh yes, vast huge plans to chuck out all those awful people we hated in fandom, though we could never quite decide who they were since the comm was made up of Doctor/Rose shippers, Doctor/Romana shippers, Doctor/Reinette shippers, Doctor/whoever shippers, gen fen and people who has very little to do with the fandom. ASEXUALISTS! Yes! We hated them! We were going to lock them all in a big cage and dangle it over Niagra Falls. That was the plan, dude.

Anyway, as someone in the meme correctly guessed, we randomly picked someone each week to love (Rose, Romana, Jamie, Turlough, whoever) and then acted confused whenever someone did not immediately jump on the bandwagon. Just before the comm closed, the big whirly wheel had landed on Mel, thus I present to you, Mel!Love. The poor dear needs it, yes.

Pease Pottage, Computers, High Pitch Screaming

Mel! Or, rather, that's Bonnie Langford. She is as pretty as a pixie.

The picspam continues... )

*if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, it's probably a good thing.
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Or, How I Got A Very, Very Late Birthday Present

It was so worth the wait though! Lookee:

That's just the empty box now, I've spent this afternoon assembling it (and I'm grateful that I'm now a grown-up and allowed to handle big scary scissors, because it was a real bitch to get out of the box) and the instructions were, naturally, as clear as mud and assembly was reliant upon Educated Guesswork, but it is a stunning, fabulous, gorgeous toy to behold when stuck together.

I am a bit sad for Ten though, as he has no Rose, yet.


The Toy TARDIS )

The last TARDIS playset was ma Christmas present in 1988 when I was a mere four years old. It's still in fairly good condition, the console still works (and it's awfully noisy - but only slightly less noisy than the new one, heh) but the assembled TARDIS has had the little cap for the light knocked off at some time in the last 18 years.

Back in time! )

And since I'm taking pictures, some random Who-ish things of goodness:

Other things! )

And that concludes today's picspam. I am now off to pretend I am not actually four years old and that I can be a Proper Grown-Up.


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