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So Nicholas Courtney died, and this made me sad. Then I went and looked at Brigly pictures, and found this somewhat cheering. Thus I share, as a tribute-like sort of thing to the Awesome Brigliness of Nicholas Courtney's Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Many Brigadiers of Nicholas Courtney )
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For the first challenge at the dead nifty idea that is [ profile] dw_picspam, First Meetings.

The Doctor and Romana first meet at the beginning of season sixteen, in The Ribos Operation, and it's quite possibly my favourite first meeting of any two characters in Who, though it does get a lot of competition from the Doctor and Harry's skipping game and Liz Shaw vs The Brig.

teh lovely lovely picspam )
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Aw, man, I'm starting to feel bad about all the mean things what I said about Delta (not, y'know, recently, but I did think it was sort of crap that one time I decided All Good Who was season seven, ahem). It's so much fun! With dancing! I'm prepared to put up with a lot of daft costumes and unconvincing alien babies covered in green facepaint when there's dancing involved.

Thus, here's a bit of a Delta picspam, cause it is dead good cheer, yes:

The Doctor Dances, a lot )
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This be picspam of My Most Favourite Doctor Who Story, The Time Monster. It is greatness. And by greatness, I mean cracktastic. But it is awesome crack. Sort of. Entertaining crack, anyway. And that is the important thing. YES IT IS.

The Time Monster (aka Kronos aka The Flappy Bird Thing)

onwards! )

Best. Story. Ever. Oh yes.
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For there were picspams of pilots/finales on my flist for the month of pilot/finale picspam at a comm what name I can't remember, here is a picspam of the pilot o ma lovely show. So, forty-five years ago, on a cold November evening, this was not on the telly. Cause it's the first pilot made. It's pretty much what was onscreen except Jackie Hill didnae fluff a line that time and the Doctor had better clothes and was a bit less of a git. He has an Evil Laugh moment in this one. Heh. But mostly Babs is awesome. It's her story; she's the proactive protagonist. I LOVE THE BABS SHOW QUITE A LOT. Ahem.

Anyway, here is A Lovely Picspam of the Doctor Who pilot, An Unearthly Child, part one:

onwards! )
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For I quite, quite adored the finale of Middleman, and while a lot of that was down to the stars being awesome and the script being nifty, there was a great deal of yay at the money they'd spent on the design of Palindrome Reversal Palindrome spoilers and picspam )
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Oh, Brain of Morbius, how I love you. Buckets of nostalgia. Buckets and buckets and buckets, so much I forget it's Bloody Hinchcliffe. Mostly cause of the brain in a jar. That talks. TALKING BRAIN INNA JAR.

Brain of Mooooorrrrbius! )

big stuff

May. 14th, 2008 10:53 pm
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In celebration of next week's Who in which there are spoiler from Christmas trailer ), here is a highly informative post, looking back over the years at same spoilerishness )

A Small Guide to Big Stuff on Who:

pikshurs of things made REALLY BIG )
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The really weird thing is how much I enjoy rewatching this year's episodes. It's doubly bizarre as I feel like I've made a horrible horrible mistake in getting the season one DVDs, even if the boxset was only twenty quid.

But, yes, pictures! From long, long ago, when Owen was still actually properly dead. For all of five minutes.

a heartwarming tale of dead people coming back to life and not eating the living, courtesy of BBC Wales )
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I certainly haven't taken a whole lot of gratuitious Martha caps OBVIOUSLY.

Here is Reset, with pictures. In colour.

Reset, pictorial )
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Despite being somewhere on The Other Side of the Planet where, so I'm told, Terminator rules, I still managed to see last week's TW the day after it was aired. In a limo. On the way to Disney. Oh yes.

Adam - some words )

TW: Adam - in pikshurs! No stolen souls, now guaranteed )
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I am a teeny bit behind with this, but not with the actual show, hurrahs. MARTHA. Yes. And now, let us never refer to this episode by its true name ever again. It shall henceforth be known as...stuff. Yes. Stuff.

Torchwood: Stuff - retold with pictures, now in colour! )
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To The Last Man: still an awfully likeable episode. Pleasant. Inoffensive.

Here are some nice piksurs o it.

TW: To The Last Man )
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In which I cunningly highlight all the really important bits of this week's TW because it would be TRAGIC if I were to actually do something less pointless with my Sunday evening, yes? I thought so.

With pictures! And blood! And TW not being insanely incompetent! Well done them.

What is this? Good-natured snarking? Camaraderie? Why, it's almost like these people can actually stand being in the same room as each other.

and then... )
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Yes, I'm bored. So here is what we have learned from this week's TW. For it was v edumacational and such, yes.

There are pictures to illustrate the V Important Points.

Torchwood now has the ability to mock itself for being crap and cliche. This has the time-honoured effect of making it so rubbish it is actually good. In order to demonstrate this important point, the show opens with a blowfish driving a sports car. And then we discover that the blowfish is on crack. Literally. It also obeys the traffic laws.

Kiss Kiss Bang bang Recap )
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Just lost a post being less than enthusiastic about the commentary track on The Sea Devils. This is probably a good thing as last time I was mean about a commentary track, the writer on it turned up on my LJ. Also, they've misspelled 'political' on the back the The Silurians case.

But, yes, new Who DVDs! Very exciting, especially as it's a triple-pack with two truly awesome stories and one Davison one, which, though not fabulous, does have a Davison commentary and those are always top notch.

So I spam you with pikshurs! Lovely, lovely pikshurs, yes. (There're more in me Scrapbook here should you wish to view or snag for lovely graphic making purposes, which I highly encourage, yes.)

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