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Still giddy from Doctor Who. I think about it a bit and I get a terrible urge to express my feelings via the medium of dance. Have thus far resisted since I can't imagine anything good could come of self's dancing attempts.

But in other news, more animated Who! The Reign of Terror is going to have its two missing episodes animated. My first thought was "WTF, why couldn't we have The Crusade instead?" then "Oooh, animated!Babs" then "heh, if they're animating this story, which nobody cares about* then maybe next time there'll be a full colour Marco Polo**, omg, yay!" So really, hurrah for more animated missing episodes and hurrah that the choice of episodes seems to suggest there will be Even Moar animated eps to come.

*Not, y'know, literally, just that fandom does not speak of this story with a great deal of love, or really speak about it very much at all.

**I don't actually ever expect a full colour Marco Polo cartoon.

And in other fandoms, I went to see the shiny new Pirates of the Caribean movie. IT WAS PLEASING TO ME. There were reasons for this that didn't involve Barbossa, but it was pretty much Barbossa. I also spent the first fifteen minutes trying to remember why the title sounded familiar, before giving up and looking it up online when I got home to discover On Stranger Tides, which the movie is based on, is also the basis for Monkey Island. And then I was a bit sad, cause much as I enjoy the PotC series it does mean there is like no chance of me every getting to see Zach Braff as Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate.

But, yes, pirates! Thoughts, such as they are:

spoilers, yo )
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Post-nuclear war RPG games are SO MUCH LESS FUN after you've seen Threads. I tried REALLY HARD - well, thirty minutes - to play Fallout 3 but while a little bit of me was all "tralalaa, post-apocalyptic adventuring, trallalaa, ooh, Liam Neeson is my Dad?" there was a much louder bit going "NUCLEAR WAR ISN'T FUN. STOP TRYING TO HAVE FUN. NUCLEAR WAR. NUCLEAR WAR. NUCLEAR WAR." Yeah. Nice. Thanks, Threads. Again.

Here is a meme:

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

THIS GIF. Which I've nicked offa [ profile] jigglykat:

All morning when I have felt WOE, WOE UNTO ALL THE THINGS, I've flicked to it and, lo, it is still Ridic Cheering. Yes. Good.

Now if Character Options could just release a wee pirate!Amy to stand next to my wee Barbossa, that would be rocking. I love Barbossa, basically that is why I'm going to see The Next One.

AND THEN I got horribly spoilered for Doctor Who via Twitter and I WAS SAD. It is Highly Unlikely I'd've made it to next week's Doctor Who spoiler free (this being, y'know, the UK, where Doctor Who spoilers can be national news) but OH if I had, it would surely have been Quite Exciting like that time SPOILER managed to stop the SPOILER from SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. If you go to the official website said spoiler is there. With pikshurs and stuff.
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So I was sort of vaguely aware of there being a new Pirates of the Caribbean film and thought "yay" for I am Quite Fond of Jack Sparrow, but "boo" for I knew there was no Elizabeth Swann and she is almost my favourite. NOBODY EVER MENTIONED THERE WAS GEOFFREY RUSH OMG THERE IS GEOFFREY RUSH. There is going to be shiny, shiny new Barbossa!

Mostly I'll be judging the movie on whether or not they kill off Barbossa. Again.

In other news, Mekhi Phifer has been cast in the new Torchwood. Mostly I know him from Lie To Me, where he was Quite Good. Also, he is hot. Which is nice, because, sadly, I was always going to watch new Torchwood anyway. Jane Espenson's writing for it! Surely that means at least one good episode?

And possibly I want to go rewatch season two of LotS, for [ profile] such_heights made an awesome Kara vid and OMG KARA. I forgot how much I adore her facial expressions! Also there are wee bits of Kara and Kahlen and such things make me happy, yes.


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