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Margaret Thatcher's dead. My Twitter feed is being pretty restrained, I think, which is nice. I ain't mourning her passing, she hurt so many people, she paved the way for the hurt so many people are suffering today as the poor continue to be demonised, but I can't celebrate anybody's death.

This is what I'll remember her for:

- Poll tax. Which formed the first political opinion I'm aware of having. I knew it was A Bad Thing, but didn't really understand why (I was very wee.)

- Milk-snatching.

- Sinking the Belgrano while it was retreating.

- Attacks on the unions, aka the people protecting workers' rights.

- 'Thatcherism' aka mass privatisation, financial deregulation, reducing income tax while increasing ones which would disproportionately affect those on lower incomes, aka fucking over the country, especially the working class.

As legacies ago, it's pretty shit.

Obama win!

Nov. 7th, 2012 04:40 am
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Hurrah! Obama still US President! Thanks, Americans.

V glad to see an all-time high for female Senators too, and the first openly gay Senator elected and those crazy men who think rape is A-OKAY defeated.

Going to bed now.

US Election

Nov. 7th, 2012 01:59 am
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I'm staying up to watch the US election. I have some wine. Currently, there's a very sensible American on the BBC live coverage saying "trickle down economics is bullshit". He didn't actually say bullshit, but that's what he meant.

I REALLY HOPE OBAMA WINS. He may be terribly right-wing but he doesn't seem to hate women, and the poor, and gay people.

No-one on the Beeb has yet said "Romney?! ROMNEY?! What the fuck?!" but they're totally thinking it. He would be regarded as a bit of crazy over here, to say the least.

"Everyone seems to be in a bar," says David Dimbleby. "We have editorial reasons for being in this place," says the reporter.

OH CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS. If you're Christian and hating on the poor, I know I'm not supposed to judge you but I do. QUITE A LOT. And apparently the economy is a moral issue.

As soon as Obama wins, I'm going to bed. I'm afraid I believe in America enough to think they don't hate themselves sufficiently to vote Romney in.
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This is the closest I've ever been to feeling fannish about Joss Whedon:

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I'd heard about Julia Gillard calling the Leader of the Opposition a misogynist but I only just got a chance to watch it. And, yeah, she's magnificent. It's not often I find myself tearing up over a political speech (shusht), but here Gillard is just amazing, and powerful, and right.

I don't follow Australian politics closely, I don't know what the successes and failures of Gillard's government have been, but I do know that is one hell of a speech. Well done, Australia.
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In a determined attempt to make there be less tabs open in my browser, I'm blogging about All The Stuff that's currently open as a result of "ooh, I should blog about that." Obviously, it's all brilliant, fascinating stuff:

  • The Thick of It is back on the telly! Having two whole British programmes on that I love is a novelty of delight. Also, there's lots and lots of Peter Mannion and the Opposition, who are now in fact part of the Coalition Government, but I keep forgetting to call them that. Whole episodes with neither Nicola Murray or Malcolm Tucker! And yet they are still wonderful. Here is a lovely clip where Malcolm uses Star Wars as a metaphor:

  • Dragon Age III is confirmed! Not very many details but enough to make me think there's going to be lots of armour for companions and more than three bloody dungeon maps. Not that I minded much at the time, but then I played Skyrim and understood the problem better. Which reminds me, I still haven't played ME3. Mostly cause I need my Perfect Game on a computer that still works for ME2. I have my Perfect Game in DA: I get to be Queen. Which means that ficwise, fandom tends to pander to me a lot. Which is nice. Still don't know what my Perfect Game in DA2 is. Mostly because one character lost his sense of humour and became a right crazy dude between appearances.

  • Scientists can take pictures that can discern between different types of atomic bonds which is pretty damned amazing.

  • This is not my drinks cabinet. I wish it was.

  • Here is a beautiful thing on Tumblr, and by beautiful I mean a crossover comic page between Doctor Who and Portal.

  • Nick Clegg apologised about fucking students over re tuition fees. And by apologised, I don't mean he apologised about breaking his party's promise not to raise tuition fees in England and Wales, but he apologised for making the fucking promise. Because our deputy Prime Minister is a twit. Then someone made a song out of it (it's currently at no 65 in the singles chart; Clegg has okayed it and requested profits got to charity). Which was on the national news. Here it is:

    Bet that's brightened yer afternoon. And, yes, he always looks that sad. I like to think it's cause he knows he's kind of destroyed his party. (Witness their collapsed vote in the Scottish and local elections, though I suppose the real test to most people's minds is the next General Election.)

  • There are some gorgeous pictures here of space, for they are the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012.

  • Daleks! A fantastic selection of Daleks that you can buy for only £3000 a pop! I especially like the incredibly stringent terms and conditions down the bottom of the page that basically say "stick it in your living room and talk about it, but do anything else with it and we'll sue you." Cheering.
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The Scottish Government have announced (at last!) that same-sex marriage is to be legalised in Scotland.
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Local council elections! The second dullest of all UK elections! But never mind for the results are pretty cheering and make me feel a wee bit happier knowing that the country has, in fact, noticed the sheer shitness of the Coalition. (Though London still seems to want Boris as their mayor, I DON'T EVEN KNOW.)

Across the UK the Tories and Lib Dems lost over 700 councillors while Labour gained over 800. Marvellously, the fucking BNP lost all 6 of theirs, while fucking UKIP didn't make any gains (and Gawain Towler, a UKIP spokeperson, called Baroness Warsi a "bitch" on Twitter, because that is just how classy, anti-misogynist and politically savvy his party are.)

Lib Dem results are appalling - I almost feel sorry for them, except then I remember what they voted for in Parliament - with their worst result in a local election for twenty years, and in Scotland they managed to lose over half of their councillors (I imagine the Nick Clegg Looking Sad tumblr will be getting plenty of new material). Hilariously - well, to me, anyway - the Lib Dems, who stand in all 181 council area across the country now have 431 councillors altogether, while the SNP, who only stand in the 32 Scottish council areas, have 424.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the SNP and Labour made gains of 57 and 58 respectively. I think it's decent enough for the SNP, they already had the highest number of councillors, and they're the party in office, but they were hoping for gains over Labour, which failed to materialise.

Best of all, there's Professor Pongoo the penguin, who failed to win his Edinburgh ward, but managed to beat the Lib Dem candidate. All hail the giant talking bird!
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I should really stop being surprised about Horrendously Fucked-Up Things Concerning Women's Rights in the US, but for health insurance BEING A WOMAN WAS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION WTF? Insurance companies could charge women up to 50% more than men for their premiums FOR BEING A WOMAN?! I mean, I pay some attention to American politics and I'd no idea about that until now, so at least my anger is tempered by the knowledge that it's no longer the case, yay Affordable Health Care Act. It's nice that when someone asks "what has Obama done for you?" half of the country can now say getting rid of this fuck-witted bullshit sexist law.

I was going to go and watch Pointless now, but it seems not to be on today, so I can just go read more political things and flail ineffectually at the computer instead. THAT SHOULD BE FUN.
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So I've been trying to ignore the Republican Presidential candidate race because it's so incredibly depressing. About half of America is going to vote for one of these awful, awful people, and that's just...fucking hell, it's just shit. It's really, really shit that the richest and most powerful country in the world has so many people that hate women, gay people and the poor. And it doesn't seem to ever get less shocking or upsetting to me. I'm reading the BBC's very, very brief rundown of all the candidates and I hate them all (though Huntsman slightly less than the others). They are terrible people, and it's absurd that in a country of over 300 million one of them is going to be the representative for about half the people.

They call themselves conservatives, but they're not, the Democrats are conservatives (and even they are *very* conservative - to compare, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party? A 33 year old lesbian who supports gay marriage) - Republicans are just appalling people whose beliefs are based on hate, fear and ignorance, and a lack of respect for freedom and choice and differences. And people listen to them, and believe them and support them and it's bloody awful.


Isn't ranting about stuff supposed to make you feel better? I don't feel any better.

At least there are lots of people being loudly furious at Rush Limbaugh, that's something.
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Doing a sample of the British Citizienship Test out of morbid curiosity (I think it's an absurd condition of citizienship) and got stuck on this one, due to lols:

What are the two key features of the civil service?
A. Neutrality
B. Favouritism
C. Efficiency
D. Professionalism

But it's questions like this that really reassure me it's fucked up:

How many people of the United Kingdom live in Scotland in 2001?
A. 8%
B. 10%
C. 9%
D. 7%

Not only did I get this wrong, but it's about five minutes later and I can't remember what the right answer is, because that is how very important it is to know this in order to be Suitably British.

And then there's stuff like:

Women faced discrimination before 1980s in the workplace.
A. True
B. False

Which implies that women don't face discrimiantion in the workplace now ffs.

This is the sort of questions I'd ask, if I thought there should be a test, which I don't:

Who is the best Doctor Who?
A. Patrick Troughton
B. Tom Baker
C. David Tennant
D. Matt Smith

Preferred soap?

A. Easties
B. Corrie
C. Other
D. They're all rubbish

The NHS is the single greatest thing the UK has actually managed to do and should be protected from any fucked-up Government, such as the Condem gits, from destroying it:

A. True.
B. Fuck, yes.

Obviously I'd be somewhat biased in favour of anyone who said The Trought, as is only right, but basically all answers would be correct, thus rendering test appropriately pointless.

Which reminds me, Elizabeth Blackwell was a pointless answer on Pointless, wtf? Obv thrilled at getting pointless answer, but still well judgey at that. More people please be knowing her name, thank you.
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It is FEBRUARY which seems awful but I'm not minding that much since that brings us CLOSER TO SPRING and Spring means Less Cold and I am Ridic In Favour of Less Cold.

Here are some things that have been making me go yay a bit:

  • Layer Cake. Not actual layer cake - though, being cake, I also approve of that - but the film Layer Cake. IT IS AMAZING. And has lots of things I normally hate in films (like being about The Criminal Underground and only having women as love interests, and guns and gangsters and stuff like that) but it also has Colm Meaney making BRILLIANT facial expressions at Daniel Craig cause he's a bit sheepish about not telling Craig earlier that he shot the guy he's looking for and popped him in his freezer. And there is A TEAM. And people are often HILARIOUSLY INCOMPETENT and Daniel Craig pretends he is James Bond (this is well before actually being cast as James Bond - thus EXTRA CLEVER META...or amusing coincidence, whatevs) and Colm Meaney. Who is lolarious, and thus should be mentioned twice. It is a very good film and everyone should see it and not hate on it. Yes. Good. Also, it does actually have layer cake in it at one point and cake is awesome.

  • AMAZING CASTING FOR UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. I knew Alex Kingston was going to be in the new series, but now there's also Emilia Fox. And Keeley Hawes was in it already, and basically it just looks brilliant and beautiful and I LOVE THIS SHOW. Even if they did cruelly and horridly say Richard was dead, lalalalla, lies.

  • Here is a lovely very early interview with JK Rowling. (In The Elephant House in Edinburgh. I've been there; it's alright.) Her book sold 30 000 copies, y'know! And it might be a movie one day.

  • Sometimes my country is makes me very happy - all the leaders of the political parties at Holyrood have united in supporting gay marriage in Scotland.

    Currently, you can have a civil union (which confers the same legal rights as marriage, though there's some consultation thingie going on which I think means same-sex civil marriage in the UK will be legal before the 2015 General Election if no-one fucks it up [as I understand it, the differences between civil union and civil marriage are in the technicalities of how it's performed and who it can be performed by]) but you can't get married in a church. The Kirk is divided on the matter (though last year, they became the first major Presbyterian Church to allow openly gay ministers, although they've had one in Aberdeen since 2009, Scott Rennie, and they've sort of said okay to gay clergy but it's not properly official and they're having another chat about the whole thing next's a bit confusing) with thousands threatening to leave if they support gay marriage, and thousands threatening to leave if they don't. But with such unified political support (and public support - the latest poll I can find puts it at 61% for with just 19% against) behind a change in the law, I'm hopeful they'll get on with it.

  • A twenty-year-old Jonathan Ross interview with Blake's 7 dudes He! I LOVE THEM. Gareth Thomas is BEAUTIFUL even though he has a very silly beard. And there's a topical political comment on the poll tax, heh. STOP LOOKING SO HAPPY ABOUT BLAKE DYING, GARETH THOMAS. It was HORRIBLE and Probably Didn't Happen.

  • In the world of Doctor Who action figures, I knew this was inevitable, but I still want to go OH FFS rather a lot. It's a Seeds of Doom set. The "oh ffs" is because that Krynoid figure is exactly the same as the Axon figure released a year or two ago. And I can't even be PROPERLY ANNOYED because of course they're not going to make a new figure when they could just use a mould they've already got. And WHY can they get away with that here? Because the bloody Krynoids were the Axon costumes repainted green. I don't say it often, because I almost never care, but CURSE YOUR CHEAPNESS, DOCTOR WHO. I really, really don't want to buy Yet Another Tom Baker with an alien that is THE SAME BLOODY ALIEN I already have. Also, curse my completist tendences, for they are strong.

    You do get a sword though. That's something.
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My Read 50 Books yearly challenge thingie has got off to a RUBBISH start, cause the second book I picked up this year is a slightly dense history that claims it is for lay-people as well as actual history people but I HAVE MY DOUBTS. It's lucky it's about something I'm dead keen on, as otherwise I'd be so easy to give up since it takes about AN HOUR to read a page.

It's about LOVELY SCOTLAND. From the end of the Roman Iron Age to the end of the eighth century and so far it's been mostly, "well we don't REALLY KNOW what was happening, here are some BEAUTIFULLY REASONED POSSIBILITIES," which I quite love. The earliest woman mentioned in Scottish history is the wife of a tribe leader (except I'm not supposed to say tribe for some reason, but civitas instead, I forget the distinction - it's nice learning things, but this book is so full of THINGS I'm forgetting as much as I remember, probs more) who socialised with Emperor Septimius Severus' wife, Julia Domna, and was very witty. It's probably made up, but never mind.

And then Severus died. But that was while he was back in more southern Roman Britain and nothing to do with Scotland.

The most important thing is that there were these dudes called the Maiatai, who I'd never heard of before, but they lived in Scotland and they sound like a cocktail. So I think there should be a cocktail named after them.

Also there is something of a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS going on. Not in Roman times, but now. Sadly, I really like constitutional crises but only when they are In The Past, not when they are Right Now and about stuff I give a fuck about. I kept trying to write a post but mostly it went "fucking Tories, fucking, fuck-witted Tories." (Remember, these are the people who want to cut benefits to disabled children and cancer sufferers whilst letting Vodaphone off £8 billion in tax.) Here is what I managed with the least swears possible:

So the SNP want to have a referendum on Scottish independence. Since they won the last election you'd think they have a mandate to do that, but no! Westminister says that they may not have the legal authority to run a referendum, since that is not a devolved power. So the fucking Tories are saying "well, we could temporarily devolve the power" but we want control of when the referendum is, and to make it sooner rather than later, because if the SNP don't have any time to campaign, it's much more likely people will support the status quo.

Naturally, since the SNP won the fucking election, they feel that they can and should get to set the time of their referendum and the Tories should fuck off out of Scottish matters, since we vote for fuck-all Tories. Tories who, at the time of that election, failed to say anything like "oh, btw, nationalists, the foundation upon which your party is formed cannot be realised even if you win an absolute majority in a Parliment whose voting system is designed to prevent That Sort Of Thing, unless our Westminister colleages get to decide How Things Are Done." Cause if they'd said anything like that, perhaps they'd have got no MSPs at all instead of the 15 they have now. And only two of them got in via FTTP, that voting system the fucking Tories love so much.

In conclusion, I feel the Tories should fuck-off and let the Scottish Parliament get on with it. They're probably not going to win it anyway (hence murmurs of a second question of 'devolution max', or devolving further powers to Holyrood), and if the Tories think their interference is doing anything but reinforcing the general Scottish attitude towards their fucked-up party, they're wrong.

And, yeah, I support independence. I still voted SNP under Labour, but I was ambivalent about independence, but seeing just how fucked-up the Tories are in government has changed my mind to outright support. The only reason Scotland's education and NHS aren't as fucked-up as England's are devolution in general and the SNP in particular, and while it's possible we'd be a poorer nation on our own, I believe we'd be a fairer one.

One nice thing: in all the reporting of what's going on, it's rather heartening to see so many women at the top of Scottish politics: the Tories are led by Ruth Davidson (succeeding Annabel Goldie), Labour's new Scottish leader is Johann Lamont (previously deputy leader) and the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon is our Deputy First Minister.

One sort of hilarious thing: so the history of Scotland goes a bit like this: "fuck-up, fuck-up, fuck-up, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory." It is epic. This is why we still sing about Bannockburn 700 years later - that was an Proper Win, and those don't happen very often. Anyway, the reason that Scotland isn't independent, as I understand it and roughly speaking, is because at the beginning of the 18th century all our nobles had an AWESOME PLAN: they wanted Scotland to become a great trading nation like England and France and Spain and the Netherlands. So they invested ALL THEIR MONEY into a FOOLPROOF scheme to start a colony in Panama and nothing could possiby go wrong.

All the things went wrong: the leaders were rubbish, no-one wanted to trade anything and there were various epidemics, and practically all of Scotland's nobles went bankrupt. Then the Scottish and English governments got chatting about unification again, and England went and put a load of troops on the southern border to hint that maybe they would like this attempt to unify the two countries to work really well (it'd been tried unsuccessfully several times already in the 17th century) and the nobles and landowners were, like, fine then, cause, heh, they'd already lost all they're money, it wasn't like things could get any worse. For them, obviously. And England had lovely money. Or, as Robert Burns put it, ""We are bought and sold for English gold. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation." It was not the most popular move ever amongst the general population."

This looks like quite a long post. I must've been feeling v ranty. Less so now though. Hurrah! Out of my system! And if I want it back, I can always go watch Question Time.
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This post is all about Scottish politics, which is TERRIBLY INTERESTING, to me, anyway.

So in May there was the Scottish election, where the lovely SNP managed to win an overall majority in a voting system that was designed not to allow any one party an overall majority. And that was great. And I stayed up all night watching the election results roll in and cheering and stuff. In the wake of that, the leaders of Labour (Iain Gray, a most aptly named man) and the Tories (Annabel Goldie, who, annoyingly, I sort of respect despite despising her Tory ways) north of the border resigned, cause however they tried to spin it, it was a bit of a disaster for them and current political thought is disaster at the ballot box means falling on your sword.

Now both parties have had a bit of a restructure so that the Scottish party leader isn't just the leader of the dudes in Holyrood, but leader of all their Scottish dudes. (I've no idea what that means in practical terms other than MPs and MEPs as well as MSPs can now stand to be Scottish party leader.) And the Tories have elected their new Scottish leader, Ruth Davidson, who's 32 years-old, gay, and opposes more powers for the Scottish Parliament. I know nothing else about her, which seems fair enough because she was only elected to Parliament in May. SIX MONTHS, and now she's leader. Though to be fair to the 3000 or so Scottish Tory members whose fault this is, it's not like there are a lot of Tory MSPs to choose from, and the frontrunners were Ruth Davidson, or the former deputy whose awesome plan was to get rid of the Scottish Tory party and start a new centre-right party because what every Tory really wants to hear is not that things are pretty bad and we'll make em better somehow, but that things are completely shit, will not be getting any less shit ever, and the only option is to kill the party and start again because that is how much Scotland hates Tories.

(Things could be worse: they could be the Lib Dems, who despite the top notch advantage of Not Being Tories, still managed to drop from third to fourth party in Holyrood at the May election. I WONDER WHY.)

Meanwhile, the Labour dudes are now set to elect their new leader, with a choice between:

Tom Harris MP - Labour's nominations didn't get off to a swimming start because the first guy to stand is an MP and the MSPs were kind of big on saying they didn't want an MP as leader. And I can see the leader of the Scottish Labour Party not being in the Scottish Parliament as a wee bit of a political weakness. On the bright side, I used to follow him on Twitter because he's expressed some sensible views on laws relating to Internet freedom. Also, he's a big Doctor Who fan. Possibly I should try not to let such things influence my views on politicians, but look at his Twitter.

Ken MacIntosh MSP - who I know nothing about, but that's okay, at least I can remember his name, unlike Ed Miliband.

Johann Lamont MSP - deputy Scottish leader and who I want to win. She talks a lot of good stuff about social and economic equality, and I believe that she means it. She's vocal about violence against women, and she appears to have a healthy hate for Thatcher's policies, always a plus.
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This is quite good: there's going to be a change to British succession law so women have equal rights to men in inheriting the Crown. I'm pleased cause if we're going to have a monarchy, then it'd be quite nice if it wasn't fundamentally sexist, and since a big part of the modern monarchy is symbolism, it's nice for the symbol to not discriminate against women.

(Regarding the monarchy, I waver: I'm either a reluctant republican or a reluctant monarchist. Things that really piss me off - though there're clearly way more important things than these- are the bloody national anthem, and the Oath of Allegiance, and the *whinging* from certain MPs when republican MPs say they object to the thing before they say it. On the other hand, having a part of government, even one with mostly symbolic power, relatively shielded from both political and capitalist interests is kind of reassuring.)

I do cynically believe that a part of this is Cameron trying to convince voters he's not a sexist twit so instead of, I dunno, not having women shoulder most of the effect of the cuts or doing something constructive about the wage gap, he's made a real difference for one woman a generation and whether or not she gets to be a queen or a princess. Progress!

Despite that, I am glad of the change, and it's kind of exciting in a legal history sense cause it means changes to some big stuff, like the Bill of Rights and the Settlement Act, and setting aside three hundred years of law and precedent. They're also changing the law so that the monarch can now marry a Roman Catholic (which was prev ridic because it's not like they couldn't marry anyone of any other faith) though they still cannot be a Roman Catholic themselves.
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Stayed up all night to watch the Scottish election results and it was So Worth It. The Scottish National Party have won, with an overall majority in a Parliament with a voting system that was designed to not actually return overall majorities. No other party has managed this since the Scottish parliament was re-established in 1999.

(Scotland has four main parties, though it's certainly more two party at the moment. The big ones are the SNP and Labour on the left (SNP more so, but still social democrats rather than socialist), while the Tories are the right and Lib Dems are...wherever the dickens they currently are. There are 129 MSPs, 73 elected by FPTP from constituencies, and 56 from eight regions via additional member lists, which are meant to even party numbers out in proportion to the vote. The more FPTP MSP's a party gains, the harder it is to get MSPs via the list.)

Labour lost 20 seats in FPTP, the SNP gained 32, mostly from Labour, but also from the Tories and Lib Dems. The Lib Dem vote in Scotland has been pretty much annihilated. (The only FPTP seats they won are Orkney and Shetland - and the day they don't win there is the day those islands are inhabited only by puffins - and managed just a futher two seats on the list - they've gone from 27 to 4 MSPs, worse even than the Tories' 11.)

Most of the collapsed Lib Dem vote went to the SNP, but they were taking chunks from Labour and the Tories too. In the seats they didn't win, the incumbent's majority was slashed. Out of 73 FPTP seats, the SNP won 53. Seeing the Glasgow results come in especially, Labour's heartland, and seat after seat fall to the SNP was pretty epic. And in the Labour leader's constituency, his majority has been reduced to just 151.

Even on the list, because of the extraordinary number of votes the SNP gained there, and despite their overwhelming win in FPTP, they still only gained two seats less than Labour.

Just to put this in context Labour has been the party of Scotland for almost a century. Scots have always voted Labour in at Westminister and Holyrood, until 2007 when we gave the SNP the narrowest of victories. They became the largest party in Holyrood by a single seat and have been running a minority government for the past four years. It's a testament to the success of that government that Scotland's not only reelected the SNP, but reelected them with this landslide result.

(Undoubtedly the Lib Dem mess helped, [without it, I imagine the SNP would still have won though not so thoroughly] but their share of the vote went to the SNP, not Labour. So I wish Labour would stop using it as an excuse. Yes, it collapsed, but why didn't you take it?)

Here's the map; look at all that lovely yellow. Sadly, I'm in that large blue splotch on the left. Alas.

Labour did manage to take a Tory constituency, and I cheered. And I am sorry to see the Lib Dems fall to the fourth party in Scotland. But seeing the SNP win, seeing the non-evil actually quite good lot win so overwhelmingly has been bloody brilliant. Well done, Scotland.

ETA: Two of the lists haven't been declared yet, so parties may pick up more dudes.
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  • This is probably going to be the only time I mention the royal wedding as if I start talking about it, I'll be in a lovely mood full of anger and disgust in about thirty seconds; I did, however, lol at this.

  • GEEKY WEDDING CAKES. Both these links come courtesy of spendng A Bit Too Much Time on Twitter today, oh well. These cakes were making me slightly arg cause I was "omg, am I really going to pick the Klingon one, noes!" (there're little Birds of Prey! And a Daqtagh dagger for cutting it!) But then the Ghostbusters one appeared, hurrah! And, frankly, it probably wins even over number twenty, despite the very cool swishy purple time vortex.

  • Our patronising arse of a Prime Minister tells the shadow chief secretary, Angela Eagle, to "calm down, dear" during PMQs. Because, obviously, there weren't enough reasons already not to vote for the Tories.

  • A lovely poster about AV. To which I'm voting yes. I despise the absurd 18th century relic of a voting system we have just now and any half-decent alternative would have my vote. AV is the smallest of possible changes, so, yeah, sure. The idea that it's complicated or that people generally won't understand it irritates me greatly since Scotland's got the Not Exactly Intuitive additional member system to deal with for Holyrood, gifted to us by Westminister, and that wasn't considered too complicated for us. Besides, I find it ridiculous that an FPTP-elected parliament insists on proportional representation for other nations but fails to reform itself.

    Also the anti-AV campaign actually saying "well, it's just too complicated for you to understand," and I paraphrase V Little from what the charming leafleter actually said, with his charming leaflet that, heh, outright lies, lovely, would make me want to vote yes out of sheer irritation anyway.

  • Much nicer, The Borgias has got a second season. So has Game of Thrones. What has not got a second season yet? CAMELOT. WOES. I'm very much enjoying the other two shows but they have no Morgan, why is the lovely Morgan show not yet been picked up or recommissioned or whatever ye olde American jargon is? Why does telly hate me so?

  • The one type of Doctor Who spoiler I'm allowed! Trailer for Day of the Moon. (This is the BBC America one, I believe.) *FLAILS* It is surely almost Saturday by now, yes?
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So, the Scottish elections are next month and I have a polling card and I'm now well-aware of what the Scottish Labour leader looks like thanks to the smashing story of him being confronted by protestors at Glasgow Central and running away to hide in Subways. Well done, Iain Gray, you total plonker. (Whilst I do find this incident awfully amusing, I also headdesk as one of the same protesters confronted Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Tory leader, last week, and she stood her ground and, politely, defended her position. I am well unapproving of Making The Tories Look Good.)

The lovely thing about this election is that it's impossible for it to be a Truly Horrid Result. It's the SNP vs Labour, and whilst I shall be voting SNP (and not even feeling slightly hypocritical about it, hurrah, cause right now, I'd also be voting yes to independence) and feel Vaguely Optimistic about their chances, it won't be Utterly Awful if they lose because the only other party that can win is Labour.* I'm also incredibly curious to see exactly what's going to happen to the Lib Dem share of the vote.

So, yes, the SNP have my support for doing sensible things like abolishing prescription charges and increasing free nursery placements and free school meals and scrapping the compromise measure of a £2000 'graduate tax' that was put in place by the former Lib/Lab coalition for Scottish students, thus making higher education, once again, free. And, heh, this time round everyone except the Tories is promising no fees for Scottish students, which obviously is EXTRA CONVINCING coming from the Lib Dems. It's not Vastly Convincing from Labour either, such that Brian Cox (not the professor, the actor**), lifelong Labour supporter, is backing the SNP because of their committment to keeping higher education free.

Just as important really, the SNP government haven't done anything that I find bloody awful, and that's a rather nice thing, not being appalled at one's goverment.

*Though I do have a rather horrid vision of a Lib/Lab coalition again (horrid, due to my complete disillusionment with the Lib Dems). But then the SNP have shown a minority government can work, so...
**Yes, there was a point when I didn't realise these were Two Different People, shusht.
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Is there an Idiot's Guide to Australian Politics somewhere? Labor are the less rubbish ones, right?

ETA: It's quite exciting to see the flist filled with political posts that aren't UK or US.

ETA: Most popular stories on the Beeb right now: Australia has first female PM; TV Star Declan Donnelly misses England's goal. Yes, it is now NATIONAL NEWS when a television presenter doesn't watch a bit of television.
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WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. We have a Tory PM. He might very well be made of plastic. He might very well by an android constructed in Murdoch's secret volcano lair. He might very well be Thatcher in a brand new body come back to kill us all for chucking her out. WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, I've been watching 30 Rock to cheer myself up because I discovered it two days ago and there are no spaceships or swords and yet I love anyway. Obviously the addition of spaceships and/or swords would make it even better but I do not see that happening.

Here is a lovely meme about telly that I can inflict daily For Ages, thus it is great:

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled

Rome. Oh, I love it madly and although it would no longer have had Mark Anthony in it which is tragic obv, if they hadn't gone and bloody cancelled it it would have taken more than eight episodes to finish off Octavion's rise to Emperor so he'd probably have made it to the third season. Um, I also have other, slightly less shallow reasons, like all the shiny politicking, the awesomeness of virtually all the actors, the gorgeous sets and costumes, and the epicness of Team!LuciusVorenus&TitusPullo.

a handy list of other days )


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