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Mostly this is about the first question, cause my current response is I DON'T KNNNOOOOOOOOOW, with a lot of whine on the "know" cause I am At Peace with my views on other Companion-y Issues and I don't like not having A Proper View re River. It's a bit like FENCE-SITTING and I am really against fence-sitting, thus I turn to my very wise flist to decide for me.

The other dudes are in there (1) for skience! and (2) so I can judge you if you give the wrong answers. If you don't know who they are but have VIEWS on River, please ignore them and just clickie the first one. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ASSISTANCE.

[Poll #1793647]
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If you think I'm procrastinating, you're totally right.

[Poll #1729608]

Thus ends ma v skientific poll of skience.
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There is a thing that has been bugging me for a couple of days, it is APPALLINGLY TRIVIAL, but never mind. Thus there is this poll which I shall Explain Later (there are no options for fence-sitters because neutrality is NOT FOR POLLS.):

[Poll #1722499]


Nov. 25th, 2009 06:28 pm
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Very important Thanksgiving type question. All answers will be Appropriately Judged. Fencesitters will be shot.

[Poll #1490285]
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The BBC web people, in their infinite wisdom, have maked a wee thing where we can Look At and Judge all the Doctor Who logos with the Touch Of A Magic Internet Button with a wee bit of info about when they were around. (I love how they coyly refer to Dimensions In Time as "a celebratory story in 1993", as though if they speak its True Name, it will appear to wreak bloody 3D-vision vengeance.)

So, cause it is of Most Importance, take a look-see at the logos and vote in this handy poll:

[Poll #1467192]
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More skience!

This time, it is for all the Doctors. And some exciting bonus extras. For the Time Lords!

(If I have missed stuff, I apologise, I am a bit tired. Also I won't judge you for your answers. Much.)

[Poll #704870]

ETA: GAH! That last Romana should be Romana III. She has no sense of humour, btw.
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Er, yeah. So, I'm curious. I admit nothing. Apart from in comments somewhere.

Two. The Second Doctor. Patrick Troughton. The guy in this icon.

[Poll #704363]


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