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My Read 50 Books yearly challenge thingie has got off to a RUBBISH start, cause the second book I picked up this year is a slightly dense history that claims it is for lay-people as well as actual history people but I HAVE MY DOUBTS. It's lucky it's about something I'm dead keen on, as otherwise I'd be so easy to give up since it takes about AN HOUR to read a page.

It's about LOVELY SCOTLAND. From the end of the Roman Iron Age to the end of the eighth century and so far it's been mostly, "well we don't REALLY KNOW what was happening, here are some BEAUTIFULLY REASONED POSSIBILITIES," which I quite love. The earliest woman mentioned in Scottish history is the wife of a tribe leader (except I'm not supposed to say tribe for some reason, but civitas instead, I forget the distinction - it's nice learning things, but this book is so full of THINGS I'm forgetting as much as I remember, probs more) who socialised with Emperor Septimius Severus' wife, Julia Domna, and was very witty. It's probably made up, but never mind.

And then Severus died. But that was while he was back in more southern Roman Britain and nothing to do with Scotland.

The most important thing is that there were these dudes called the Maiatai, who I'd never heard of before, but they lived in Scotland and they sound like a cocktail. So I think there should be a cocktail named after them.

Also there is something of a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS going on. Not in Roman times, but now. Sadly, I really like constitutional crises but only when they are In The Past, not when they are Right Now and about stuff I give a fuck about. I kept trying to write a post but mostly it went "fucking Tories, fucking, fuck-witted Tories." (Remember, these are the people who want to cut benefits to disabled children and cancer sufferers whilst letting Vodaphone off £8 billion in tax.) Here is what I managed with the least swears possible:

So the SNP want to have a referendum on Scottish independence. Since they won the last election you'd think they have a mandate to do that, but no! Westminister says that they may not have the legal authority to run a referendum, since that is not a devolved power. So the fucking Tories are saying "well, we could temporarily devolve the power" but we want control of when the referendum is, and to make it sooner rather than later, because if the SNP don't have any time to campaign, it's much more likely people will support the status quo.

Naturally, since the SNP won the fucking election, they feel that they can and should get to set the time of their referendum and the Tories should fuck off out of Scottish matters, since we vote for fuck-all Tories. Tories who, at the time of that election, failed to say anything like "oh, btw, nationalists, the foundation upon which your party is formed cannot be realised even if you win an absolute majority in a Parliment whose voting system is designed to prevent That Sort Of Thing, unless our Westminister colleages get to decide How Things Are Done." Cause if they'd said anything like that, perhaps they'd have got no MSPs at all instead of the 15 they have now. And only two of them got in via FTTP, that voting system the fucking Tories love so much.

In conclusion, I feel the Tories should fuck-off and let the Scottish Parliament get on with it. They're probably not going to win it anyway (hence murmurs of a second question of 'devolution max', or devolving further powers to Holyrood), and if the Tories think their interference is doing anything but reinforcing the general Scottish attitude towards their fucked-up party, they're wrong.

And, yeah, I support independence. I still voted SNP under Labour, but I was ambivalent about independence, but seeing just how fucked-up the Tories are in government has changed my mind to outright support. The only reason Scotland's education and NHS aren't as fucked-up as England's are devolution in general and the SNP in particular, and while it's possible we'd be a poorer nation on our own, I believe we'd be a fairer one.

One nice thing: in all the reporting of what's going on, it's rather heartening to see so many women at the top of Scottish politics: the Tories are led by Ruth Davidson (succeeding Annabel Goldie), Labour's new Scottish leader is Johann Lamont (previously deputy leader) and the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon is our Deputy First Minister.

One sort of hilarious thing: so the history of Scotland goes a bit like this: "fuck-up, fuck-up, fuck-up, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory." It is epic. This is why we still sing about Bannockburn 700 years later - that was an Proper Win, and those don't happen very often. Anyway, the reason that Scotland isn't independent, as I understand it and roughly speaking, is because at the beginning of the 18th century all our nobles had an AWESOME PLAN: they wanted Scotland to become a great trading nation like England and France and Spain and the Netherlands. So they invested ALL THEIR MONEY into a FOOLPROOF scheme to start a colony in Panama and nothing could possiby go wrong.

All the things went wrong: the leaders were rubbish, no-one wanted to trade anything and there were various epidemics, and practically all of Scotland's nobles went bankrupt. Then the Scottish and English governments got chatting about unification again, and England went and put a load of troops on the southern border to hint that maybe they would like this attempt to unify the two countries to work really well (it'd been tried unsuccessfully several times already in the 17th century) and the nobles and landowners were, like, fine then, cause, heh, they'd already lost all they're money, it wasn't like things could get any worse. For them, obviously. And England had lovely money. Or, as Robert Burns put it, ""We are bought and sold for English gold. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation." It was not the most popular move ever amongst the general population."

This looks like quite a long post. I must've been feeling v ranty. Less so now though. Hurrah! Out of my system! And if I want it back, I can always go watch Question Time.
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So this week's Torchwood (this week's for me being last week's in the UK...episode 7, there that's less convoluted) was a pleasant surprise and by pleasant surprise I mean not unrelentingly shit, merely not very good. spoilers, dudes )

I also watched some good telly, which was Page Eight, a low key British spy film. Like Spooks with all the overblown high octane explosiveness, guns, and violence removed. Which I mean in a good way (generally I like Spooks very much, but there are many occasions when the NAIL-BITING TENSION is more lolarious than anything else and I am in no way shocked that yet another of Our Heroes ends up dead and/or a traitor.)

It's got a fantastic cast, starring two of my favourite actors Billy Nighy and Rachel Weisz, with my favourite actress, Alice Krige, in a supporting role. And Micheal Gambon is KIND OF BRILLIANT in it, possibly because he has all the best lines and knows it.

Also, after Connie Willis' Hugo win I asked on Twitter for recs for her work, cause I hadn't read any (SHUSHT) and Remake arrived yesterday, which was kindly recced by several people. If I'd spent five seconds looking up WHAT IT WAS ABOUT, I'd never have bought it. A satire on Hollywood is so very much Not My Sort Of Thing, even if it is sci-fi. And that would have been a mistake, for the writing is Most Yayful, that kind of easy elegance where you sort of forget you're actually reading a book at all, so despite my misgivings I ended up really enjoying it and am looking forward to whatever book of hers deigns to turn up next. (Second-hand Amazon book buying, not the most reliable of services, yo.)

And when I finished it I may have spent an excessive amount of time on YouTube watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing.
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5 sequels (or continuations) you thought were better than the original.

1) The Revenge of Frankestein. As you may or may not know, dear flist, I love Peter Cushing e'er so slightly and am a bit of a fan of ye olde Hammer horror movies. One of my favourites is The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer's first colour movie, made in 1957, a massive global success and a brilliant movie. They followed it up the next year with Revenge and, amazingly, made it even better. Somehow Cushing is even more compelling, and the movie has an excitement and confidence to it that makes it a joy to watch. (I'd also say the fifth one, Frankestein Must Be Destroyed is better than the original; it's a much darker, crueller take on the good doctor.)

2) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I don't hate the first movie, I find it sort of...nice when it's on in the background and you're not really paying attention? But, omg, the second. There is nothing about it that does not fill me with glee: middle-aged superheroes, McCoy's birthday present, any scene with Saavik, the Kobayashi Maru, any scene with Khan, the submarine nebula fight, Chekov all "omg! Botany Bay", Scotty all emo over his dude that stayed at his post, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!", Kirk and Spock in engineering omg teh emo...not the eel creature thingies though. Those totally freaked me out as a kid, and I still can't watch those scenes.

3) The First Law Trilogy. A fantasy trilogy by Joe Abercrombie that I read earlier this year and was very "well, it's quite good, and I am enjoying it and do like the funny bits an awful lot" at the first book, and Abercrombie's first novel, The Blade Itself. And then it just got better and better, with much in the way of Exciting Plot Developments that were ridic fun to read, and many a character that it was a delight to spend time fictional people on the page. I wouldn't actually want to meet any of Abercrombie's characters, they are mostly awful. By the end, my only major complaint was a sad lack of female characters in prominient roles (the first book was particularly bad in this respect, but he got a bit better) and then he followed the trilogy with Best Served Cold, set in the same world, which turned out to be both my favourite of his novels so far and has a perfectly respectable number of women in it.

4) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Ah, Monkey Island, almighty king of the point 'n' click adventure game, how I love you, filled with wit and fun and trying puzzles of puzzleyness, and convincing me that when I grew up I wanted to be Governor Elaine Marley. Again, this is one where I loved the original like woah, and then the sequel just upped the plot, the puzzles, the, um, graphics (256 colours! amazings!), the funny and, omg, THE TERROR. When I was wee and LeChuck kept zapping me at the end I became half-convinced I really was being zapped through the mouse and my hand was in pain. Mostly though, while MI was an exciting and fun adventure game, MI2 was exciting and fun and EPIC. The puzzles intersecting and overlapping each other when you're searching for the map pieces remains one of my favourite bits of gaming of all time. Also nailing Stan in the coffin. Heh.

Okay, this is really annoying, cause now I've started to think about it, there are rather a few sequels I think are better. I shall just make a quick list or they'll be bouncing around in my head: Batman Returns, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead are both better than Night of the Living Dead probably cause Romero got even more pissed off at the world, The Four Musketeers mostly cause it's the second half of the novel and thus has all the pay-off, The Bride of Frankenstein, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Superman II, Terminator II...but the winner of the sequels, from this lot anyway is:

5) Aliens. Just better in ALL THE WAYS. Omg, Ripley, ilu. I also love Hicks, and Newt and Vasquez and that it generally bothers to let us get to know all the characters only to CRUELLY KILL THEM. And there are shiny explosions and scary, scary xenomorphs and tension of the pleasantly frightening variety. I like the SE best for it has the sentry guns scene.
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I finally finished A Dance With Dragons yesterday, which took about ages as around page 700 I realised that there were about 200 hundred pages to go and not really a lot had happened and, probably, since not a lot had happened in the first 700 pages, not a lot was going to happen in the last 200. So I had a quick peak at reviews online and, lo, yes, the main complaint seems to be Not A Lot Happens and that kind of killed my enthusiasm for finishing it.

I liked it, just was disappointed that it was a lot closer to AFFC than the first three. I can imagine being a heck of a lot more disappointed if I'd been waiting eleven years to see these dudes again, rather than just the one.

some spoilery type things what I thought )
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- Barbara Wright wears sensible shoes.

- Here are some words that I would be VERY HAPPY not to read again for a very, very long time: "russet" especially when applied to clothing, "fluted" especially when applied to architecture, and "hunkered down" when applied to anything at all. THESE ARE NOT INVISIBLE WORDS. If you're going to use them a lot in your book, they will be noticed, and they may become Extremely Irritating.

- I expect A Dance with Dragons in the post tomorrow. I have avoided ALL SPOILERS, yay. Have become e'er so slightly more fannish about it since I found out Natalie Dormer has been cast as Margaery Tyrell. SUDDENLY MARGAERY TYRELL IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE. I was a bit ho hum before just cause there were So Many Characters and I was most attached to the ones that had been there all along and bad things tended to happen to everyone so I wasn't going to be attaching myself to any of the new dudes for their inevitable suffering. But, unfortunately, Natalie Dormer is awesome, so, yeah.

- I have to Renew My Passport, which means I've got a Brand New Passport Photo. OH THE PAIN. Suddenly the one I've hated for the past ten years looks AWESOME.

- Have been watching lots of MUNCLE. SEASON ONE YOU ARE THE BEST OF THEM. And it has the shiniest of openings, with someone shooting at Napoleon and the glass cracking. I am a bit rubbish at even the best of episodes though, and spend a lot of time going "why is Illya not in this scene? You know what would make this scene better? Illya." Though I love the pilot and it has no Illya at all. It is quite winning cause though MUNCLE is not exactly the most progressive of telly (besides the American/Russian thing obv, yo) it does tend to try occasionally, and the pilot (made in '64) is basically having a go at the 1950s notion of what The Perfect American Woman should be (as I understand it from The Feminine Mystique, anyway), with a wife and mother getting pulled into An Exciting Spy Escapade and having an awesome time, realising she wants more than being a wife and mother and when she's captured and thinks she's going to die the thing she's most scared about is that her family won't ever be able to see her as a person outside of the wife and mother role.

- Robert Vaughn has a truly appalling French accent. But Napoleon did call Illya pussycat. And pulled a gun on a bunch of French policemen, before holding a woman hostage. "In no way do I represent American foreign policy," he says before racing away in the police car he's nicked. OH MUNCLE.
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I think there should be a rule, a scientific rule of science, that people are entitled to no less than four weeks between colds or cold-like symptoms. In the interest of fairness. (And by fairness I mean me not going a-whoosh-you dozens of times a day shortly after I'd recovered from waking up in the morning unable to speak until I'd had a few pints of tea thanks to whatever charming virus had decided to take up residence in my throat.)

In short, less sneezing and sore throats would be awesome. And, as we are now heading towards winter, land of healthy and robust immune systems, I feel confident that I am going to be whinging about this again before the year is out. OH GOOD.

While Being Bloody Miserable, I read an astonishingly bad biography of Mary Boleyn, by Josephine Wilkinson. It had a charming habit of doing something that I, and others of my aquaintance, did when we were at uni and had an essay deadline, not enough time, and too many words left to reach that elusive wordcount, where we'd make our argument and then repeat it, and attempt to cunningly disguise the repetition as some sort of summing up. In a book of less than two hundred pages this is not an endearing quality.

It also managed to reach the not-exactly-convincing conclusion that Mary's children by William Carey were Henry's and treated that as fact throughout, be a bit confused about who Charles V's father was, and, just to make sure I was completely thrilled I'd bought the thing, decided that Henry and Mary had a peaceful and unselfish love unmatched by anything else in their lives. The most winning bit was, however, in the acknowledgements: "I would like to thank Jonathan Reeve for showing me that writing about women's lives could be every bit as interesting and challenging as writing about men." And that was when I set fire to the book, Your Honour.

So, yeah, not recommended.

Is Sarah Jane on the telly yet? When is that happening? Supernatural is back now, but that is V Guilty Telly. I would like some telly I am not ashamed of watching, yes.
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I have A FEVER. I am very displeased. I think it's caused by sneezing; I assume sneezes can cause fevers. It bloody well better sod off.

There are no more delicious cookies.

I'm watching Babylon 5. I'm trying not to count the number of times people say "go to hell." I like season three best. I get a bit judgey when Sheridan becomes Chief of the Universe by virtue of his girlfriend's magic spaceships. OH GOD WHY DO THEY FLY THE WHITE STARS OVER EARTH? What's that about? Why does everyone act like it's not a TERRIFYING THREAT? Also, I hate that they kept saying Sheridan was elected President of the Babylonverse when no, he was appointed, by HIS GIRLFRIEND, but that's two years later so I should stop thinking about it. Severed Dreams is great. Wheee! CGI I am not judgey at!

My coffee has gone cold. I read a book about zombies; it was pretty good even though I was Slightly Appalled at the plot finish. It looked like it was going to be awesome, and the Incidents What Created Tension were pretty good and the character stuff was great and then, oh god, it turns out spoilers for Feed by Mira Grant ) It would bother me a lot less if everything around it wasn't pretty nifty so it's like this great black spot of WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? in the middle of a smashing post-apocalyptic adventure.
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I've almost finished a A Clash of Kings and foolishly just went and ordered the other two/three books of GRRM's monster so probably I am going to FAIL HORRIBLY at fifty books this year. Again. It's not my fault. If only author people would write nice SHORT BOOKS that are not vast doorstop series that end up being ridiculously more-ish which is great, cause there's loads of it, and bloody awful because THERE'S LOADS OF IT. Mostly I like Daenerys and Tyrion and Arya is growing on me a lot and I love how GRRM left the dull-looking bildungsroman well alone so we could follow the more interesting dudes instead, yay. And I do love how if I get bored, it'll jump to another part of the story in only a couple of pages.

If I just stuck to Target novelistations, I'd sound like such a quickety-quick reader.

I'm trying to write fic about Doctor Who being A LOVELY FAIRY TALE. Mostly it seems to be OMG I LOVE TBB THIS IS HOW MUCH.

St Trinians 2 is on the telly. I don't know. Some of it makes me laugh and then I feel guilty cause it is appalling really. Um. Oh, I take it back, Colin Firth is flailing around incompetently with a sword; this is clearly brilliant.

The Doctor Who Days Meme:

Day 17 – A Piece of Who-Related FanArt

by [ profile] jigglykat


the other days of Who )
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The temperature is wrong; I cannot sleep. France lost at the football, I am informed, which I wouldn't care about except I want to win a big pile of sweeties so I actually do care, quite a lot. DAMN YOU FRANCE. Mexico beat them. Are Mexico any good? I don't know these things.

I read a book and it was quite, quite brilliant. I often get scared that I'll never again find a book that gives me that giddy thrill of delight, like you're flying over the sea and then suddenly everything below you shifts slightly and becomes mostly the same but all shiny and new. It used to happen a lot, like when I decided that I could actually read anything I liked and small words and lack of pictures would be no true obstacle, dammit, and there were all these new ideas and concepts and ways of looking at things and at some point that began to wear off and mostly there would be enjoyment but there would not be giddy delight.

Anyway, the book was Hyperion by Dan Simmons (or Canterbury Tales IN SPACE), so twas not just a book of giddy delight but sci-fi giddy delight, which is the very best kind. It is gloriously epic, and has the sort of vast, complex, compelling civilisation of the future that I find delicious. It is funny. There is an incredible amount of joy in the literary and philosophical asides. There are bits that terrify me. It likes to talk about the hubris of mankind. John Keats should be in more sci-fi novels.

There are sequels; I'm ambivalent over whether reading them is a good idea.

I have the first and second seasons of The Avengers on DVD all cleaned up and with lots of shiny extras. I don't actually mean I've got the first season, I mean the surviving eps. I'd not seen the Hendry ones before and, um, yes, okay...I do not see the point of The Avengers without Gale or Peel really. (Or Purdy, shusht, she is great.) The rest's quite exciting though cause I've not seen all of season two by a long shot and not any of the non-Gale episodes. I assume I will judge them for the lack of Cathy.
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I've a hundred pages left in Outlander. I WILL FINISH IT. I will not be reading any more of Gabaldon's books, however, since I've not been Overly Thrilled with this one even though the author is clearly Madly In Love With Scotland. Which is very nice and quite endearing and managed to make a lot of Sod All Happening not that bad and stuff, and I liked the bit about books spoilers, mention of possibly triggery stuff )

On a completely different topic, the first time the Doctor's None Too Awesome subconscious is mentioned is in The Time Monster. Somehow this proves Time Monster > Everything. In fact, probably last week's episode was entirely a lovely homage to tTM and when the Pandorica thingie opens a chronovore will jump out. They eat time, y'know. It all makes Perfect Sense. Yes. Good.

PS. Think may have to start watching Confidentials again. Witness:

PPS. Doctor Hoo! - the Doctors as owls!
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There is other telly on that is not Doctor Who. I am even paying attention to some of it.

  • Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled, woes. UNFAIR DUDES UNFAIR. I liked it, dammit. There was swordfighting and hot guys and girls talking to each other about stuff that wasn't romance. Also even after they killed off pretty people they still got to guest star from BEYOND THE GRAVE.

    Although according to Wiki, source of all knowledge, it could still be picked up be another network. American tv is strange and confusing. But I approve of this plan. Please do that America, thank you.

  • Alexander Siddig is going to be in Primeval. Which is like some sort of horrid confusing thing cause I hate that show. But now I must watch it. Hmph.

  • Ashes to Ashes had a beautiful opening narration to the season: wee spoilers )

Re things that aren't telly, I finished a book what I got from Eastercon and thus feel Totally Justified in buying all the books which was rather a lot because, heh, I read one. I might read them all by one day some time far in the future. It was great and by Adam Roberts and called The Snow. There were Dune references and sandworms used as a simile and that's the sort of thing that means you're really going to have to fuck things up to make me hate on your book. It was actually properly great though and it's the first sciffy book I've read with a female Indian protagonist.

I still have no Eleventy icon; I must correct this instantly. If LJ will let me.
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Due to my complete and pathetic inability to deal with jetlag, I slept fourteen hours last night. FOURTEEN HOURS. I feel like my brain is being held up, Mafia-like, by my body until it gets all the sleep debt it's owed. Boo.

And I had a cold and it was horrid. And I'm just as bad at cold as jetlag due to my tonsils being WEAKLING SCUM. So for a whole day I was all temperaturey and sniffly and it sucked. But I did get to read lots. (Lots for meeeeee; I am not a terribly sprightly reader.) And I finished Mieville's The City and the City which I enjoyed and thought was terribly good but it grabbed me not like his previous works. I love Perdido Street Station; I love it like flying monkeys, even if the plot does go kablooey in the last two hundred pages, I don't care. It was amazing. City and the City feels like a more...grown-up book. It's much more tightly written, much sleeker, skilfully structured, all that good shit. And I liked all the characters; I liked the themes; I liked what it was doing. And that was it. No passion. Alas. Still, tots recommended.

I also read Rebeeca for the slightly shaming reason that I was watching Mitchell and Webb a while back and there was a sketch that I sort of got but not really properly. For it was based on a book I'd never read. Though there's a very Mrs Danvers like character in Janeway's holoprogram from early Voyager. But like Data and Geordi's Sherlock Holmes adventures, that really doesn't count. APPARENTLY. Anyway, it was a bit brilliant. Possibly I was quite inclined towards it due to the Quite A Lot of similarities to Jane Eyre, but it's a totally different atmosphere and the heroine lacks any of Jane's self-knowledge. Also Jane didn't go off on a Worst Possible Outcome imaginary scenario inside her head every time something ungood happened.

But, yes! Two books what I enjoyed very much. Always nice. Next is PD James, The Children of Men. I assume it will be great.

Otherwise, I've loads and loads of lovely telly to catch up on, which is always marvellous and tends to prevent me watching rubbish on the Proper Telly. I say lovely telly, but one programme I'm watching is called Spartacus and it's quite probably one of the most atrocious things I've ever stuck with. And I'm appalled that they're calling it Spartacus and have spent six episodes going on about the "honour" and "brotherhood" of gladiatorial combat when one of the many, many points of Spartacus is how brutal and dehumanising it is. If you want to say "gladiators are cool!" that's fine. Just don't call it Spartacus. Because that's bullshit, dude.

(Why am I still watching it if it offends me so? Shallow, shallow reasons.)
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I have not been doing much captaining in STO because omg, the servers are robust. I almost don't mind, because every time they go down, I head over to the forums and, oh, the crazy is strong. Even the people I agree with are mad. Half the dudes are furious and want lawsuits and say it is terrible and awful and EVIL that Cryptic cannot guarantee a working server 24/7, and the other half think they are ungrateful bratty children for not understanding all MMORPG launches are right fuck-ups and they should suck it up or go away so all the srs grown-ups can play at shooting Klingons and stuff.

The lack of headstart playtime did mean I finally finished A Game of Thrones, which I loved and even have Thoughts On which I shall type at tedious length when I'm not quite this ridiculously tired. The tiredness is entirely my own fault, or rather the fault of a foolish and absurdly optimistic me who, last week, decided that there were No Flaws At All in a plan that meant having a hairdresser's appointment at nine in the morning. And despite nine being very much one of those hours I've cunningly forgotten about for being way, way too early, I did make it. Mostly cause I was getting constantly annoyed at my hair being too long and once again not quite understanding what Permanent Dye meant and refusing to stay properly brunette. So I am no longer at all blonde and my hair is a sensible length. Hurrah!

[ profile] halfamoon, a two-week celebration of female characters has started, and I have a vid that is almost finished. It is not the vid I was trying to make. That vid was Bigger and Cleverer and didn't go "oh fuck it" and start adding clips just cause they were of nifty swordfighting. I don't hate it though and, more importantly, it's Almost Done.

But, yes, people should go to teh comm and read and write and comment and stuff. There are nice banner things too.
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The good thing about the Wii is that even if you do accidently spend half the day sitting in front of the telly, you are at least waving your arms about wildly, which is a fair bit more active than most computer gaming. Which is how I'm totally justifiying spending the weekend playing Lego Star Wars. It is a bit brilliant. Not only is it perfectly pitched at my puzzle-solving level (where I flail around for a while insisting to the screen that this time it is clearly impossible and have characters jump off cliffs in annoyance before the metaphorical lightbulb goes on and I get to feel ridiculously smug at my cleverness) with shiny platform action but bestest of all I get to have Grand Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee running around saving the galaxy. Lego Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Winningness.

And I read Wizard's First Rule (shusht, omg, I know.) Most disturbing thing was it was not actually the worst thing I've read this year. It was awful though. And really bizarre - the reading level seems pitched at young adults then every so often something happens that is really...not young adult.

I don't think there's any way I could have got through it without having watched Legend of the Seeker, since it's a bit like reading a parody novel of the show. And it's pretty impressive how decent the series turned out to be based on what is derivative tripe. That repeats itself over and over and over again. Then a couple more times incase you forgot already. And once more for luck. I'd love to know how many of the eight hundred ages would be left if you were only allowed to make the same point three times or less. And no conversations where someone gets ridiculously angry and then apologises five seconds later were allowed.

Eastenders had unexpected!MaryTamm last night. She had exactly no lines. Which I accidently saw cause Eve Myles' latest telly thing was on afterwards: Framed. Which everyone should watch, cause it was rocking.
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Oh, yay, yet another sci-fi/fantasy author for the list of No Longer Buying. At least in this instance I've never heard of Paul Di Filippo, who's cunningly demonstrated a stunning ability for being a right arse as he takes issue with those horrid jealous harpies pointing out that, heh, this latest Mammoth sci-fi anthology has no women or people of colour writing for it. The post is a beautiful smackdown of his asshattery and footnote 29 in particular makes me all warm and gooey on the inside.

Tis a shame cause I've bought Mammoth anthologies in the past, but since the editor, Mike Ashley, has seen fit to chip in with the classic But Wummins Can't Do Maths! line I think I'll do without in future.

Meh. Now I feel seriously tetchy. I should go do those top five thingies for cheeringness, yah.
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Am reading a fantasy novel at the mo that is not all that bad (I can't remember the last time I read beyond the first book in a fantasy trilogy - I like all the world-building stuff but the characters never seem to interest me enough to want to find out what happens to them, anyway -) and such but the island it's set on is called Acacia. And for me Acacia means Acacia Avenue. Where Eric lives. Eric, who, when he eats a banana, becomes Bananaman, ever alert for the call to action!

Yeah, so that's kind of killing the epic heroic-y mood.

Also that thing that annoyed me in Torchwood Day 3, I think, I take back cause CoE spoilers )
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I like this meme, for there are books:

Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

1. Dune, Frank Herbert
2. Meditations, Marcus Aurelius
3. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
4. Vanity Fair, WM Thackeray
5. Confessions, St Augustine
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl
7. The Demolished Man, Alfred Bester
8. The Lathe Of Heaven, Ursula Le Guin
9. The Three Musketeers, Alexander Dumas
10. Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card
11. The Unlimited Dream Company, JG Ballard
12. The Eyes of Heisenberg, Frank Herbert
13. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
14. Slaughterhouse 5, Kurt Vonnegut
15. The Handmaiden's Tale, Margaret Atwood
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Am reading book supposedly about lives of ancient Egyptian women. It goes a bit like this: "Here is some archeological evidence we found inna tomb, of course we cannot say anything with any degree of certainty because of all these valid reasons I shall now talk about at great length on bias of source.

Now, let's have another quote from Herodotus! Naturally, he's talking bollocks again and, frankly, I'm beginning to think the dude never set foot in Egypt."

Oh, Ashes to Ashes has arrived to distract me from this scintillating read, hurrah!
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Here is an Exciting Meme about books what I got from teh flist:

An Exciting Book Meme )

I am currently ignoring Dreamwidth until I can be bothered doing lots of clicking on stuff to sort out the reading thingie and make it look pretty and things, yes.

Would quite like the new Star Trek to hurry up and get to UK as the trailers are making it look Quite Exciting and possibly even A Bit Good.

It is May. This upsets me greatly.


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