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There's a lot I really like about this sci-fi short Cheap Rate Gravity (It's by James Moran, that bloke what wrote The Fires of Pompeii, and is his first produced work from when he won a Sci Fi Channel's Sci Fi Shorts competition in 2002) besides it being online and free to view. The way the central concept's realised fills me with a giddy joy, I love the way gravity's part of the Keeping Up Appearances middle-class snobbery of this world, and the Very British Sci-Fi feel of it all. There's also a bit with someone's cremated remains towards the end that I found ridic funny.

I really, really don't like spoiler for the ending )
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I have a new favourite BF, and it is beautiful and fabulous and I recall reminding myself to get it about a billion times over the past five years and now I've finally listened to it and OH IT IS SHINY SO VERY SHINY. Farewell, Loups-Garoux, you had pride of place for quite a while really, but apparently 17th century France trumps werewolves, who'd have thought it?

(It's absurd really the ones I end up loving, cause Eight and Six are the best audio Doctors, one for the voice!sex and the other cause his voice is just so rich and expressive and that's much to one's advantage, obv, in the audio medium (you, dearest reader, can choose which is which) but it's Davison's stuff that I end up with the OMG!Fannish!love for.

Take the audio!companions: I haven't actually heard Hex yet, but I think I'm one of three people who listens to BF who sort of, er, really doesn't like Evelyn (shusht, I know), Charley I'm terribly fond off but it's Erimem I am utterly in love with. And, oh, her interaction with Peri and just those brief moments at the beginning of the audio when they're giggling together: awesomesauce, dudes.)

But, yes, The Church and the Crown, how many ways do I love thee? Probably about a dozen. Firstly, it's a historical, hurrah! And it's a period I adore ridiculously thanks to someone foisting an abridged version of The Three Musketeers on me when I was wee. Louis, Anne and most especially Richelieu are beautifully drawn characters and the dialogue is just delicious throughout. Contrast the politics and dramas with the more lightweight humourous stuff from the musketeers (complete with Dumas in-jokes, dudes! There was squee, so there was!) and a rather nifty soundtrack and it is fabulous liken cherry pie. For the ears.

Also, swordfights. Obv, I can't actually see them, but the thought is totally there and that's the important bit... I should really check who wrote it actually...Cavan Scott and Mark Wright... have they done any more? I don't recognise the names.

Oh, and Erimem I love her, I love how she's able to cope with the situation because this is more-or-less the sort of environment she's been raised in, but it is so very different cause, heh, centuries later, but she's quick and clever and adapts her knowledge to get them an in and the way she relates to the King, Cardinal and Queen is just sheer awesome win, and I could totally listen to this for another couple of episodes. Moar padding pls.

Basically, not a huge amount happens in it, it's mostly a domestic dispute that just so happens to affect the fate of a country, and has people standing around and talking rather a lot, often rather wittily, and it's quite perfectly marvellous.
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Sheer win, dudes! Made of sheer win!

Here be an oh-so-exciting review in bulletpoints:

Smith and Jones )
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Ah, so I've been kicked off WoW, for my server is down for mainentance. So, Sarah Jane Adventures! They were great, they were. And it's more than a tad worrying that of the three Doctor Who series', it's the spin-off for kids that gets, by far, the best pilot.

Bulletpoint LOVE )

I have no idea how long this server thing is down for.

And now I do. Eight hours! Dude! And this happens every week? Hmph.
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Happy New Year and such! Self is still in Lancasterland with [ profile] nerdcakes, [ profile] alicamel, [ profile] jekesta and [ profile] girlofprey. Who are currently all asleep, woe, and I have a stinkin cold and some Beecham's.

But, yes, spin-offs! Yesterday I managed to see both Sarah Jane and Torchwood (and, I have no idea whether to be glad I was surrounded by people mocking the TW emo because it stopped me from bawling like a small child or no, because, heh, THE EMO WAS GOOD and ZOMG YOU MOCK THEIR PAIN.)

The Torchwood Science-Fiction Double Feature )

So after a lacklustre start to the season, I think there're a good four or five episodes to justify that second series. And if they could just start using them as a standard rather than pinnacle of work they can achieve, that'd be great, thanks.

That be longer than I was expecting. I also have Deep Thoughts of Squee on SJS, which I maybe write after lunch, yes.
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Did I like it? Hell, yeah.

Bulletpoint review-ish type thing )

OMG! So I am Far Too Gleeful that there was a season three trailer, then a SJA trailer then a TW trailer. He! I love my fannish universe!
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This week's Torchwood, in insightful bulletpoint review-ish form.

And I love it! Dude! Not quite as much as They Keep Killing Suzie, but I do love it. And it's very, very good too.

Out Of Time )

And next week's looks fabulous too.
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Have they stopped renaming this one yet?

A review-ish type thing of this week's episode. And for the first time, I didn't like it. Really. A lot. Hated, even. Damn, that was boring. I can cheerfully overlook a lot of faults, but making me want to stab my hand with a pen for something to do ain't one of them.

Random Shoes )
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A review-ish bullet point thing for tonight's episode. Much love for this, very much, yes.

They Keep Killing )
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It is a sad fact that I was quite enjoying this, until...

Greeks Bearing Gifts, bullet-point review type thing )
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And hurrah for the Beeb showing approximately 12 million repeats; I have now seen this week's Torchwood.

Now, what is important to remember is that I like horror. Specifically, I like cheap horror. Cheap financially. Which usually means British horror. I'm not much for gore, but scares are win, or not-scares that are trying. Or not-scares that are really not trying. Whatever. I am mostly unfussed. Now that can be fantastically brilliant cheap horror (like Dog Soldiers) or atrociously bad cheap horror (hello, The Beast Must Die) but I'm dead easy for it.

Countrycide )
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So my hours of waking are Tragically Bad, I am thousands of words behind in Nano, I have no food in the house and Other Assorted Cliche Emo Woe (TM). Fortunately, none of this matters, as I finally have The Invasion on DVD.

I love the black and white DVD releases. No matter what they are, I love them. Because the work the BBC Restoration Team do with with picture is amazing and wonderful and gorgeous. And since The Invasion has two episodes missing, they made cartoons. It's an idea that's been around for years, but this is the first time it's actually been done. So this is v exciting all round, yes.

"I didn't want to leave at all. I was enjoying myself so much that I would say that if Patrick were still alive now...we'd still be there now."

Fraser Hines, oblivious to reality and proving the One True Love of the Doctor is, in fact, Jamie, yo

Cut for Mad!Squee, Abuse of the Shift Key and Batshit Love of Teh Mighty Trout )

Obv, am going to have to watch it again on the 'puter to grab caps for a Proper Examination of the One True Love of Jamie and the Doctor, yes.

And a meme what has been on my flist:

SnapCups Anon Love on [ profile] queenofthorns LJ

How To Play:

1) Comment with your username.
2) Go back to your own LJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know to come fawn over you if you don't tell them about it!
3) Your friends will leave ANONYMOUS comments to your comment about all the many reasons that you are WONDERFUL, and then they will comment with THEIR usernames and go post the link to THEIR comments and it will be a giant big snowball of love.
4) We will all feel WARM and FUZZY and excited about the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS! YAY!!!

I am here. Um, validate me? Please?
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Review-ish type bullet point thing for Torchwood, episode five.

I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. Last week, I thought was great. This week, I don't know, it was amazing. Don't anyone try and tell me that wasn't grown-up telly.

Small Worlds )

So the TW!love is growing like woah, oh yes.
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Review type thing for Torchwood's fourth episode, yes:

Briefly. Fucking hell. That was good Really, really good. Just, yeah. Wow.

Cyberwoman )

ETA: None of this means I didn't think there was a healthy amount of cheese throughout, btw. I love the cheese, yes.
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Review type list things for first episodes of Torchwood, ra.

Everything Changes )

Day One )

Teh End!

Jul. 8th, 2006 05:58 pm
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Or a final fascinating review thing in bullet-points.

Doomsday, dude!

There is probably a spoiler or two, yes )

Anyway, great series, much love, looking forward to Christmas.

The End.
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I loved that. I did.

And here is my Oh-So-Exciting Penultimate Bullet Point Thing of the Series:

Spoilers, Dude )

ETA: Ah havnae seen next week's trailer TELL ME NOTHING. Thank you. :)
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D'you know how hot it is? Hot enough that I Almost Forgot DW Was On. Due to trying to keep cool and not die of the temperature.

So, yes, this more than met my Meagre Expectations. I have so very much love. This story I cling to for it are like magic.

The Satan Pit )

And now, back to the fridge.
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Oh, well, ah...I didn't dislike it, persay, but it wasn't particularly great, no.

Review Type List Thing )

And so we're well over halfway through the series. How is that possible? It was just starting yesterday, was it not?

[Poll #737580]
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Ra! It is under the cut. Comment things. That could be interpeted as some sort of review type whatsit.


Cybermen, HO! )

So, in conclusion, much love (heh, that's five for five, unsurprisingly) and desperately looking forward to next week. Ra!


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