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Fandom: Doctor Who (Doctor/River)
Music: "Poison" by Alice Cooper
Summary: Cause River totally did have either poison on her lips that one time. Literalness FTW!
Length: 03:40

Download: SendSpace (50 MB)
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If you think I'm procrastinating, you're totally right.

[Poll #1729608]

Thus ends ma v skientific poll of skience.
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Title: What The Dormouse Said
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/River

Summary: Because stories are not lies.

AN: This was written for Different Songs: an AU Challenge at [ profile] spoiler_song. (Third picture from the bottom provided inspiration, yo.)

What The Dormouse Said )
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Song: Kiss Me
Artist: Sixpence None The Richer
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Doctor/River

Summary: I feel the title of the song tells you everything you need to know about this deep and meaningful exploration of stuff.

embedded vid )

Download: MU (30 MB)
Streaming: YouTube
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"River, hug Amy."


"Cause I'm busy."

I LOVE THEM. Watching tToA for vidding purposes. Flailing about every five seconds or so at something that is awesome.

Also, here is my Favourite Evidence that River is the TARDIS. In The Eleventh Hour, in the TARDIS, the swimming pool ends up in the library. A swimming pool is made of water, like a river. And River ends up in the Library. Co-incidence? Obviously.
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Somehow the Internets have magically provided me with the very thing I've been craving (but way too lazy to do myself), a Doctor Who prompt community in the form of [ profile] dwpromptmeme. And not just for fic either, but for all sorts of fanworks! And people are not just leaving those wee one word prompts either (which there's nought wrong with but they never spark anything interesting in my head) but making helpfully long sentences, yay.

Here is a sad fact: I find this cracktastic theory about the origin of River Song appallingly appealing. I HATE MYSELF. But it's sort of sweet whilst being enormously fucked-up. It is not as good as her being the TARDIS, but y'know.* (I don't mind who she is, just so long as it doesn't horribly complicate the joys of shipping Doctor/River. Unhorrible complications are fine, however.)

Yesterday, I found out about DC Universe Online. This is a very bad thing. For it is an MMORPG. And self does not cope well with MMORPGs. They do awful things like steal all the time and make me forget about sleep and food. BUT LOOK AT THE TRAILER. I don't even like DC and I'm all a-flail. And then I remembered that about this time last year I started playing Star Trek Online and that turned out alright (mostly cause it was pretty shit and I gave it up after a couple of months, but still. I got to be an Andorian, yay) and quietly trying to justify maybe trying this one? Just until the nice Star Wars one comes out which I'm allowed because it's set in the one bit of Star Wars I'm fannish about and, um, yeah. Probably it will be fine. Tralala.

*This is a lie. Whilst it makes Perfect Sense in my head that River is the TARDIS, I am sort of weirdly anti Doctor/TARDIS. I have no idea why. I KNOW I AM WRONG. But there you go.


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