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OMG, SPARTACUS, OMG YOU ARE THE WORST. BY WHICH I MEAN BEST, OMG. I cannot think of ANYTHING I could really properly have asked for that that finale did not give. OMG.

spoilers and stuff )

So, basically, omg, and arg, and ALL THE AWESOME. And now I have to watch ALL OF SPARTACUS AGAIN. Except I sort of don't want to because there's a difference between knowing how it ends and seeing it played out for you in loving detail on the screen even though it is beautiful and perfect and you love it.
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Last week's Spartacus HURT ME IN MY SOUL. I know what ACTUAL HISTORY IS but I was KIND OF HOPING they'd say, sod it, history is JUST WRONG and make it different, but no, and, worse, they'd been CRUELLY TEASING for weeks about spoilers for history )

And, no, morning news, you are never going to convince me not to hate on Dr. Beeching. SORRY.
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There are an Unsurprising Number of historical inaccuracies in Spartacus and mostly I don't give a toss (though it has taken a bit to get used to Julius Casear looking, and acting IMO, more like Alexander the Great) but argh there was just one of my HISTORY BUTTONS DAMMIT and now I'm unreasonably annoyed. Some dude just said to a widowed Roman woman "why you want to stay here anyway, you're a woman, no better than a slave to the Romans." Which, no. QUITE A LOT OF NO. Portraying women as worse of in history than they actually were pisses me off LIKE WOAH, cause it's all a bit "oh, why are you complaining about the wage gap, look how bad things were for women *insert any time in history*" because obv women never had any power or legal rights or did anything ever before the twentieth century.

When, in fact, if you were a woman at this time in Rome, best thing to be was a widow in terms of freedom and rights. And also rich, that always helps.
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New Doctor Who on Friday! Undoubtedly not very much, but it's nice to have. A prologue (NOT A PREQUEL, BBC SITE) to this year's Christmas Special, and a preview of the Special, or, as we generally call them, an advert. STILL. Looking forward QUITE A LOT to this Christmas Special, both for The Latest One and due to shiny, shiny guest stars.


There was also a thing about Neil Gaiman writing another episode and monster spoiler, but good luck not being spoiled before it's on )

I saw the trailer for the final season of Spartacus, WAR OF THE DAMNED, and it was awesome. It's just shot after shot of ridic OTT violence with ridic OTT blood. I'm relatively squeamish, but find the violence in Spartacus so cartoonish it never squicks me. BUT OH THE SPARTACUS DUDES I LOVE THEM. Even though they killed some of them and I DID NOT APPROVE. And they've taken away Lucretia and Ilithyia and their beautiful, perfect friendship of LIES AND BETRAYAL. But Crixus and Naevia are all alive and well and emotionally well-balanced I'm sure, and are going to have a heartwarming ending of happiness. Yes.
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Spartacus has departed from the telly. It's very sad, but it was beautiful and sort of perfect while it was here. And I'm pretty sure I read that it'd been renewed for another year, so it's not gone forever.

Spartacus finale spoilers )

Have also been watching Julian Fellowes' Titanic series cause The New Companion is in it. And she's good. Even very good. She can certainly act and she has a fair bit of charisma. Sadly the same cannot be said of the script which is made of bland blandness. Fellowes is terribly interested in class, but has nothing interesting to say about it. And while I did appreciate the acknowledgment of what was going on in Ireland at the time, it was a bit "oooh, scary Catholics want to bomb us" with no mention of the militancy on the Protestant side. That said, the two best characters are Irish, though I suspect that's less to do with the scipt and more to do with the fact they're played by Maria Doyle Kennedy and Toby Jones. Lols, Catherine of Aragon and the Dream Lord are married...yeah, best thing about Titanic? Actor spotting. The cast is pretty nifty and most of them have been in some genre show or other that I've watched, or listened to: Braxiatel's in it, identifiable by his epic moustache. Alas, he's drowned toast, since he's playing whathisname Astor, the richest dude on the ship.

And I watched a lovely film at the weekend. It was called Ironclad and was not, thank goodness, about early steamships with bits of metal stuck on them (spaceships good, sailing ships bad). I assume the title's a reference to chainmail. Anyway, IT WAS AMAZING. Firstly, the cast: James Purefoy, Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox and Charles Dance were in it. And Mackenzie Crook. And Guy Siner, for about two minutes before he got trebucheted to death. TREBUCHETS. GODS AMONG SIEGE ENGINES. They were brilliant.

(Women? WHAT WOMEN? This was set in the 13th century, and as I know from all good male medieval-inspired fantasy authors, all woman did in the middle ages was be oppressed.

apparently I had a lot to say about this film )
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Today is MADE OF SUMMER. Mostly I've been outside reading (and working, hurrah, fixed laptop!) and lamenting the lack of Pimms in my vicinity.

OH HELLO NEW DOCTOR WHO ILU. I spy a Ben Browder and a Mr Weasley and LOVELY PONDS. I am determined not to be bitter re PONDS. We've had them longer than anyone else in New Who and most companions in Classic, BUT I REALLY LOVE THEM.

I don't love Westerns though. But I do quite like it when sciffy shows do Westerns - The Gunfighters, A Fistful of Datas, that episode of Red Dwarf that the Beeb have played so often the tape disintegrated, all good stuff.

Probably it's wrong to base my entire opinion of Elementary on Lucy Lui and her coat (ie the coat that the article's *not* about) but I really, really love that coat. And Lucy Lui. Also, I'm *pretty* sure Universal did that whole "set Sherlock Holmes in modern times" back in the forties. Where, yes, he fought Nazis. Though it is quite a similar costume. I suppose.

No, hang on, almost everything in the post made me think Elementary sounded pretty keen as well. Hurrah! My taste in telly is about more than nice coats!

There is only one Spartacus left this season. It's like the worst thing to ever happen in television ever. Last week was AMAZING. Some episodes I think, no, I am not ever going to love Illythia more, that is absurd, and then episodes like last week's happen and it's just OMG YES I AM ACTUALLY. spoilers for bloodiness )

But I think this is appearing on the telly instead, like it is trying to make me feel better by giving me another show with swords and stuff:

This is the best trailer. Cause it has Natalie Dormer in it. I know I said I love Lannisters best and I do, and Margaery is clearly far too competent and sane to get to be Queen anyway, but she's also Natalie Dormer so suddenly and magically She Is The Best Of Them.

And here is a picture of the whole universe. It's very beautful.
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I completely missed that the new series of Spartacus has started, but TELLY HAS JUST TOLD ME. Yay, telly! This is probably my guiltiest of tv shows what I love, not counting any of the reality crap which I may accidently be inclined to watch on occasion but LOOK AT THEM AND THEIR SRS BSNS FACES:

It's a tinged with sadness cause Andy Whitfield died of cancer, not too long ago, and he was just 38, and so there's this new guy playing Spartacus.

Also no more John Hannah, who got the most lolarious lines mostly involving swearing on someone's cock, but LUCY LAWLESS! Who died! Only she didn't, apparently, and that is awesome. She's about the best thing in it, her and Ilithyia and their power struggle, and I don't know whether I was just becoming immune to the badness or it was actually getting good, but the stuff between them in the final couple of episodes last season was pretty damn awesome. In fact, all the Roman power politics ended up being rather nifty. Sadly lots of Spartacus involves macho nonsense about honour and What It Means To Be A Gladiator and stuff like that, but sometimes they shusht and get to the swordfights with absurd amount of gratuitous violence involving ludicrous amounts of blood and it all ends up looking pretty silly BUT IN A VERY ENTERTAINING WAY.

Also, Hustle has been being lovely this year (its final year, woes) and has kindly had a guest star every week that I'm pretty yayful at - Paterson Joseph, Nina Sosanya and Sheila Hancock so far - and then this week it was - rather cruelly, I thought - John Barrowman. Except it turns out he was kind of brilliant in it, sort of like his public persona except being played for evilness and weaselly-ness and with excellent comic timing. So, amazingly, kudos to Barrowman.

What is making me a bit sad is how obvious it is that they have to give Robert Vaughn very little to do. When it started, eight years ago, he was just as involved in the cons as everyone else, and now it's basically a quick conversation or phone call and he's done his bit. I know it's understandable given he's almost 80 now, but y'know. Though there are bits when he smiles and those are amazing. More of those.


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