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...except I'm just going to do them all now, cause there's no way I'll remember to update for thirty days and I might miss out on the opportunity to go on a bit about how much I love the Andorian antennae in ENT and no-one wants that.

Exciting Trek Questions )
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I've just about finished tweaking my [ profile] festivids vid, which I currently don't hate, but since reveals are forever away will, annoyingly, probably hate it by then, alas. Also, am really quite scared of the whole thing. Have not actually made a vid for anyone before. Probably it will all be fine.

The next episode of Sherlock has been ruined for me cause I just saw a trailer and that actor that I really don't like for no reason at all he just annoys me is in it, Russell Tovey. I still haven't managed to watch an episode of Being Human because of him. Anyway, I'm terribly arg about it since HOUN is my favourite of ACD's canon and I'm just going to spend the whole time watching it thinking about how much I don't like Russell Tovey and wishing it was one of the Cushing ones instead.* And is Sherlock wielding a lightsabre in the trailer or did my eyes just make that up for my amusement?

*Probably not true. Probably I'll get over it. But still, why couldn't they have cast someone I don't irrationally hate, dammit! PANDER TO MEEEEE.

This is very cool: Midnight has been rewritten slightly, to take out the copyrighted elements owned by the Beeb, and put on in a theatre in Manchester. And the audience is so wee - just 28 per performance - I imagine if it's any good at all (and certainly the script is brilliant, and it sounds like the cast ain't bad either) there'll be a fantastic atmosphere watching it.

And even better, by which I mean, I'll actually get to see this, is Noel Clarke and Benedict Cumberbatch being cast in the new Star Trek movie. Since Cumberbatch is the villain, am assuming it's not going to be a Khan movie, boo. Maybe there will be MORE ROMULANS? Because Trek movies haven't finished using them RUBBISHLY yet?

....I am still so bitter about Nemesis, yes. And Nero wasn't exactly scintillating either, "hello, Christopher!" aside.

There is so little Christmas chocolate left now. It's very sad.
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For [ profile] halfamoon, icons of many of the women from TOS Trek.

Want, take, have.

120 Trek icons )

And here's a helpful list of who they all are:

a list )
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I made a list; I like lists:

  • Plato's Stepchildren is making me ALMOST CRY. Yeah, TOS's Plato's Stepchildren - no running away till you've heard me out! Channel One, formally Virgin One, is doing a promo for their TOS reruns and they've taken Uhura's speech to Kirk when she's forced to kiss him and OMG, Nichols' delivery is so good which oddly, since it's surrounded by PLATO'S STEPCHILDREN, I never noticed before. But strip all that awfulness away, and combine it with a nice montage and suddenly it's kinda awesome. Her voice is so beautiful and she says "and I am not afraid" and I may have FLAILED SLIGHTLY THE FIRST TIME.

  • It is one of my favourite things about Uhura that she is allowed that emotional vulnerability and it works for me pretty much wholly because of how Nichols plays it: not as "omg, I am so scared," but as a woman who has enough confidence and self-knowledge that she's comfortable admitting when she's afraid and when she needs emotional support.

  • Everyone has seen this Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover vid, yes? If not, it's pretty goshdarned good. FEEL FREE TO MAKE THIS BEEB!

  • I am Backing Stuff Up. It's very dull.

  • Getting a smidgen excited about the return of SJA because I saw a wee clip and OMG clip spoilers )

    Also, from an interview [ profile] selenak linked to is this frankly awesome quote from RTD: “We talked about it a lot beforehand,” says Davies. “I know there’s a feeling that she’d have got divorced, and there was a theory that she’d be living on her own in Wales in a little cottage – some of the novels did this – and you think, ‘Nice idea, but actually that’s absolutely betraying the way we left her’. We left her with the promise of happiness, of adventure, of love and joy, and you can’t be cynical and undercut that by saying, ‘Oh, she’s a drug addict now! Her husband left her, she’s lonely, her life is bitter’. That’s just interfering with classic Doctor Who and rewriting what we were promised. So I was absolutely strict about that.”

    Which is not exactly how I feel but it's PRETTY DAMN CLOSE and more-or-less the main reason that I so very Do Not Like so much the the NAs.

  • I sort of inhaled The Thick of It after reading this post of [ profile] meddow's. It's Yes, Minister twenty years later with the swearing - there is an awful lot of swearing - left in and, basically, it's brilliant, brillianter and then, omg, BLOODY BRILLIANT. I did have a bit of a problem with the first season as I recgonised the name Chris Langham but couldn't remember from where and looked it up and, uh, yeah, that. I remember that being in the news, though I had no idea who actor was as an actor at the time and, WEIRDLY, knowing someone was downloading child pornography did slightly interfere with my ability to enjoy the show. Mostly I scrunched up my eyes when he was onscreen and tried to pretend he was Bill Nighy.

    Anyway, then Langham went off to have a trial and go to jail and there were the specials and, oh, SO GOOD. The Opposition are AMAZING. It is possible Peter Mannion is my favourite character; I do love them all really, but he's exactly the sort of vaguely competent politican who has zero time for pandering to his media image that means I end up liking him even if I find his politics appalling and Roger Allam is so gloriously deadpan and CONSTANTLY LOLARIOUS. (Randomly, I keep getting Allam mixed up with Kevin McNally.) And then there is season three and there is a political comedy where EVERY EPISODE gets to pass the Bechdel test which is like Extra Bonus Points on top of the marvoulessness that is Nicola Murray MP. And my very favourite bits are, I thinkit is 304 and 305, where there is Nicola and her dudes and Peter and his dudes and there is GLORIOUS COMEDY LOLS pay-off for so much character stuff it makes me utterly glee.

    And I haven't even mentioned Peter Capaldi, who is AS MAGIC. Sweary magic.
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Song: The Real World
Artist: All American Rejects
Fandom: Star Trek TOS, TOS movies and XI.

Summary: Kirk, his dudes, and worlds which may or may not be real.

embedded vid )

Download: large (73 MB); small (33 MB)
Streaming: YouTube
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Doctor Who is back on the telly ALMOST NOW. Thank goodness. And Ashes to Ashes is back on telly THE DAY BEFORE. Also, Tom Baker is apparently doing a Big Finish. Which is nice. I listened to a BF today in the first time in forever today and it was called Exotrons & Urban Myths, with Peri and Five. Mostly I enjoyed Exotrons as A Competent Execution of an Unoriginal Sciffy Idea and Quite Nice Characters while Urban Myths was like bad fanfic that spelled everything properly but bored you silly with unfunny jokes. Peri was great though; Erimem has a lot to answer for when it comes to Peri, who's gone from a companion that, at her best, I thought was inoffensively watchable/listenable to OMG ILU.

Several people on the flist are currently re/watching DS9, which is much yay. Tis my favourite of the Treks and seeing shiny new words about it is awesome. And I want people to hurry up and see Our Man Bashir for the first time. And make vids. All the Trek talk is making me try and vid Trek (that new film and TOS, rather than DS9 though) and I forgot how difficult and time-consuming it is. (The last vid, all the time sucking stuff was done last year and I spent weeks poking at it, so conveniently forgot about the source grabbing stage that I find ANNOYING.)

I keep seeing pictures of Matt Smith and he keeps looking like he is the Doctor. It'll be perfectly normal in six weeks, I know, but right now it's v weird. He's had a minute of screentime and his lack of eyebrows scares me.
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  • Due to feeling utterly dreadful, I started playing Peep Show in the background and pretended it was a radio show. And discovered I hadn't seen the last two episodes of season six. FIFTY MINUTES OF NEW LOLS. Like a freebie! Also, actually a freebie, and legal, ta v much 4OD.

  • Finally the Doctor Who and Torchwood Tonner dolls have pikshurs. Scary, scary pikshurs, mostly. At least Martha is not scary, and I'm not going to buy her obviously, cause that would be silly. But I might. Umm. Yes. Good.

  • I've been playing a lot of Star Trek Online. It's a decidedly average game that I'm only enjoying because I am a v ashamed Trek liking sort of person and the game is V V Not Afraid to Go For Broke on Any Old Canon It Likes (NPCs include Miral Paris, Kirayoshi O'Brien, Leonard James Akaar...Mackenzie Calhoun, who I was under the impression was dead, but apparently not.)

    The ground combat is meh, but the spaceship battles are actually pretty nifty and well-balanced. Plus, novelty value. And there've been a couple of missions that were really quite good (as opposed to scanning five fucking anomalies again), like going through through Guardian of Forever and helping out the Enterprise before shooting down a whole lot of TOS!Klingons. Heh. Ahem.

  • I am alternately Yay and Fuck Off at the post-XI Primeverse canon though. But then I hate everything canon has done to the Romulans since they decided that the chairman of the Tal Shiar was a Federation spy for NO PARTICULAR REASON then they assassinated the Senate and then they blew up the homeworld. Also, fucking Remans.

  • On the bright side, Natima Lang's now the head of the Cardassian Detapa Council. I like that.

  • From Noel Clarke's Twitter, teaser trailer for Centurion which is Neil Marshall's new film and, omg, he is awesome and makes movies that are basically ALL I EVER WANT FROM MOVIES EVER. cut for omgilu!NeilMarshall ) So, basically, what could he POSSIBLY make now that could top any of that? ROMANS. With Noel Clarke. Looking like this.

  • It is like two weeks til Gally. That is plainly ridiculous.
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I have not been doing much captaining in STO because omg, the servers are robust. I almost don't mind, because every time they go down, I head over to the forums and, oh, the crazy is strong. Even the people I agree with are mad. Half the dudes are furious and want lawsuits and say it is terrible and awful and EVIL that Cryptic cannot guarantee a working server 24/7, and the other half think they are ungrateful bratty children for not understanding all MMORPG launches are right fuck-ups and they should suck it up or go away so all the srs grown-ups can play at shooting Klingons and stuff.

The lack of headstart playtime did mean I finally finished A Game of Thrones, which I loved and even have Thoughts On which I shall type at tedious length when I'm not quite this ridiculously tired. The tiredness is entirely my own fault, or rather the fault of a foolish and absurdly optimistic me who, last week, decided that there were No Flaws At All in a plan that meant having a hairdresser's appointment at nine in the morning. And despite nine being very much one of those hours I've cunningly forgotten about for being way, way too early, I did make it. Mostly cause I was getting constantly annoyed at my hair being too long and once again not quite understanding what Permanent Dye meant and refusing to stay properly brunette. So I am no longer at all blonde and my hair is a sensible length. Hurrah!

[ profile] halfamoon, a two-week celebration of female characters has started, and I have a vid that is almost finished. It is not the vid I was trying to make. That vid was Bigger and Cleverer and didn't go "oh fuck it" and start adding clips just cause they were of nifty swordfighting. I don't hate it though and, more importantly, it's Almost Done.

But, yes, people should go to teh comm and read and write and comment and stuff. There are nice banner things too.
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1) Am currently watching Peter Cushing in Space 1999. He is in silver paint and a daft hat and yet still looks tots dignified.

2) My ankle. OH MY BLOODY ANKLE (disclamer: not actually covered in blood). I really don't see why eight-ish hours of not walking on it shouldn't fix it. Which it has had every day for like a week. I'm hobbling ffs. It's ridiculous. I can't see it as a Proper Injury so I feel a bit like Oh Look How Injured I Am Poor Wee Me with all the hobbling. But it hurts darnit. (And at one point I managed to convince myself I was tots making up that it was really hurting so tried running and, um, yes, that was stupid and there was falling. Common sense: not one of my stronger qualities. Ahem.)

3) Hobbling aside, it's the Not Being Able To Run just after I was actually managing to do it regularly that's really frustrating. Boo.

4) Have you voted in Home Team 2009 Matches? Contrary to much of me flist, I found it Ridic Easy to vote for all of them, save one. Scully vs Cuddy. I mean, it's Scully, obv, but I haven't watch X-Files regularly for ages and voting against Cuddy just seemed strange and wrong and there were Whole Seconds of Indecision there.

5) Mostly I'm appalled that CJ's currently losing to Bones and Wendy Watson's not winning hers. LOVE WENDY MOAR FANDOM.

6) If you haven't read [ profile] rawles's essay, about the importance of Uhura and Spock's relationship in STXI and representation of black women in the media, Uhura Is Not A White Girl, then you should go do that now.

7) Fic rec: [ profile] selenak's Clean-Up Operations - Johnson and Alice post-COE. Characterlicious like yummy yummy pie.

8) I was quite "okay, that's nice" about new Four audio stuff. But seeing this is definitely causing Teh Squee. I think it's the pic at the bottom. HELLO TOM BAKER!
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So on my wish list for the next Trek movie is that there'll be more than one woman with a substantial role. (And that she'll have a Bechdel test passing conversation with Uhura...though since I can only recall one of those out of the past eleven Trek movies, I'm not exactly optimistic there.)

But another woman is totally not a crazy thought, despite the vast cast, for excepting ST:V, all the original Trek movies managed to reach the dizzying heights of having two, sometimes even three, women with substantial roles.

So here's a poll, for I am curious:

[Poll #1404364]

Personally, it's Saavik for me, Alley!Saavik specifically. And I would so love a friendship between Saavik and Uhura, (but I've also got horrid visions of some godawful love triangle with Spock if they ever brought her back).

Or Gaila in Engineering would be nifty. Cause Gaila is great (and [ profile] taraljc is hosting a comment!fic extravaganza to this effect, yo) and I can't recall seeing a single female engineer in TOS plus movies.
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So all the Trekness is reigniting my enthusiasm for TOS. Generally I forget that I do quite like it cause there is an awful lot about it that annoys me. Then I remember there's also a lot that I love. This happens a lot with Star Trek shows.

Anyway, here are my five favourite episodes:

Top Five Trek )
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Title: Notes On Captaining A Starship
Rating: G
Characters: Kirk, Uhura, Spock and the crew.
Summary: In which a captain wishes to develop a more intimate relationship with a ship he has a habit of anthropomorphising.

Notes On Captaining A Starship )
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So very not what I expected to be the first thing I wrote for STXI:

Title: Faith
Rating: G
Characters: Pike, Number One, Kirk
Summary: Pike's Number One is less than impressed with the new captain of the Enterprise.
AN: Number One was Pike's first officer in the original Star Trek pilot, The Cage.

Faith )
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While encouraging new fen to check out the old stuff is great, saying NO RESPECT FOR YOU until they've watched three years of a very old telly series and twenty-five years worth of spinoffs is just silly. (Goodness knows I love it when New Who people check out old Who, and then end up writing screeds on how awesome it is and how they adore it - and I find it amazing that there are so many people who do end up loving classic - but a pox on You're Not A Real Fan Unless. (I, btw, am Not A Real Fan because I was not alive when Hartnell was on the telly. Trufax.])

Anyway, that rant: I like the questions they ask, I like them enough to answer them, oh yes. They are Important Trekkie Questions:

cut for length )
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In which I wish to defend Star Trek V.

Because, omg, I love it, I do. I try to deny it sometimes, but it's filthy lies. It's not the plot. The plot is terrible. And mostly I try to pretend it doesn't happen. But that doesn't mean I don't think they shouldn't montage together all the bits that are SHEER LOVE and release them as Star Trek V: The SHEER LOVE Edition. Yes.

Fifteen Reasons Not To Pretend STV Doesn't Exist )
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For the love of Roddenberry, tell me there's going to be more of that Trek. It was awesome! And shiny! And awesome! I remember thinking what a bloody awful idea this recasting prequel nonsense was when I first heard it, then changed my mind when I saw the trailers. Even though obviously everyone would be silly and unconvincing despite the music being awesome and the space battles really freaking cool. I was a bit wrong there. About the first bit, not the second. There are some v v fine space battles.

Here are some things I thought about it:

spoilers, obv )
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Because procrastination is an art, and keeping in practice is terribly important in art, I spent a ridiculous amount of time today making my journal pretty (not, y'know, actually writing any css meself, oh no, I browsed through layout comms, browsed like a wee procrastinating procrastinator.) It is now less pink and more purple. And now has what is surely the most eloquent use of the English language ever committed to celluloid emblazoned across the top of the page. Also there's like a whole new quote on my profile, and by new, I mean even older. And a pic of Babs. Babs is awesome. Sometimes I forget how awesome and then I see her in action and she is just splendid.

And apparently some dude has, yet again, discovered slash and come up with some eye-rollingly patronising bunkem as to why women slash. So here are my thoughts on yaoi: it entertains me. Sometimes it's sexy, sometimes it's lolarious, sometimes touching, or dramatic or cool or clever or any of the bajillion other things that fiction can be. I've never been short of female characters I love, or that I love to write about, and I've never seen slash as something subversive, but rather another way to tell stories and explore characters and it seems rather daft to me to limit the way one can explore characters in fic by sticking to a single type of relationship. Thus whether it's slash/het/femslash/gen is almost always of secondary importance for me compared to the quality of writing and the characters involved (in that, if I love those characters and they're written well, I have no particular preference over whether their relationship is being written as friendship or sexual or romantic.)

I think I'm going to see the new Star Trek tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it rather ridiculously because of the Uhura spoilers I've heard. I love Uhura. And I love the spoilers for stuff )

And, embarrasingly, I thought all the Maine support on the flist was to do with baseball or something. Ahrrrm. (If you're as oblivious as I, it's not, rather Maine and New Hampshire have both passed gay marriage legislation, well done them.)


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