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I'm watching The Musketeers, purely for shallow reasons of sword-fighting and Capaldi and OMG CAPALDI. Turns out he is basically the RICHELIEU OF MY HEART except a bit more evil. But he is properly loyal to France and his foreign policy of making France the pre-eminent European power is there and also he is Capaldi and brilliant. Mostly my opinion of things three-musketeer-y rests on what they do with Richelieu. The recent steampunk film version (which I ADORE MADLY) still managed to score points by remembering he used to be a soldier, though mostly the love there is earned with the ridiculous and their fabulous version of Milady and OMG ORLANDO BLOOM'S BUCKINGHAM. Best. Buckingham. Ever.

ALso started Sleepy Hollow. I am like three episodes in and got spoiled for the finale a bit. Only pre-credits BUT STILL. On the other hand, the lolariousness of it is making me try to get a move on. IT IS V GOOD.

Made it to end of first season of Elementary and that was BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT and I love how should they not have got another season it could have ended there and been a wonderful, lovely thing. BUT THERE IS MORE THANK GOODNESS YAY. It is better than Sherlock, but I still quite love Sherlock and this year's was winning as Sherlock develops some empathy and sense of justice. And then I was sad because the only good Moriarty is Trek Moriarty (ooh, and Elementary now! Well done, Elementary. I forgot I basically always hate Moriarty characters when I was watching cause omg AWESOMENESS)

I am aware there is now a Scottish Doctor.
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Telly stopped deserting me! That was quite good. And apparently there is a NEW COMMUNITY EPISODE now or soon which is EXTRA LOVELY. And there will be LOVELY SPARTACUS and DOCTOR WHO and GAME OF THRONES in the Eastertimes, so really that is Quite A Lot of Catering To Meeeeee, so I am well pleased.

Mostly I've been watching Elementary which I don't think I'm fannish about in the way I consider myself fannish, by which I mean I don't want to read or write fic. I do want to draw platonic hearts of perfect love around Joan and Sherlock though. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love pretty much everything about them. I love their expressions, I love their banter, I love the way they look at each other. I love how calm and practical and in control Joan is. I love how her medical expertise is often VITAL and IMPORTANT to the plots that I'm not really paying attention to cause wtf, plot? getting in the way of AMUSING CHARACTER INTERACTION, but she does doctor things Quite Frequently and I do love that. And her unflusterability and reactions in the face of ridic provocations. And that she basically wants to be a detective and has a mother who knows her very well and HER CLOTHES. And Johnny Lee Miller is QUITE MAGIC as Sherlock. His Sherlock makes me happy with the way his not playing well with others manifests without him being a complete dick but really quite lovely and charming and funny a lot. AND THE WAY HE MOVES. He is not a Sherlock who can really be appreciated in photos. He needs to be moving.

Basically together they light up my telly with charisma and joy and I love them like the best of all possible toffee popcorn.

Despite their loveliness, I don't ship them. I've never shipped any Holmes/Watson pairing, something about their dynamic in every incarnation I've seen just doesn't say "ship em!" to me. I am shipping Sherlock/Irene like woah though, cause I always ship them and NO SHE'S NOT DEAD NOT IN MY HEAD NOT EVEN IF THERE'S A BODY ONSCREEN. FACT. I also loled at Sebastian Moran being Vinnie Jones.

The other telly I'm watching like a wee hawk is The Following. I HAVE NO GOOD EXCUSES. All I can say is that James Purefoy is in it and I'm spending most of my time going lalalalalalala. Partly because he's a serial killer and I'm trying to ignore that. Partly because he's a serial killer who idolises the works of Edgar Allan Poe and I'm REALLY REALLY trying to ignore that. I like Poe, I do. I appreciate The Fall of the House of Usher and The Masque of Red Death and that he wrote some of the earliest detective fiction (Dupin being a proto-Sherlock Holmes...though I recall Sherlock doesn't appreciate the comparison) and, yes, I do like The Raven. But if you're going to idolise the man's work and start writing "EVERMORE!" at the scenes of your victims, and go on and on and on about the death of beautiful women, I feel that during your incarceration you should be made to write out a few lines of James Russell Lowell's for a couple of hours every day: "There comes Poe, with his Raven, like Barnaby Rudge/ Three fifths of him genius and two fifths sheer fudge."

There's also a lot of utterly charming violence against women graphically shown which I'm sure is just to be 'gritty' and 'realistic' and not at all sexist in its origin.

It's not awful telly though, just not terribly good, and really not my sort of thing. But shallowness prevails, so I'm watching it.
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Have watched some new telly, one was quite good, the other was bloody awful. And yet I'm still watching the next episode. SHAMING SHAME.

Revolution 101 )

Red Dwarf 1001 )

Still got Elementary to see. Am v glad it seems to be turning out not to be terrible.
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I'm Highly Dubious of any TV's Top Fifty Sci-Fi Characters list where the sole entry from Babylon 5 is Sheridan, and the sole entry from Farscape is Crichton. I like these characters, but by gum, they are not fabulous genre-defining creations. They are the Captain Kirks of their shows, the All-American Good Guy out to Save The Universe; they're not doing anything new or interesting. Now that might be occasionally, and very nicely, subverted in Crichton's case, but if you're looking at Farscape and going "yes, Crichton is the best character here; indeed he's one of sci-fi's greatest", then you're just wrong, dude. Aeryn's the best character in Farscape. Clearly.

B5 is less clear cut, but it's Not Sheridan. You could make a decent argument for Londo, G'Kar, Ivanova, even Delenn. I mean, it's Bester really, but I'm willing to admit that that could be my character kink biases talking.

And when your list has nine Trek characters and none of them are Sisko? You are also wrong.

And if you've only got eleven women on your list of fifty? So Judging You.

In other news, there's to be a one-off drama about the creation of Doctor Who for the 50th, which is a smashing idea. It's being written by Gatiss which is...well, I'm sure it'll come from a place of love, anyway. And it is a pretty great story, and one which Waris Hussein tells very well and with a great deal of humour. For this was a show made by a group of 'outsiders' at the Beeb - Lambert was the only female producer working in drama, and the youngest one; Hussein was Indian, a young director and the newest director at the Beeb; and Newman was a Canadian. No-one was very much interested in seeing them succeed. But, heh, they did, and look what they made and isn't it lovely?
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I've been watching a lot of Friends lately. It's on at a nice, handy after-dinner time, and sometimes there are episodes I haven't even seen since I missed a lot of what happened after season seven, which was when I stopped finding it funny last time round. Which is the thing that weirds me out a wee bit. When I first saw Friends, I was eleven or twelve I think, and I Did Not Get It. The jokes made no sense to me and the laughter track was like chalkboard nails. A few years later, in my mid-teenage years it was The Greatest Comedy Ever (I even remember watching the episode I hadn't understood - the one with the bullies - and being perplexed at how my younger self had not been amused), and my sister and I may have spent rather a lot of our money collecting all the videos, and watched the American football episode far, far too many times.

But by university that had stopped, and it was dull and boring again. And now? Now after a few years of never having seen an episode, it's like a comfy old duvet. And I flail over how my feelings towards it flip back and forth - I can't think of any other show that's ever done this to me.

Ross is still a douche though, and Phoebe is horrid in the later years. And I am forever sad that Rachel and Joey did not end up together because she seemed to more have fun with him then the tedious angst and face-pulling of Ross. And Monica and Chandler is still so bizarre and yet works so well. They have arguments that don't spiral into ridiculous over-the-top telly relationship angst territory. Such things are yayful to me.

Though I don't think they should be allowed to be that much younger than me in the early seasons. That's just disturbing.
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I DON'T LIKE THIS VIDEO. Mostly because, if I must be completely honest (and I must; I'm writing online after all, and on a blog to boot) there were about three seconds then something in my head that I am maintaining is COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM ACTUAL ME started slashing Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch and I don't even find either one particularly attractive. I don't care that such things are completely fine for many people and in many parts of the web, I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. But it happened anyway. *sobs*

The most lolarious bit is at 3.11, where Moff appears to have been attacked on his head by some giant fluffy creature.

And there are clips from Press Gang! I love Press Gang. Missing out on it as a small person (twas on ITV, aka The Other Channel, which I never watched except for Knightmare and, um, Fun House) is second only to Doctor Who Not Being On on my list of Childhood Stuff I'm Still Bitter About.

Moff sounds quite Scottish for a wee bit, just when he starts talking. That's lovely.

I've no idea who actually won BAFTAS otherwise, shall go see if there are any I have views on...Andrew Scott won for Moriarty, ahrrrm. And Anna Chancellor didn't win her category, boo. Ooh, The Fades won! That's quite keen - I only watched the first episode admittedly, but it was good stuff and I enjoyed it but I didn't keep watching cause I thought Natalie Dormer wasn't coming back and There's Only So Much Telly You Can Watch. And then sometime later my sister informed me "no, she comes back" for she loved it and was not watching for just one actor and then I was sad.
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So I totally lost my eveningtime to Tumblr, ( - it was metebelis3 but I didn't want to be a planet any more) cause who'd have though looking at pretty pictures would be such a time suck?

This one made me terribly happy though - it's not new, but I hadn't seen it before:

Also now have more classic Who gifs that I could possibly ever need for anything ever. VICTORIA'S FACE IS AMAZING. All gifs that are not of Victoria are lesser gifs, trufax.

Watched trailer for Avengers movie, which is being called something really stupid in the UK that makes it sound like a crappy plastic toy aimed at four-year-old boys, but at least it means I'll stop having that moment where I think it means Proper Avengers and then it isn't, it's a superhero movie that I feel appallingly indifferent to and can't help but judge cause, yay, one woman on the team and she didn't even get her own movie beforehand.

Have started rewatching Farscape. Determined to see ALL THE EPS in ALL THE ORDER and not skip pre-Nerve season one the really dull ones. And Upstairs Downstairs came back on the telly, it MAKES ME V HAPPY. It has an Alex Kingston now. I don't know why Eileen Atkins left but she did, and her character was ashes and I was "oh, boo" except then the camera swung round and there was Alex Kingston and if you're going to not have Eileen Atkins I feel it is very good of them to QUICKLY LET ME GET OVER THAT by instantly having Alex Kingston instead. And it already had Keeley Hawes and next week there is Emilia Fox and Jean Marsh had a heart attack so hasn't been in it yet but she is back next week too and it is a lovely, lovely show that just puts lots of actresses I love together in scenes and that is awesome.
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But why is Community gone?

The Christmas episode was loveliness and OH BRITTA YOU ARE THE BEST OF SINGERS and it was full of AWESOME EXPRESSIONS but I don't want that to be the last one ever even if I am trying to remember that if this was a British comedy it'd've taken like eight years to get this many episodes and no British comedy lasts eight years anyway*. BUT STILL. Camelot got cancelled, dammit, American telly TOTALLY OWES ME.

Here is a lovely story about books that have been made into beautiful sculptures and anonymously placed in various libraries and places of books across Edinburgh. It's been going on for most of the year but has recently come to a rather nice conclusion.

And it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE I should maybe have gone to the doctor's. Have a charming malingering cough that makes a delightful noise in my chest. Feeling rotten, but not rotten enough not to work. Which I suppose I should be happy about, but I'm not. On the bright side, it is The Festive Season, and thus I'm practically obligated to drink sherry, hurrah!

*This isn't true. But there's what? Dad's Army and Last of the Summer Wine (OH GOD, do they still make that? How can those people still be alive, they must be about 500?) And nobody actually laughs at the latter, I assume, so it doesn't count.
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I'm Excessively Proud of Myself for the most trivial of reasons: I've managed to give up Walking Dead. Episode three of season two, about twenty minutes in, part of my brain yelled, "Are you enjoying this? ARE YOU?" which has happened before but the usual excuse of BUT AWESOME ZOMBIE ACTION wasn't working since there had failed to be awesome zombie action for quite some time, and all I'd been watching was spoilers for a very boring show )

It's not like it wasn't boring before, but this was the breaking point. And it only took a very short season and a bit to get there. Which is a massive improvement on how long it took me to admit I wasn't enjoying Supernatural anymore and the chances of it getting any better ever were not super. So hurrah!

By the same logic (and by having a comedy I'm loving to compare it to) I think I've managed to stop watching The Office as well. SORRY JAMES SPADER. But the difference between that and Community is KIND OF EPIC, so I'll just have that twenty minutes back too and use it to make a cup of tea or something. A really, really well-brewed cup of tea.

But it is not all bad news tellywise, for after three episodes I'm a little bit in love with Once Upon A Time. Jennifer Morrison is still tots awesome and I'm happy every time she's onscreen, and the Evil Queen is quite good, but I really love her most in her Evil Mayor guise. And her sheer PETTINESS in episode two made me glee spoilers, yo )

And then episode three decided that Snow should no longer be Kinda Dull (barring the sword at the wedding and Charming's swordfight, both characters were meh to me) and did a a smashing job of making me Really Care Quite A Lot about them spoilerish )

In conclusion, I'd quite like moar Robert Carlyle but all the Emma and Regina and Snow White stuff = winning.
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I watched The Walking Dead and not nearly enough people got eaten. It was very sad. There were these poor zombies wandering around being really hungry and these horrid people kept hitting them with sharp implements and the zombies didn't get any food and they often got even deader and the people said things like "well, maybe we shouldn't steal supplies of food, water and medicine from dead non-zombie people. We should just wander through the desert until we drop dead of dehyration instead. WHO'S WITH ME?" It's possible they didn't say exactly that, but that was what I heard. Also before there was a zombie apocalypse I assume there was another epidemic that required everyone to have their sense of humour surgically removed. I don't care if you're American and thus not so prone to the joys of gallows humour as the British, SOMEONE MAKE A JOKE. It's a HILARIOUS APOCALYPSE FFS.

Also saw the openers of the two new fairy tale themed shows Once Upon A Time and Grimm. One of them had Jennifer Morrison, sword-fighting, and a creepy town, the other had a po-faced dude with Zachary Quinto's eyebrows investigating crime. Guess which one I liked best?

mild spoilers for the pilot eps )
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I stopped watching Spooks properly in series seven because all the SHOCKING DEATHS! and SHOCKING DOUBLE AGENT REVEALS! got pretty dull, but tonight was the very last episode of Spooks ever so I watched it and expected everyone to die in a Hilariously Epic Fireball of Death.

spoilers )

So farewell Spooks! You were mostly good.
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  • I'm watching Community instead of The Walking Dead. I think this is an excellent choice because I really like Community and tWD is TERRIBLE and I'm Constantly Appalled at how many people think it's amazing. IT'S NOT, DUDES, IT'S A TERRIBLE BORING SHOW. They have somehow managed to make a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden land BORING AS FUCK. It's quite an achievement, but it's not one we should be celebrating.

  • Eventually I'll watch Walking Dead because the bits with actual zombies I do kind of love. The problem is All In The Writing as in The Characters Are just Tedious and Tediouser. Have loved the main actors in Other Things (Sarah Wayne Callis in Prison Break and Andrew Lincoln in Teachers and probs other random British things), thus I tend not to blame them.

  • Sometimes Community makes me laugh unintentionally but it is still lovely. In the Mexican Halloween episode where everyone thinks Shirley is Urkle, I'm amused because OBV she is Harry Potter and I've no clue who Urkle is.

  • In other telly, I managed three episodes of Dinosaurworld but it too suffers from that SLIGHT PROBLEM of having Mind-Numbingly Dull Characters. I hate them all and wish they'd get eaten and it was just like an episode of Planet Dinosaur instead. Planet Dinosaur is awesome. Am well jealous of Argentina for getting to have the BIGGEST DINOSAUR EVER named after it. I wish there was a Scotlandosaurus. It would probably be rubbish and basically try to be awesome and then die at the first moment where it looks like it could succeed. And then deep fat fry its corpse.

  • To be fair about Dinosaurworld, there was a clear warning I was going to hate it in the first five minutes: in the almost!apocalpyse future Our Hero brings a terribly rare and exotic food item back to his family and they all coo over how awesome it is, and we are ASTONISHED for to us in our cosy, non-apocalyptic present, it is but a mere orange. I think that technique may have been A BIT DATED in the fifities.

  • By Dinosaurworld, I mean Terra Nova. And calling it Dinosaurworld does give it a bit too much credit, cause there are nowhere near enough dinosaurs.

  • Also, if you're going to just mention allosaurus, and then not have it attack hapless humans in an orgy of violence and mayhem, I'm totally judging you.

  • Here is a way you can instantly improve your life: listen to William Shatner's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. You're welcome.

  • If you happen to get replies to Really Old Comments this weekend, that's because I'm trying to clean out my inbox by replying to things instead of just going arg! and deleting everything.

  • It is an arg of fear, not of like hate or something.

  • Apparently Urkle is spelt Urkel.
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Anyone who mentioned My Little Pony anywhere where I could read about it during the last couple of months is now on The List. I may have watched some, or lots, and, um, well, yes. I couldn't sleep; it was accidently found on teh YouTubes. It's quite good. Or really good. And funny. And ridic adorable. There're wee educational bits that make me awfully happy, like what manticores and gryphons are. Also, there was a bunny stampede of stampeding bunnies.

Real telly keeps spoiling me for Fringe. Curse you, real telly. Am now on episode four of season two. Episode three made me flail with ickness, it was a very brief ickness and only lasted a second before it exploded, but still. It's been like a dozen episodes since it did that, my tolerance is low. Interwebs tell me there is going to be a fourth season; this is pleasing.

Also pleasing tellywise is April, omg, April, with ALL THE TELLY IN THE WORLD. Not only is beloved Doctor Who back on and after the amazingness of season five I'm more excited about New Who than I've been about it ever. For at the start of New Who, there was Teh Fear that it would be terrible, and there was also Teh Fear at the start of season five that Eleventy would fail somehow, but after last year being the best of New Who and one of the best seasons of them all (I mean, Victory of the Daleks was the cackest and I can still say it's better than Pyramids of Mars with a straight face*.) Here's a publicity still I hadn't seen before. HELLO HAT THING. Here's a confession: I didn't know what a Stetson was until that trailer.

I fear I've rambled - not only is Doctor Who back on but there is The Borgias, Camelot, and Game of Thrones starting this month. Any one of which I would be gleeful about and now there are three! Three historical/fantasy type thingies! The Borgias pilot may have leaked and I may have seen that and I may have thought it superb, even if the gits did spoiler ). Camelot has Eva Green, who I love, as Morgana Morgan and hopefully there'll will not be a right fuck-up there a la Merlin (still haven't seen the end of series three, due to disillusionment with what they'd done to my favourite character), however it's a Starz series and Chris Chibnall is writing for it, so my expectations are not vast, but I'm Exceptionally Cheap for that sort of thing, so. (I watched the whole of Spartacus Blood and Sand - I even enjoyed most of it. QUIT JUDGING ME.) And Game of Thrones! Looks smashing, I loved the first book and Lena Headey will probably repair some of the awfulness of what happened to Cersei's character in A Feast for Crows and make her shiny again.

*that was A Lie. It's not, and I can't. I just tried and I got this mental image of Sutekh glaring at me.
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This is a shiny, shiny meme that makes me sad because I had six years of Lovely Historical Telly (Rome, The Tudors) and now I've got bloody Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Hmph.

[ profile] fannish5: Name five historical characters whose lives you'd like to see adapted into movies or TV series.

1) Catherine de' Medici - This is the historical telly I want more than any other by QUITE A LOT. Mostly cause Catherine was amazing, partly because she gets a bad rep that I think's pretty much undeserved. (It's not her fault one tiny little political assassination went HORRIBLY WRONG.) Anyway, she was born into a merchant family, orphaned and imprisoned at a young age, and ended up ruling France as regent for fourteen years and exerting enormous political influence for another fifteen. During this time there were the French Wars of Religion, to which Catherine constantly sought a diplomatic compromise (despite, y'know, popular history) and kept the country from plummetting full on into the abyss.

(And so it's not all about the 16th century what I love maybe too much, I'll say here I'd totally be for a telly show about Marguerite de Valois or Marie de Guise as well.)

2) Empress Matilda - there are many, many things I loved about Cadfael and one of them was the little hints there'd be about what was going on in the struggle between Matilda and Stephen. Probably this telly would be like every time I watch a Napoleon thing and hope he wins and then AM V SAD that Waterloo always ends the same way. Apart from in Blackadder.

Anyway, here there was a nineteen year conflict because Henry I decided to die and leave A GIRL IN CHARGE. Some people weren't so keen on that and decided to support some dude called Stephen instead. Matilda wasn't going quietly, thus WAR. In the end, Stephen won, but he eventually made Matilda's son his heir.

3) Theodora - Empress of Byzantine, wife of Justinian II (he who's responsible for the Corpus Iuris Civilus and thus I love him influenced all civil law legal systems of today.) Comic, mimic, strip-tease artist and prostitute, Theodora first became Justinian's mistress and then, after getting the then-emperor, his uncle Justin, to make an edict, they were permitted to marry. She's responsible for saving the Empire during the Nika revolt - Justinian wanted to flee, she insisted they stay - and fought for changes in the law to allow women more power.

4) Isabella of France - married Edward II; not the most successful marriage ever, partially due to her husband being gay bisexual and ending up with a guy who was a bit keen on having Isabella killed. Isabella wasn't big on this plan. She went off to France, met up with her own lover, Roger Mortimer, set up an alternative government-in-exile and told everyone she was a widow. Got herself an army, invaded England, had her husband and his lover captured, then executed the lover, imprisoned the husband, probably had him murdered. Had her son installed as king and ruled through him. Her son, however, thought Mortimer might be a bit too keen on his death as well, so had his mother and Mortimer captured. Mortimer got the blame for everything and was hung, Isabella was forgiven, and spent the next thirty years in nice castles, spending lots of money. A heartwarming tale.

5) Tamara of Georgia - first Queen regnant of Georgia; presided over its Golden Age. Had lolarious relationship with her first husband where she kept on exiling him and he kept on thinking what a great idea it was to raise an army and try and usurp her throne. He never succeeded and, despite having more than one opportunity, she never had him killed.

She pursued a policy of aggressive expansionism for some twenty years and had a keen knack for military strategy. Alas, while she left the kingdom prosperous and whole to her son, it all ended a bit tragically some fifty years later with her daughter running from Ghengis Khan's invasion.
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Having just bought I'm Proud of the BBC, this seemed an appropriate way to procrastinate from not!Nano:

Below is a list of all the shows mentioned in Mitch Benn's I'm Proud of the BBC. Bold = love (or have loved) it, Plain text = neutral, Strike through = never seen / listened to. (And I'm gonna asterisk stuff I hate, just incase you get the craaaaazy idea I ain't got no telly standards at all just cause I can't give up SPN.) (OH GOD SO BAD LAST WEEK; of all the shows that have no right to have a go at Twilight for being shite...)

much telly, with oh-so-faskinating commentary )

Based on that it almost seems like my telly licence is bloody good value for money. I'M ASTONISHED.
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I totally suck at this meme. I will not say when I did the last day, but what happened with this meme is exactly the sort of thing that happens with All Important Things too. To conclude, I am not good at timing. It's lucky I'm not a comedian.

Anyway, Day 3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Can I just pretend that this refers to a strange American concept and I don't have a clue what it means and just pick something shiny and new to me?


I'm trying to find something that's new that isn't Strike Okay, Strike Back is a terrible, terrible show. It is about a Manly Man who goes and saves the world with Explosions and Guns. Sometimes he takes off his shirt. Sometimes he is horribly injured and makes faces of pain. Sometimes Alexander Siddig turns up. There are women in this show, but they are just there to die, have gratuitous sex with the Manly Hero and realise how wrong they were about Judging the Manly Hero for his Manly Angst.

I judge myself massively, yes, but Richard Armitage is v pretty.

So, yes, if you are as APPALLED by that answer as I am or just want to rec me a show that is new and shiny because you are LOVELY, you should do that, yes.

the days of the meme )

On a completely different topic there was a horrible accident with Dragon Age. And by horrible accident, I mean that I accidently found some more Awesome Dragon Age fic and it was a WIP so instead of a nice satisfying ending I thought, gosh, I haven't played Dragon Age for a while, I should do that. And started a new game. As f!Cousland. Again. But, to be fair, I've not yet played her through and had her master all the ways of the sword and shield, so, um, yeah.

One day I will totally finish a game as a dwarf.

some rambling about DA )

In lovely news, Big Finish have had their license extended to 2012. And there be an audio coming up with Brigadier Bambera in it, which I am terribly excited about and will certainly not judge entirely on the basis of whether or not it decides to pseudo-canonically joss the Epic Love of Bambera/Ancelyn.
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I've been watching some very glossy but really quite appalling telly because Richard Armitage is in it. Sometimes with his shirt off. So really it's Perfectly Understandable even if I do have to suffer through lines like "I better not arrive in Hell and find out you're not there" and "most men seem to take pleasure in [killing] but you, you're like a machine" and, best of all, "is that your weakness, compassion?" His angst is the angst of An Angsty Soldier who has been Betrayed, oh yes. Last time, two former SAS dudes - both with bullet wounds - took on several dozen elite Zimbabwean soldiers. Guess who won? If you guess incorrectly, lose two million points and your right to watch gratuitously violent telly for a year.

Also in the I'm Watching It But Boy Do I Feel Guilty category is SPN, which I'm all caught up with. Eric Johnson was in an episode! That was Most Pleasing. And Mark Sheppard is always like, entertaining and stuff. And then there was the penultimate episode and there was a lolarious scene which went very unappreciated by me cause SPN spoilers ) One day I will quit you SPN and then you'll be sorry you weren't less shit. Yeah.

Far more cheeringly, the BBC is making new sci-fi! Like sci-fi that isn't Doctor Who or a horrid remake of something they did far, far better in the eighties! It's called Outcasts and mostly I hope it's not a right fuck-up because the cast looks nifty and it's not some crummy pseudo-sf drama with the sf bit tacked on but is IN THE FUTURE on an ALIEN PLANET. All it needs is some bits set IN SPACE and probably there is nothing that could possibly go wrong, surely.
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For icons! From [ profile] fahrbotdrusilla:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

(icon credits can be found on my icon page thing.)

Cheap lols! Instead of Chruchhill calling the TARDIS phone, it's this other bloke called Saxon who's really the Master who's the Doctor's ex-boyfriend. Obv, I want this fic. It does not exist because fandom does not pander to me constantly. Alas. Also, it has pretty colours.

I would also have accepted Harriet Jones but that would have been more emo and less slashy.

One of a fabulous series of Romana/Eight icons by [ profile] nextjuly. She looks at him with Judgieness, thus I am pleased. Obv I ship Eight/Romana as I ship all Doctors/Romanas. Also both Shadas are canon.

This is my Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Is Cooler Than You icon. Because he is. Look at him with his swagger and sunglasses and knowledge that bullets may do sod all but he's damn well going to save the world anyway. Oh yes.

Mostly I think this is a beautiful icon. The colours are so bright, the image is sharp and clean and it's a very nice crop. Also, I am like quite fond of this show called Farscape and this is from a fourth season ep that I can't remember the name of but I find it awfully fun.

This is Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. She spent her first day at UNIT being patronised and then saving the world by fixing some alien tech while the Doctor was busy gurning as an unconvincing alien octopus tried to strangle him. Mostly she is to be blamed for me doing sixth year chemistry. And here she is happy and smiley and beautiful. I spent ages looking for a happy!LizShaw icon and was most pleased when I came across this one.

Another very yayful icon! Uhura is awesome, obv, and here she has A TRIBBLE. Which will be NO TRIBBLE AT ALL. Lols. It's from a lovely scene in a lovely episode that never fails to cheer me, either the TOS one or the DS9 remix.

This is probably my happiest icon.

And another one:

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Legend of the Seeker, because then there might not be only two episodes left because it's bloody well gone and been cancelled. Boo.

the days of the meme )
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WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. We have a Tory PM. He might very well be made of plastic. He might very well by an android constructed in Murdoch's secret volcano lair. He might very well be Thatcher in a brand new body come back to kill us all for chucking her out. WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, I've been watching 30 Rock to cheer myself up because I discovered it two days ago and there are no spaceships or swords and yet I love anyway. Obviously the addition of spaceships and/or swords would make it even better but I do not see that happening.

Here is a lovely meme about telly that I can inflict daily For Ages, thus it is great:

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled

Rome. Oh, I love it madly and although it would no longer have had Mark Anthony in it which is tragic obv, if they hadn't gone and bloody cancelled it it would have taken more than eight episodes to finish off Octavion's rise to Emperor so he'd probably have made it to the third season. Um, I also have other, slightly less shallow reasons, like all the shiny politicking, the awesomeness of virtually all the actors, the gorgeous sets and costumes, and the epicness of Team!LuciusVorenus&TitusPullo.

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There is other telly on that is not Doctor Who. I am even paying attention to some of it.

  • Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled, woes. UNFAIR DUDES UNFAIR. I liked it, dammit. There was swordfighting and hot guys and girls talking to each other about stuff that wasn't romance. Also even after they killed off pretty people they still got to guest star from BEYOND THE GRAVE.

    Although according to Wiki, source of all knowledge, it could still be picked up be another network. American tv is strange and confusing. But I approve of this plan. Please do that America, thank you.

  • Alexander Siddig is going to be in Primeval. Which is like some sort of horrid confusing thing cause I hate that show. But now I must watch it. Hmph.

  • Ashes to Ashes had a beautiful opening narration to the season: wee spoilers )

Re things that aren't telly, I finished a book what I got from Eastercon and thus feel Totally Justified in buying all the books which was rather a lot because, heh, I read one. I might read them all by one day some time far in the future. It was great and by Adam Roberts and called The Snow. There were Dune references and sandworms used as a simile and that's the sort of thing that means you're really going to have to fuck things up to make me hate on your book. It was actually properly great though and it's the first sciffy book I've read with a female Indian protagonist.

I still have no Eleventy icon; I must correct this instantly. If LJ will let me.


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