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So last week I went on an Exciting Adventure, a Quest if you will, to consume toffee popcorn and watch The Avengers.

In brief: not a great movie, but a fantastically fun and entertaining one.

stuff I thought about The Avengers )
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I'm not unhappy that my flist is filled with Avengers joy, merely jealous, oh the pain. I wouldn't mind seeing it, but as I may have mentioned once or twice SO FAR AWAY CINEMA. Also, I would be required to watch Captain America (wouldn't mind admittedly) and both bloody Iron Man movies before going (oh, and I HAVE TRIED THAT BEFORE), since I am chronological like that. It's not my fault I hate Iron Man, it's Saturday morning Marvel Action Hour you have to blame. The Fantastic Four were great, the Incredible Hulk was okay but OH IRON MAN. IRON MAN AND HIS SILLY WEE MOUSTACHE. It only got worse in the second series. Why I hate Iron Man in forty-six seconds. "I...AM....I...AM...IR...ON...MAN!" What a twit, I thought. I hope Ming wins. Except it wasn't Ming the Merciless, it was a villain named after AN ORANGE (so I thought at the time, "Yellow Peril" was lost on my ten year old self.)

I'm quite a lot spoiled for the movie though (thought it best to get it over with since I'm not seeing it any time soon, and I'd like to be able to continue to use the Internet). Mostly I like it when people talk about Black Widow as it sounds like they've done quite well there. TELL ME GOOD THINGS ABOUT HER, FLIST. Or make them give her a movie too, that would be lovely.

ETA: Can I rec vids for a movie I haven't seen? I loved this.
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The temperature is wrong; I cannot sleep. France lost at the football, I am informed, which I wouldn't care about except I want to win a big pile of sweeties so I actually do care, quite a lot. DAMN YOU FRANCE. Mexico beat them. Are Mexico any good? I don't know these things.

I read a book and it was quite, quite brilliant. I often get scared that I'll never again find a book that gives me that giddy thrill of delight, like you're flying over the sea and then suddenly everything below you shifts slightly and becomes mostly the same but all shiny and new. It used to happen a lot, like when I decided that I could actually read anything I liked and small words and lack of pictures would be no true obstacle, dammit, and there were all these new ideas and concepts and ways of looking at things and at some point that began to wear off and mostly there would be enjoyment but there would not be giddy delight.

Anyway, the book was Hyperion by Dan Simmons (or Canterbury Tales IN SPACE), so twas not just a book of giddy delight but sci-fi giddy delight, which is the very best kind. It is gloriously epic, and has the sort of vast, complex, compelling civilisation of the future that I find delicious. It is funny. There is an incredible amount of joy in the literary and philosophical asides. There are bits that terrify me. It likes to talk about the hubris of mankind. John Keats should be in more sci-fi novels.

There are sequels; I'm ambivalent over whether reading them is a good idea.

I have the first and second seasons of The Avengers on DVD all cleaned up and with lots of shiny extras. I don't actually mean I've got the first season, I mean the surviving eps. I'd not seen the Hendry ones before and, um, yes, okay...I do not see the point of The Avengers without Gale or Peel really. (Or Purdy, shusht, she is great.) The rest's quite exciting though cause I've not seen all of season two by a long shot and not any of the non-Gale episodes. I assume I will judge them for the lack of Cathy.


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