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I'm Excessively Proud of Myself for the most trivial of reasons: I've managed to give up Walking Dead. Episode three of season two, about twenty minutes in, part of my brain yelled, "Are you enjoying this? ARE YOU?" which has happened before but the usual excuse of BUT AWESOME ZOMBIE ACTION wasn't working since there had failed to be awesome zombie action for quite some time, and all I'd been watching was spoilers for a very boring show )

It's not like it wasn't boring before, but this was the breaking point. And it only took a very short season and a bit to get there. Which is a massive improvement on how long it took me to admit I wasn't enjoying Supernatural anymore and the chances of it getting any better ever were not super. So hurrah!

By the same logic (and by having a comedy I'm loving to compare it to) I think I've managed to stop watching The Office as well. SORRY JAMES SPADER. But the difference between that and Community is KIND OF EPIC, so I'll just have that twenty minutes back too and use it to make a cup of tea or something. A really, really well-brewed cup of tea.

But it is not all bad news tellywise, for after three episodes I'm a little bit in love with Once Upon A Time. Jennifer Morrison is still tots awesome and I'm happy every time she's onscreen, and the Evil Queen is quite good, but I really love her most in her Evil Mayor guise. And her sheer PETTINESS in episode two made me glee spoilers, yo )

And then episode three decided that Snow should no longer be Kinda Dull (barring the sword at the wedding and Charming's swordfight, both characters were meh to me) and did a a smashing job of making me Really Care Quite A Lot about them spoilerish )

In conclusion, I'd quite like moar Robert Carlyle but all the Emma and Regina and Snow White stuff = winning.
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I watched The Walking Dead and not nearly enough people got eaten. It was very sad. There were these poor zombies wandering around being really hungry and these horrid people kept hitting them with sharp implements and the zombies didn't get any food and they often got even deader and the people said things like "well, maybe we shouldn't steal supplies of food, water and medicine from dead non-zombie people. We should just wander through the desert until we drop dead of dehyration instead. WHO'S WITH ME?" It's possible they didn't say exactly that, but that was what I heard. Also before there was a zombie apocalypse I assume there was another epidemic that required everyone to have their sense of humour surgically removed. I don't care if you're American and thus not so prone to the joys of gallows humour as the British, SOMEONE MAKE A JOKE. It's a HILARIOUS APOCALYPSE FFS.

Also saw the openers of the two new fairy tale themed shows Once Upon A Time and Grimm. One of them had Jennifer Morrison, sword-fighting, and a creepy town, the other had a po-faced dude with Zachary Quinto's eyebrows investigating crime. Guess which one I liked best?

mild spoilers for the pilot eps )
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  • I'm watching Community instead of The Walking Dead. I think this is an excellent choice because I really like Community and tWD is TERRIBLE and I'm Constantly Appalled at how many people think it's amazing. IT'S NOT, DUDES, IT'S A TERRIBLE BORING SHOW. They have somehow managed to make a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden land BORING AS FUCK. It's quite an achievement, but it's not one we should be celebrating.

  • Eventually I'll watch Walking Dead because the bits with actual zombies I do kind of love. The problem is All In The Writing as in The Characters Are just Tedious and Tediouser. Have loved the main actors in Other Things (Sarah Wayne Callis in Prison Break and Andrew Lincoln in Teachers and probs other random British things), thus I tend not to blame them.

  • Sometimes Community makes me laugh unintentionally but it is still lovely. In the Mexican Halloween episode where everyone thinks Shirley is Urkle, I'm amused because OBV she is Harry Potter and I've no clue who Urkle is.

  • In other telly, I managed three episodes of Dinosaurworld but it too suffers from that SLIGHT PROBLEM of having Mind-Numbingly Dull Characters. I hate them all and wish they'd get eaten and it was just like an episode of Planet Dinosaur instead. Planet Dinosaur is awesome. Am well jealous of Argentina for getting to have the BIGGEST DINOSAUR EVER named after it. I wish there was a Scotlandosaurus. It would probably be rubbish and basically try to be awesome and then die at the first moment where it looks like it could succeed. And then deep fat fry its corpse.

  • To be fair about Dinosaurworld, there was a clear warning I was going to hate it in the first five minutes: in the almost!apocalpyse future Our Hero brings a terribly rare and exotic food item back to his family and they all coo over how awesome it is, and we are ASTONISHED for to us in our cosy, non-apocalyptic present, it is but a mere orange. I think that technique may have been A BIT DATED in the fifities.

  • By Dinosaurworld, I mean Terra Nova. And calling it Dinosaurworld does give it a bit too much credit, cause there are nowhere near enough dinosaurs.

  • Also, if you're going to just mention allosaurus, and then not have it attack hapless humans in an orgy of violence and mayhem, I'm totally judging you.

  • Here is a way you can instantly improve your life: listen to William Shatner's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. You're welcome.

  • If you happen to get replies to Really Old Comments this weekend, that's because I'm trying to clean out my inbox by replying to things instead of just going arg! and deleting everything.

  • It is an arg of fear, not of like hate or something.

  • Apparently Urkle is spelt Urkel.
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The Walking Dead is six episodes long and yet is also American? HOW BIZARRE. It has a second season which is very nice, and I'm in favour of that for I enjoyed it very much and looks shiny and the actors are all very good and there were some explosions. Sadly, the characterisation is still a bit shit. spoilers and stuff I didn't like )

Now I must try and catch up on Merlin. I accidently got slightly spoiled for some stuff and I am torn between "YAY!" and "oh, ffs." Such is the way of Merlin this season.
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So The Walking Dead, episode two, still solid but lacking, um, zing. Yes, ZING. I could try typing it a few more times but I'm not going to feel any less silly. However, I've spent far too much time trying to come up with an alternative word, and nothing works quite so well, so I'm sticking with it.

the charmingly named Guts )
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FFS SPN. This is a personal thing rather than making me cringe in guilt at a programme I persist in watching despite fairly constant fail, so, um, yay? But, yeah, this week had a DENTIST and he minor spoilers for this week's SPN )

In less Freaking Me The Fuck Out horror, I've now seen the premier to The Walking Dead and, yeah, I'll be watching that. To be fair, it's got zombies, and while I don't go looking for zombies (as is sensible) if they happen to come into my field of vision I do make grabby hands at them. I'm trying to think of anything zombie-related I haven't enjoyed and I got nothin' (yeah, my standards are awesome, I know.)

Oh, hang on...that 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead with Worf's brother and Lyta Alexander in it? That was shit.

Anyway, The Walking Dead was solid entertainment. Andrew Lincoln's in it! With an American accent! (Is it any good? It sounds fine to me, but based on my view of Big Finish's American accents - "they're not that bad...are they? ...are you sure?" - I don't think I'm a reliable judge here) And so's whatshername from Prison Break. The Walking Dead premier )


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