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Tis Gallifrey this weekend! V exciting except that I'm going to London tomorrow and then flying out on Wednesday (I tried Being American about it last year and getting to London and flying on the same day: MISTAKE) and I have not packed and I hate packing and I should really pack things instead of whinging about packing on the Interwebs, I SUPPOSE.

There is going to be Apocryphal Canonical Crossoverness between Doctor Who and TNG. My feelings are partly lols and partly Don't Cross The Streams! But mostly imagining Picard is just out of shot in that picture and HUGELY UNIMPRESSED at Eleventy nicking his chair.

And it's prompted [ profile] such_heights to to propose some manner of crossover fest. Which sounds like a smashing idea. And people should go and encourage and prompt and all that. Yes.
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...except I'm just going to do them all now, cause there's no way I'll remember to update for thirty days and I might miss out on the opportunity to go on a bit about how much I love the Andorian antennae in ENT and no-one wants that.

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Sep. 13th, 2011 06:41 pm
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Icons, sitting in a wee folder and there looked to be enough of them for a post, so here we are. Yes.

Want. Take. Have. Credit is lovely, but I don't really mind.

1-27 Doctor Who (new and classic)
28-38 Trekverse (mostly Voyager)
39-40 Dragon Age 2

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For Trek Day of Not!Classic; a random mix from the other telly shows.

Want, take, have.

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