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So I watched the end of Torchwood: Miracle Day.



So, on the good side, still love Gwen. And at least the whole sorry thing reached its nadir in episode five and didn't actually sink any further.

But mostly, what the fuckshit was that?

here's some stuff I liked )

Now here is where I may get slightly ranty.

This was a terrible, terrible show. The utter contempt shown for the audience is astonishing: the sheer stupidity of the plotting, of the characters, and the absurd amount of stuff the audience is expected to handwave, or forget, or ignore. cut for spoilers )
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So this week's Torchwood (this week's for me being last week's in the UK...episode 7, there that's less convoluted) was a pleasant surprise and by pleasant surprise I mean not unrelentingly shit, merely not very good. spoilers, dudes )

I also watched some good telly, which was Page Eight, a low key British spy film. Like Spooks with all the overblown high octane explosiveness, guns, and violence removed. Which I mean in a good way (generally I like Spooks very much, but there are many occasions when the NAIL-BITING TENSION is more lolarious than anything else and I am in no way shocked that yet another of Our Heroes ends up dead and/or a traitor.)

It's got a fantastic cast, starring two of my favourite actors Billy Nighy and Rachel Weisz, with my favourite actress, Alice Krige, in a supporting role. And Micheal Gambon is KIND OF BRILLIANT in it, possibly because he has all the best lines and knows it.

Also, after Connie Willis' Hugo win I asked on Twitter for recs for her work, cause I hadn't read any (SHUSHT) and Remake arrived yesterday, which was kindly recced by several people. If I'd spent five seconds looking up WHAT IT WAS ABOUT, I'd never have bought it. A satire on Hollywood is so very much Not My Sort Of Thing, even if it is sci-fi. And that would have been a mistake, for the writing is Most Yayful, that kind of easy elegance where you sort of forget you're actually reading a book at all, so despite my misgivings I ended up really enjoying it and am looking forward to whatever book of hers deigns to turn up next. (Second-hand Amazon book buying, not the most reliable of services, yo.)

And when I finished it I may have spent an excessive amount of time on YouTube watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing.
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So in a half-hearted attempt to try and make my books fit on the shelves (I am being SO GOOD and actually removing ones that I'm pretty sure I'm never going to read or I read and hated, even so, still stuck with a couple of hundred Doctor Who books that I am mostly hrrm at) I found the The Thick of It, The Missing DoSAC (I bet I've got that capitalisation horribly wrong) Files and got a wee bit distracted reading it instead. It is almost entirely lovely, which I put down to half the writing and half Peter Capaldi, for despite him merely being in some pictures, his voice was VERY LOUD as I was reading. What I didn't like was that in order to give it the feel of a missing documents folder (I assume this was the reason), the pages were all perforated along the top, and still stuck together, so I had to tear the blasted things apart. Mostly this went badly, for I am not good with perforated paper. And tearing the pages of books is NO FUN AT ALL. So much judgieness unto whoever designed that thing.

Also, catching up on Torchwood, I saw episode six last night. Which was painful. Very painful. There were three things I liked: spoilers, yo )

Other than those few minutes, it was awful. If you're going to discuss the banality of evil, you do not need smash your audience over the head with anvils. Repeatedly. That hurts. It hurts a lot. It was so bad I don't even care about how much handwaving they're asking to audience to do about how the central premise of the story works. I have to leave it at that or I shall start on a massive rant. And I know I should stop watching, but I really want to see the Trek dudes.

A NICE THING: Torchwood Babiez, the final part. I spluttered into my poor tea three times before I finished it.

MORE NICE THINGS: You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate, an Amy/Rory vid by [ profile] settiai and Black Dove, a River Song vid by [ profile] kiki_miserychic. Both just make me ridic gleeful and filled with joy at these characters what I love.
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I think it's very unfair of telly shows to put Nana Visitor in things when I decided to stop watching them. That is cheating. Bad form, Torchwood, BAD FORM. (Here is a lovely picture of her being adorable with Terry Farrell.)

This week I finally finished Prison Break, several years after I stopped watching about six episodes from the end of the show. I blame this vid. It is Micheal/Mahone and is pretty much the vidly embodiment of my favourite thing about the show. Sadly, as soon as I started watching from where I quit it, I remembered exactly why I quit. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW? It's like after 4.12 the writers were overcome by a bunch of vaguely sentient bananas, the bananas locked them in a cupboard and wrote the rest of the show. Then the writers made a heroic escape but there were only five minutes left to write and those five minutes had to be AMAZING to make up for a half season of wtf is this shit? Which is great, and I'm very glad the actual end is smashing. Sadly the ten episodes beforehand are the most sudden and disappointing deterioration of a show's quality I can think of right now.

loads of complaining about the second half of s4 and yayfulness at The Final Break )

Apparently Doctor Who is back on on Saturday, hurrah! That didn't seem like a terribly long time away at all. This made me flail a bit, for it is lovely (Matt and Karen and Arthur behind-the-scenes, no spoilers):

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Miracle Day, episode 5, I did not like.

spoilers, yo )

So my enthusiasm for the series is kind of dead. Oh well.
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I wish there wasn't a different cut for US and UK telly. I feel like I might be MISSING OUT by not seeing both. I'm not going to see both, obviously. I might be enjoying the series, but I'm not silly.

Gwen did a really smashing kick at the end of episode two. I feel that should be noted.

Dead of Night )

Also, via [ profile] nonelvis, I've spent too much time today reading this blog which discusses the legal inaccuracies in Miracle Day. Fascinating stuff.
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My laptop broke (AGAIN, it is the SAME PROBLEM even, yuck) and I lost all my tabs, so there are a bunch of lovely things I was either going flail about or go yay at that I can't really remember and it is TRAGICAL. (Mostly I am arg at losing the Not Too Far From Finished Camelot vid, but apart from that it is basically fine. Everything I actually need on that computer is also somewhere else now for I have finally learned the lesson of "back-up, you fool!"

But then there was the new trailer for Doctor Who and that was great. The link has both the second half o' the season trailer and a trailer for episode eleven. My reaction is mostly OMG cut for trailer spoilers ) Interwebs say lovely Doctor Who is back on the 27th of August which is GREAT because that is Quite Close.

Also, Leela action figure! I am mostly of the yay, with a sideorder of eyeroll at Yet Another Hinchcliffe Era Release plus a smidgen of bitter than they are FAILING at releasing any of my favourite companions. But mostly IT IS GOOD.

And the Beeb is making a classic Doctor Who novel release. Which I hope is less of a one-off and more a Sign of Things To Come. Judgey as I am at the NAs and mostly bored at the EDAs (though, to be fair, I didn't make it very far at all with those) I did generally enjoy the past Doctor stuff. Definitely more hit than miss for me, anyway. And it's written by Alastair Reynolds who wrote Revelation Space, which I constantly get confused with Hyperion, but never mind I love them both.

Have seen Torchwood up to episode two only, since I am watching it on the Beeb and being lawful good, the most tedious of all alignments, and not downloading. I do like it, kind of a lot. Mostly this is down to Gwen. She made BRILLIANT FACES in episode two. And I do like that RTD seems quite determined to remember that half the population is women and is so very easily two for two on Bechdel passing. Vera is Quite Good, but Rex is my favourite of the new dudes. Actor dude I've seen on other American telly, and he is rather smashing and charismatic and none too tricksy to look at. And Vera walked into a room and said "you are My Team now, time to Do Team Things" and I really don't care that the whole Make A Thing On The Aeroplane was ridic and had a tetchy relationship with Actual Science, for I was entertained and I love Eve Myles.
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Took a break from A Dance With Dragons for Torchwood. And, lo, was A Wee Bit Excited. And, yeah, thought it weren't too shabby.

Miracle Day, The New World )
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Argh, insomnia. Very glad I've been sleeping well enough lately that the memory of just how rub it is to be unable to sleep but way too tired to concentrate on anything at all had kindly faded away, but, lo, last night was with the lying awake for hours, and the five o'clock pacing around, followed by more lying awake for hours. LESS OF THAT PLS.

More fun was had today when my lovely USB wireless Internet thingie on my desktop conked out and refused to be fixed and the Internet Oh So Helpfully informed by that USB wireless adaptors did not get along well with Windows 7, which is awesome. Except it was working JUST FINE for weeks. And then, assuming it was the adaptor that was the problem, off I went to get another and lo, that had exactly the same problem. All was fixed with THE HUMBLE CABLE, which has also made the Internet rather excitingly fast. So that's quite nice, even if all the flailing around trying to make technology was not.

In lovelier news, how cute are these? Plushie Daleks and TARDISes! And they make noises! Well-pleased. Much as I love little plastic people shaped like people offa the telly, they are not squishable. Unlike the glorious plushie. Also the Adipose one is fiiiiiine, but really cannot compare to an adorable Cushing!Dalek what makes noises.

Have managed to sort of accidently avoid spoilers for Torchwood Miracle Day so far (took me a couple seconds there to remember what the real name actually is, ta fandom). I think it's on the telly on Thursday, and am waiting with AVID ANTICIPATION, obv. Though the run-up in the media seems a bit muted. I think might have seen a trailer on the telly, but I could be misremembering one I saw on the Net. Otherwise, haven't seen a thing.

Inability to participate in X-Men First Class fandom due to not having seen movie is reaching breaking point. There will be travel! (Another country, yes, not really foreign travel, what with it being England, BUT STILL.) Local-ish cinema has now moved on to Harry Potter, having entirely skipped X-men. Naturally, I'm taking this personally.

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Camelot is STRANGE AND WONDERFUL mostly cause somehow there was an episode with spoiler ) Also due to ma shipping prefs I'm totally choosing to believe that Merlin spoiler ) And there was an Adorable Kid, of the type that I normally want to end up dead but never does because he's the Adorable Kid, spoiler ).

Also, again, there be Bechdel passing and the women getting far more interesting stuff to do than the men, whose entire plot consisted of Manly Hunting and Sitting Round A Campfire.

In other fandoms, a Torchwood trailer! With, like, clips of actual scenes and lines and stuff blowing up! Again, Gwen wins everything. I am not looking forward to this show, obv, that would be ridic.

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Via [ profile] communicator: in the continuing saga of Reluctantly and Confusingly Feeling Vaguely Excited about New Torchwood, here is a promo of current and upcoming BBC drama. It includes Jason Isaacs with his shirt off and yet the best thing is still Gwen's reaction to being called English.

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Camelot! Not terrible! Hurrah! Even some of the things I thought from the promos I'd hate, I didn't, and Eva Green's Morgan was everything I expected and wished and there were many scenes where my main thought was, "Why are we having this instead of another scene with Morgan? Boo, lesser characters, boo."

After vast disappointment with Merlin's Morgana last year, Morgan's characterisation was delightful: ambitious and confident and clever; dangerous but not Eeeevil. Ruthless but not brutal. Always in control. And no dragons laughing and saying, "Well, she's not really powerful, but she is Eeevil! Eviller than a child-murdering despot, don't cha know. Not for anything she's actually done, but because I Say So."* No, here she's set up implicitly as Merlin's equal: the only magic we see in the first two episodes is shape-changing, done once by Morgan and once by Merlin.

Then there's her relationship with Arthur, which I can't quite pinpoint what about it makes me so happy. I think it's the lack of absolutes. Morgan doesn't hate Arthur but he is in the way; Arthur wants a reconciliation with her and reaches out several times. The first time Morgan verbally slaps him back, seeing him as a manipulated and foolish child, the second she speaks to him more as an equal but is just as unyielding. There's a mutual respect too, by the end. I like that sort of thing between enemies.

Also, I fully expected to hate Arthur, based on promos, and didn't. I blame the actor. His one major failing was An Awful Lot of Mouth-Breathing, which Really Annoyed Me at some points. YOU DON'T LOOK SRS BSNS WITH YOUR MOUTH GAPING OPEN, ONCE AND FUTURE KING. Joseph Fiennes' Merlin was Magnificently Interesting, James Purefoy was hot, and there was Unexpected!SeanPertwee and thus I found Sir Ector the least bit interesting for the first time ever. That was nice.

And Lucy Cohu aka Alice Carter in Children of Earth was in it for a bit, thus I can SEAMLESSLY segue into mentioning this:

Ah, Torchwood, how I haven't missed you. And yet am looking forward to this new series. (No, really: there are great writers, actors I like, and the sort of trad sciffy concept that appeals to me - I think it'll be pretty decent, at least. Also, Gwen is love.)

*If you're detecting a hint of bitterness at Merlin here...
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So I was sort of vaguely aware of there being a new Pirates of the Caribbean film and thought "yay" for I am Quite Fond of Jack Sparrow, but "boo" for I knew there was no Elizabeth Swann and she is almost my favourite. NOBODY EVER MENTIONED THERE WAS GEOFFREY RUSH OMG THERE IS GEOFFREY RUSH. There is going to be shiny, shiny new Barbossa!

Mostly I'll be judging the movie on whether or not they kill off Barbossa. Again.

In other news, Mekhi Phifer has been cast in the new Torchwood. Mostly I know him from Lie To Me, where he was Quite Good. Also, he is hot. Which is nice, because, sadly, I was always going to watch new Torchwood anyway. Jane Espenson's writing for it! Surely that means at least one good episode?

And possibly I want to go rewatch season two of LotS, for [ profile] such_heights made an awesome Kara vid and OMG KARA. I forgot how much I adore her facial expressions! Also there are wee bits of Kara and Kahlen and such things make me happy, yes.
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Am reading a fantasy novel at the mo that is not all that bad (I can't remember the last time I read beyond the first book in a fantasy trilogy - I like all the world-building stuff but the characters never seem to interest me enough to want to find out what happens to them, anyway -) and such but the island it's set on is called Acacia. And for me Acacia means Acacia Avenue. Where Eric lives. Eric, who, when he eats a banana, becomes Bananaman, ever alert for the call to action!

Yeah, so that's kind of killing the epic heroic-y mood.

Also that thing that annoyed me in Torchwood Day 3, I think, I take back cause CoE spoilers )
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Oh look! The ball was not in fact dropped in the final act. Miracle!

still actually good, omg )
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Ah, the nifty political thriller-ness continues. Also, some aliens.

yeah, it's still good )
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And it's got cliffhangers, so I think my brain's tricked into thinking it's like Proper Doctor Who or something.

yeah, still good, just managing to be the best episode yet too )
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Another day, another episode! I rather like this format. If it sucks, it's all over quickly; if it's awesome, more shiny telly.

tonight rather more the latter than the former, yo )
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Happy New Year and such! Self is still in Lancasterland with [ profile] nerdcakes, [ profile] alicamel, [ profile] jekesta and [ profile] girlofprey. Who are currently all asleep, woe, and I have a stinkin cold and some Beecham's.

But, yes, spin-offs! Yesterday I managed to see both Sarah Jane and Torchwood (and, I have no idea whether to be glad I was surrounded by people mocking the TW emo because it stopped me from bawling like a small child or no, because, heh, THE EMO WAS GOOD and ZOMG YOU MOCK THEIR PAIN.)

The Torchwood Science-Fiction Double Feature )

So after a lacklustre start to the season, I think there're a good four or five episodes to justify that second series. And if they could just start using them as a standard rather than pinnacle of work they can achieve, that'd be great, thanks.

That be longer than I was expecting. I also have Deep Thoughts of Squee on SJS, which I maybe write after lunch, yes.
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This week's Torchwood, in insightful bulletpoint review-ish form.

And I love it! Dude! Not quite as much as They Keep Killing Suzie, but I do love it. And it's very, very good too.

Out Of Time )

And next week's looks fabulous too.


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