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As is traditional, I will now flail about my Yuletide assignment.


Or not. Even though I've got the fandom I put in cause I had to put in A Fourth Fandom (though, really, I feel like I cheated with the three - one of them was The Curse of Fatal Death, ahem) so I don't feel like I can sit down and write something straight off like I could with the others. BUT, I do get to rewatch the whole series guilt-free and it is a smashing series that I love. And there's a perfectly sensible Yuletide letter to go with it. ALWAYS A PLUS.

I've also written my own Yuletide letter where I resist the urge to say "ANYTHING WITH THESE CHARACTERS I LOVE THEM KTHXBAI" and try and be slightly more helpful.

For the rest of the day I plan to construct some manner of hot water bottle fort to hide out in.

Then, and yes I am ashamed, catch up on Revolution. IT'S SO BAD. Everyone is an idiot. SPLENDIDLY IDIOTIC. Plot points chosen from the Big Book of Plot Points! Characters copied from The Big Book of Character Types (Post-Apocalyptic Edition)!

And not only do the bad guys wear black, they're now burning the US flag. And shooting you for exercising your God-given right to own guns (that's right, this show knows what irony is and it isn't afraid to fashion it into a two by four and clobber you with it). The good guys have the US flag tattoed on their backs and want to "bring back the USA". What do they mean by that? Do they just want the name? Do they want to bring back NASA and make some quality HBO telly, or do they want unrelenting attacks on civil liberties and religious belief trumping science and common sense in public debate? Have they considered how recreating a country that didn't even exist until the middle of the Industrial Revolution might not exactly be tenable when you've only got medieval technology to work with? WHO KNOWS? They certainly don't. Substance is for LOSERS.

These patriotic heroes also have a worse grasp of military tactics than I do (and everything I know, I learned from Command and Conquer). "Oh, our base might be compromised since one of our dudes is missing after a battle... maybe we should presume he's been captured and get out of here before we're wiped out by our vastly better trained, better equipped enemies who outnumber us like woah," they don't say.

I assume they're all going to die horribly and dinosaur ghosts will inherit the Earth.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

Thanks for signing up to write one of these Lovely Fandoms and some of my favourite characters in said Lovely Fandoms! (Or you clicked 'any' and are now going "omg, what was I thinking?") I hope that this letter either helps or reassures in some way.

First off, I really don't have a pref about gen/het/femslash/slash (and for any of the pairings I mention below, subtext is as good as text). It's the character I tend to fall in love with, so though I might have a preference, put them in practically any ship or subtext and I'll go for it. I'm good with any rating. Obv I'd like the focus of the fic to be on the character I requested (though there are some alt suggestions under the cut), but otherwise feel free to bring in whatever other characters you need. And if you're good to go based on that, cool, if not, I've a bunch of Exciting Ideas under the cut that I hope will be helpful.

more details on the fandoms )
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So this is what I wrote for Yuletide:

Title: Mist
Fandom: Camelot
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Morgan, Merlin, Sybil, Guinevere, Kay

Summary: After Arthur and Leontes fall at the Battle of Bardon Pass, Morgan takes the Crown.

Twas written for [ profile] netgirl_y2k, who I suspect may see the show somewhat similarly to how I do, in that it's actually The Morgan Pendragon Show, and her prompt had the nifty suggestion of an AU where Morgan gets to be queen (which is what, every week, I REALLY HOPED would happen, because clearly she would be quite good) so that is what I wrote and it was much fun and I think it's the best Yuletide story I've managed to write, despite the flail and deadline panic and last minute editing on Christmas Eve.
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I am still RIDIC TIRED after Christmas and Boxing Day and ALL OF FAMILY who are not awful or anything but quite good really, but omg, tired. I slept rather a lot of yesterday and today and my eating has been of the Twiglet, chocolate, and chipolata variety (is that how you spell chipolata? It doesn't look like a real word.)

I HAVEN'T SEEN DOCTOR WHO YET. Don't spoil me. Or judge me. I was being a Proper Person instead.

I have a yellow Dalek now. A wind-up yellow Dalek. I've not had a Dalek either in that color or with that mode of movingness before. I find it both tacky and charming.

Yuletide was great. My fic made me terribly happy cause there is like no Antony/Caesar fic in Rome fandom (which is a lie, there's like three, which is clearly not nearly enough) and normally I am not OMG I LOVE THIS PAIRING, so much as OMG I LOVE THIS CHARACTER, but this was one of those times and I was feeling a bit guilty with my prompt cause Rome didn't have character options so it was Any for characters, but I wasn't exactly SUBTLE in my preferences, but my author wrote what I said I liked most and it was rocking and I read it feeling very silly cause I was smiling with glee. Here it is.

More sleep now. I have to get up at some sort of reasonable time tomorrow and do work and interact with people and stuff, which I don't approve of at all.

Hope everyone had a smashing Christmas and/or a lovely Sunday!
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Hello Yuletide writer! Here is a letter thing:

Thank you for writing a story in one of these fandoms, I love them all like pie.

I'm totally fine with gen/het/slash/femslash, and whatever rating you're comfortable writing, G through NC-17, all good.

If you have something you want to go with, go for it. I think enjoying writing the story without going arg! is probably the most important thing, and that if you're enjoying what you're writing it's going to be a better story anyway.

That said, I know I find additional details really helpful, and Write Anything You Want not so much, so here are some details that might be useful (and one thing I kindly request you don't do, but think is not a huge thing to avoid, I hope, yes.)

possibly helpful details )
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A Happy New Year and All That Jazz! I did my usual thing of Sleeping Through Midnight and Trying To Pretend Time Sort Of Goes Backwards. I can see by the little clock on the computer that that did not work terribly well and it is still 2011, yargnesses.

This is the fic I wrote for Yuletide Madness:

Title: Another Dream That Shouldn't Be Real
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Rating: G
Characters: Alice/The Mad Hatter

Summary: Tea and cakes and Hatters make for very nice dreams.

Another Dream That Shouldn't Be Real


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