Mar. 5th, 2010

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Possibly this was my favourite of all conventions, in no small part because I cunningly managed not a hint of illness until Monday night, when I caught a bit of a sniffle (and since it was Monday and the con was over, that totally doesn't count as being ill at the con, yes. Good.) Also, thanks to someone sniffling all through breakfast, I know who to blame for my sneezes. Rest assured, my revenge will be apathetic.

Anyway, yes, Gallifrey! Awesomeness! After a very fine first day in California spent at Universal Studios (new Simpsons ride, w00t! Ridiculously fun VR swooshiness), there was the con over the weekend where I think I managed a grand total of four panels and spent the rest of the time in the bar or lobby chatting to a ridiculous amount of shiny people. (By Sunday, being me, I was rather peopled out, cause much as I do like being around folks, I'm terribly introverted and need quiet time to recharge and such.) I don't dare actually try and name even the LJ dudes, as I'll totally forget someone, but it was fantastic to catch up with so many of you.

And the cosplay this year was just stunning. There's been cosplay at Gally every year I've been, and it's been great, but this year it seemed to reach a whole new level. There were some utterly glorious stuff there, but the trend for doing female versions of the Doctor's costumes is utter glee. There was a flapper Two costume, a nifty Eleven, several Five's and an insanely fabulous Sixth Doctor dress, with the umbrella as a parasol and the cat badge as a purse and probably there are pictures out there and you should find them and go OMG because it was amazing.

So now I'm home with jetlag and a blasted cold. Boo. Still, a mere forty-nine and a bit weeks till next Gally, hurrah!


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