Jun. 4th, 2010

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I totally suck at this meme. I will not say when I did the last day, but what happened with this meme is exactly the sort of thing that happens with All Important Things too. To conclude, I am not good at timing. It's lucky I'm not a comedian.

Anyway, Day 3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Can I just pretend that this refers to a strange American concept and I don't have a clue what it means and just pick something shiny and new to me?


I'm trying to find something that's new that isn't Strike Back...um...dagnabit. Okay, Strike Back is a terrible, terrible show. It is about a Manly Man who goes and saves the world with Explosions and Guns. Sometimes he takes off his shirt. Sometimes he is horribly injured and makes faces of pain. Sometimes Alexander Siddig turns up. There are women in this show, but they are just there to die, have gratuitous sex with the Manly Hero and realise how wrong they were about Judging the Manly Hero for his Manly Angst.

I judge myself massively, yes, but Richard Armitage is v pretty.

So, yes, if you are as APPALLED by that answer as I am or just want to rec me a show that is new and shiny because you are LOVELY, you should do that, yes.

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On a completely different topic there was a horrible accident with Dragon Age. And by horrible accident, I mean that I accidently found some more Awesome Dragon Age fic and it was a WIP so instead of a nice satisfying ending I thought, gosh, I haven't played Dragon Age for a while, I should do that. And started a new game. As f!Cousland. Again. But, to be fair, I've not yet played her through and had her master all the ways of the sword and shield, so, um, yeah.

One day I will totally finish a game as a dwarf.

some rambling about DA )

In lovely news, Big Finish have had their license extended to 2012. And there be an audio coming up with Brigadier Bambera in it, which I am terribly excited about and will certainly not judge entirely on the basis of whether or not it decides to pseudo-canonically joss the Epic Love of Bambera/Ancelyn.


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