Jul. 9th, 2010

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Jul. 9th, 2010 08:07 pm
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I watched some telly. First there was Smallville which, after enduring the TEDIOUS AWFULNESS of season eight, made all happy again with season nine and the Callum Blue, lala, am shallow and maybe only watched the Zod episodes. THEY WERE GREAT. And by great, I mean very pretty to look at. I am so glad they kept Tess as I was afraid what with her being a woman and pretty darn awesome, they would do a Supernatural at her. But no. Mostly I wish they were allowed to just make it a Superman series now, even though they've been doing that for years now, minus the name and costume, but still. There was TEAM in the finale even if they were only on computer screens, yay. There is no Clark/Zod fic, wtf is that about?

Also, The Tudors finished. It finished very well too and I'm trying not to be HORRENDOUSLY BITTER about not getting a Sarah Bolger led series. Mostly I was happy to handwave any and all historical inaccuraces cause they went all out for portraying Henry as the monstrous tyrant that he was (it irritates me no end that I was taught about 'Bloody Mary' burning a few hundred heretics years before I knew about Henry and his excellent policy of KILLING EVERYONE, or upwards of 70000 people anyway), and managed the smashing achievement of making every wife an interesting, rounded character whilst avoiding all the irritating stereotypes. And finale spoilers )

On the down side, every episode did contain OBSCENE AMOUNTS of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' cold dead fish eyes. And I may have loled at the very rabid aging that took place once they decided, hmm, he's about to die, maybe he should no longer look like a child person?


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