Jul. 17th, 2010

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I am rubbish at keeping up with this so here is two at once:

Day 25 – Favorite Who Actor

An easy one, hurrah! That would be this dude:

Not only is Peter Cushing my favourite Who actor, he is my favourite of all actors. I think he's bloody brilliant and endlessly watchable and utterly compelling onscreen. When he's good, he glows with warmth; when he's evil, he's terrifying. Nothing is not better with Cushing; he manages to raise the awesomeness of every single thing he's ever been in - and he's been in some right shit, but always manages to make his scenes shine. From his iconic roles as Van Helsing and Frankenstein to playing it straight in the most ridiculous get-up in Space: 1999 to having a quick cameo as a sea captain to add yet another spoonful of win in Dr Phibes Rises Again, the honesty and intensity and believability he brings to a part just makes me ridiculously happy. His Winston Smith in the Beeb's 1984 is just sublime in his humanity and the climax to Dracula (or The Horror of Dracula, should you be in the US) where he runs across the great banquet table, tears down the curtains to let the sunlight in before grabbing a pair of candlesticks to make a cross* as Dracula makes one last attempt to kill him before he crumbles into dust, oh, it is just brilliant.

And there was that time when he played the Doctor, yay.

*just like Rory in The Vampires of Venice, hence my fanon that Rory is a Hammer fan.

Day 26 – Favorite Who Actress

There are a ridiculous amount of actresses in New Who that I think are awesome (in classic, there're plenty that I think are pretty nifty in the show but I don't know much of their work outside Who, save Jean Marsh and Louise Jamieson); Lindsay Duncan's my favourite, thanks to her marvellous performance in Rome.

the other days of Who )


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