Sep. 13th, 2010

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So I went to Australia, an Exciting New Thing, and then I came back. I didn't die. Which I'm awfully pleased about cause ever since I read Bill Bryson's Down Under, I've always assumed that given the number of Deadly Creatures inhabiting that island, if I ever went there one of them would get me. But they didn't, so hurrah! And I'm so very glad I went, because Australia, (or the wee bit I saw of it at least - possibly the rest is just appalling and full of the terrifying Snakes and Spiders of Death) is pretty damn awesome.

Also, there was Worldcon, or Aussiecon 4, which was awfully exciting being the con where they Give Out The Hugos and, since I first read Dune, all I've ever wanted is a Hugo. (I know it won the Nebula too, but they never seemed quite so magical to me as the Hugo; I have no idea why.) Obviously I was not getting one, but I did get to hold several and was very good and did not actually try to thieve any. Every year, the base has a new design and some are marvellous and some you wonder what the heck the dude was thinking; this year, there was a platypus on it, I found this very pleasing.

Anyway, this is a sort of con report, with various and sundry bits and pieces of what I remember, as well as my Being A Tourist. (Given how I gleed over the kangaroo warning signs on the road, I am going to try very very hard never to make fun of any tourist who glees over European castles ever again, and one of those things is a lot less silly than the other, I feel.)

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