Sep. 24th, 2010

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I think there should be a rule, a scientific rule of science, that people are entitled to no less than four weeks between colds or cold-like symptoms. In the interest of fairness. (And by fairness I mean me not going a-whoosh-you dozens of times a day shortly after I'd recovered from waking up in the morning unable to speak until I'd had a few pints of tea thanks to whatever charming virus had decided to take up residence in my throat.)

In short, less sneezing and sore throats would be awesome. And, as we are now heading towards winter, land of healthy and robust immune systems, I feel confident that I am going to be whinging about this again before the year is out. OH GOOD.

While Being Bloody Miserable, I read an astonishingly bad biography of Mary Boleyn, by Josephine Wilkinson. It had a charming habit of doing something that I, and others of my aquaintance, did when we were at uni and had an essay deadline, not enough time, and too many words left to reach that elusive wordcount, where we'd make our argument and then repeat it, and attempt to cunningly disguise the repetition as some sort of summing up. In a book of less than two hundred pages this is not an endearing quality.

It also managed to reach the not-exactly-convincing conclusion that Mary's children by William Carey were Henry's and treated that as fact throughout, be a bit confused about who Charles V's father was, and, just to make sure I was completely thrilled I'd bought the thing, decided that Henry and Mary had a peaceful and unselfish love unmatched by anything else in their lives. The most winning bit was, however, in the acknowledgements: "I would like to thank Jonathan Reeve for showing me that writing about women's lives could be every bit as interesting and challenging as writing about men." And that was when I set fire to the book, Your Honour.

So, yeah, not recommended.

Is Sarah Jane on the telly yet? When is that happening? Supernatural is back now, but that is V Guilty Telly. I would like some telly I am not ashamed of watching, yes.


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