Oct. 4th, 2010

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So this week's Merlin I thought a great improvement on last week's and not wholly because there was a distinct lack of fart jokes and Gawain was pretty damned hot.

(I hated last week's, hated it QUITE A LOT, as it was composed of the sort of humour that makes me want to stab pins into the back of my hand cause, really, THAT WOULD AMUSE ME MORE. On the other hand, I know that at least one of my younger cousins would have found it ridic hilarious and they are not actually making Merlin Just For Me, so, y'know. I may have laughed at the donkey ears. And ASH's face was lolarious on reveal. NEVERTHELESS, it generally annoyed me. Also way too much Gaius, who I really don't care about at all, and please, please let Morgana not have actually drunk that potion and she just took it in a "let us pretend everything is PERFECTLY NORMAL" gesture.)

There was no shirtless Arthur this week, but there was shirtless Gawain. So I do not deduct points.

On the other hand, the teaser made me flail, because of there is one thing this series which is making me flail Rather A Lot (and [livejournal.com profile] shaggydogstail covers lots of it here), it is the text trying to hammer Morgana into the guise of villain. this is like practically meta dudes )
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Doing a rewatch of SJA season three, since season four is imminent, and by rewatch, I may mean mostly a watch, because somehow I've seen over five years of SPN but failed to watch most of s3 of Sarah Jane. I LOSE. QUITE A LOT.

Anyway, I have seen Prisoner of the Judoon before, and seem to remember defending it, by the cunning argument of waving my hands a bit and saying "yeah, but I liked it." It's not a very convincing stand, and that's because it's not a terribly good episode.

prisoner of the judoon )

Unequivocably awesome, however, is this nifty wee teaser for the new season. No spoilers. ::HUGS THEM ALL::

And yet even that is not Geek Moment of the Day, no, that illustrious award belongs to this Sherlock post, for on Sherlock's bookshelf is a copy of Telelogical Response of the Virus, by Lavinia Smith. That would be Lavinia Smith, aunt of Sarah Jane Smith (her book's mentioned in The Time Warrior, and you can see the lady herself in K-9 and Company.) How ridiculously marvellous is that? Geeky injokes, FTW!


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