Oct. 29th, 2010

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Have just seen that new Robin Hood movie and fear I actually quite like it, and not even entirely because Eleanor of Aquitaine gets a decent supporting role (and it's Eileen Atkins too - she's pretty damn nifty). It looks a bit fantastic, some really gorgeous sets and costume, and Crowe's accent isn't as distracting as Costner's, and, obv, Alan Rickman fails to be the sheriff in it, but Matthew Macfadyen has few brief scenes in the part, and, when he's not being a right git, they're pretty lolarious. I mean that in a nice way; the humour's intentional.

Then there's Cate Blanchett, who's being Kind of Amazing. I love her Marian. I love how she snaps and curtsies and ploughs and shoots flaming arrows at looters. I can't think of a Marian I actually dislike (yah, not even the Beeb's) but she is probably my favourite of them all.

Liberties are taken with history, as you do, but generally I didn't mind (Isabella of Angouleme ain't twelve years old here, Philip II nicked off with great chunks of the Angevin Empire but never actually invaded England, the Magna Carta being negotiated at the beginning of John's reign rather than the end) though I did twitch a wee bit when the Magna Carta was referred to as a 'bill of rights'. On the bright side, the text was kinda judgey at Richard and how he thought it was an awesome plan to spend all his country's money on a war and then sod off to fight it for ten years. Cause that's good government.

And I failed to make any jokes about King John being an shapeshifting android. Very proud of self.


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