Dec. 5th, 2010

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I went to Chicago! I returned! None of me died of frostbite and I was not really properly stuck anywhere despite massive amounts of inclement weather.* Here is a sort of con report like thing:

  • I have an Amy Pond doll! [ profile] taraljc made it with her Scary Doll-Making Skills of Awesome. Previously I would've left off the Scary but I've now seen her flat. It is the home of a lot of headless dolls. (On the other hand, the finished ones are smashing; it's a bit like sausages, customised doll-making.) Anyway the important thing is Amy and Martha are now sitting together on a shelf, cheerfully ignoring Ten as he fights a clockwork robot.

  • Other than being gifted with the Shiny Amy, time at Tara's was spent being introduced to Gargoyles (love!), Lost Girl (quite like) and Odyssey 5 (omg!awesomes). Also read Blue Box Boy, Matthew Waterhouse's autobiography, and TOTALLY RECCOMEND. Provided you don't have much of a second-hand embarrassment thing going on because OMG. (It is terrible, really, really terrible, but entertainingly terrible, so that's okay.)

  • Arrived at con hotel on Thursday evening and had Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner which, this year, included melted marshmallows on sweet potatoes. I was horrified. But not quite as horrified as when I discovered this was not merely A Mad Plan of the hotel's but an ACTUAL NORMAL THANKSGIVING FOODSTUFF. However, it tasted alright, so my judginess was slightly mitigated.

  • I did, in fact, manage some panels, hurrah! There was Terrance Dicks who must be the easiest guy to interview ever: ask him a question and he'll go off on a series of well worn but entertaining anecdotes for at least twenty minutes. I'd be v judgey at what he says about companions - they're just there to be rescued and ask the Doctor questions - but it doesn't actually translate to what we got onscreen. I mean, offhand, the only Jo story where she gets anywhere near 'useless' is Claws of Axos and even there you've got her classic approach to Dealing With Sexist Twits where she smiles and agrees then goes off and does exactly what she was going to do anyway.

  • I remember being entertained by the Gareth and Kai panel. Sort of. They were very keen to stress Ianto is dead.

  • Which did nought to put off the Save Ianto Jones folk: there were postcards, badges and, best of all chocolate, all available free to support poor dead coffee boy. I gotta say, after not caring about Ianto, hating Ianto, finding Ianto vaguely amusing, and then not giving a toss that he died and being generally eyerolly at the resulting wank, there was a wee smidgen of respect at the fact there was Save Ianto Jones chocolate. Chocolate is awesome, dudes.

  • Favourite guest was, however, Ian McNeice, who was Winston Churchill in this year's Who, but turns up in a ridiculous amount of Telly What I Love and gets many shiny points for his awesome Baron Harkonnen in the mini-series and his role in one of the best telly shows of all time, Edge of Darkness. And now I really, really want to see him in theatre, for he has a fantastic stage presence and his panels were witty, entertaining, informative and full of engaging anecdotes. And he's at Gally too, hurrah!

  • Moths Ate My Doctor Scarf was, again, excellent and touchingly hilarious. Though I get a wee smidgen of guilt at the point it makes that people aren't "born post-modern," for there's a good bit of Doctor Who that I love for the daftness and fun and charmingly ridiculous and, lo, that includes my favourite story, but every time I see Moths it does remind me that the reason I loved the show first and the reason I love the vast majority of it, is because it's bloody good.

  • I did very well in the Not Buying Crap stakes. Very, very well. Until I casually mentioned on Sunday afternoon that maybe I should pop to the dealers' room and maybe if I did that and there was still a Delgado!Master there, it was a sign from our great capitalist overlords that I was meant to make him hold hands with my little plastic Three. Then someone, who shall remain nameless (mostly because I can't remember who it was), said there was a sale on at one of the vendors, so off I shot and ended up, um, with one or two select collectibles.**

  • At some point, a wee drinkie may have been consumed.

  • [ profile] rarelylynne taught many people the ASL sign for 'squee.' It is now the one thing in the world I know how to sign. Fear my awesome vocab.

  • Costumes! There were Not Enough Costumes, by which I mean there were Lots but I wanted more! Shiny things this year included a tBB River Song and a Masque of Mandragora Sarah Jane, but winners were two truly awesome dresses, one inspired by a Dalek, the other by a TARDIS. There were also A Ridiculous Number of Fezes, which was very nice, yes.

  • After contime was spent investigating Navy Pier, which was rather nice and had an awesome garden thingie - the Crystal Gardens, I think? - with all sort of exotic plants and shiny fountains that made arches of water that, being a tiny bit childish, I wished to poke but I was TOO SHORT. Darnations. Also, there was bookshopping, and thankfully I didn't try to actually take them home as that would've been a bally disaster, so Tara is current custodian of all the precious Cheap and Lovely Sci-Fi I picked up at Myopic, second-hand bookstore of awesome.

  • I saw MANY PEOPLE. They were all very shiny and brought much cheer and joy. Especially you. Yes, YOU.

  • What I'm not thrilled about is how I never seem to get any better at handling the jetlag. Yuck. Luckily, I've got to get up at a normal time tomorrow for an Exciting Hospital Appointment, hurrahs. (Nothing serious, so don't worry, if you were inclined to do so, yo.)

*By British standards, anyway.
**And one of them's a Dalek, ffs. I PROMISED MYSELF NO MORE DALEKS. But it was an Ironside Dalek and, lo, it lacked a tea tray, but still.


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