Mar. 27th, 2011

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  • Re Star Wars poll: it's Return of the Jedi, obviously. But I was thrown into a pit of DOUBT and TERROR regarding this last week as I came across several instances of people saying something along the lines of "and this is why this thing is the worst, like Empire Strikes Back is obv the worst (original) SW movie." And there was no disagreement expressed. It happened three times, in three entirely different fannish places, thus I was distraught and confused and wondering if I had woken up in the wrong universe or if the UNIVERSE HAD LIED TO ME. Everyone knows RotJ is the worst one*, it's like rain is wet and bananas are yellow**, and then my only evidence for this that I could come up with was Scream, and probably it's not brilliant to base any knowledge on Scream, so I had to check. By LJ poll. Ahrrm.

  • These are things I think about Star Wars: Han shot first; Lando was in An Impossible Situation and trying to protect the thousands of people in the city rather than His Rebel Buddy was not thrillingly heroic but a sensibly pragmatic decision that I can't be judgey about; KotOR is best.

  • I do not know what to think about these. Doctor Who costume t-shirts. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS TAT? Why is there rubbish like this when I still have no Genesis Giant Clam playset, darnit. It's terrifying. I want one, and yet I know I'd never wear it, just look at it sometimes and be perplexed at its existence.

  • One more reason to love Bioware.

  • So, I feel I should be Incredibly Judgey at the new Three Musketeers movie after this, um, interesting trailer. And yet, no, I'm leaning towards magnificently absurd, and Milady is swordfighting. Also after that last Robin Hood movie, I remember saying I wanted to see Matthew MacFadyen (who, normally, I can't stand) do more comedy and his deadpan here made me lol even though it was A Well Cheap Joke. And Ray Stevenson's Porthos! That's smashing, that is.

    *I know not actually everyone, but it's a pretty solid majority opinion. According to the skience of my LJ poll, anyway, and what greater skience is there than that?

    **or green or brown or black, whatevs.


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