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So Halloween is over (THANK GOODNESS - I tend to spend it behaving a bit like a terribly incompetent ninja and in constant fear the doorbell will ring) but that doesn't mean you can't start planning for next year, so I give you these Amazing Doctor Who costumes, which will set you back only about fifty quid and a large portion of your diginity:

The Dalek

The iconic Doctor Who monster, only available in that most Dalek-y of colours: weird brown. There are also arms. ARMS. So you can be some sort of terrifying even-more-mutant Dalek that is actually a FAIRLY SENSIBLE upgrade since you'll now have opposable thumbs and be able to use door handles and stuff instead of just shooting things. Which you can't do with this costume because THAT ISN'T A REAL DALEK GUN.

I do like how they don't bother with trying to hide the feet though.

The Cybermen

The best thing about this is how it's described as an "authentic costume" and it's made of VELOUR. VELOUR CYBERMEN. To be more authentic please take a hairdryer, some wellies, any clothes you like and a large can of silver spray paint. Spray everything silver. Get dressed, stick the hairdryer to your head and VOILA, a totally authentic Tenth Planet Cyberman costume. Probably.

The Eggcup

This is nothing to do with costumes or Halloween, but it is a Dalek egg cup. Why? Fuck knows. The important thing is what it's called: the Eggsterminator Egg Cup. I hope that brings you as much joy as it brought me.
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